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Boss Lady Chapter 63-64

Chapter 63

Can’t we just rely on that dude Fu Yunshen?

How long could it last?

When she thought of Jiang Moyuan’s attitude towards her in the past few days, Ying Luwei was even more frightened.

Although she knew that it was because of the stock turmoil that Jiang’s group had lost a lot of money, she was still a bit scared.

Originally, because she was suffering from haemophilia, Jiang’s old lady was not particularly happy with her, but for the sake of her being the number one dame in Shanghai, she still agreed.

Therefore, she absolutely could not afford to have anything go wrong before she married into the Jiang family.

Although this microblogging incident would not affect her status and reputation in the circle of famous nobles, there would always be people gossiping about it.

The whole Ying family is very fond of her, and they don’t want her to suffer.

“You still haven’t called?” Old Mrs. Ying looked at Zhong Manhua and said sarcastically, “Look, what did I say? You can’t raise a child!”

The Ying family doesn’t care about raising one more person, but it’s really rotten to have to take in an adopted daughter.

If you want her to say so, donate as much blood as you can and pay as much as you can.

It’s best to settle the matter.

If it wasn’t for Ying Luwei, she wouldn’t have come to a street shop selling milk tea.

Zhong Manhua is also annoyed.

Her phone had been blacked out, and even if she went to a different number, the first moment she heard her voice, Ying Ziji hung up and then blacked it out.

She went to see Master Zhong and tried to get him to intervene, but she also ran into a wall.

He scolded her, saying that she had no sense of propriety and that she was not close to him.

“Mum, don’t be anxious.” Ying Luwei rea*sured Old Lady Ying, “Little Belt is angry with her sister-in-law, so don’t blame her.”

She looked at the watch on her wrist and smiled, “It’s now five forty, ten minutes before school ends for Qingzhi.

Old Lady Ying glanced coldly at Zhong Manhua before her face eased a little: “You know what to do, Wei’er.”

Ying Lu Wei didn’t say anything else, her eyes were locked on the school entrance.

No matter what method she used, she had to get Ying Zidian to drop the lawsuit.


After sleeping for a study session, Ying Zidian was able to refresh herself.

It was just about time for school to end and the students were leaving in twos and threes.

She yawned and stood up. She didn’t pack her books, she just slung her bag over her shoulder, picked up her school jacket and walked unhurriedly outside.

By the bulletin board under the school building, people from the student council were decorating the board.

Zhong Zhiwei is the head of the organisation department, clutching her folder and directing.

She pulled her hair behind her ears, and with a glance, she caught an inadvertent glimpse of a girl turning out from the stairway directly in front of her.

Long, slender legs, slender waist, every curve of her body just perfect.

Her shirt was unbuttoned and loosely tied, revealing a clear butterfly bone and soft skin.

It was a stunning sight to behold.

The students in every grade turned to look at her frequently, their attention all drawn away.

Zhong Zhiyan lowered her head and her eyes stared.

The head of the propaganda department, a girl, was envious: “Ying has changed so much, she used to walk with her head down, she didn’t even notice she looked so good.”

She is so pretty that people can’t even think about being jealous.

Zhong Zhiyan looked pale: “Stop looking, hurry up and finish your work and go home.”

The girl withdrew her gaze reluctantly and gossiped again, “By the way, it’s surprising that Ying Zidian has signed up for the art festival this time.”

Zhong Zhiyan frowned, “She signed up for the festival?”

“Not only did she sign up, she also signed up for several events.” The girl said, “Apart from calligraphy and Chinese painting, she even signed up for oil painting, that’s too impressive.”

“You’re thinking too much.” Zhong Zhiwei shook her head, “She’s probably short of money.”

The girl was stunned, “Short of money?”

“She had a fight with my aunt and ran away from home.” Zhong Zhiyan was absentmindedly drawing something on her paper, “Maybe she saw that the prize money for the art festival was good and wanted to give it a try.”

She didn’t think that Ying could do any art.

Whether it was calligraphy or Chinese painting, in order to have attainment, it was not enough to have talent, you also needed a good teacher.

But people in small counties don’t have the financial resources to hire famous masters.

“That’s so ……” the girl felt quite sad, “I thought it was only because she would that she signed up.”

Zhong Zhiyan’s eyelashes dropped, half a long time, suddenly said, “You give me a registration form for the art festival.”

The girl was surprised: “Zhiyan, you want to sign up? Aren’t you not looking at these?”

Zhong Zhiyan didn’t lack money, nor did she need to use the art festival as a springboard to get in touch with the art masters.

After all, she had been exposed to them since she was a child, and the Zhong family had hired the best teachers.

Zhong Zhiyan smiled lightly, “It’s nothing, it’s just for fun.”


As she walked to the entrance of the school, Ying Ziyang’s mobile phone rang a little.

It was a message from an unknown number.

[Hello, Miss Ying, I am your psychologist, are you free on the 20th? Let’s set up a time to meet]

It was very official in tone.

No signature either.

Ying Zidian was about to reply with “No, thank you” when she narrowed her eyes and a white mist suddenly pa*sed before her eyes.

Images of the future pa*sed by and quickly disappeared.

Her fingers pause and her eyebrows lift as she changes her attention.

[Yes, five p.m.]

There was a quick reply.

[Okay, I’ll be there on time, look forward to meeting you.

Ying Zidian was waiting for the red light with her mobile phone in her hand when she saw Ying Luwei rushing across the road with a slight shift in her vision.


The girl turned sideways to avoid it.

Ying Luwei stumbled, almost falling over, and her hand froze in the air.

But she quickly reacted, a smile on her lips, worried: “D**key, where the hell have you been all these days? Why didn’t you say anything, we were all so worried about you.”

“Well, understand.” Ying Ziyi nodded, “Worried that you might die if you don’t have a living blood bank anymore.”

Ying Luwei’s smile could not be maintained, and her usual soft expression shattered a little.

She didn’t expect Ying Ziyi to say something so straightforward.

Especially since there were many students waiting for the red light, and several of them had heard the words and were looking at her with strange eyes.

She was on pins and needles.

Ying Luwei pursed her lips and lowered her voice: “Little Belt, I don’t care if you have complaints about me, but Mum and sister-in-law are waiting for you over there, can you go and see them?”

She had it all figured out, if Ying Ziji refused, with so many people around, she could use her affection to morally kidnap them.

However, to her surprise, Ying Zidian looked at her for a second and then said “Yes.”

All the words she wanted to say were blocked. She pinched her palm and led the girl to the milk tea shop with some reluctance.

At this time of the day, there were quite a lot of people in the tea shop, most of them were Qingzhi’s students.

After all, her face is so stunning that it is impossible to ignore it.

Zhong Manhua and Mrs. Ying sat at a table inside, a bit tied up.

“Finally, you’re here? What a big show.” Old Lady Ying had long been impatient, she slapped the table heavily, “You even asked Wei’er to invite you personally, have you forgotten your status?”

Zhong Manhua was embarra*sed, “Mom, you don’t have to talk here, go back to …… if there’s anything wrong.”

“Just say it here.” Old Lady Ying didn’t relent and sneered, “It’s not like we’re the ones who are disgraced.”

This cry startled many customers.

They all looked over, amazed and stunned.

Qingzhi’s students recognised Ying Luwei and whispered.

“Isn’t that Ms. Ying? What’s wrong with her and Ying Zidian again?”

“Who knows, I heard from the Talent cla*s that Ying Zidian had a fight with someone from the Ying family and ran away from home, and couldn’t even be invited back.”

“Huh? No way, isn’t she an adopted daughter? How can she be so willful?”

Ying Luwei tried hard to suppress the smile on her lips, but she said, “Mum, sister-in-law is right, we’d better go home ……”

Before she could finish her sentence, a list was thrown in front of the three of them.

On it was marked how many millilitres of blood had been donated in a certain year and month, and it was as clear as could be.

Ying Luwei froze, panic suddenly welling up in her heart.

“Since you want to see me, settle this matter by the way.” Ying Ziyi raised her eyes, “rhnull golden blood is priceless, I’ll count 25,000 100ml for you.”

When she heard the golden blood, Ying Luwei’s brain buzzed for a moment, she didn’t even have time to stop Ying Zidian from going on.

“In this year, you have forced me to draw blood thirteen times without my consent, 200ml each time, for a total of six hundred and fifty thousand.”


The entire milk tea shop was silent in an instant.

Ying Ziji stuck one hand in his pocket, his tone was indifferent as if it was not a matter of concern: “You have three minutes, now, call the money.”


Chapter 64

With these words, not only Ying Luwei, Old Lady Ying and Zhong Manhua, but also the pa*sers-by around were dumbfounded.

If they were just watching out of boredom earlier, they were now completely shocked and looked over in unison.

In the corner, the girl was standing with her back to them.

She was wearing a school uniform with short sleeves, her skin was almost transparent, and the veins on her arms were clearly visible.

It was obvious that she had been suffering from a chronic lack of qi and blood, and her body was overly deficient.

“Crap, I thought this was a family, the daughter had a fight with the family and was throwing a tantrum, dare I say this little girl is just a tool to provide blood?”

“Thirteen blood draws a year? Too heartless, right, I went to donate blood, the doctor said once every six months is best, three months will hurt the body, this ……”

“I guess this family is thinking that it’s okay to die, disgusting, really disgusting.”

The pa*sers-by know the Ying family, but most of them don’t know them.

But Qingzhi’s students were different, because Ying Luwei was originally Qingzhi’s honorary music teacher and they all went to the cla*s.

“No way, how can Ms. Ying be that kind of person? I’ve had the pleasure of taking her cla*s before, she’s very gentle.”

“Didn’t you read the Weibo the other day? It was already quite fishy, I can understand her having haemophilia, but this is making Ying give her blood for nothing… tsk, I don’t know what to say.”

“No wonder I heard from the people in Talent cla*s that Ying Zidian used to fall asleep in cla*s… she had her blood drawn, right?”

There was a lot of noise in the tea shop, some people raised their mobile phones and started taking pictures, the sound of “click” was heard.

The blood on Ying Luwei’s face quickly disappeared, turning white, and her lips trembled fiercely.

She looked up in fear, and everywhere she looked, she saw disgusted eyes, as if she had seen some dirty rubbish.

She wanted to cover the girl’s mouth to death, but she didn’t have the strength to get up.

How dare she?

How dare she just say it?

Old Lady Ying was so shocked and angry that she was dizzy with anger. She covered her heart: “What did you say? Say it again!”

The Ying family has brought up a wolf with white eyes!

Ying Zidian lifted his jaw, his expression unperturbed: “The bank card number was given above, order it quickly.”

“It’s outrageous ……,” Mrs. Ying’s fingers trembled, “It’s outrageous!”

An adopted daughter, how dare she be so arrogant.

How dare she be so arrogant?

Ying Lu Wei struggled to restrain the panic in her heart, her voice trembled and she forced a smile, “Little Belt, what are you saying? We are a family, talking about money hurts our feelings.”

“Besides, Little Auntie didn’t force you, so how come you’re being forced to have your blood drawn?”

Ying Zidian tilted her head and her voice was cold: “I don’t want to.”

“Shut up!” In her anger, Mrs. Ying forgot that this was a public place, “Who cares whether you are willing or not, after joining the Ying family and enjoying the glory and wealth, you can still give nothing?”

The people around her were shocked at the shamelessness of Old Lady Ying’s words.

“This old woman has a big face, doesn’t she? You can force people to donate blood just by giving them glory and wealth?”

“I checked, rhnull blood can be given to anyone with any blood type, that’s why it’s called golden blood, it’s really priceless. What the hell is the Ying family doing, just because they have power and influence?”

“Can’t stand it anymore, what three views, I’ll give you five million, will you remove your arm for me?”

“If you ask me, 650,000 is not enough. Isn’t the Ying family one of the four most powerful families? The Ying family is one of the four most powerful families, right?”

It was the first time Old Lady Ying had been scolded by so many people. Her face turned red and her heart rose and fell violently, as if she might faint at any moment.

“Mom, stop it.” Ying Luwei’s face was burning with pain.

She knew that if she continued like this, she would be even more humiliated.

So she had to take out her mobile phone and quickly transferred six and a half million dollars using online banking.

Ying Ziji looked at the text message alert, ignored it and turned around to walk away.

“She, she ……” Old Lady Ying managed to catch her breath, but she was so angry that she was distressed again.

They were trying to get Ying Ziji to drop the case, and not only did they fail, but they were rolled up with millions instead.

In front of a large audience, they were humiliated.

Zhong Manhua, who hadn’t spoken, stood up and whispered, “Mum, go back first.”

Old Lady Ying didn’t lecture her again this time, and quickly left the milk tea shop under Ying Luwei’s escort, slinking away.

Before she got into the car, she nodded towards the butler who was accompanying her.

The butler understood and walked into the milk tea shop, smiling at the customers.

“This matter today, we don’t want to see any shadows on Weibo, if anyone sends out the photos, they are having a problem with the Ying family, since they are in Shanghai, it’s better to weigh them up.”

The threat was full.


The customers fell silent.

They were just ordinary citizens, and indeed they couldn’t possibly fight hard against the Ying family.

The housekeeper told the customers to delete all the photos completely before retreating.


Central Sports Park.

Fu Yunshen leaned under a tree, lazily: “How did it go?”

In front of him was a young man who responded with a sniff, “A bounty for six herbs has been posted on the nok, and three have now been picked up, expected ……”

The words after that suddenly stopped.

Fu Yunshen looked up as if he was aware, and saw the girl walking towards him.

It seems even more indifferent than usual.

Fu Yun Shen’s eyebrows twitched slightly, his eyes cold: “Yaoyao, they’ve come for you again?”

“Mm.” Ying Ziji ate her lollipop and found a rock to sit on, “It’s alright, just ignore them.”

Fu Yunshen nodded and smiled, “Okay, wait for my brother.”

He tilted his head, “You go on.”

Hearing this, the young man was stunned.

What does this mean?

Not avoiding it?

But how could an ordinary little girl listen to something so confidential?

The young man frowned and did not open his mouth.