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Boss Lady Chapter 67-68

Chapter 67

This is one of Vera Hall’s three piano pieces, ‘Sun and Moon’.

Written in 1756, it is a piano sonata.

A sonata is a multi-movement genre of music and a sonata can be played in about 15 to 20 minutes.

Unlike other ordinary piano pieces, the sonata is more complex and therefore requires great pianistic skill and great expressiveness and tension, and is an important tool for measuring the level of the player.

Even if one is only slightly weaker or physically unable to keep up, one will not be able to play it successfully.

In the world ranking of piano pieces in terms of difficulty, “Sun and Moon” is ranked ninth.

With her hand on her chin, Ying Ziji finished reading this score that Ying Luwei had laid out, and after a moment’s thought, understood.

Although most of it was the same, this was not the same score she had written.

The last time she had written it, she had left the planet in 1782.

Before she left, she did not make the piano score public.

It is supposed that people of the time heard her recitals, picked up the scores and pa*sed them on again.

But after all, it was only by ear, and there are many errors in the score.

That’s why no one can play “The Sun and the Moon” in its entirety now, not that it’s really that difficult.

Ying thought about why she studied piano with those top musicians at the time, because music could relax her and wash her away.

It was really unexpected that when she came back to Earth after all these years, her random name of Vera Hall had become a well-known figure in the history of the music industry.

It’s also become the object of Ying Luwei’s hype.


Ying Ziyi tapped on the keyboard, her eyebrows sparse.

It’s a pity that without a real score, Ying Luwei will never be able to play “The Sun and the Moon” in her life.

And sure enough, because Ying Luwei’s persona had collapsed again and again, after sending out this Weibo post at work, some netizens immediately came to mock.

[I can’t stand it anymore, still playing ‘The Sun and the Moon’ The Sun and the Moon’ even some of the top pianists in China dare not say they can play it down, a vase pianist, what is she pretending to be?

The next Vera Hall, where is her face?

I can’t stand the idea of portraying Goddess Vera, does Ning have the talent and hard work? She said she’s doing music well, but she’s still bouncing around, pretending to be noble.

This time, Ying Luwei’s fans quit.

[Upstairs, we admit that Lu Wei is a far cry from Vera, after all, she’s not from the same century, but it’s not worth comparing an adopted daughter to her.

[This adopted daughter is from the countryside, right? What kind of piano does she know? She’s not qualified to compete with Lu Wei.

[Brain-dead fans, these days, even the famous ladies of the gentry know how to play the piano, it’s hopeless.

After accumulating some more buzzwords, she put her phone down, tapped her fingers on the keyboard casually, and hacked a computer.

She leaned back in her chair and opened a bottle of Coke.


Across the ocean, it was the same basement that was littered with boxes of bubble noodles.

“Pfft …… holy f*ck!”

Looking at the blacked out screen, a certain hacker choked on his noodles for the third time and almost died.

With his eyes full of hot tears, he almost died with his heart

[Sister, what’s wrong again, I’m so innocent oooh oooh oooh.]

He had invaded her computer once out of curiosity, hadn’t he?

What had he done to deserve this?

Three letters came from there.


When he saw these three letters, a certain hacker’s expression changed.

Why did he want to ask this?

How could he answer?

He carefully tapped the words.

[Sister, how do you know about nok?

This time, Ying Zidian replied with two words.



A certain hacker looked at these two words, and a few seconds later, slapped himself.

Come on, his sister wasn’t asking him, she was forcing him to confess.

He reckoned that if he didn’t say what nok was today, all his dozen computers could be scrapped.

Then his mission would be ruined.

【Okay, sister, I’ll send you the URL on your computer, just go up and take a look].

After this sentence was sent out, his computer only returned to normal.

A certain hacker sighed and wondered if he should go and make a small report.

After thinking about it, he decided against it.

It wasn’t his little friend anyway, so let the man have a headache.

He was happy!

A certain hacker held up his instant noodles and proceeded to eat.


First Hospital.

Zhong Manhua hurriedly arrived: “How is old madam?”

The housekeeper waiting outside the ICU wiped his sweat and said, “Madam, Old Madam hasn’t woken up yet, the doctors are resuscitating her.”

This time Old Lady Ying was in a coma, half because she was angry and half because she was scared by Master Zhong.

Zhong Manhua was also quite annoyed: “Has the Imperial Capital Hospital been contacted?”

“Miss Lu Wei called just now.” The housekeeper said, “Miss Lu Zhi’s tutor will come over in person.”

“That’s great.” Zhong Manhua breathed a slight sigh of relief, “Let the First Hospital stabilise the old lady’s condition first.”

Although Lu Zhi’s tutor was a Chinese medicine student, because he had that little connection with the Meng family, his medical skills were more advanced than ordinary Chinese doctors.

Zhong Manhua waited for another hour before the door to the icu opened.

Seeing the attending doctor come out, Ying Luwei was busy welcoming her, “Doctor, how is my mother?”

“Old Madam’s health is indeed getting worse and worse.” The attending doctor shook his head, “The situation is very bleak, I suggest you prepare yourselves.”

At these words, all three people were shocked.

It was that serious?

“However, it’s not hopeless.” The attending doctor pondered for a moment, “I wonder if you have heard of Shao Ren Hospital?”

Zhong Manhua frowned, “That Chinese hospital?”

She had naturally heard of Shao Ren Hospital, which used to be very famous.

But with the rise of Western medicine and the decline of Chinese medicine, Shao Ren Hospital was no longer what it used to be.

“Not bad.” The attending doctor nodded, “There is a new doctor over there who is extremely skilled in medicine, you can go there.”

Zhong Manhua’s expression faded and politely declined, “That’s still not necessary.”

Even Lu Zhi’s tutor was coming in person, what other Chinese doctor in Shanghai could be above him in terms of medical skills?


Chapter 68

Moreover, she hadn’t heard of any new doctor with great medical skills coming to Shao Ren Hospital.

Maybe it was a folk remedy from somewhere that had managed to cure the patient by a fluke.

She couldn’t let Old Lady Ying go.

Zhong Manhua pressed her temples, feeling a headache, and didn’t want to talk to the doctor any more.

When the attending doctor saw her disinterested look, he swallowed back the words “that doctor cured a person who was going to die, which even they could not do anything about”.

If she didn’t want to talk about it, why should he?

The doctor smiled politely and distantly: “The old lady is not yet awake, so you can wait.”

Zhong Manhua and Ying Luwei were both very distracted and didn’t pay attention.

It was the housekeeper who looked up in surprise, somewhat confused as to why the attending doctor’s attitude had changed so quickly.

The doctors who could treat Old Lady Ying were the top Western doctors in Shanghai, and the four powerful families had to be befriended.

“I’ll go back and make some medicinal food.” Zhong Manhua picked up her coat, “Lu Wei, please wait for now.”

“What are you saying, sister-in-law?” Ying Luwei smiled, “How could I not be attentive to Mum, I have nothing to do in the meantime anyway.”

Zhong Manhua nodded and went out.

Ying Luwei sat aside and waited.

A nurse lowered her voice, puzzled, “Director, how come they’re the same as the Fu family, they don’t want to try over at Shao Ren?”

It’s always one more way to go, one more life.

What if they could really be cured?

The attending physician shook his head and didn’t say anything, making a gesture of silence.

As far as he could see, the Fu family and the Ying family were in different situations.

The Fu family had obviously decided three years ago that there was no cure for Master Fu and had started preparing for his death long ago.

The Fu family is one of the four most powerful families, and the family relationship is also one of the most chaotic.

Most of them were hoping for Master Fu’s departure, wanting a bigger share of the pie.

And this Lady Ying clearly didn’t believe what he said.

Thinking highly of herself, she had missed a chance to save her life for nothing.

“Ugh, really don’t understand the big giants …….”

The nurse muttered in a low voice and hurried away with her trash



Zhong Manhua walked down the steps and took a few steps before suddenly stopping, “Have you inquired about the divine doctor that Madam Mu is talking about?”

The housekeeper froze: “Back to Madam, not yet, even the Fu family side has asked, they don’t know either.”

Zhong Manhua frowned.

Master Fu’s illness was much more serious than Old Lady Ying’s, and almost every once in a while, he would walk on the line of life and death.

There was no news from the Fu family, could it be that this divine doctor had already left Shanghai City?

“It’s just that.” Zhong Manhua waved her hand, “Just let nature take its course.”

After saying that, she smiled kindly.

Thinking about it, a divine doctor who was even more powerful than the one from the Meng family was not something they could just meet.

The Ying family was not like the Mu family in the imperial capital.

Zhong Manhua opened the car door, got in and instructed the driver, “Go back to the old mansion.”

The driver nodded respectfully and started the car.


This way.

After going to the next room to deliver new medicine to Wen Fengmian, Ying Ziji returned to her laptop.

She looked at the string of URLs sent by a certain hacker and pondered deeply.

It wasn’t a normal URL starting with 3w, but a strange combination of numbers and subscripts, like a garbled code.

It was encrypted.

So, even after searching websites around the world with the main program, it could not be found.

At this time, another message was sent from across the ocean.

[Hey, sister, I forgot, nok has a special login program, you can’t log in with a normal browser, and it was sent to you too.]

[Good boy][Shy]]

Ying ignored a certain hacker’s adorableness and just looked at the extra white icon on the screen, her eyebrows wrinkled.

On the icon was a hermit in a robe, carrying a lamp and a walking stick.

This icon was exactly the same as the ninth card of the Tarot, the Great Alkanah – the Hermit.

Ying Ziji gazed down and saw the familiar hermit.

hermit, which was the English word for hermit.

So this was the nok forum, she knew what it was.

After so many years, there are so many different places.

Ying Ziji pondered.

Another line of words appeared on the computer screen.

[Sister, the full name of nok is nooneknows, which translates into Chinese as not known to people, just hang out inside the forum, don’t go into other places].

Only after a certain hacker posted this sentence did he let out a long sigh of relief.

If something happened to this little friend, that man would probably send him straight to the top five of the bounty list, and he wouldn’t be able to eat his noodles happily.

In fact, he was quite confused when it came to the nok forum.

There were all sorts of people mingling in this forum, but none of them would know who each other were.

Even he, the leader of the Anonymous hacker alliance, could not break through the nok firewall.

So it’s quite possible that a thread will contain a superstar that will make the international community tremble.

Most of the time, though, it’s just some bogus wizard discussing feng shui, such as whether a meeting with the door facing north will affect your fortune.

However, this ridiculous forum is home to one of the largest and fastest intelligence networks on the planet, even the international intelligence agency iia (international intelligenceagency) cannot match it.

So much shocking news he had seen by reading posts on nok.

Only after a few days does the whole network appear.

On nok, it is also possible to post bounties and trade with other users.

For example, there were several hunters on the hunt list who asked him to give them information about a certain man whose bounty was already a billion dollars, and the pay was quite generous.

He declined.

Although, he himself was ranked on the bounty list, just not in the top ten.

No one knows how the nok was established; its emergence is a mystery.

Its earliest traces can be traced back to the fifteenth century.

But it was only in 1969 that the Internet appeared.

The International Bureau of Investigation, ibi, investigated it for a long time and came up empty-handed.

It was as if it had appeared out of nowhere.

But the good news is that most ordinary people, who don’t know how to access the nok forums, are in a fairly stable situation.

A certain hacker sighed.

He just hoped that this little friend was just here to read the posts.


On the day of March 17, Westwind Law Firm tweeted as promised.

[西风律师事务所v: Click on the link [web link] and come along to see it live!

The netizens have been squatting for a long time.

[I’m coming I’m coming, praise Feng Fengzi, so efficient.]

It’s the first time I’ve watched a live trial, I’m so excited.

[Hurry up, I can’t wait to see those brain-dead fans of Ying Luwei pay the price.

Is Ying Luwei coming today? I want to see how ugly this big white lotus looks.

[Tsk, I guess she doesn’t have the face, probably afraid of being thrown rotten eggs.

When he saw this, Fu Yunshen glanced at the basket of eggs Nie Chao was carrying in his hand.


He didn’t want to pay attention to this douchebag and leaned lazily against the side of the car.

Underneath the black trousers were long, slender legs with smooth, perfect lines.

After seeing the girl come down, Fu Yun’s deep lips curved up and his peach blossom eyes were deep and charming: “Little friend, get in the car with your brother.”