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DYM Chapter 101-102

Chapter 101

Africa’s Hanna Peninsula is between the Somali Peninsula and the Benadir Plain, and this is where the Thousand Heads garrison is camped. It is also close to the Arabian Sea and can retreat into the sea at any time, so it is indeed a good place to station troops. Even if it wasn’t hidden, no one would care about Thousand Leader’s mercenaries.

His only son had been killed on the mainland, and there was no news of the murderer. He had given orders that if he could not find the murderer’s hideout in another three days, the boss in charge of this part of China would come to him with his head.

But just as Thousand Dragons was growing impatient, a correspondent came rushing in today to report, “Your Holiness, we have news of the murderer.” Chironou liked nothing better than to be called the Godfather, and he also liked the American blockbuster film “The Godfather”, and he often talked about being more powerful than the Godfather, so people called him the Godfather.

“Who is it?” The thing that bothered Thousand Dragons the most right now was that his son’s killer had not been found, and now that the hand he heard about had been found, even if he was calm, he couldn’t help but ask immediately. If it was something else, he would have sat still and waited for the communicator to finish reporting before speaking. But when it came to the murderer of his son, he couldn’t remain calm.

“We don’t know the name of the murderer yet, but the figure resembles that of Shi Ying, and three of our brothers have been killed by this man. And the means used to kill were the same, all with iron nails driven into the eyebrows.

It is evident that this person and the murderer in Ninghai are the same person. At that time, our men should have found something special and tried to ask about it, but they were killed.” The correspondent finished all that he knew so far in one breath.

Thousand Dragon Head’s face changed, but he did not continue to speak, he knew that this correspondent must have something else to report.

As expected, the correspondent took a breath and continued, “After this person killed someone, he was about to destroy the traces when the local 〖police〗cops came. But it seems that this person did not want to fight against the 〖police〗but grabbed a motorbike and entered the Taklamakan from Hu Yang Gou, our men have followed him there ……”

“Immediately mobilize all the “Nanqing, members that can be mobilized, at all costs, even if the Taklamakan Desert is turned over to capture him, or just leave him in the Taklamakan Desert and take his head back to sacrifice to Shiping.” Thousand Dragon Heads interrupted the communication soldier and immediately said.

When Ye Mo saw that these three people were looking for him through his photos, he knew that if these three people let go, his identity would immediately be revealed. since they still had to bring two more photos, it showed that these people were not 100% sure that Shi Ying was Ye Mo, the one who killed Song Shaotan and Qian Shiping.

It’s okay to reveal his identity but not now, he’s still only at the second level of Qi training and revealing his identity at this time won’t do him any good. Once he has advanced to the third level of Qi training, he can use many spells, and even if he reveals his identity, it will not matter.

So knowing that these three people had come to check on him and had begun to suspect him, he immediately killed them, without the slightest hesitation. Although he knew that these three people were either from the Song family or “Ami Qing”, Ye Mo could not confirm it yet. However, according to the Song family’s efforts to track him down, these three people should not be from the Song family, the Song family should not have such great power yet.

When he thought of Nan Qing, Ye Mo also secretly marvelled at the fact that these people had come after him as soon as he showed his face. It was fortunate that he rarely showed his face when he was in Luo Cang, otherwise, he would probably have been discovered in Luo Cang.

If he wanted his life, he would have paid for it with his life.

But killing someone in broad daylight Ye Mo still had to take care of the aftermath, this was not the Luo Yue continent, it was fine to kill someone. It didn’t matter if you killed a white or a gangster it was something unseemly.

Just when Ye Mo was ready to cremate the three people and bury them, but a police car came Ye Mo’s heart screamed bad, there is definitely a fourth person, but he did not notice, but was surprised that this person ran away and called the police. He was already in a state of shock, so Ye Mo couldn’t be bothered to destroy the scene, but rode his motorbike and fled into the desert.

Although Ye Mo did not have the slightest pressure to kill the people of Nan Qing, he was still reluctant to do anything to the police. Ye Mo had to stay here and did not want to do such a thing, except when his life was threatened, and he did not have to do such a thing. Moreover, if he found out that he had killed these three people and the one who escaped, he could not silence the police by killing them.

Before Ye Mo came in, he had consulted a lot of information about the Taklamakan Desert, originally he did not intend to enter from here, only because he was being watched, this was why he changed his direction.

He knew that the most dangerous part of the Taklamakan was the fringe area, Lop Nor, where many explorers had died. It was a place where the temperature difference between day and night was so great that ordinary explorers would not even come here alone to explore, they would all come together in convoys.

And Ye Mo got the words shore cor…, l Rob,, and holy gate… in the Tibetan alphabet nose, he was not sure. Luo Bu…was it Luo Bu. The map that pointed to it at the time was not the location of Lobu either. But according to the information he had consulted, a large number of ancient cities had been buried in the Taklamakan Desert, and the famous ancient city of Loulan had disappeared from here.

The ancient cities of Nia, Jingjian, Xiaowan, Ronglu, Weibei, Quluole and also Loulan on the ancient Silk Road’s southern route were all submerged by the Great Desert over many years of history.

Ye Mo did not know if the Holy Gate he was looking for was one of these ancient cities.

Ye Mo who entered the desert did not rush in, although he was a cultivator, his realm was still very low after all, now he one had no storage device, and secondly the route he was walking had already deviated from the original direction. So he did not move on after entering the desert, but took out his map to double check the route he was taking.

Many people who came to explore had convoys to escort them and ended up dying in the Lop Nor or in the Taklamakan Desert, Ye Mo was now alone and all the water he had was what he carried in his bag, which was too far away compared to the carts and carts of water those explorers had packed.

Ye Mo originally thought that he had already entered the desert and was far away from the nearest road, so those people from Nan Qing should not have chased him into the desert. However, Ye Mo still underestimated Nan Qing’s people, and it was only an hour or two after he had set up his tent that he found himself surrounded.

These people were really ruthless, they had really chased him into the desert. Ye Mo didn’t have time to put away his tent, he just put his bag on his back and prepared to escape immediately.

In this part of the desert, there was no cover, and these twenty people had at least a dozen guns, although there were no powerful guns, most of them were cottage ones, but this was enough for Ye Mo to suffer.

Seemingly knowing how powerful Ye Mo was, when they saw Ye Mo come out, these people didn’t even hesitate to shoot at Ye Mo. There was even a guy who threw a grenade. It was obvious that these people had been given the order to bring him back regardless of whether he was dead or alive.

While dodging the bullets, the iron spikes in his hand were already withdrawn like a scattered flower.

This was not the stone house of the first flowing snake, where one could block the doorway, and the direction of attack was only one side. In the middle of this empty and boundless desert, there were bullets coming from almost all directions. Ye Mo was already sure that these people were not from the Song family, the Song family could not have gotten so many guns, these people were definitely from “Nan Qing”.

“Nan Qing, in his haste, had actually gathered more than twenty people and a dozen guns in a short period of time, so it could be seen how strong “Nan Qing” was. If they were at their base camp, what would the people who came here be like? Ye Mo was considering whether he would be qualified to go directly to Nan Qing’s base camp to talk to them even if he had advanced to the third level of Qi training.

However, Ye Mo had no time to think about it, because two more SUVs came.

A roar of cars sounded, and Ye Mo knew that if he didn’t fight quickly, there would really be more and more people coming. A pain came from his back and Ye Mo knew that he had been shot, after all, his divine sense distance was too small now and there was no way for him to completely dodge a cold shot. However, the man who hit Ye Mo was also killed by a nail from Ye Mo at the same time.

As the buggy in front of him got closer and closer, Ye Mo had already killed everyone who surrounded him, but he himself had also been shot. And the tent had already been beaten up with holes and was no longer worth using at all. Ye Mo was afraid of further accidents, his true essence had been greatly depleted in this battle, after all, he had to dodge bullets. He didn’t want the tent broken, and didn’t dare to stay any longer, turning around and quickly swept deeper into the desert.

Darting inside the desert, Ye Mo knew that he had been slightly careless, he did not expect “Nan Qing, to dare to be so crazy and actually enter the desert to intercept him. It made him take a bullet before he could act on his plan.

Two hours later, Ye Mo had completely lost his way, although he knew it was dangerous to lose his way inside the desert, but it was better than being surrounded by dozens of people and shooting with guns on their shoulders.

Ye Mo stopped and tended to his wounds, only to find that what was even more serious was that the twenty bottles of mineral water he had brought with him had been pierced by the bullet in at least six bottles. The bullet had also struck in a very strange direction, going straight across a row of mineral water bottles.

Ye Mo looked up in all directions, it was all endless yellow sand, and occasionally there were one or two poplars that had been dead for who knows how long. In his heart, he sighed, surprisingly, he didn’t even have a tent now.

It would have been nice to have a GPS, but Ye Mo simply did not have the money to buy such a thing.

Seeing that the sky was already dark, Ye Mo looked around and could only take out a sleeping bag from his bag and barely hang it on the roots of a huge poplar tree. He had to rest for the night, he had just suffered a gunshot wound and had not completely healed, and there was not much water now, he needed to conserve his strength and also heal first!


Chapter 102

The desert was still relatively cool at night, and the gentle breeze almost made Ye Mo forget that he was still in the middle of the desert. However, because of the many unknown insects that disturbed him, he did not sleep very well. Despite this, Ye Mo was still in good spirits when he got up the next day.

However, the sun shone hotly on Ye Mo’s body during the day, making Ye Mo almost wonder if he was here last night. Rolling waves of heat a*saulted Ye Mo, it was not even June yet, when the weather was even cooler, and it was surprisingly so hot in the middle of this desert.

The temperature was almost close to forty to fifty degrees. If he had come in in June, the temperature would have been a hundred degrees. Ye Mo did not dare to stay any longer, although his injuries were no longer serious.

But if he stayed in the desert for one more day, he would be in danger for one more day.

Although the map Ye Mo got had the word Luobu on it, Ye Mo did not intend to go to Luobu at first, because the route on the sheepskin map he got did not point to Luobu, but to another part of the desert.

However, when Ye Mo ran down for a day, he realised that the location he was now in was actually a Gobi beach, with yellow sand stirring around. Ye Mo had consulted the Taklamakan and instantly knew that this was Lop Nor.

It was nearly fifty degrees during the day, but Ye Mo could hold out and it didn’t affect him much, after all, he was a cultivator. However, there were only nine bottles of water left, and it looked like he needed to find a water source as soon as possible, otherwise he would still be in a crisis of water shortage.

Ye Mo had no intention to come to Lop Nor, but since he was here, he could go in and have a look, after all, the map he got also had the word “Lop Nor” on it.

Although it was the first time he came to Lop Nor, Ye Mo knew that this was perhaps the most mysterious place in the Taklamakan Desert. Many bizarre events had happened here, and Ye Mo had also briefly checked it out. Countless people have disappeared here too, and many unfathomable events have happened. (For those who are interested, you can check out the bizarre events in Lop Nor.)

But there is also a well-known legend here, as Lake Lop Nor was called the Lake of the Immortals before it disappeared.

Legend has it that in order to stop his daughter Milan and the mortal Rob Nur from falling in love, the wind god gouged out Rob’s eyes, broke Milan’s double tuǐ and then blew them into the east and west deserts so that they would never see each other again.

The two were separated from each other, unable to see each other. It is like a sword that makes one’s heart grow old and hurts it every day. Milan, a beautiful girl, missed her lover every day. Overnight, her hair turned white and her tears flowed into a river. The tears flowed into a crystalline lake, forming the legendary Lop Nor.

Later, the Milanese girl became sick with longing and returned to the sky. That night, heaven and earth changed, the lake dried up and the beautiful Lop Nor disappeared, leaving only the silver sand all over the ground. Legend has it that this silver sand, which is all over the world, is the result of the young girl’s white hair. This is the story of Tears like Milan and the silver sand of white hair.

When he first read the story, he had not felt much emotion, but now that he was standing in the place where the story took place, he realised how poignant the tears like Milan and the white hair and silver sand were.

The sky is far apart, and thoughts are like knives. Is this about him and his master, Luo Ying? When he did not know Luo Ying’s mind at first, when Ye Mo understood it now, he understood what it meant to be on the other side of the sky and to have thoughts like a sword.

When he was next to Luo Ying every day, he didn’t think about it, but once he left, he realised what he had really lost. Now that he has been reborn on Earth, he realises how low his emotional intelligence was at the time, that he could not even see that Luo Ying had such an understandable mind, and could only feel like staying with Luo Ying.

But when danger came, the first thing Luo Ying thought of was to take himself away. When that one free talisman jī issued, he seemed to remember that there was a warm sweep around his neck. At this moment, Ye Mo suddenly remembered this incident back then and realised what that warmth was, it must have been when Luo Ying unleashed the Free Talisman, he was discovered and then attacked secretly. Master had used his body to block the sneak attack in order to take himself away as soon as possible. That warmth should be the blood she spat out after being injured. Ye Mo suddenly hated himself a little for not understanding it until now. However, even if he had understood as soon as he came here, so what? Would he be able to see Luo Ying?

If Luo Ying was still in the same place, would she still think of herself? Just like the Milan’s Tears and the white hair and silver sand kind of bone-chilling thoughts?

Ye Mo stood on top of a raised mound of weathered earth, thinking about the moments he and Luo Ying had spent together, and was actually a bit obsessed for a while.

He didn’t know how long had pa*sed, but Ye Mo suddenly felt a crisis, and he dodged out of the way as fast as he could, but there was not the slightest thing around him, as if what he had felt just now was wrong.

Ye Mo frowned, his divine sense just now clearly felt that something was going to sneak up on him, now he used his divine sense to search a dozen meters nearby, surprisingly nothing was found.

It was already nearly eleven o’clock in the evening when he looked at the sky, and he had just stood there for a few hours.

He had been standing there for a few hours. Ye Mo decided to rest for the night and look for any fresh water sources in the vicinity during the day tomorrow, and then thoroughly investigate the place. However, because of the feeling he had just had, Ye Mo was much more careful.

At night, Lop Nor appeared silent and somewhat mysterious. Ye Mo was a cultivator, not to mention alone in a desert, or even sleeping inside a graveyard, he would not be in any mood to bōs.

Because he had once seen a real ghost cultivator, only on Earth he did not yet believe in such things as ghosts.

It was because if you were not a cultivator, your spirit would go into hiding after you died and could not exist. And most ghost cultivators are cultivators with a relatively high level of cultivation who do not want to enter reincarnation after death and use heavenly treasures to cooperate to force their spirit hún to remain in the cultivation world to continue their cultivation. Although ghost cultivators can still ascend to immortality when they reach the highest level of cultivation, there are basically none who can reach this step.

The silence did not last long before a sharp chirping sound, if any, came from the distance. Ye Mo knew that there were some extremely strong animals in the desert, so of course he didn’t care.

However, the spiritual energy in the desert was even more scarce and Ye Mo could not cultivate, so he could only rest by a salt wind pile.

However, Ye Mo had rested for less than an hour when the feeling of being spied on and attacked came over him again. Ye Mo secretly took out a few iron nails in his hand, and his divine sense paid close attention to this thing that was trying to sneak up on him, although he couldn’t sweep it yet, he already felt it.

Seemingly sensing Ye Mo’s caution, this thing that wanted to sneak up on him, surprisingly, was slow to move and just focused on Ye Mo.

At this moment, Ye Mo already knew that his senses were indeed not wrong, he was really being watched by something, and this thing was very patient. It was just that this thing was outside the range of his divine sense, and he could only sense something.

But compared to patience, Ye Mo would not lose to anyone or anything, he cultivated not to mention meditating for a few hours, but even shutting down for a year.

Sure enough, after another hour had pa*sed, the thing that was hiding in the wind and darkness seemed to feel that it was a bit overwhelmed, who could find it in the middle of the desert?

The thing actually stopped hiding and jumped up sharply, heading straight for Ye Mo’s head, with a speed that was comparable to the speed of sound. But Ye Mo could even dodge the bullets of an ordinary gun, and he was still watching this thing, so how could he be caught by its head?

Almost at that instant, Hua dodged and avoided it, while several iron nails struck out.

There was an ear-piercing squeak, as if a rat’s cry was amplified. Knowing that his iron nails had been effective, Ye Mo punched at the black shadow at the same time as the screeching sound came out.

The sound of his fist breaking the wind rang out, and Ye Mo found that his sure shot had missed, and a black shadow that looked like the roots of an old poplar tree flickered away, surprisingly escaping.

Having caught the trajectory of the black shadow, Ye Mo would not let the black shadow escape and quickly chased after it without thinking, but surprisingly, Ye Mo found that after ten minutes of chasing, he still could not catch up with the black shadow. Seeing that the black shadow was even faster than him, Ye Mo then sent two fireballs over.

“Boom, boom”, the fireballs struck the sandy soil, splashing sand and stones everywhere. But the black shadow unexpectedly disappeared without a trace.

Ye Mo only felt his scalp tingling a little, he would never believe in ghosts, but this bizarre thing was happening right in front of his eyes. He clearly saw his fireball land on the black shadow’s body, and then the black shadow was gone. Ye Mo wouldn’t believe that his fireball could turn the black shadow into nothingness either, he wasn’t that capable right now.

The silence around him was terrifying, it seemed that the screams that were there just now disappeared without a trace, the surroundings were nothing but Gobi or yellow sand, not a single difference, but Ye Mo just didn’t find what he was going to granny just now.

Ye Mo calmed down, it was too late at this time, even if he wanted to look for something, he would have to wait until tomorrow. When Ye Mo turned back and prepared to check again tomorrow, he suddenly found that he had lost his sense of direction, it had only been ten minutes and he had already completely lost the way he came.

Only at this moment did Ye Mo feel the seriousness of the problem. When he was chasing this black shadow just now, he didn’t even think that he would lose his direction, so he didn’t have his bag on his back either. All his things were in the bag, and if the bag was lost, even if he managed to leave the place, it would still be a failure. Because there were still a few “Silver Heart Gra*s” seeds and “Purple Heart Vine” in the bag.

Moreover, even without these things, in the middle of the desert without water, even if he was a cultivator, he would not be able to hold the well for long.

This was Ye Mo’s first thought, but immediately Ye Mo overturned his thought, if he went back at this time, he would probably find his bag further and further away, and he would not even be able to find it again.