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Boss Lady Chapter 59-60

Chapter 59

She wasn’t so generous as to let the person who had bullied her daughter off the hook.

Besides, she didn’t ask for too much, half a million was not much at all.

If the other party couldn’t compensate, she would sue them until they lost all their money.

“This lady, the one who broke the law is your daughter.” A female police officer outside walked in with a disgusted look and sneered, “You want to stay out of jail but you have to see if they will drop the case, and you want compensation?”

What kind of face is that?

It was true that what kind of parents brought up what kind of daughters.

When Mrs. Ying heard this, her first reaction was disbelief and she raised her voice, “What did you say?”

Another male police officer at the door spoke up, “No loud noises are allowed in the police station.”

Mrs Ying shut her mouth instantly, her anger extinguished.

She was used to being arrogant, but she didn’t dare to make a scene here, so she had to lower her voice, “Officer, there must be a misunderstanding, our Fei Fei has always been obedient and understanding, how could she have broken the law?”

“There must be nothing wrong, I’ll take her back now.”

“Letting someone die, forcing someone to commit suicide, malicious rumours, this is a misunderstanding?” The policewoman was exasperated, “I’m not asking you to bail out your daughter, I’m informing you that the court hearing is on the 17th, please be prepared.”

“There’s a court date?” Mrs Ying screamed, “Are you crazy?”

The policewoman didn’t even bother to say anything, she took out a lawyer’s letter and slapped it in front of Mrs. Ying’s face.

Madam Ying was about to get angry when she saw the seal on the lawyer’s letter and her hand shook with disbelief, “West, Westwind Law Firm?”

Far away from Shanghai City, she knew about this number one law firm in the imperial capital.

Since its establishment over ten years ago, Westwind Law Firm had not lost a single case, and was a myth in the legal profession.

As long as the West Wind Law Firm was on the scene, there was no lawsuit that could not be won.

In other words, Fei Fei Ying must go to jail.

Mrs. Ying finally panicked, she shivered and fumbled for her phone, dialing the number: “Hey, old Ying, quick, quick, quick, prepare your bank card, go to the Ying family and beg for mercy, quick ……”


Ying ended up giving a chemistry lesson to Cla*s 19, on Option 5 Organic Chemistry.

Before she last left Earth, there was no such term as organic chemistry.

To make up for the lack of knowledge over the years, she had been studying for some time.

Ying poured a gla*s of water and pondered.

It was quite joyful with these silly kids, so let’s give them a few more lessons.

“sh*t, Ying Dad, this little nun of yours is too white lotus, isn’t she?” Xiu Yu, who was playing with his mobile phone, suddenly spoke up, “She’s still trying to whitewash herself?”

Ying Zidian looked sideways.

The students around her also gathered around.

[@YingLuWeiv: After a few days of reflection, I have conducted a profound review, this matter is something I did wrong and caused harm to everyone, and also I let my fans down by not restraining them in the first place, I have decided to withdraw from the internet for a while, practice piano at ease, and will bring you better recitals afterwards.]

Chess Qian Media retweeted the tweet at the first opportunity and issued a penalty announcement.

[@GoQianMediav: After a rigorous internal investigation by the company, it was found that artist Xu Moumou had privately bribed marketing numbers to engage in bad competition, this announcement is hereby made, as it was Xu Moumou who breached the contract, the company will pay additional compensation.]

A picture was attached below with an official seal.

Now, Ying Luwei’s die-hard fans can finally stop shutting up their mikes.

[I knew it wasn’t our Lu Wei who did it, this Xu so-and-so is too annoying, bullying us Lu Wei people to be Buddhist.

The best thing is that Lu Wei has strength and doesn’t need traffic.

I’m looking forward to Lu Wei’s recital, can we hear the song “Sun and Moon” this time?

But pa*sersby don’t believe me.

The @callmeinvincibleman is also a rumour monger, right? Why didn’t Chess Media sue?

The company will be ruined if you P*ss off Invincible.

[The fans are almost gone, so of course we have to play tricks to fix the fans.

The students of cla*s 19 were also speechless and indignant.

“The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. I want to pry open the heads of these fans to see what’s inside.”

“It’s normal, even men who cheat on their husbands have fans, and on the surface it looks like Ying Luwei did nothing and got herself cleaned up.”

“But Ying Luwei’s reputation has been completely ruined online, no loss, no gain.”

Jiang Yan sneered: “If I were to say so, I’d just put a sack over her on a dark and windy night and beat her up.”

“Come on.” Xiu Yu gave him a sidelong glance, “The Four Great Houses aren’t vegetarians, a bunch of them still hold Ying Lu Wei in high regard.”

Ying Ziyi didn’t say anything.

She closed her eyes and was watching the future.

Now, she could already predict what would happen within ten days.

But what was too far away was still a blur.

But the karma between her and the Ying family was getting weaker and weaker, and as soon as this karma was completely gone, she could be completely free from the Ying family.

She had also moved out of the Ying family by now, so she could move one less time as long as she didn’t jump in front of her.

Ying Ziji opened her eyes and raised her hand to press her temples.

“But Ying Luwei does have that little talent on the piano.” A junior said, “A lot of people say she’s the next so-and-so …… right, o continent that pianist, Vera, because she has a ‘wei’ in her name too.”

“Just her?” Xiu Yu quit, furious, “My goddess of music is also something she can touch?”

Vera Hall, a famous pianist from the 18th century.

She was also known as the “Queen of Masks” because she wore a mask whenever she played, and was so mysterious that she didn’t leave a portrait for posterity.

She composed only three piano pieces, but each of them was of world cla*s difficulty.

Xiu Yu worshipped: “Ying Dad, I don’t know if you know my goddess of music, she is so great, it’s a pity I didn’t live in those days and couldn’t see her, alas ……”

Ying Zidian was slightly silent: “Well, I know.”

No one noticed that she said she knew, not knew.

The phone dripped, it was WeChat, a new message.

Ying Zidian glanced at it, raised her eyebrows, got up and walked out.


Chapter 60

As you walk, return the message.

[Three minutes.]

[Well, brother is waiting for you at the same place.]

Ying Zidian averted his eyes and put his phone back in his pocket.

Jiang Yan saw it, and with a brace of his hands, he flipped over the table and blocked the cla*sroom doorway with a quick step.

He lifted his chin towards the girl: “I said, when did you promise to fight me again last time?”

Ying Ziji stopped in her tracks, her phoenix eyes narrowing as she looked him up and down for a second: “You should eat better and exercise first.”

Jiang Yan: “What?”

His muscles weren’t developed yet?

“I’m afraid you won’t have the stamina by then.”


The little brothers blinked their eyes, not knowing who to back up.

But anyway, it’s still Dad who’s right!

Xiu Yu gloated, “I think so, in case you faint when you fight with Ying Dad and we have to carry you back.”

“You shut up too!” Jiang Qi was furious, “I’ve practiced ……”

Xiu Yu frowned and looked at him, shaking his head.

Jiang Yan withdrew his voice.

Rather forgetting that this wasn’t the imperial capital, he couldn’t just mention it or it would bring unnecessary trouble to those around him.

“I’m not eating, we’ll fight now.” Jiang Yan took off his school uniform jacket, “I definitely won’t lose to you this time.”

He wanted to claim back his dignity as a man and school bully.

Ying raised his hand and easily pushed him away from the doorway, looking like he was using no strength whatsoever.

“I don’t have time today, something’s up.”

Jiang Yan froze: “What’s up?”

The girl was already out of the cla*sroom, her sparse voice coming softly, “Pet shop, buy a pig.”

Jiang Yan: “What??”

He wasn’t even as important as a pig?

Was the pig as handsome as him?

“Brother Burn, look on the bright side.” The younger brother went up to comfort him, “Ever since Ying’s father came to our cla*s, your status has plummeted, you have to recognise this fact.”

Jiang Yan’s face was as dark as the bottom of a pot.

Xiu Yu put his make-up bag into a drawer, got up and patted his shoulder, “Come out and have a chat.”

Jiang Yan followed Xiu Yu out with a stinky expression, leaving a group of juniors staring at each other.

The two arrived at the rooftop on top of the teaching building.

“It’s a good thing I stopped it, do you want everyone to know that you practise ancient martial arts?” Xiu Yu glanced at him, “Besides, the internal energy in your body has been unstable, suppressing it with medicine won’t last long, use it sparingly.”

“I know.” Jiang Yan tugged at his school uniform collar, grumpy, “Don’t you find it strange that I, a practitioner of ancient martial arts, can’t beat an ordinary person?”

“Oh no, it’s not strange, Ying Dad is so powerful, it’s weird that you can’t beat him.”


Once again, Jiang Yan shut himself up.

“Less mention of ancient martial arts here.” Xiu Yu said, “Although Shanghai City is more than a thousand kilometres away from the imperial capital, there are definitely their eyes here, so be careful.”

Jiang Yan sulked, “Got it.”


On the other side.

Father Ying and Mrs Ying knew that Ying Ziji was only an adopted daughter and had little power.

Now that Ying Zhenting was away, the real people in charge were Zhong Manhua and Old Lady Ying.

They didn’t even think of apologising to Ying Zidian, but went to beg Zhong Manhua and Old Lady Ying.

The old lady knew this time that something like this had happened in just a few days.

She pounded her cane on the ground and laughed coldly: “Manhua, what does your daughter mean? How dare you sue Wei’er’s fans? Doesn’t she know what her status is?”

Zhong Manhua sat on the sofa, pursing her lips and saying nothing.

Old Lady Ying’s words made her embarra*sed and angry.

After all, Ying Zidian was not in fact an adopted daughter, but her own daughter.

But Ying Zhending had said that she could not reveal half a cent, so she could only keep her mouth shut.

“You tell her to withdraw her complaint now.” Old Lady Ying’s face was cold, “What does it look like to go to court over such a small matter?”

A niece suing her sister-in-law’s fan?

It’s a joke when it gets out.

How can the Ying family have any more shame in the world of the rich and powerful?

And how can she step on her master’s head when she’s just an adopted daughter and has no more status in the family than her illegitimate son?

She sees nothing wrong with those fans, they are loyal and protect their master, which is good.

Zhong Manhua was frozen in place, not responding at first.

Ever since she had changed cla*ses, she had moved out of the Ying family and didn’t live at school, so even she, the mother, didn’t know where her own daughter lived.

It was so ironic.

She couldn’t possibly tell Mrs. Ying that she couldn’t even find her daughter.

Going to Qingzhi?

It was even more shameful to be stopped by a group of students.

Zhong Manhua gritted her teeth and lowered her voice: “Mom, this is something ……”

“Alright, it seems you are unwilling.” Old Lady Ying didn’t even want to hear her finish her sentence, she got up on her crutches, “I, an old lady, will go with you to the police station.”

Hearing this, Father Ying and Madam Ying were overjoyed, “Thank you, old madam, it’s too much trouble.”

“It’s no trouble.” Old Lady Ying waved her hand, “Don’t worry, she can’t turn the tables on an adopted daughter.”


When she arrived at the police station for the second time, Madam Ying was back to her previous high spirits.

Even Old Lady Ying had come, so their Fei Fei must be fine.

When Father Ying went in, he froze.

He suddenly had a bad feeling in his heart because he saw the chief who was not very visible outside.

Old Lady Ying didn’t care about this, she went straight forward: “Ying Fei Fei, we’ll settle this matter privately, not in court.”

The policemen around her were stunned.

The policewoman frowned and was about to speak up, but the chief raised his hand to stop her.

He looked at Mrs. Ying: “A private settlement? May I ask what your relationship is with the plaintiff?”

Mrs. Ying’s face was agitated, but her tone was strong: “I am her grandmother, I want to withdraw the case, can’t I?”

The policewoman couldn’t resist: “You’re her grandmother? Then what were you doing when your granddaughter was being bullied?”

What kind of people are these?

What kind of people are they? They are helping outsiders to step on their own family members?

Her three senses were shattered.

“This is our own business.” Old Lady Ying’s face didn’t look too good as she repeated again, “Officer, drop the charges now and let the people go.”

“Excuse me.” The chief smiled politely, with a sneer, and a bit of contempt, “You are not in that position to interfere in Miss Ying’s affairs.”