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Boss Lady Chapter 65-66

Chapter 65

He looked to the girl, clearly hoping she would leave.

There were some things that were really not for ordinary people to listen to.

Not to mention whether or not they could understand it, but if they did, they would probably invite a death sentence.

However, Ying Ziji was sitting on a rock, eating a lollipop by herself.

She was looking at the sky, lazily basking in the sunset.

The young man moved his lips, a little displeased, and only had to look at the man, “Is this …… her?”

Fu Yunshen glanced at him lightly, still those two words, “Continue.”

The young man looked aghast, lowered his head, and quickly picked up his previous words, “It is expected to arrive within a month, the other three herbs are not picked up, but the location is given out.”

“One of them is under the deep sea and the other two are in the heart of the desert, the level of danger is too high, I’m afraid it takes someone in the top twenty on the list to pick them up.”

“Hmm.” Fu Yunshen smiled cynically, “So the reward amount is too low?”

The young man nodded, “The people on the list are not short of money, the herbs are less expensive than killing someone, so they really won’t be moved.”

“Then let’s double it ten times more.” Fu Yun Shen was faint, “I want to see all six herbs within a month.”

The young man’s heart trembled, “Yes.”

After a pause, he hesitated, “But these six herbs, four of them are incredibly poisonous, even several of the poison masters on the list won’t touch them easily, can they really save lives?”

Not for killing?

Hearing this, Ying Ziji turned his head.

Fu Yunshen didn’t respond, he just said, “You can go now.”

The young man knew his temperament well and didn’t ask any more questions. He took one more look at the girl before walking away.

“Yaoyao.” Fu Yunshen walked over and extended a hand to pull her, “Let’s go too.”

Ying Ziji didn’t move, she looked at him, her eyes light: “Aren’t you afraid I’ll lie to you?”

Indeed, most of the six herbs she had given were highly poisonous.

Just a little bit of them would kill any ancient martial artist in an instant.

Fu Yunshen was stunned, but he smiled: “Hmm? Lying to me? Little friend, then what do you think you are trying to do if you lie to me?”

He looked down and pondered for a moment, seemingly regretful: “Apart from money, my face is all I have.”

“Figure-” Ying narrowed his eyes and thought for a moment, “I’m happy, I guess.”


Fu Yunshen raised an eyebrow, “Yao Yao, that’s too much.”

“Oh, that comforts you a little.” The girl fished a lollipop out of her pocket and handed it over, “What’s a nok?”

“A forum.” Fu Yunshen didn’t hide it, he was lazy, “You can post bounties on it and use it to trade with other users.”

“There are a lot of strange and capable people, but there are also quite a lot of bad people, there are a lot of fish and dragons, brother doesn’t recommend you to play.”

Ying didn’t ask any more questions, nodded her head and went back to eating her lollipop.

Well, wait until she goes back to see for herself.


Ying Luwei felt a little relieved after she made sure that the photos hadn’t been leaked and that the milk tea shop wasn’t monitored.

The surveillance last time was so strange that she had to be careful.

This time, Ying Luwei really didn’t dare to go to Ying Zidian, for fear that the girl would say something else and ruin her reputation again.

She was not a defendant at the trial on the 17th, so she didn’t have to appear in court and had nothing to lose.

A little more time would pa*s and no one would remember.

For now, she just needs to practice piano and make music without worrying.

Ying Luwei opened a folder containing a dozen sheets of pentatonic music.

It was Vera Hall’s original piano piece –

The Sun and the Moon.

The difficulty is at the top of the world’s top piano pieces, and she hasn’t even practised eight bars of it yet.

And she had already made a deal with her fans that the next time she gave a recital, she would play “The Sun and the Moon”.

Ying Luwei frowned, her whole being annoyed.

Was this really something one could play?

If she had known that “The Sun and the Moon” was so difficult, she should not have marketed herself as the next Vera Hall.

But there was no way out, she had to practise.

Ying Luwei held back her anxiety and started practising.

However, Ying Luwei didn’t know that the day after it happened.

In the afternoon, a Weibo account called @TheNet’s Most Powerful Breaking News Jun suddenly posted a long picture.

The long picture was made up of a private message with a thickly coded avatar.

[Explosive Jun, I want to expose the news, do you know the Ying family, one of the four powerful families in Shanghai City? I was on a trip to Shanghai City and went around Qingzhi High School, one of the top three in the country, and bought a cup of milk tea, and I saw a big scandal.

After asking a few friends in Shanghai, I found out that the Ying family had adopted a daughter a year ago, not out of kindness, but to raise her as a living blood bank!

My God, I was dumbfounded, there’s still such a family? Not only did the Ying family think there was nothing wrong with it, they threatened us not to expose it on Weibo, but I couldn’t stand it anymore. I’m a mother too, if I knew my daughter was treated like this, I would have killed their whole family.

I’m afraid the Ying family will find me in trouble, please put my nickname and avatar in a thick code, thank you.

@TheBestBlabberJournal has 20 million fans, and many netizens are just waiting to rush to the forefront and eat fresh melons every day.

[Crouch???? What kind of operation is this, are all luxury houses like this? I’m shocked, dumbfounded.]

[Upstairs, not all luxury families are like this. The Nie family is very clean from top to bottom.

Is it about Ying Luwei again? The White Lotus is a hammer, isn’t it? Every time she looks innocent, it’s always her.

You’re talking about our sister Ying, right? What kind of sh*t is the Ying family, forcing people to smoke if they don’t want to?

Ying Luwei’s fans saw it too.

[Ah, though but, what does this have to do with Lu Wei? She doesn’t want to die, she’s the princess of the Ying family, of course the Ying family wants to supply her with blood somehow.]

[Please snipe the Ying family with precision, not Lu Wei, please.]

[Lu Wei has been forced out of the net by you guys, isn’t that enough? Let her make music in peace, okay?

I’m speechless. What’s wrong with your outlook? Why are Ying Luwei’s fans even more brain-dead?

[No, all the sensible fans got rid of them in the last internet storm, right? Of course the rest are brain-dead.

[Gee, we won’t be dancing for long. Do you have a date to watch the trial on the 17th?

[Take me with you.

[+1 upstairs, let’s see how Ying Luwei’s fans will die.

The turmoil on Weibo has started again, and there is another battle.

At this moment, in the old Ying family house.

Zhong Manhua was still bowing her eyebrows to smooth out Old Lady Ying when the door opened.

The housekeeper was busy coming forward and bowed, “Old master.”

He pushed the housekeeper away and walked straight towards the sofa.

Zhong Manhua froze when she saw Old Master Zhong: “Dad, why are you here?”

She had only just opened her mouth, and before she could get up to greet him, she received an honest slap on the face.

Master Zhong’s hand was very strong, and when he slapped her, he didn’t show any mercy at all.

Zhong Manhua she covered her face, unbelievable now: “…… Dad?!”

Master Zhong had never hit her before, and this was the first time.

She was over forty years old, let alone in front of Old Lady Ying, didn’t she want to lose face?

“What did you say to me?” Elder Zhong’s eyes were red with anger, “You said that Ziji had donated blood voluntarily and only twice, and that you had hired a therapist to heal her and that her health would not be seriously affected, but now what?!”

“Thirteen times!”

“Zhong Manhua, you tell me, what the f*ck do you take her for? A blood cow?!”

Zhong Manhua’s mind buzzed and his head filled with blood.

“My in-laws, what do you mean by that?” Old Lady Ying was still angry about yesterday’s incident, and when she heard this she was even more furious, “Our Ying family adopted her, Wei’er treated her so well, what’s wrong with drawing a blood?”

A mere adopted daughter with no blood ties was worth such a great anger from Elder Zhong.

Besides, she’s from a small county, she doesn’t have any manners, and she discredits the Ying family every day.

What does it look like?

“Old woman, I haven’t scolded you yet.” Elder Zhong was outright furious, “Your daughter is a life, but your granddaughter isn’t?”

Old Lady Ying covered her heart as her head began to ache again, and her face sank, “Of course my granddaughter is, don’t I love the firmware?”

“Mother.” Ying Luwei hurriedly ma*saged her head and apologized, “Uncle Zhong, don’t yell at my mother, she’s not well lately, the doctor said she’ll faint if her mood swings are too intense.”

Old Lady Ying’s head was covered in sweat, her breathing was rapid and she was all rolling her eyes, obviously furious.

“Surely your granddaughter is?” Old Master Zhong ignored Ying Luwei as he snarled, “Then do you know that Ziji is your own granddaughter?!”


Chapter 66

Just as Elder Zhong roared out these words, Ying Luwei suddenly shrieked, “Mom? Mum, are you alright?”

Old Lady Ying’s eyes were tightly closed, her out-breath was more than her in-breath, and she was obviously in a deep coma.

“Call an ambulance!” Ying Luwei panicked, “Housekeeper? Butler!”

At the same time, she let out a sigh of relief.

Luckily, Old Lady Ying hadn’t heard Master Zhong’s last words.

The housekeeper first hurriedly sent the family doctor over before calling 120.

The maids in the old residence were also in a panic.

She was the daughter of the old lady, and she had been born early because of a foetus.

At that time, she was already at an advanced maternal age and her health was deteriorating as she got older.

Sometimes when she was walking outside, she might even faint.

The old man’s head was shouting at him.

Zhong Manhua finally came to her senses and snapped, “What are you all doing? Get the medicine now!”

In three minutes’ time, the ambulance arrived and the paramedics immediately put Old Lady Ying on a stretcher and took her to the First Hospital.

Ying Luwei and the housekeeper hurriedly followed, while Zhong Manhua stayed behind.

“I’m convinced… I don’t faint early and I don’t faint late, but at this time.” Master Zhong still wanted to curse, “So faint? It’s fixed time, isn’t it?”

Old Lady Ying was almost ten years younger than him, and her body was not as tough as his.

“Dad!” Zhong Manhua was in a headache and lowered her voice, “Why did you say that right in front of Ma?”

If it hadn’t happened that once when she was talking to Ying Zhending, she was overheard by Elder Zhong who had gone to the balcony to water the flowers, this wouldn’t have happened today.

“What? Isn’t she Ziggy’s grandmother?” At Zhong Manhua, Master Zhong didn’t have a good face, “Why can’t the old man say anything?”

“Dad, it’s not about that at all.” Zhong Manhua retorted, “Mom she is not well and can’t withstand too much emotional turmoil, what if she has a brain hemorrhage when you say it so directly?”

This was why they had kept it a secret from Old Lady Ying.

For one thing, they couldn’t take the risk of making her suffer from an attack.

Secondly, there was no need to tell her. They didn’t want to make Ying Zidian’s identity public anyway.

It would be too humiliating.

How could Old Master Zhong not know what Zhong Manhua was thinking, he laughed in exasperation, “Fine, Zhong Manhua, there you are, you’d better not regret it, I don’t want to hear you cry when the time comes.”

He didn’t want that old woman to know the truth anymore either, what if it caused more trouble for Ziggy?

Well done for fainting, let him say it’s just deserved for more sins!

Master Zhong brushed his sleeves and walked away without looking back.

Zhong Manhua frowned and did not go after him.

She could not understand Master Zhong’s anger.

It was true that she had done something wrong, but there was no need to take it so seriously, was there?

As for regret?

Zhong Manhua let out a light sigh.

How could she possibly.


By the time Ying Clan and Ying Luwei found out what was happening on Weibo, there were already hot searches on the hot search list, or two.

#adopted daughter, living blood bank

#Ying Luwei, haemophilia

Even though it was only in the 40s, someone had seen it.

In particular, the words “living blood bank” made many netizens click in.

I thought it existed only in fiction, but reality is even more sinister than fiction.

[This family is so hateful, right? Can a rich family bully ordinary people?

[I’m laughing my a*s off. Ying Luwei’s fans are still talking about feeling sorry for her, but it’s her sister who should feel sorry for her.

[Oh, come on, Ying Luwei’s brain-dead fans think it’s right for her sister to donate blood to Ying Luwei.

Not even a few days after the last disinformation and insult incident, Ying Luwei’s persona has collapsed even more.

Even though her fans are still loyal and trying to control the comments from the front row, it’s hard to resist the backlash from people with a normal outlook.

Looking at the comments, Ying Lu Wei’s face twisted for the first time.

She grabbed the phone and called her manager, “Quickly pull down the hot search for me, and tell that what’s-his-name to delete his Weibo!”

“Fine, fine.” One thing led to another, and the agent had a terrible headache, “Don’t go on Weibo either, you’ll post pictures of you practicing later at work.”

Ying Luwei was furious and slapped the keys down heavily.

What did it have to do with her?

It’s not like she forced Ying Zidian to donate blood, she was the one who put black labels on her every day.

Ying Luwei didn’t think it was her fault at all. She suppressed her anger and continued to practise the piano.

With the Ying family’s help, the hot search was naturally quickly withdrawn.

And after @TheBestBlabberJournal’s Weibo was deleted, he posted another emoji of aggravation to cry.

[Touch the exposé, it’s true that the gentry can’t be messed with, be careful with the exposé, hurry up and move.

[Ying Luwei’s operation is really disgusting to me, I won’t say anymore, I’m going to my sister’s to see the pigs.]

Originally, netizens followed the account @养老勿扰 only because they found the daily routine posted by Ying Ziyi quite amusing.

But recently they had a new kind of fun because they found out that this divine sister had actually bought a pig and took pictures of it.

[Dudu is so cute wow, I want to keep it too.]

[Sister, are you all right? You must leave the Ying family, don’t let them suck your blood again.]

Ying Zidian was searching all the websites around the world and saw that many people were comforting her, so she replied “Yes”.

[Sister, can you post a picture? I haven’t seen my sister’s face much, I’m so hungry.

Ying Zidian raised her eyebrows and typed on her phone with her free hand.

[It’s night time, don’t daydream.

Ying Zigey is so cute even when she dislikes people, I love it so much.

Ying Zidian rubbed her head, wanting to black out all these Weibo accounts.

But after all, they were little girls who cared about her, so she could barely tolerate them.

It seemed she had to register a small number again.

Ying turned off her Weibo notifications and proceeded to search all the major websites.

However, after searching all the global websites, she couldn’t find a forum called nok.

There was really something.

Ying Ziji tapped her finger on the desktop, pondered for a moment, and was about to hack into another computer far away across the ocean when Ying Luwei tweeted at work.

[@YingLuweiStudiov: Showing you the fresh Lu Wei [flowers]]

Here’s a picture.

Ying Luwei was practicing in the piano room, with a copy of the score on the piano stand.

The fans immediately went wild.

[Sister rest well and wait for your recital.

[All the black people with rhythms are reported, guard the best Lu Wei]

[I knew Lu Wei must have practiced Vera Hall’s “Sun and Moon”, I’m so excited!

Ying Ziji looked at the deliberately enlarged score and narrowed her phoenix eyes.