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Boss Lady Chapter 53-54

Chapter 53

She was specifically going upstairs to the hotel for a scented ma*sage after posting a sympathy tweet to sell her misery.

In order to see how miserable Ying Zidian was after her body was soothed.

A smile lifted up on Ying Luwei’s lips as she moved her finger to the message section.

As she expected, there were many comments and private messages.

But when Ying Luwei clicked on them, her expression changed instantly.

Because none of them were comforting her, all of them were sarcastic.

[The white lotus award goes to you, what brand of plastic bag are you, so capable of holding it.

[I envy the skin on your face, it’s so thickly maintained.

[With a single picture, you give your niece a seduction label and shake off the pot so well, it’s a pity you don’t become a chef.

The actual video was sent to you because you were pretending you didn’t have a connection to the internet, so don’t say you didn’t see it. [Video]]

Ying Luwei frowned and opened the video.

After watching it for a few seconds, her eyes widened and her face turned white with a swish.

No way!

She had already asked Mr. Allen to erase the surveillance, where did this video come from?

Ying Luwei scrambled to check the changes on Weibo in the past two hours, and after reading it, her whole body was in disbelief.

Ying Zidian actually had the surveillance in hand!

How could she have held back for so long before posting it, on purpose?

Ying Luwei immediately called Alan, gritting her teeth and saying, “Didn’t you say that it was absolutely impossible for someone to recover the surveillance? Why does the other party have the surveillance in their hands?”

If she hadn’t been so sure that Ying Zidian had no way to clarify, why would she have posted that miserable tweet?

By this time, Alan had already boarded a cruise ship and left for O China.

Naturally, he couldn’t have known about what was happening online in China.

When he heard this, he first froze and then spoke coldly, “Of course it’s impossible, no one in China has hacking skills above me.”

“Am I blind?” Ying Luwei was furious, “Are you a scammer?”

Alan hung up the phone straight away and snorted coldly.

Sure enough, he was from a small place, he didn’t have any eyesight at all.

Restoring the surveillance he had erased?

Unless it was one of the top ranked ones in the Anonymous hacker league.

How could that be possible?

Could anyone in China afford to hire them?

Even he, who had been in the Anonymous hacker league for five years, was qualified to meet these guys.

It was ridiculous.

Alan laughed scornfully and carried his briefcase off the ship.


In the hotel.

Ying Luwei was looking at her phone in a daze, her body in a cold sweat.

The agent pushed the door in, his face ugly, “Lu Wei, I’ve told you not to trust outsiders so much, it’s too hard to clean up now.”

He threw his phone at her, “Look at it yourself!”

On the screen was a long Weibo post.

Ying Luwei knew this Weibo id, it was a loyal fan of hers.

This fan would go to every one of her recitals, and would send her gifts on holidays, often spending more than 100,000 to buy her piano albums.

Although, this hundred thousand or so is not even a fraction of what she spends on cosmetics every month.

[@Lu Wei’s Little Piano: When the photos came out yesterday, I gave everyone the message to please calm down first.

But no one listened to me, and many of my fans even had the anti-hacking station hang black on me, so you’ve seen the reversal today, right? Wasn’t the lesson from last time enough?

And Lu Wei’s tweet, I think she is deliberately using us, I’m sorry, maybe I’m too sensitive too, but I really can’t fan anymore, I just feel that these years of true feelings have fed the dogs, we are all sisters, here to say goodbye.

Once this tweet came out, within just a few minutes, many of Super Talk’s fans were off the hook.

There were also a lot of backstabbers who called her a “white lotus” and cheated her fans.

Ying Lu Wei’s hand shook and her phone fell to the ground, and her face turned even whiter.

“I told you at the beginning, right? The entertainment industry is too chaotic, today you’re standing on a high ground, tomorrow you’ll fall down.” The agent pressed his temples wearily, “You want traffic and fans, you have to be careful.”

He hesitated for a moment and asked the question he had been so puzzled by, “Luvvie, why are you so eager to press your fake niece to death? Where does she threaten you?”

It’s hard not to ……

Ying Luwei couldn’t listen to anything else, and an unprecedented sense of fear flooded her mind, reminding her of something that happened a long time ago.

No, no.

She picked up the phone trembling: “Hey, Mo Yuan, help me, please help me ……”


This way.

Zhong Manhua had just gotten off the plane, squeezing the phone, her chest heaving, so angry her head was about to explode.

That day, after Jiang Ping had given her such a speech, she had reflected on it and felt that she had done wrong.

It was not good to blame Ying Zigui without sorting things out.

But what about this time?

Could the picture still be fake?

Every time she went to O Chau to see Xiao Xuan, Ying Zidian wouldn’t let her save her mind.

Zhong Manhua picked up her bag and rushed to Qingzhi, arriving at the headmaster’s office as quickly as possible.

The headmaster was having a discussion with He Xun about the international students and was stunned to see Zhong Manhua rushing in.

Before he could say anything, Zhong Manhua had already stepped forward, “Principal, I’m really sorry, I’ve come to withdraw my child from the school.”

The headmaster was stunned.

“We didn’t expect this clock thing to happen either.” Zhong Manhua gritted her teeth, the extreme embarra*sment made her almost unable to lift her head, “Withdrawing from school is the best decision, for the good of Qingzhi, and for the good of the child, Principal, you see ……”

Before she finished her sentence, the office door was kicked open with a bang.

In the doorway, Ying Ziji had her hands in her pockets, looking at her indifferently.

The temperature dropped abruptly and was cold.

Zhong Manhua saw the girl and tried to soften her tone, gentle: “D**key, don’t worry, mum will withdraw you from school and send you abroad, in a few years, things will be over and you can come back, okay?”

“Mrs. Ying, you’ve mistaken me for someone else.” Ying Ziji raised her eyelashes, there was no emotion, “I have nothing to do with you, and you are not qualified to control me.”

She tilted her head, “Headmistress, she can’t control my school registration, can she?”

The headmaster nodded confusedly, “Yes, she can’t control it, Master Zhong has said so ……”

A word was like a slap in the face.

Zhong Manhua squeezed the bag in her hand tightly.

In front of outsiders, she only felt that her face was shameless and hot and painful: “Ziggy, what are you saying? Mum is doing this for your own good, mum can’t watch you being scolded by those people, right? It’s better to drop out of school ……”

“Wait, wait.” The headmaster had to interrupt Zhong Manhua, “Madam Ying, haven’t you read the latest Weibo?”

Zhong Manhua was stunned.


The headmaster looked at her expression and knew that she didn’t know yet, he shook his head, “It just so happens that I have it here, Madam Ying, you’d better come and take a look.”

After saying that, he placed the computer in front of her.

In a few dozen seconds, the video quickly finished playing.

Zhong Manhua’s body stiffened, as if she had been punched in the face, and even the blood on her lips faded cleanly.

She couldn’t help but take a step back, not daring to look up at the girl.

Ying Zidian ignored her and nodded at the headmistress, then put a printed copy of the chat log on the table.

On it were the words “Ying Luwei”.


Chapter 54

The headmaster put on his gla*ses and took over the chat.

The more he read it, the harder his face became, until it finally turned iron blue.

Restraining his anger, the headmaster tried to say, “What does Ying mean?”

“According to the law.” Ying nodded slightly, “Just giving you a heads up.”

Headmaster: “……”

Hopefully, he was just a tool person to be informed.

“I understand.” The headmaster pushed his eyes and looked serious, “Don’t worry, Ying, Qingzhi will definitely not condone this kind of behaviour.”

Without saying anything else, Ying turned around and pushed the door open to leave.

Zhong Manhua didn’t care how humiliated she had just been, and hurriedly chased after her, “Ziggy!”

He Xun glanced at the two leaving, his expression cold.

Although Zhong Manhua had done something wrong, but as a daughter, the eldest and youngest should be in order, how could one treat one’s mother like this?

He didn’t want to care either, and frowned, “Headmaster, what did she show you?”

“Oh.” The headmaster seemed to have just remembered that there was still this person He Xun, “You can see for yourself if you’re curious.”

With that, he handed over the chat log.

He Xun took a look and couldn’t help but stare.

On it was a conversation between Ying Fei Fei and Ying Lu Wei’s official backing group.

Ying Fei Fei]: This is what I saw with my own eyes. Ying Ziji seduced Jiang Moyuan, in fact, it’s not just this time.

Fei Fei: But how could Jiang Moyuan like her? She doesn’t even give her a look, but she doesn’t know better, so she just follows her around.

[Ying Lu Wei Fan Official Support Group]: Don’t worry, if she dares to hook up with our brother-in-law, we’ll get her to death, hehehe.

This is disinformation, Ying Fei Fei indirectly pulled up a net storm.

He Xun raised his head: “So, the punishment for Fei Fei is?”

“What else could it be?” The headmaster found out the school records, “So bad, of course it’s expulsion.”

No high school in China would dare to take a student who had been expelled by Qingzhi.

He Xun’s throat moved, but he swallowed back the words “I think it’s too serious”.



“Ziggy!” Zhong Manhua was on the verge of losing her temper against the strange stares of the students on campus, “Can you stop and listen to me first?

Why did she always have to be so rude and disrespectful?

Zhong Manhua quickened her pace and tried to pull Ying Zidian away.

But before she could even touch the girl’s clothes, she was blocked by two peculiar boys with mock wolf tooth sticks.

Zhong Manhua’s face turned pale: “What do you want?”

The two boys were none other than from Cla*s 19.

They looked fierce and vicious: “Old woman, I’m warning you, don’t bully our Ying Dad, we’re not vegetarians.”

“You, you ……” Zhong Manhua was so angry that she was trembling, but she was a nobleman from a luxurious family, she could not lower her status to talk to such people, so she had to leave with an iron face

Under a tree in front of her, Ying Ziyang didn’t even look at Zhong Manhua.

She was answering the phone: “Thank you, Mr Mu, without you I might not have been able to contact Westwind Law Firm so easily.”

“You’re welcome, you should.” Speaking of this matter, Mu Heqing was still a little upset, “I say, what are you making such a ha*sle for? I can just help you.”

Ying Ziji raised an eyebrow, “So you’re planning to send out a marriage advertisement for me in the name of the Mu family?”

Mu Heqing coughed awkwardly and said seriously, “How can this be a marriage advertisement? Xiao Ying, seriously, if you are willing, you can choose any of my Mu family’s sons and daughters.”

“Oh, no.”


Mu Heqing felt very solid.

“Elder Mu, there’s one more thing I’d like to ask you.” Ying Zigui thought for a moment and whispered, “Do you know where you can buy rare herbs?”

Mu Heqing froze for a moment, “Rare herbs?”

After a pause, he frowned, “If you’re referring to rare herbs like the hundred-year snow lotus, then it’s absolutely impossible to find them in the market.”

The Mu family started out as a general family, with their earliest history dating back to the Tang Dynasty, but they were not within the ancient medical community either.

Mu Heqing was also only connected to the ancient medical community because he had to cure a disease.

The ancient medical community was very exclusive and would not sell rare herbs to outsiders.

Ying Zigui was not surprised: “It should be more precious than the hundred-year snow lotus.”

The poison in Master Fu’s body was not the first time she had seen it.

She could cure it, but the medicinal herbs became a problem.

Especially now with the high level of destruction by nature, the herbs were far less effective than before.

“Then only the ancient medical community has it.” Mu Heqing mused, “Little Ying, even if you put it in the ancient medical world, there is not a single person your age who can match your medical skills, I can introduce you in.”

Ying Ziji pressed his temples, “Sorry, I don’t want to go to the ancient medicine world at the moment.”

“I understand.” Mu Heqing didn’t ask why, “This way, I still have an idle STAR account in my hand, go up and take a look, you might be able to buy it.”

After hanging up the phone, he sent the account number and pa*sword over with WeChat.


The storm on the internet still hasn’t stopped.

[Ying Luwei has no face to come out now, right?]

[The fans aren’t screaming either, they were jumping around so much earlier, tsk, I feel sorry for your faces.

Am I the only one who’s concerned about whether Ying Ziyi will really sue? It’s not just lip service, is it?

This is what most of the marketing numbers and fans are thinking.

There are so many of them, can’t they all sue one by one?

Do they have the manpower and energy to do so?

No way.

The marketing numbers didn’t delete the disinformation tweets, they just left them there, bringing in more traffic anyway.

One marketing number even gleefully posted a tweet.

[@ringmaster: She won’t sue. Which of those stars who sent out announcements in the past did so? It’s just for show. She’s a vegetarian, how can she have that much power? Laughing but not saying anything.]

Inside the restaurant, Fu Yunshen looked at this Weibo post, his eyes were light.

It seemed that he felt the heat, and he pulled the collar of his shirt open slightly, revealing a small piece of his collarbone.

Fu Yunshen casually knocked on the table, “Yoyo.”

Ying Ziji looked up and wrinkled her brow as she looked at the man’s crooked collar.

Three seconds later, she reached out her hand and pulled his collar straight.

The coldness between her fingers brushed against the man’s slender neck.

It was as if a faint air current was fluctuating and rippling.

Fu Yunshen was stunned, then he couldn’t hold back his laughter: “No way, little friend, you have OCD?”

Ying Zidian didn’t respond, but then compulsively pulled his left sleeve to the same level as his right: “There.”

Only then did she look at him, “What’s wrong?”

“It’s not a big deal, it’s just-” Fu Yunshen’s peach blossom eyes curled up and his tone was casual, “Come and watch how my brother teaches your bullies a lesson.”

“Hm?” Ying Zidian turned his head sideways and saw a Weibo post.

[@CallMeInvincibleMan: Found something interesting, three hundred and eighty-four marketing numbers linked up, same circulars, same rumour mongering, looks like …… is also under Ying Luwei’s company?

The tweet was accompanied by a few pictures below.