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Boss Lady Chapter 55-56

Chapter 55

The first graph, is the login time for each marketing number.

The second picture, is the ip address.

The third picture, is a chat transcript in a WeChat group.

There were several hundred people in the WeChat group, and one of the avatars posted this paragraph.

[Received notice, today at 9:30 pm, all with #Hao Men today dog blood, niece seducing aunt? #… #rebel against it! The Ying family’s adopted daughter has dared to devour the master! #YingLuWei’s heart aches for her. Here’s the article and pictures, send them quickly.

The following are all “received”.

What is noteworthy is that the name of this WeChat group has the words “Chess Qian Media” embedded in it.

It was the same music company that had signed Ying Luwei.

Of course, as Shanghai’s most famous woman, Ying Luwei’s relationship with Chess Qian Media is not like other artists in the entertainment industry.

It is only responsible for selling tickets for Ying Luwei’s concerts and some offline events, so it can be said that it is a tool to serve Ying Luwei.

Most people forgot that it was @callmeinvincible that clarified that Ying Luwei was not pushed down by Ying Ziyi.

But a few others remembered.

[Here he comes, here he comes again.

[Crap, how did Brother Invincible get the internal group records of Chess Qian Media?

[Blind guess that Brother Invincible is a superb hacker.]

So this is actually Ying Luwei’s own show? First, she asked her own fans to post pictures to make people misunderstand that she was seducing Jiang Moyuan, and then she asked marketing numbers to issue a joint press release and bring it to the hot search to sell the misery and abuse the powder and fix the powder? This …… is not a white lotus flower anymore, this is a scheming b*tch, right?

[Tsk, I suddenly feel sorry for Ying Luwei’s fans.

[I love Invincible Man, he’s a representative of the white lotus flower and green tea wh*re, I was almost fooled by Ying Luwei, but I’m glad, I thought her piano playing was average, what a beautiful persona.

The tweet by @callmeinvincible was soon on the top of the search, and naturally, Ying Luwei’s fans couldn’t have been blinded by it.

Those who haven’t lost their fans are all die-hard fans who still firmly believe in her.

How many times have I told you, Lu Wei doesn’t know, Lu Wei loves her brother-in-law so much, it’s normal for her to be sad when she sees the photo, right? Besides, people don’t know that GoQian Media is a company that wants to gain popularity.

That’s right, and this is proof of a relationship with Lu Wei? That’s ridiculous.

[Besides, Luvvie is a pianist-pianist! She’s not a pop star, she doesn’t do showbiz, thank you.

Even though the fans argued their case, they couldn’t stop the initial collapse of Ying Luwei’s popularity.

The manager also saw this and frowned: “This is a complete mess, but it can still be solved, you’re not the only one under GoQian Media anyway, push one out to block the knife.”

Hearing these words, Ying Luwei’s miserable white face only regained some blood: “Will they believe it?”

“Don’t worry, the internet has memories, but the netizens don’t.” The agent said, “It’s forgotten after a while, just don’t worry about your recital for the next few months, the roadies will come back sooner or later.”

He sighed, “But this time, the loss is really too great.”

Ying Lu Wei nodded woodenly, her heart still couldn’t stop shaking from fear.

What had she gotten herself into?

Why was she being targeted like this?

Ying Lu Wei bit her lip, her eyes darkening.


[Yes, as the boss of the Anonymous Hacker Alliance, I deserve to be used by you every day, next time pay up!

The first time I saw a hacker’s indignant message, I raised my eyebrows.

He put his phone aside and put his long fingers on his teacup: “Yao Yao, why did you remember to look for me today?”

Ying Ziyang didn’t answer.

She looked at the large pot of pork liver soup in front of her and fell into silence.

Not really wanting to pay attention to anyone.

“I won’t force you to eat the pork liver.” Fu Yunshen looked sideways, “Just have some soup, be obedient, your body is your own.”

Ying Ziji sighed, but still didn’t refuse and scooped up a bowl of soup.

Surprisingly, the soup was fresh and didn’t taste like offal.

She took a few sips: “I can save Grandpa Fu.”

Fu Yunshen’s eyes changed abruptly, putting away his lazy smile, his expression serious for the first time: “Hm?”

“But, I don’t have any herbs.” Ying Zigui looked up, “I asked Elder Mu, he said that the herbs I need are only available in the ancient medical community.”

Fu Yunshen was slightly silent for a moment, “What herbs?”

Ying Zidian clicked on his phone’s memo and handed it to him.

Fu Yunshen looked at the six herbs on the memo and suddenly smiled a little, but his eyes were cold: “The ancient medical world probably doesn’t have them either.”

He hadn’t found out the source of the toxin, but there was a bit of a trail.

It didn’t come from China, it was likely to be related to the o-continent alchemy community.

“I’m going to go up to STAR and take a look.” Ying nodded, “Maybe it’s for sale.”

star, or star in Chinese, was an online auction and shopping website where people could sell goods on star, which served the whole world.

Once someone sold a small principality on star, and it was sold.

It was said that the seller was the king of the duchy and was too tired to run it, so he sold it to make some money.

Anyway, one dared to sell and one dared to buy.

The only thing is that the STAR account can only be registered in foreign countries, so not many people in China know about it.

Ying also remembered that the last time Fu Yunshen gave her a box of children’s books, the word star was written on the box.

Fu Yunshen gently lifted his eyelashes: “Mu Lao gave you the account number?”


There was two seconds of silence.

“Little friend.”

A lazy voice came from the right.

In the next instant, there was a light tap on the center of her forehead.

A touch of hot temperature swept across.

Ying Zidian slowly looked up, her phoenix eyes narrowed.

“What about next time, if you have something and need something, look for brother first.” Fu Yunshen bent down slightly, hooking his lips in a light smile, “You do so much for brother, brother is not afraid of trouble.”


Jiang Moyuan had been in a meeting all day today and was only finishing up now, so he knew nothing about what was going on online.

Midway through the day he received a call from Ying Luwei, but as work was more important, he didn’t listen to the whole thing, he just comforted her first and hung up the phone, ready to settle it after the meeting.

Jiang Moyuan was about to call Ying Luwei back after he had separated from the shareholders of Jiang’s group.

But he saw his secretary running over in a bit of a panic: “Third Master!”

Jiang Moyuan frowned.

He was a strict and meticulous man, and disliked it when his staff took risks.

“What’s wrong?” Jiang Moyuan glanced at the watch on his wrist, a little impatient “You better have something big to say.”

The secretary stopped and managed to catch her breath, saying anxiously, “Third master, it’s something big, look at the group’s stocks!”


Chapter 56


Hearing these two words, Jiang Mo Yuan suppressed his impatience, “What’s wrong with the company’s stock?”

The secretary wiped his sweat: “I don’t know why, but the company’s stock has been falling, and it’s already down five points now!”

A five point drop in the stock is a 5% drop.

If someone had a 50 million share of Jiang’s Group’s shares in their hands, they would lose 2.5 million.

Jiang Mo Yuan’s expression changed in an instant: “Get the financial advisor over to me immediately.”

The secretary hurried away.

Five minutes later, he came back with the financial advisor.

The financial advisor held his computer and bowed towards Jiang Moyuan: “Mr. Jiang.”

“Why are the stocks falling so fast?” Jiang Mo Yuan’s body exuded a cold and hostile aura, “This morning, it was clearly normal.”

“I’m sorry, Mr Jiang, I’ve only just noticed the movement in the stock.” The financial advisor was sweating profusely, “Because the other party moved too quickly, and there was no way to know when they acquired the company’s shares in volume and sold them off at the same point in time.”

“This caused the stock to keep falling and the company lost a lot of money.”

Jiang Mo Yuan looked cold: “I don’t want to hear the reason, I just want to hear how long it will take to fix it.”

“This ……” the financial advisor was in a difficult position, “The other party is completely earning shares in the hands of shareholders at a high price and then dumping them at a very low price, unless the other party stops the acquisition.”

The shareholders of Jiang’s Group would not just sell their shares, but the stockholders were different, they would not care about Jiang’s Group, as long as there was money to be made.

The secretary was taken aback, “They’ll lose a lot of money themselves by doing that.”

It was completely detrimental to people and not to themselves, what was the figure?

Jiang Mo Yuan’s lips tightened and his air pressure lowered even more: “Who was the one who struck?”

“Can’t find out at all.” The financial advisor wiped his sweat, “We can only find out that the person who sold the shares was in O Chau, the rest is unknown.”

To be able to make Jiang’s stock fall so fast in just a few hours, even the number one magnate in the empire couldn’t do it.

And there were only a handful of plutocrats in O Chau that could completely overpower the number one plutocrat in the imperial capital.

But why would the o-continent plutocrats suddenly make a move against the Jiang Group?

Jiang Moyuan was silent and did not speak, the veins on his forehead were showing, he was obviously furious.

If it was really the O-Continental Zaibatsu, then it could easily bankrupt the Jiang Group.


The secretary and financial advisor did not dare to speak, standing aside in a cold sweat.

The mobile phone suddenly rang.

The secretary came forward and took a look, “Third master, Miss Lu Wei’s call.”

Jiang Mo Yuan didn’t answer it, he got up and entered the office with a cold face, “Hang up first, say I’m busy, inform the shareholders and proceed with the meeting.”

Jiang’s Group was the heart and soul of Master Jiang, he had to minimise the damage.


Ying Lu Wei, who was waiting for her flight at the airport in Imperial City, looked at her mobile phone, frozen, somewhat unable to return to her senses.

This was the first time she had been hung up on by Jiang Moyuan. Previously, even in meetings, Jiang Moyuan would always put her first.

What happened?

Did she really believe the internet that she was leading her own show?

At this moment, the secretary’s text message came.

[Miss Lu Wei, don’t be anxious, there’s been a big change in the company, Master San is busy, please forgive me.

Seeing this message, Ying Luwei was slightly relieved.

She raised her head and looked at her agent with teary eyes, “What did your side say?”

“The company decided to let an eighteenth-string singer help you block the knife.” The manager’s face also finally improved a few points, “You should stay put for a few days, wait until I let you tweet.”

In order to prevent the chat records from being leaked, he specifically ran to the company himself.

The subsequent transactions were also discussed face to face, not to mention no online transaction transfers, cautious to the extreme.

The eighteenth-tier singer was not very famous, so this way he could still gain attention, and he didn’t care whether he was black or red, both sides benefited.

Ying Luwei was completely relieved, she gathered her hair and smiled: “Then make it up to her more, remember to find a place without surveillance in private.”

She didn’t believe that Ying Zidian could create surveillance out of thin air.

A mere eighteenth-liner, it was an honour to block her knife.


In the evening, Ying Ziji returned to Zhong’s house.

Zhong Zhiwei had already returned. When she saw the girl enter, her already cold expression became even lighter.

After just one look, she withdrew her gaze.

Ying Zidian also ignored her and went straight upstairs.

Zhong Zhiyan looked at the girl’s back and her eyes stared at her with a bit of inquiry.

That day, Master Zhong’s Weibo post had shocked the whole Zhong family.

It was a good thing that there was no other movement in the end, and those marketing numbers were indeed creating rumours.

Otherwise, wouldn’t the Zhong family have been innocently pulled into this mess?

Zhong Zhiyan pursed her lips, suppressing the unhappiness and doubts in her heart and allowing herself to focus on her studies.

No matter what, she was the first in her grade, the eldest Miss Zhong.

Ying Ziyang had been kicked out of her cla*s and was still at the bottom of her studies.

There was absolutely no comparison with her, and she shouldn’t be so calculating.

After all, even if Master Zhong is confused, he should know which is more important.


In the study.

Master Zhong was chatting happily with his friends on Weibo.

The old man was now physically and mentally relieved and gave a thumbs up towards the girl, “D**key, impressive, even your grandfather and I took a few days to contact Westwind Law Firm, you did it in the blink of an eye.”

“Good for you, let them bully my granddaughter, they are all shameless.”

Master Zhong was filled with righteous indignation, as if he was going to fight with a sword and a gun.

Ying shook her head slightly, a little helplessly, but her eyebrows loosened, adding a little laziness.

She went forward and put a box of snacks on the table, “Grandpa, this is for you, have one piece a day.”

“You made this?” Master Zhong was surprised and praised her straight away, “My granddaughter is just great.”

Ying Zidian didn’t say anything, standing behind him, her hand squeezing a few acupuncture points on her shoulder.

“D**key, why didn’t you tell Grandpa when you had a microblog?” Master Zhong was quite unhappy, “I have 200,000 Weibo followers, I can still help you attract traffic, come on, let’s both fan each other.”

Ying Zidian: “……”

She must admit that as a newcomer to the new technology of the 21st century, she was not as up to date as an old man.

She looked sideways, looked at Master Zhong’s Weibo, and found that he was also a video self-publishing blogger.

Kind of awesome.

Elder Zhong added, “I just looked, you’ve got a lot more pa*serby fans this time, and they’re all your face fans, do you think you should post a picture for them to see?”

“Grandpa.” Ying Ziyi increased the pressure on her hand without slowing down, “I’m not a star.”

She was just interested in the new technology, old age was all.

“That’s true, it’s not good to pay too much attention to it.” Elder Zhong nodded, “I’ve already knocked old man Fu around and told his grandson to be peaceful and not to hit on you.”

Ying raised her eyebrows, “Hitting on me?”

She took out her phone and looked at the WeChat Fu Yunshen had sent her after he had separated from her, and then she realised what he was talking about.

[By the way, little friend, your grandfather gave my grandfather the other day that I was plotting against you, and I was …… quite innocent of lying.]

[Brother swears, brother is definitely not such a beast.]

Ying Ziji lowered his eyes and returned a word.


After thinking about it, he returned four more words.

[Thank you, brother.

After another thought, she withdrew those four words.

She withdrew it in seconds.

However, as soon as she withdrew it, a message was immediately sent over there.

[Ah, I saw it, don’t withdraw it later, say it in front of brother, don’t be shy.

Ying Zidian withdrew from WeChat and stuffed his phone back into his pocket with no expression.


Really spoiled.


The third day.

The online furore gradually died down, and the gourmets dispersed.

The marketing numbers who hadn’t waited for the lawyer’s letter jumped up again, each one wildly.

The company’s main business is to provide a service to the public.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of services and services to the public.

I’m going to sue, aren’t I? I haven’t received a lawyer’s letter yet. Sorry, next time still dare.

Looking at the tweets of these marketing numbers, a girl sitting in front of her computer breathed a sigh of relief, her heart palpitating.

It was good that she didn’t sue, otherwise she would have lost her scholarship for this semester.

What’s more, she was studying law. If she got a case on her back, wouldn’t she have studied for nothing?

It’s true that Ying is just a talker, she’s not much.

She just knows that vegetarians can’t use the law to fight back for themselves when it comes to this kind of thing, that’s why she is so reckless with her rumours and insults.

The girl was so pleased with herself that she opened the @YingLuWeiOfficialSupportGroup Weibo number and started doing her new day’s hit-posting task to increase traffic and data for Ying Luwei.

At that moment, the West Wind Law Firm, which had been quiet for a few days, suddenly sent out a Weibo post.

[@WestwindLaw Firmv: Please pay attention to check ^_^]