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Boss Lady Chapter 57-58

Chapter 57

Three seconds later, Westwind Law Firm sent out another tweet.

[@WestwindLaw Firm v: It’s useless to pretend not to receive oh ^_^, don’t worry, the trial will go on as scheduled, the link will be sent out then, the time is on the 17th of this month, welcome to watch the live webcast.]

The girl looked at the second tweet and her smug expression instantly froze.

She stared blankly at the screen, as if a pot of cold water had been poured over her head, chilling her body.

In just a short while, the Westwind Law Firm had automatically been topped by pa*sers-by.

#The Westwind Law Firm, which is a godsend.

The actual law firm’s efficiency is too fast, as the normal court hearing will take at least a few months.

[Hahahahahaha, I’m laughing my a*s off, I’ve never seen such a quick punch in the face.

[Ying Luwei’s fans are brain-dead, and so are her marketing numbers, they have to rush to put their faces on the line.

[Ying Luwei hasn’t come out yet, it’s past the best PR time, right? Is she going to play dead to make the netizens forget that she’s a white lotus?

[Where are the marketing numbers? Where is the most jumpy @ringmasterv, why don’t you come out and show us the lawyer’s letter in your hands.

The netizens were high on the hustle and bustle and were about to change places to watch.

But this time there was nowhere to go, because immediately after those two tweets from Westwind Law Firm, a new community announcement appeared on Weibo.

[@Twitteradminv: The announcement of the special rectification action of the network environment on March 12, 2020 is as follows, shutting down 4,384 black powder and malicious marketing accounts such as @CircleUnclev (follower number 821032), @YingLuWeiOfficialSupporta*sociationv (follower number 1032567) and @LuWeiRea*suredFly (follower number 23105).]

This time, netizens got even more energized.

[Black fans! Hahahahahaha, Ying Luwei, can you see that your backing group is a black fan!

[This support group was the one who jumped the hardest, right?

Am I the only one who cares why Weibo is acting so fast this time? She’s the number one girl in Shanghai, she’s backed by four big families, her fans used to do this all the time, so why did she get caught in the crossfire this time?

[Hey hey hey, according to my years of experience in reading novels, sister Ying is definitely not easy, I had a good time today, thanks to Ying Luwei’s fans.

The girl had a hard time getting back to her senses and found out that she couldn’t log on to her account anymore.

I can’t believe they really sued!

Is this Ying’s adopted daughter crazy?

Calm down, you must calm down.

She wiped her face and prepared to go to cla*s.

But before she could go out, there was a knock on the dormitory door.

Thinking it was her roommate who didn’t have her key, she opened the door and was straight away dumbfounded.

Standing at the door were two policemen.

Students from other halls of residence in the corridor were looking over curiously and pointing.

The policemen took out their certificates with one hand and handcuffs with the other.

“Ms. Tian, you have committed a crime for malicious rumours and insults, suspected of insulting and defaming others, violating their right to reputation, the circumstances are serious, please come with us.”


Qingzhi First Middle School.

This afternoon in chemistry cla*s 19, the chemistry teacher had taken a leave of absence due to illness and sent the lesson to the cla*s representative for the cla*s to study on their own.

But that’s all the chemistry teacher said casually, expecting cla*s 19 to study is not as good as expecting a sow to get a tree.

But this time it was different, after the experience of Biology Ke, now the students in cla*s 19 waited for the teacher to be away so they could listen to Ying Zigui’s lecture.

It was really a treat, and even the academic dregs could easily listen and learn.

So when they received the news, the students cheered.

“Ying Dad, give us a lecture on chemistry after P.E. Lecture on chemistry, you’ll definitely know it.”

“I wish Ying Dad had taught all the lessons, then I’m sure God will be at university next year.”

Jiang Yan was dazed and sleeping, when he heard the voice, he kicked his little brother’s stool, “Where did we learn chemistry?”

“Aigoo Brother Burn, if you hadn’t mentioned it, I would have forgotten we were a science cla*s, have we ever listened to a cla*s before?”


Jiang Yan blackened his face and flipped out the chemistry book he never brought home with him.

Ying Ziji lifted her eyes, not really wanting to pay attention to these silly kids.

She held her ipad, her eyes locked on the screen, her eyebrows slightly wrinkled.

“Hey, Ying Dad, you use STAR too.” Xiu Yu was cutting a pineapple and came over, “What do you want to buy?”

Ying Ziji nodded, “Still watching.”

She was looking at a few upcoming online auctions, but unfortunately, there were no herbs she needed in them.

That made sense.

Usually when any top quality herbs appeared, they either went into the ancient medical community of China or went to the alchemy community of O Continent.

Ordinary people, simply could not get them.

But at the moment, she did not want to go to either of these two places in order to prevent running into old acquaintances who would interfere with her retirement.

The last time she went to the Fu family, she had zapped a few acupuncture points for Master Fu, and was able to ensure that within a few months, Master Fu would not fall ill.

There was still some time left.

“STAR his family service is quite good, there are some things I can’t buy on Taobao I’ll go on STAR,” Xiu Yu inserted a toothpick on the pineapple, “Ying Dad, eat.”

There was a sudden commotion from downstairs, and cries.

“I was wrong, I didn’t mean it, please, let me go ……”

The unpleasant voice was a bit noisy.

Xiu Yu pulled out his ears and probed down to see a few police officers holding Ying Fei Fei in handcuffs and were taking her outside.

The other students also saw it.

“Crap, Ying Fei Fei has been arrested? What did she do?”

“The police came to the door personally, what a big scene.”

“Let’s go, let’s go and have a look.”

“Ying Dad, let’s go too.” Xiu Yu pulled the girl, “Let’s see what’s going on.”

In front of the school building, Ying Fei Fei was crying her eyes out, unable to catch her breath.

She was clinging to the railing, not willing to leave.

There were quite a few students watching and a crowd gathered around.

“I heard it was a malicious libel and insult charge, to be locked up.”

“No? This has to be locked up too?”

“You don’t know the law, do you? For slander, it’s punishable by up to three years in prison for serious circumstances.”

“Zhiyan, help me, help me!” Ying Fei Fei cried louder, “I don’t want to be locked up, I didn’t mean to, I was wrong, I was really wrong.”

Zhong Zhiwei frowned.

She actually didn’t want to care about Ying Fei Fei at all.

But Ying Fei Fei had directly named her, so it was not justifiable for her to do nothing.

Zhong Zhiyan swept her eyes and precisely found Ying Zigui’s figure in the crowd.

She took a few steps forward and sighed, “Cousin, Fei Fei …… she already knows the mistake, she is also unaware of the facts, plus the shock of that time was too much, that’s why she lost her mind.”

After a pause, he smiled lightly again, “Be a man and stay one step ahead, they are all cla*smates, why do you have to do so much?”


Chapter 58

Ying Fei Fei’s eyes showed a hopeful light.

Zhong Zhiyan was the eldest daughter of the Zhong family, and Ying Zidian was the adopted daughter of the Ying family.

The status of the two families was different at first sight.

So Ying Ziji would definitely listen to Zhong Zhiyan and ask the police to let her go.

“Uncle police.” Ying Ziyang didn’t even look at Zhong Zhiyan, she nodded politely towards the two policemen, “What about interfering with police action?”

The two policemen, both middle-aged and with children of that age at home, were furious to learn of what Ying Fei Fei had done.

One had to be thankful that the young girl had a strong heart and nothing happened to her.

One of the policemen gave Zhong Zhiwei a cold look, not at all kind: “Take them away together.”

How dare he say that he could just forget about what happened to him?

“Little girl, don’t be afraid.” Another policeman even spoke out to comfort, “With us here, no one can bully you.”

Ying stood with her hands in her pockets and nodded slightly, “Thank you, Uncle Police.”

The two policemen were bursting with fatherly love.

Look, what a well-behaved little girl.

Zhong Zhiyan never expected that Ying Zidian would not even give her a look, as if it was a waste of time to pay attention to her.

Her face instantly turned red, embarra*sment flooded her and her face burned terribly.

Zhong Zhiyan pursed her lips and restrained her unhappy emotions: “Cousin, why are you ……”

“I said you, who are you calling cousin?” Jiang Yan kicked the mineral water bottle, just about a foot up, he sneered, “less there close, let me hear once, Qing Zhi you can not mix, understand?”

Another one who wants to step on his head, dream on.

On the other hand, a few of the murderous youngsters next to him also shouted viciously, “That’s right, this is our brother Burn’s Ying Dad, who are you to call your cousin?”

Jiang Yan: “……”


His reputation as the school bully was already in disrepute.

“Jiang Yan, you!” Zhong Zhiyan was now truly shaking with anger, watery mist floating up in her eyes, containing tears, “Don’t go too far!”

Jiang Yan snorted and walked away with his school uniform.

“Tch, Ying Dad, you should have seen it, this Zhong Zhiyan likes Jiang Yan.” Xiu Yu rubbed his chin and tsked, “It’s a pity, as far as Jiang Yan’s emotional quotient is concerned, even if she ran up to him and confessed, he’d think she’d gone crazy.”

Ying Ziji was slightly silent for a moment.

She hadn’t really seen it.

Maybe she didn’t understand the mind of a young girl.

When Ying Fei Fei saw that even Zhong Zhiwei didn’t help, she cried out, “Ying Zigui, please, please let me go, I’ll kneel down for you, please don’t sue me.”

Most of the pa*sers-by who didn’t know what was going on sympathised with the underdog, and when they saw Ying Fei Fei in this state, they all felt a little uncomfortable.

“Yes, yes, it’s also a cla*smate.”

“Or else just let it go ……”

“Ying Fei Fei, you do not sell misery, what did you do early?” The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re doing. It’s just her, Ying Fei Fei, who first started the rumor that D**key had seduced Jiang Mo Yuan, and even insulted on the internet, saying something about telling D**key to go to hell.”

She sneered, “Not to mention the last spider incident, isn’t that just murder? I say, have you guys ever heard of ‘advise people to be generous and heaven will strike you down’?”

The students who had previously spoken up for Ying Fei Fei didn’t expect this behind the scenes, and their gazes instantly turned disgusted.

“It’s disgusting, I don’t know how her parents raised her.”

“I’ve seen her mother, she says she’s a posh noblewoman, but she’s actually a shrew, no wonder.”

“No, I don’t want to go, Ying Ziji, please ……” Ying Fei Fei cried herself into a fool and was handcuffed by two policemen and walked away.

Ying Ziyang yawned and ate pineapple as she walked, “Let’s go.”

Xiu Yu gave a downward thumbs up towards Zhong Zhiwei and went to the playground as well.

The students all scattered, whispering.

“Goddess Zhong is from Talent cla*s, she knows the truth of the matter, she actually helped Ying Fei Fei speak, my filter cracked.”

“She even calls Ying cousin, she actually helps outsiders, others at least help their relatives but not their relatives, she doesn’t help her relatives either.”

For the first time, Zhong Zhiyan received this kind of scrutiny in school.

In normal days, her schoolmates were all devoted to her.

How could it be like this again?

Zhong Zhiyan bit her lips tightly and her face turned white.

She squeezed her fingers tightly and ran back to the school building.


PE cla*s was a free activity.

Ying leaned against a tree, listened to a song with her headphones, and then sent a WeChat to Fu Yunshen.

[I’ve watched the last few online auctions on star, and there are no those six herbs.

The first time I saw it, I was able to get it back in seconds.

The actual fact is that you’ll be able to get a lot more than just a few of the most popular and popular ones.

Two seconds later, he sent another message.

[Are you going to the pet shop tonight?


[Don’t you want to buy a pig?

Ying Zidian raised his eyebrows.

It’s not good to be in the hot seat, her Weibo account is known to everyone.

[You don’t want to peek into the lives of young people.

[…… Kids, is attacking age too much?

Ying Ziji was thinking about how to comfort him when there was a sudden yell in her ear.

“Ying Dad, dodge dodge dodge!”

Ying Zidian raised her eyes and saw a basketball smashing towards her.

She didn’t dodge it, but raised her hand and grabbed it firmly, then threw it with one hand.

The basketball slid through the air in an arc, and with a bang, it hit the rim and fell into the frame before hitting the ground and rolling away.


The boys on the basketball court looked confused.


This could even go in?

That was at least 20 metres apart, right?

The three-point shot was only 6.25m.

“This shooting skill of Ying Dad seems to be even higher than yours.” Little brother exclaimed, “Brother Burn, your position as the dominant basketball player is no longer guaranteed.”

Jiang Yan’s face went completely black and he gritted his teeth, “Shut up!”

In the past few days, he had shut himself up to the point where he didn’t want to talk anymore.

Even in the imperial capital, he had never seen such a perverted person before.

Compared to Ying Zidian, those heirs in the imperial capital were nothing.

Jiang Gas had to kick a basketball and walk away with his pocket in his pocket.


When Mrs Ying received the call from the police station, she was still in disbelief.

Her family Fei Fei has always been a good boy, how could she be in the police station?

She rushed to the police station and inquired, only to find out that it was because of an online slander dispute.

She was relieved.

It wasn’t a big deal.

“Officer, what’s the trouble with this little matter?” Mrs. Ying smiled in a haughty manner with an air of condescension, “Just directly ask the other party to pay us compensation, I don’t want much, give it a half a million, we Fei Fei can’t be aggrieved.”

At these words, the whole room fell silent.

The policeman in charge of taking the statement put down his pen and looked at her with a very strange look and a sarcastic tone, “Give you compensation?”

Mrs Ying was a little embarra*sed and more than a little angry: “What’s wrong with what I said?”