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Boss Lady Chapter 79-80

Chapter 79

When these words came out, not to mention Madam Zhong, even Zhong Manhua was stunned.

Zhong Zhiyan even looked up incredulously, “Grandpa?”

She was asked to apologise?

Shouldn’t it be Ying Ziji who apologised?

Zhong Manhua was also a bit confused.

As the saying goes, “A daughter who marries out is a daughter who spills out”, she married into the Ying family, she was a member of the Ying family, and her daughter’s surname was also Ying.

To these powerful families, who valued their heritage, a granddaughter was not as close as a granddaughter, after all, the surnames were different.

In the past, when they hadn’t found Ying Zidian, Elder Zhong was definitely not as kind to Xiao Xuan as Zhong Zhiyan.

How come now ……

“Old master!” Madam Zhong’s fire was directly ignited, “Evening is the victim, how can you let her give it to an adopted daughter ……”

“Shut up!” Elder Zhong roared again, “You have the right to speak now?”

Mrs. Zhong was dumbfounded by the yell.

Master Zhong looked at Zhong Zhiyan, “Why did you throw Ziji’s pet into the lake?”

Hearing these words, Zhong Zhiyan’s expression changed slightly.

She did not expect that Elder Zhong would know.

Zhong Zhiyan bit her lip and wept as she choked out a sob, “The school doesn’t allow pets.”

“Then you can just do whatever you want with it? Is it your pet? Are you the head of the school? Huh?” Master Zhong’s chest was heaving heavily, obviously furious, “When you were a child, didn’t I teach you the word “return to its rightful owner”?

Being questioned like this, Zhong Zhiwei was at a loss for words, and her tears flowed even harder: “That’s because, because ……”

“There is no reason.” Master Zhong did not listen, “Now, apologise.”

Zhong Zhiyan held back her sense of humiliation and just had to stand up and bow towards the girl, “Cousin, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have thrown your pet, please forgive me.”

Ying Ziyang still ignored it as she put the box of snacks down, “Grandpa, I’ll go first.”

“Take care on your way.” Elder Zhong stood up and escorted her out, “Grandpa will see you at school some day.”

The door opens and closes.

The atmosphere in the living room was condensed and direct.

There was not even a response, and Zhong Zhiyan became even more aggrieved.

She threw herself into Mrs. Zhong’s arms: “Mom, I’ve apologised, look at her ……”

Master Zhong heard this and was so angry that he had a headache: “Zhong Zhiyan, it’s not that you apologize and Ziji has to forgive you, are you trying to morally kidnap? What’s wrong with you lately?”

Not only did Zhong Zhiyan not get comforted, she was also admonished again and cried even more.

Mrs. Zhong sighed, “Old Master, Evening has apologised and knows she’s wrong, so don’t scold her, I’ll take her to rest and ask for a leave for school tomorrow.”

Master Zhong was also tired, so he waved his hand and went upstairs to his study.

After sending Zhong Zhiyan back to her bedroom, Mrs. Zhong called out to Zhong Manhua, who was about to leave.

“Manhua, what is going on with the old man?” Madam Zhong was unhappy, “Look, the old master actually asked Evening to apologise to an adopted daughter today, what does that mean?”

Zhong Manhua frowned and simply said, “How can we guess what’s on Dad’s mind.”

She smiled again, “Third sister-in-law, I have a plane to catch, so I won’t say much more.”

Mrs. Zhong could not afford to ask any more questions, and just let her go.


On the way to the airport, Zhong Manhua was preoccupied.

At the beginning, because of the loss of the baby, she was mentally deranged for three whole years.

So at the very beginning, she didn’t know that Ying Zhenting had adopted a baby instead of retrieving it.

When she recovered after three years, she got used to Xiao Xuan’s company.

After Ying Zhending told her the truth, she also accepted it.

At first when she took Ying back, Zhong Manhua was quite happy, but could not resist being disappointed again and again.

And for some reason, she couldn’t like Ying Zidian.

She didn’t feel the natural blood tie between mother and daughter.

It was as if she was not her own.

Zhong Manhua was so annoyed that she exhaled slowly and ma*saged her temples with her fingers.

It was a good thing she was going to be in O Chau tomorrow, out of the country, out of sight, out of mind.


Qingzhi Secondary School.

At this time of the day, all the students in the school are gone, except for the residential students.

The lights were still on on the third floor of the activity centre.

It was the psychological counselling room.

“This is her case report and test results.” The psychologist from the imperial capital placed a pile of papers in front of the man, “It’s indeed not serious compared to what you were at first.”

Fu Yunshen took them and read them one by one, his expression gradually cooling down.

The psychologist thought about it for a moment before speaking, “She’s very strange.”

Fu Yunshen raised his eyes: “Hmm?”

“Because she has recovered quite a lot from herself in the past month.” The psychologist nodded, “It is reasonable to a*sume that someone who is deeply depressed would not be in this situation without external treatment.”

He paused, “Given her previous condition, it’s a good thing she didn’t kill herself.”

Fu Yunshen’s eyes changed abruptly.

The psychologist coughed and stepped back, avoiding the hostile aura around the man, smiling, “That’s why I said she was strange, you don’t have to worry about her being suicidal.”

Fu Yunshen didn’t respond, putting the report back together and returning it.

He leaned back in his chair, his eyelashes lowered, unsure of what he was thinking.

The psychologist added at that moment, “My hypnotherapy is a failure in her case.”

He pinched his brow, slightly helpless, “Almost …… I was counter hypnotised by her.”

“Oh?” Fu Yunshen arched his eyebrows and finally smiled, “Thanks to you still being ranked second in the nok hypnotist list, how come you can’t even compare to my little friend?”

The psychologist wasn’t angry, he also smiled, his tone had a slight wistfulness, “I think, she is very much like a person.”


Chapter 80

Fu Yunshen had known the psychologist for a few years, but this was the first time he had seen him show such a look.

As a hunter on the nok hypnotist list and a psychologist, he was absolutely flawless when it came to the control of expressions.

After all, a micro-expression of a person, even if it flashed for just 0.5 seconds, could be read by the hypnotist directly into his inner thoughts.

When a hypnotist is giving someone deep hypnosis, it is also easy to kill them.

Fu Yunshen raised his eyebrows, his tone lazy: “What kind of person?”

The psychologist sighed softly, “One of my patients, I haven’t seen her for a long time either, I don’t know how she is now.”

He was silent for another moment, shook his head, clearly not wanting to say more, and changed the subject.

“She’s in a unique situation, so I didn’t prescribe her any medication.” The psychiatrist said, “After all, this kind of medication that has to do with the mind and psychology has all sorts of side effects.”

Fu Yunshen gave a faint hmph.

“But -” the psychologist paused, “she asked me to help her treat her brother.”

Fu Yunshen looked up and leaned back, “What did you say?”

“I said yes.” The psychologist smiled, “But not because of you, but because of her, you may not believe it, she has a better command of micro-expressions than I do.”

Fu Yunshen still didn’t show any surprise, he just smiled, “It seems my little friend is indeed very powerful, so that even you can be convinced.”

Those hunters on the nok forum’s list, especially the top three on each list, could not be hired even with money.

Their trails are even more divine.

So even though his bounty was one billion dollars, the top three hunters still did not budge.

The difference between the third and fourth places, although only one place, is immeasurable.

Not to mention, the first place on each ranking.

The number one in the hypnotist list had never even been revealed either, only rumours.

The psychologist nodded, “Do you need hypnosis now?”

“No.” Fu Yunshen got up and said lazily, “I feel happier and get better faster when I stay with my little friend, saving your hypnosis and my money.”



The next day.

Ying Ziyi gave Wen Hailan a break from cla*s and took him to the counseling room.

“Sis.” The teenager tugged at the corner of her school uniform, his lips taut, “I don’t want to go.”

“It’s okay.” Ying Ziji patted his shoulder, “You don’t need to talk to him about anything, just get some sleep, and if you get uncomfortable, you can beat him up.”

Wen Huilan, who felt that his sister was getting more and more violent: “……”

In the end, Ying Zidian promised him that he could have an extra piece of cupcake every day, before Wen Huilan let go and went in.

Ying Ziji looked at the closed door, leaned over the railing and looked at the sky: “When he was five, his mother came back once, and then, he didn’t speak for five years.”

Fu Yunshen looked sideways, “Uncle Wen’s wife?”

“Yes.” Ying Ziji faintly, “My father divorced when I can remember, I heard from my father that Xiaolan had an older sister who left after his mother and never came back.”

Wen Fengmian didn’t mention it, and the time lapse was too long, more than she could count at the moment, so she didn’t know who Wen Huilan’s real mother really was.

She only vaguely knew that, seemingly because she couldn’t stand the poor life in Qing Shui County, she rolled up all the family’s valuables and ran away with her eldest daughter shortly after giving birth to Wen Huilan.

Within a few days, Wen Fengmian picked her up and took her back with him, even though life was so tight that he could hardly fill his own belly.

Wen Huilan’s autism is so severe that a normal psychologist, not only can’t cure him, but will also aggravate his condition.

But she had tried this psychologist yesterday and it was okay.

Fu Yunshen was silent for a moment and smiled, “Yaoyao, don’t worry, it’s not too late to treat it, it will get better.”

He eased his voice: “Brother has had it too and has come through well, your brother won’t have a problem.”

“Hmm?” This was the first time Ying had heard him talk about the past and she frowned slightly, “What’s going on?”

He never failed to smile and his micro-expressions were well controlled.

So much so that she didn’t even see that he had had autism too.

“It’s not anything.” Fu Yun Shen was faint, “Although you are gradually getting better, it’s better not to listen to things with negative emotions, when you are better, brother will tell you.”

Ying Zidian gave him a look and took out his phone.

Fu Yunshen was interested: “What new web drama is Yoyo watching again?”

“No.” Ying Ziyi turned on the alarm clock, “I’ll set an alarm.”

Fu Yunshen: “What?”

“To remind you not to forget when the time comes.” She was not slow, “Older people who are five years older than me.”



The result of the first hypnotherapy session was optimistic, Wen Huilan was in a much better mood.

After Ying and the psychologist had agreed on the next session, she made another trip back to the Wen family for an appointment with Old Mr Sheng.

Mr Sheng’s name is Sheng Qingtang and he is a Chinese calligrapher.

When he was young, he was very famous in the industry, and a pair of paintings and calligraphy could easily start at several million dollars.

In his old age, he has taken up a reclusive life, living in a small villa in the eastern part of Shanghai.

He raises flowers and grows vegetables.

Last time, Sheng Qingtang even asked the director of Shao Ren Hospital to send her several baskets of home-grown melons and fruits.

The reason he was admitted to the hospital was because he was still restless at almost seventy years old and had fallen from a tree picking fruits without paying attention.

In particular, Sheng Qingtang does not believe in Western medicine and would not go to a Western hospital when he was sick.

“Miss Ying, I haven’t seen you, I didn’t expect you to be so young.” Seeing the girl, Sheng Qingtang got up and marvelled, “You really are young and talented.”

“You’re welcome.” Ying Zidian nodded, “How is your health?”

“Thank you so much, Miss Ying.” At the mention of this, Sheng Qingtang was inevitably excited, “My qi and blood problems of many years are all better too.”

He had seen many Chinese doctors, and had been to the imperial capital, but he had not yet met one who was even more skilled than the girl.

Ying Ziji pondered for a moment and took out a pill, “Then you can also try this.”

“What is this?” Sheng Qingtang took it, his eyes were close to it, and at the end, he slapped his thigh and said happily, “I know, this must be the immortality pill spoken of in the TV series!”


Old Mr. Sheng was poisoned by the TV series.

“No.” Ying Ziji shook his head slightly, “But it has the effect of prolonging life.”

“Ugh.” Sheng Qingtang had a fleshy face and sighed long and hard, “I can really only dream.”

He cupped the pill, somewhat reluctant to take it, but finally put it into his mouth.

Before he could swallow it, a loud shout of shock and anger came from outside the door.


A man rushed in and slapped the pill away.

And then turned his head violently to look at the girl, his eyes all tinged with disgust, “What are you trying to give my father? What’s on your mind?!”