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Boss Lady Chapter 51-52

Chapter 51

Master Zhong also didn’t expect that he was just surfing the internet as usual before going to bed, when he saw the hot search that made him almost have a heart attack.

It said that his granddaughter had hooked up with Jiang Moyuan?

He shucks!

An old man who is almost 30 years old, only an old woman can look at him.

The old man immediately asked the Weibo staff for the pa*sword and tweeted directly at him.

The old man’s temper was already explosive when he was young, but it’s even more explosive when he’s old, and he’s especially protective of his shortcomings.

How could he possibly hold back?

Most people know that the Zhong family and the Ying family are related.

When the Zhong family made such a statement, Ying Luwei’s fans were all a bit dumbfounded.

[Is the Zhong family crazy? How can they still speak up for a fake daughter?

[There’s not some …… tsk tsk deal, is there?

[Is this a case of hooking up with our brother-in-law and then hooking up with a senior member of the Zhong Group, right?

The photos are all there, how can we make up rumors? If she did, you can ask her to sue us.

The more Mr. Zhong looked at it, the angrier he became, his heart was about to explode.

He was about to send another tweet when a phone call came in.

He was too angry to pick up the phone: “D**key, you haven’t read Weibo, have you? Don’t ever look, those people are deliberately stirring up trouble, don’t worry, Grandpa will do it for you.”

“Thanks in advance, Grandpa, but I have my own solution.” When Ying saw the tweet from Zhong’s group, she expected it to be from Elder Zhong, “You go to bed early, don’t get angry and break your health.”

She paused, “Besides, you’re like this.”

Elder Zhong was silent for a long time before he said sadly, “Ziji …… Grandpa is sorry for not being able to help you prove your identity and harm, harm you ……”

One can only say that things have pa*sed too long and he knew too late.

Not to mention that the Ying family had erased all traces of the original scandal in order not to expose it.

Even if Elder Zhong said to the public that Ying Zidian was his real granddaughter, as long as the Ying family didn’t admit it, there was still nothing that could be done.

Not to mention that Master Zhong is old and although he holds a lot of shares, his power of speech is no longer absolute, and many people in the Zhong family are eyeing him up, just waiting to catch him in a mistake.

It was precisely because Ying knew this that she stopped Master Zhong.

Compared to the safety of Elder Zhong, a true thousand-year-old’s name was simply insignificant.

“Which can.” Ying Ziji lowered her eyes and smiled, “It’s good that I still have a grandfather, you should sleep, I will visit you tomorrow night.”

Master Zhong’s heart sank and he looked at the phone, unable to stop himself from rubbing his reddened eyes to keep from dropping tears.

After sitting quietly for a while, he slowly opened a drawer and took out a document.

There were five words written on it –

Letter of transfer of shares.


After a whole night and half a day of fermenting public opinion, it had gradually climbed to a peak.

Ying Ziji lazily looked at the extra private messages on Weibo and yawned.

It was probably because she still didn’t know much about the twenty-first century, the era of exploding big data, that she didn’t expect Ying Luwei’s fans to find her new Weibo account just by the plate she was dining on.

Her private message box was now full of abuse from Ying Luwei’s fans, and there were no more than a few posting pictures of ghosts and corpses.

If she was really a seventeen-year-old girl, I’m afraid she would have had a nervous breakdown under such a frenzy of online violence.

“Holy sh*t, you’re too good-tempered, aren’t you, you can even watch this?” Xiu Yu was furious, “Have they seen the truth? I can’t wait to crawl along the netting and knock their mouths out!”

Jiang Yan frowned, his face hard, “I’ll have my mum go find Jiang Moyuan right now and ask him to come out and clarify.”

They could squash the rumours on the campus forum, but there were so many people on Weibo that they couldn’t control it.

“He won’t.” Ying was still eating chips, “You don’t have to go.”

“Then just watch you get scolded like this?” Jiang Yan hammered the table and spoke coldly, “I don’t know who took the photo, don’t let me find out, I’ll waste him!”

Ying Fei Fei, who was ready to see Ying Zigui’s joke, had only just reached the door when she heard such a sentence.

She shivered violently and withdrew her foot, leaving cla*s 19 like a fugitive.

Ying raised her eyes.

Xiu Yu suddenly bumped her waist, “Ying Dad, your little white lotus aunt has tweeted.”

She pointed to her phone screen, on which was Ying Luwei’s freshly posted Weibo.

[@YingLuWeiv: Sorry, never thought things would turn out like this, please leave me alone, I can’t slow down yet, thank you all [tears]]

Fans were heartbroken.

[Sister, don’t cry, it’s not too late to recognise people.]]

[Oooooooh heartbroken, the one who is most upset is Luvvie, right? How could she think that her niece would betray her.]

A minute later, Ying’s Group, which had not been vocal, retweeted the Weibo post.

[@YingClanv: Will definitely give Miss Lu Wei an explanation.]

Ying Ziji looked at these two Weibo posts, her phoenix eyes narrowed and she knocked on the table, “Okay, you can send them now.”

Xiu Yu was very quick and immediately clicked on the long-edited tweets and sent them.

[@pensionsdon’tbother: for the last time, leave me alone


As soon as the fans who were preparing for a new round of abuse came in, they saw this new tweet.

The video was in 1080p clarity.

Fans who clicked in watched how the girl poured the coke on Jiang Moyuan and dumped a bank card on him, and heard her speak in a clear, cold voice without slowing down.

“I wish you and your sister-in-law a hundred years of happiness and an early child.”

“And I don’t know how I gave Uncle Jiang the wrong impression that you thought I had feelings for you, now make that clear so you don’t make a fool of yourself in the future.”

“I don’t like you, much less want to see you, and please tell your fiancée to leave me alone and leave me in the clear.”

The fans’ brains buzzed for a moment and they were all confused: “……”

But before they could get back to their senses, a second tweet came.

[@AgeingOut: The fan accounts of those who fleshed out, abused and posted ghost pictures of corpses have all been submitted to the police].

Meanwhile, the top-ranked law firm in the empire also sent out a tweet.

[@WestwindLaw Firmv: Having received a commission from Miss Ying Zidian, Westwind Law Firm is fully responsible for this incident and will provide legal services to Miss Ying.

The internet is not a place outside the law, everyone is responsible for their own words and actions, and those who break the law must be punished severely by the law.

Ms. Ying said she will sue even if you are minors, for no other purpose than to make you all pay for your evil deeds by not having any public office, honours or school prizes in the future and by carrying a criminal record for the rest of your lives.

A long list of fan ids is attached below.

The first one in the list is Ying Luwei’s official support group.


Chapter 52

What’s more, after the id of Ying Luwei’s official backing group, there were several fan ids following it.

This proves that these Weibo accounts are all used by one person.

On a long picture, without exception, they were all Ying Luwei’s fans, 3,000 to 4,000 of them.

These were the accounts that were on the front line of the scolding war, with their abusive language being extremely intense.

And that’s not all.

Afraid that some of the fans were not experienced enough to understand, the West Wind Law Firm sent out another Weibo post.

[@WestwindLaw Firmv: To put it simply, as long as you carry a criminal record, in China, institutions, banks and state-owned enterprises will not hire you, and don’t even think about careers such as civil servants, lawyers and judges. Young people, this is your youthful ignorance [smile]]

Because of your youthful ignorance, you think this is no big deal, so you wantonly troll a girl who is under the age of 18.

The two consecutive tweets were like a stifling, hard blow to the fans’ heads, so blank that they couldn’t even comment.

It was like a bolt from the blue.

Unlike the fans, the pa*sers-by had always had a gourmand attitude.

After seeing a reversal, they also clicked in to watch the video.

[Hahahahaha, I can’t laugh, it turns out that Jiang Mo Yuan made a fool of himself thinking that his sister liked him? The actual fact is that you’ll be able to find a lot more than just a few of these. The actual fact is that you are a greasy old uncle.

I would have slapped him to the face and sobered him up.

[I’m not going to blow up, but I don’t think she’s worthy of Jiang Moyuan’s face.

She’s only 17, she’s in the prime of her youth, and she’s got people lined up to the equator to chase after her, right? What’s the point of hooking up with an old man? Can Ying Luwei’s fans behave themselves? They really think your brother-in-law is the treasure of the world.

As soon as Ying Zidian’s clarification Weibo was posted, the two Weibo posts of Ying Luwei and the Ying Group became a joke.

Some sharp-eyed people even noticed the deliberate timing.

Immediately, someone ran underneath both parties to mock.

[So what do you mean by this? You think your sister has seduced your fiance? Have you seen the video? Did you see the video?

I’m honestly embarra*sed for you, even though it’s not your own niece, but at least you donated blood to you, right? I see your fans say you’re good to your sister, is that it? That’s it?

[Deliberately putting the seduction label on your sister’s head, isn’t it? So disgusting. What kind of absolute lotus spirit was she in her past life.]

Underneath the official Weibo number of the Ying Group Enterprise, what was originally a roar of approval from Ying Luwei’s fans has now been drowned out by comments from pa*sers-by.

[Please stay away from my sister, she has to donate blood to you and be morally abducted by you, and she’s still a big family, so show some respect.

I’ve decided to learn from Ying Luwei’s fans. I won’t buy any of Ying’s products from now on, who knows if the money goes into Ying Luwei’s pocket.

[Take me upstairs, we are decent citizens, we don’t swear, we just tell the truth.

After the mockery, people were interested in clicking on the @养老勿扰 Weibo number and started to look up the tweets that Ying Ziji had posted over the past few days.

The following is an excerpt from @养老勿扰’s microblog.

25 February.

[Spicy crayfish are so delicious, three catties are not enough.]

With a picture, a big pot of crayfish.

28 February.

[Retirement life is over, the school uniform is so ugly.

With a picture, the school uniform of Qingzhi First Middle School and a hand.

1 March.

[Chocolate, cucumber-flavoured chips, spicy fries, I heard this is called Fatty Happy Water.

With a picture, a big pile of snacks.

3 March.

[Silly kids having a lot of fun.

With a picture of a group of students playing with a ball in the playground of Qingzhi First Middle School.

March 4.

[Went around the pet shop again to buy a pig.

A small pink pig.

The crowd who didn’t expect this style of drawing at all: “……”

The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not very good at this.

The video is a very good one.

The actual fact is that you’ll be able to get a lot more than just a few of these.

What kind of a god sister is this? They’re fans!


The public opinion on the internet has completely reversed, and it’s even more intense than before.

The first time I’ve seen this, I’ve been sued.

I’ve been on the sidelines at least five times this year, is it fun?

The first thing you don’t know is what the Westwind Law Firm is, right? As a native of the imperial capital, I’ll tell you that since its establishment, West Wind Law Firm has never lost a single lawsuit, and it has always punished the other side with severe bloodshed.

Ying Luwei’s fans were now in a complete panic.

After being subjected to a bunch of science fiction, how could they not know the seriousness of the situation?

There was no trace of their previous aggressiveness, so they all started sending private messages to Ying Ziji.

[Sister, I didn’t mean it, I can’t have a record, I really want to take the public exam later [tears]]

[Sister, we are also not clear about the facts, no other malice, begging for forgiveness, begging to withdraw the complaint [kneeling] [kneeling]]

[Sister, I’m only sixteen years old [crying], you can’t do this.

Looking at these comments, Xiu Yu sneered: “What did you do earlier, horse hind, cursing so disgustingly earlier, and which ones posting pictures, if you had a bad heart, wouldn’t you be in the hospital, Ying Dad?”

She retweeted a fan’s comment.

[@isyourfeathersisterv: people’s seventeenth birthday has not pa*sed, call what sister, why forgive you?

Jiang Yan was quite puzzled: “Why is the reaction so big?”

He thought that, at best, it would wash away the black spots, but he didn’t expect it to be able to backfire like this.

“The golden PR time is 24 hours.” Ying Ziyan peeled chestnuts for herself, carelessly, “More than that is too late, too short for public opinion to ferment, how hard it was pressed earlier, how strong the backlash will be now.”

What she wanted, was this effect.

Xiu Yu threw down his phone and waved his hand with bravado, “Go, Ying Dad, treat you to a barbecue.”


Jiang’s Group.

The secretary looked at the microblog, his hand kept trembling and he couldn’t hold the phone steady.

He frequently looked at the closed conference room door, not daring to go in to report the situation at all.

Jiang Mo Yuan did have a Weibo account, but it had always been managed by him, and he didn’t post daily, just retweeted the company’s business.

Now, the comments under Jiang Mo Yuan’s Weibo and in the private message box were all taunts from pa*sers-by, the kinda polite kind.

How could the secretary have imagined that things would turn out like this.

Just because there was no clarification, Jiang Mo Yuan had now become the target of mockery all over the internet.

The secretary swallowed and dialed a number, trembling: “Miss Lu Wei, have you, have you read Weibo?”

When she received the call, Ying Luwei had just finished her ma*sage.

She smiled, pleasantly: “No, I’m reading it now.”

After saying that, she hung up the phone without caring that the secretary seemed to have something else to say.

While taking out her lipstick, Ying Luwei opened Weibo.