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Boss Lady Chapter 61-62

Chapter 61

When these words came out, both Father Ying and Mrs. Ying were a bit dumbfounded.

Old Lady Ying was even more incredulous and her face became even more parched: “Officer, what do you mean by this?”

What do you mean by this?” “You’re blatantly slapping her in the face?

The chief nodded his head and didn’t get angry: “Just what you heard.”

Mrs. Ying’s anger flared up and she repeated, “I am her grandmother!”

The director remained courteous, even if he said something vulgar: “It’s useless even if you are the King of Heaven.”

Old Lady Ying’s face twisted in anger, more embarra*sment and embarra*sment.

Her face turned blue and white for a while, and she almost closed her eyes.

In Shanghai City, she had always been respected, when had she ever been mocked like this?

“Let them out.” The Director waved his hand, not wanting to say any more.

Old Lady Ying was not able to lean on her old age any more, and was just driven out.

She stood in front of the police station, wanting to find a crack in the ground.

With her own face gone, Old Lady Ying was in no mood to bother with Ying Fei Fei’s affairs, so she got into the car and left.

“Honey, what should we do?” Mrs Ying was in a panic, “It’s useless for the Ying family to come forward, won’t Fei Fei be jailed?”

Ying’s father’s face was gloomy, and when he heard this, he directly slapped Mrs. Ying, “Stupid, do you know who that director is?”

Mrs. Ying was blinded by the blow, covering her face, frozen and unable to return to her senses.

“He was transferred down from the imperial capital and is usually not even in Shanghai.” Father Ying gritted his teeth, “Even he has come personally, do you know how serious this matter is?

If he had known this, he would not have gone to the Ying family to plead for mercy.

Mrs Ying was shocked, “But, but that’s just an adopted daughter, how could ……”

“It’s all because you’ve spoiled her!” Ying’s father didn’t want to listen to her at all and sneered, “Just hope that this matter won’t affect the Ying family.”

Mrs. Ying stood frozen in place, in broad daylight, but her body was shivering with cold.

She finally realised that she seemed to have messed with the wrong people.


Inside the police station.

The policewoman went and returned, quite strange, and asked, “Chief, did they not know that two families in the empire were involved in this matter?”

If not, where else would the courage come from to withdraw the case on behalf of the young girl?

I guess they could be scared to death.

“There’s no way they could have let this go private without the Imperial Capital intervening.” The chief took a sip of water and put down his cup, “Cyber violence against a little girl, how dare you say it’s not something.”

The policewoman agreed and asked, “Chief, should we find a psychologist for the little girl to open up a little? I’m afraid she has some kind of psychological shadow.”

She, an adult, couldn’t even accept the comments on Weibo.

Let alone a little girl?

“Someone has gone to contact.” The chief nodded, “You go and compile the statement and send it to the Westwind Law Firm.”

The policewoman went down to work.

The director thought about it, took out his mobile phone and dialed the number, “Hello, Miss Ying, that old lady from the Ying family came by just now to give you a message.”

Inside the pet shop, Ying Ziji raised her eyebrows, but she wasn’t surprised: “Yes, thank you.”

“No thanks, you should.” The director added, “There will be a psychologist from the imperial capital coming to Shanghai in a few days, you can meet with him.”

It wasn’t only people with mental illnesses who needed a psychologist; a psychologist could also help students relieve the stress of their studies.

“Mm, I know.”

The call hung up and Ying’s eyes returned to the pet pig in front of her.

Only palm-sized and fleshy, even the tiny pig’s hooves were a tender pink.

The soft nose was tilted up and there were two obsidian-like eyes that blinked back and forth.

It even rubbed its ears against her palm.

The shop a*sistant next to her was introducing enthusiastically, “Miss, this is a teacup pig, one of the best pets sold in the shop, it is a cross between a Tamworth pig and a Gloucestershire flower pig, very popular with the nobles over on O-continent.”

Ying nodded, “Let’s have it.”

Research shows that among the 100,000-odd animals in the world, pigs have the tenth highest IQ, the level of a 3-4 year old baby, and are not only smart but also docile.

So she kinda likes pigs.

Fu Yun Shen was next to her, teasing a baby guinea pig, and raised his head at the sound of his voice.

The two were so close that he could see her lightly drooping eyelash feathers.

He only had to move an inch closer to touch her small arms.

At this time she gave him a very vivid feeling, no longer as cold as she usually was.

It was reminiscent of the light of the morning, the wind of the afternoon, the moon of the night.

It was as if white bubbles were emerging from her creamy skin, all falling softly on his hands.

Fu Yunshen’s eyelashes dropped, and he took a step back, keeping a proper distance.

Neither distant, nor overly intimate.

Very gentlemanly.

A teacup pig is not cheap, and to sell it so quickly made the shop a*sistant even more enthusiastic: “Miss, you can give it a name, I’ll go and do the formalities for you.”

Ying Ziji pulled the teacup pig’s little ears and thought seriously, “Let’s call it Mu Mu.”

“Mu Mu as in think?” Fu Yunshen raised his eyelashes slowly, “Little friend, it’s not good to fall in love early.”

He was still worrying like an old father.

“No, it’s my good friend’s name.” Ying Ziji examined the teacup pig and pondered, “I think it resembles her in some way, so I can see the pig and think of her.”

“Hmm?” Fu Yunshen was intrigued, “What aspect?”

Ying Ziji stroked the teacup pig’s head, “It’s cute and silly, and it can eat.”

Fu Yunshen: “……”

Yes, it’s a real best friend.

But in the end, Ying Ziji took another name.

It’s called Dududu.

Dududu is only two months old, she can’t walk steadily yet and wobbles around.

Ying Zidian picks up Dududu and puts her in her arms.

Fu Yunshen takes a step behind her and glances at his honest big brother mobile phone.

There was a message on it that had only just come in, unsigned and an empty number.

[Brother, why not just get Jiang’s group killed? What’s the point of calling it quits? You don’t know how much money you’re wasting, you don’t know, it hurts my heart to lose a dime.

Fu Yunshen didn’t reply, putting the phone away again.

He could not have ruined the Jiang Group.


The company’s eyes were raised.

It was possible to pull Jiang Moyuan down from that position as executive director.


The stock of Jiang’s Group was in turmoil for five days, and in this short period of time, the loss was as much as one billion dollars.

Just when the entire top management was on the verge of despair, the stock suddenly returned to normal.

From beginning to end, the Jiang Group had no idea who the other party really was.

But the other party was able to manipulate the shares of the Jiang Group at will, which made every shareholder feel an unprecedented panic.

But fortunately, Jiang’s Group’s bottom was thick enough, if it were another small family, it would have gone straight into bankruptcy.

However, even so, Jiang Mo Yuan’s prestige had taken a big hit.

Many shareholders questioned whether he was still capable of continuing in his position as CEO.

Jiang Moyuan was so annoyed that he threw some papers on the table and tried to rest, but his headache was so bad that he couldn’t even close his eyes.

Especially after knowing what had happened on Weibo in the past few days, his mood got even worse.

He lit a cigarette and walked over to the floor-to-ceiling window, looking down and exhaling slowly.

His eyes turned casually, and a few seconds later, he suddenly caught sight of a familiar figure.

Jiang Mo Yuan was stunned and his eyebrows furrowed.

How could it be ……

Somewhat unsure, he looked over again.


Chapter 62

But just as he went to take a second look, the figure was gone.

Cars were coming and going on the road.

It was as if he was just hallucinating.

Jiang Moyuan’s eyes sank.

He didn’t think he was wrong, but if it was really that person, what was he doing in Shanghai?

Jiang Moyuan stubbed out his cigarette, his mind was heavy and his whole body was even more irritable.

The office door was knocked on at this time.

Jiang Moyuan returned to his senses, put his cigarette into the ashtray and sat back down in his seat: “Come in.”

“Third Master.” The secretary cautiously walked over, “Miss Painting Screen is downstairs, please come down.”

Jiang Huping?

Hearing this name, Jiang Mo Yuan was quite surprised.

Although Jiang Ping was his second sister, they were not familiar with each other and did not have any interactions because Jiang Ping had left for the imperial capital a long time ago.

What’s more, the two were from the same father and different mother.

Master Jiang had three wives in total, the first wife pa*sed away not long after she married into the Jiang family, and Jiang Painting was born to Master Jiang’s second wife.

Jiang Moyuan frowned.

Although he was not sure of Jiang Ping’s reason for coming, he went down anyway.

Next to the ground floor of the Jiang Group building, there was an open-air cafe where employees could have coffee and refreshments for free during their breaks.

Jiang Painting Ping was sitting at the very outside.

A celadon-coloured cheongsam with a light green bangle on her fair wrist, her posture was quietly elegant.

As if pouring a curtain of smoke and rain from the south of the Yangtze River, the sound of rain was chilling.

Jiang Mo Yuan sat down opposite her, his long legs folded, his tone detached: “Something wrong?”

Jiang Zheping put down her tea cup, not caring about his attitude, and got straight to the point: “I heard that you brought that little girl, Ying Zidian, from Qing Shui County to Shanghai City?”

Jiang Moyuan’s expression changed, a little cold: “What do you want to say?”

“Nothing, just to let you know that this little girl, I like her very much.” Jiang Zheping raised her eyebrows and smiled lightly, “I am planning to take her as my goddaughter, I can’t see her suffer, if you bully her again, don’t blame me for being ungracious.”

The last Mrs Jiang was a native of Jiangnan, so Jiang Ping also spoke a soft Wu dialect, but she still had the same murderous aura in her bones that Master Jiang had when he was young.

The softness was ruthless.

Jiang Mo Yuan’s eyes changed abruptly, and after a long time, he sneered, “I bullied her?”

He loosened his bow tie, his expression indifferent: “You’ve only been back in Shanghai for a few days, don’t take it out on your ears, and I don’t want to bother with you more, the one who’s been bullied and aggrieved has always been Lu Wei.”

“She was received by the Ying family as soon as she arrived, and she was aggrieved?”

Jiang Ping smiled: “It’s good that you’re happy, after all, it’s not your fault that you were born blind.”

Jiang Moyuan’s face became even colder, he didn’t want to say another word, turned around and left.

Jiang Zheping was not moved by anger, and thoughtfully muttered to himself, “It’s a good thing it’s not a mother, or else I’d doubt my intelligence.”

If it wasn’t for a net storm in the past few days, she wouldn’t have had the leisure to come looking for Jiang Moyuan.

After all, she didn’t have a good feeling towards both Jiang Moyuan’s mother and son.

Master Jiang had also left early, so she had even less affection for the Jiang family.

Jiang Ping re-poured a cup of tea and went on to read a fashion magazine.


The school is very efficient, and Ying Fei Fei’s expulsion was quickly announced.

The headmaster posted it on the campus bulletin board for the students to learn from, and had every cla*s view it.

Xiu Yu walked into the cla*s with a stack of registration forms and casually threw them on the podium, “The art festival is coming up, see if you guys are interested in signing up, if not, sell them to the scrap collector and buy a packet of chips for our Ying Fei Fei.”

As a school ranked in the top three in the country, Qingzhi Middle School paid much attention to the all-round development of students’ quality.

Even the art festival is a big event, with famous artists from the industry invited and big prizes given to the winning students.

For students who are talented in painting, calligraphy, sculpture, music and dance, the festival is an opportunity that cannot be missed.

However, most of the students in Cla*s 19 have little interest in this and will not even take part in the choral competition.

Because the situation of Cla*s 19 was so special, the headmaster couldn’t say anything.

Ying Zidian was leaning back in his chair and resting with his eyes closed.

Xiu Yu came over to me: “Father Ying, are you taking part in the art festival?”

Ying Zidian yawned sleepily: “No.”

She had gone to Shao Ren Hospital again yesterday and helped with a few cases.

It wasn’t tricky for her, but it was quite tiring.

Her body was still too weak at the moment, and drawing blood so many times in a year was not something that could be repaired overnight.

So it caused her to be very sleepy for a while.

Her body would also be damaged if she used the power of divine calculation too many times.

It was a good thing that this was the 21st century and there were not as many scourges as there were during the Ancient O Continent.

“It’s right not to go.” Xiu Yu nodded and gave a tsk, “It’s like this calligraphy competition, the first place is only 100,000, it’s not just sending ……”

Before she could finish her words, a copy of the registration form was jerked out of her hand.

The girl opened her eyes, watery mist still on her eyelashes, and her voice was low and hazy.

“Well, I’ll go.”

Xiu Yu: “……”

She was a million times incredulous: “No way Ying Dad, are you that short of money?”

“Quite short.” Ying Ziji picked up a pen and started filling out the registration form.

There were so many things she wanted to buy, a rare herb alone cost over ten million, and still had a price.

It was easier to have a hundred thousand dollars for writing, than a cure.

Don’t want it for nothing.

Xiu Yu scratched his head, “Ying Dad, what do you want to report?”

She came over curiously and saw that all the entry forms had been ticked off except for the competition items that required showing up such as dancing and singing.

Xiu Yu: “……”

Crap, were these still people?

She realised that she might still have underestimated the strength of their Ying Dad.

Xiu Yu’s gaze shifted down: “Ying Dad, you know all the oil paintings?”

Oil painting is a type of Western painting that originated in O China and was only introduced to China later.

In order to cultivate their sentiments, most of the famous ladies of the gentry learn Chinese painting.

Those who knew oil painting were few and far between.

“Hmm.” Ying Zigui said casually, “I learnt it from Chino before.”

Hearing this name, Xiu Yu was silent for a moment, and after a long time, she said from the bottom of her heart, “Father, you are so humorous.”

She didn’t like to study, but she was quite interested in art and knew quite a few famous people in history.

Chino Feng was a fine artist in the ancient o-continent period, extremely famous and left a lot of paintings.

His style was so unique that no one has yet copied it.

But he had also been dead for hundreds of years and his bones were all in ashes.

Ying Ziji raised his eyebrows and shook his head regretfully.

These days, no one believes in telling the truth anymore.

“All right.” Ying Zidian signed her name.

She calculated that she would have hundreds of thousands of dollars if she moved her hand, and had a high opinion of Qingzhi.

A very generous school.

How nice.

Xiu Yu sighed quietly, “Ying Dad, tell me honestly, is there anything in this world that you can’t do?”

“Hm?” Ying Ziyi looked up, lazily, “That’s quite a lot.”

“For example?”

Ying Zidian nodded, “For example, I don’t know how to make delicious little biscuits.”


Xiu Yu glanced at Jiang Yan, who was sulking, and suddenly felt some sympathy for him.

He had to compare himself to this pervert, Ying Dad, no wonder he was autistic.

People are more angry than others.

Xiu Yu collected the application form and handed it in to the art group office.


Ying Luwei sat in a milk tea shop outside Qingzhi’s school gate, restless.

Today was the 15th of March, and the day after tomorrow was the court hearing.

Although she had cleared herself perfectly, wasn’t Ying Ziji suing her fans a slap in the face towards her?

What does this make all her friends think of her?

Moreover, there were a few parents of underage fans who blamed her for maliciously instigating the fans and said they would sue her, which was forcibly settled by her with money.

Ying Luwei frowned and was upset.

She always felt that things had gone a bit wrong since Ying Ziji had last woken up in hospital.

Was it because she had pushed too hard that Ying Zidian, who was so quiet and introverted, had exploded?

But she couldn’t do it without pushing, the night was long and she was afraid that something would happen.

“Mum, what should we do?” Ying Luwei pursed her lips, “D**key won’t drop the case, and we can’t get through.

Like Zhong Manhua, what Mrs. Ying cared most about was face.

For the sake of face, other unimportant things can be sacrificed.

Hearing this, Old Lady Ying’s face sank: “Wei’er, don’t worry, this matter will definitely not go to court.”

“But ……” Ying Luwei hesitated, embarra*sed, “We can’t even see Little D**key’s person.”

She really didn’t think that Ying Zidian would have the courage to move out of the Ying family without taking anything.

How could she live without money or power after leaving the Ying family?