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DYM Chapter 99-100

Chapter 99

Although Ye Mo tried his best to refuse to treat difficult and miscellaneous diseases, he and Yu Erhu opened the White The Hui Chun Clinic is still gradually gaining fame. This was partly due to the publicity of the surrounding residents, but the main thing was that many people found that coming to the Hui Chun Clinic was basically a one-time visit, even different from going to the hospital, which sometimes required several days of continuous running.

The only downside, however, is that the fees charged by the clinic are a little higher. If a child has a fever and goes to the hospital, he or she will be prescribed some medicine or a bottle of water, and the cost is around 100 yuan.

But for the same fever, it costs two hundred yuan to come to the Huichun Clinic, but they only charge for one medicine, and it’s a Chinese medicine. This is very different from a hospital where it takes three or four days, or even a week, to get completely better.

However, many people still like to come back to the “Spring Clinic” because of the quick results and because they have heard that Chinese medicine is calmer and more nourishing than Western medicine.

The clinic, which was only doing business at a loss, has suddenly become very popular because of its good medical results. It is a good thing that there are fewer residents in the neighbourhood, otherwise this small clinic would not be able to treat them in time.

Ye Mo had basically planted the “Silver Heart Gra*s” and had also built all the fences around it, so he was ready to go to the desert. However, he frowned when he noticed that the clinic’s business had become better.

Ye Mo’s idea was that as long as the clinic could make money, he didn’t need the business to be too good, he still knew the truth that a big tree attracts the wind.

But to smash his own signboard and take people’s money but not be able to look after the patients, this was also not Ye Mo’s xìng character.

After thinking about it for a long time, Ye Mo could only tell Yu Erhu that the herbs were limited and he could only see a certain number of patients every day, and if he exceeded this number, he would wait until the next day.

However, Ye Mo had not studied marketing, what he did not know was that after this condition came out, the clinic’s business did not get worse, but rather flourished.

Ye Mo did not have the time to stay inside the clinic every day to help people, so he had no choice but to tell Yu Erhu some basic methods and methods of boiling medicine and some recipes, and also recruited a girl to help, and only then was he free.

When Ji Wanqing and Ning Qingxue arrived at Luo Cang, Ye Mo had not yet left. There are times when you search as hard as you can, and it might be close at hand, but you don’t know it.

When Ning Qingxue and Ji Wanqing had spent nearly two weeks preparing their things, Ye Mo was still cultivating his “Silver Heart Gra*s” in the small courtyard. When the two of them had already left Luocang and

When the two of them had already left Luocang and headed for Korla, Ye Mo was still preparing the usual tools and food for the desert.

Although he knew that Chi Wanqing and her family had not been in touch for a long time because of the marriage, when he learnt that Ning Qingxue was going to explore the desert, Chi Wanqing’s cousin Zhu Man could not sit still. In the army there was no connection, someone was looking after her, but the desert was relentless and it was the Taklamakan Desert that Chi Wanqing was going to.

The Taklamakan Desert is nicknamed the “Sea of Death”, which means “you can’t get out of it” in Uighur. Are the two girls crazy enough to go exploring in the Taklamakan Desert?

So the first time Chi Wanqing and Ning Qingxue left, she called Chi Wanqing’s mother, Tang Qianping.


Ning Qingxue’s mother, Lan Taro, was talking to a woman in her twenties. What was strange was that the woman was wearing a veil over her face and was dressed in a yellowish dress, but the style of the dress was very different from the clothes of young people in the city nowadays, and even had a somewhat concubine ancient taste.

But this woman a long black hair, by a water-blue sè hair clip casual clip up, the ear also scattered a few scattered hair, by virtue of a few pure and uncomplicated atmosphere.

“The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. If I had known, I would not have asked you to come out, I know it is very difficult for you to come out Taro at this time but some regret to call this woman out, because she knows Susu to come out is really too difficult, general things, can not disturb her, Lan Taro will not bother her.

This time her daughter, Light Snow, had been seriously injured and Lan Taro had thought twice before calling her out. If her daughter was fine and she still had to take the initiative to find bad luck with the Song family, then she, Lan Ge, really had nothing better to do than to look for trouble.

“It’s alright, Sister Taro, if it wasn’t for you back then, there wouldn’t be my Luo Susu’s life left in the morning. Nowadays, although I am free to enter the Hidden Sect, Sister Taro’s kindness is still there. Not to mention just coming out once, even if I come out several more times, Susu can also. Besides, something has happened to Light Snow, I should come out to help her, and that Song family you mentioned, I will go and see.” This méng veiled woman’s voice was like that of a yellow peng, moving and ethereal.

Blue Taro was about to stop Luo Susu from going to the Song family when Li Mumei hurried in and said, “Aunt Taro, Qing Xue has gone to the Taklamakan Desert, and when I called her, she was already in Kuler. But when I advised her, she said she had a sense of propriety and then surprisingly turned off her phone.”

Blue Taro suddenly stood up and said in a somewhat hoarse voice, “What? You said Light Snow had gone to the Taklamakan Desert? What did she go there for?”

“She said she went exploring with a friend, but when I asked her who she went with, she said it was a female companion, two girls going to the Taklamakan Desert, this, this is Li Mumei didn’t even know how she should go about saying Ning Qingxue.

“The Taklamakan Desert, how many explorers have gone missing there, Qingxue really doesn’t know any better. This child, why is she so unpredictable? She was fine in Yanjing, but since she came to Ninghai, she has become like this, alas,” Lan Taro sat down in a chair, silent.

The original Ning Qingxue was not only a*sertive, but also never impulsive over a matter. In the company, she was the one who arranged everything, and she was the one who carried it out, with a very tacit understanding. I can’t understand her anymore, and I don’t dare to guess what she is thinking in her heart.

There are times now when she does things that are really childish, which is seriously out of line with the original Ning Qingxue. Who do you think would take their body to block a stick for a small plant, and also if before this, even if it killed her Li Mu Mei, she would not believe that Ning Qingxue would go to live alone in a small isolated courtyard, much less go to a horrible desert.

Could it be that she was in love? It was said that a girl in love would not only become very stupid, but even do things that were hard to understand. But to say that Ning Qingxue would fall in love with anyone was as unbelievable to Li Mumei as it was to her.

Li Mumei didn’t know about Ning Qingxue’s visit to the Quicksilver yet, if she did, she might really go crazy.

“Sister Taro, you don’t need to rush, I’ll just go there and bring the throw back.” Luo Susu suddenly stood up and said in a very soft tone.

“How can you do that, Susu, the Taklamakan Desert is known as the “Sea of Death”. You can’t go there, even if you’re good at it, but the dangers of nature are not something you can resist. I’ll tell her father to let the professionals go in and bring her out.” Blue Taro instantly refuted Luo Susu’s words.

“It’s okay, Sister Taro, you can trust me. I can definitely find Light Snow in the middle of the desert and bring her back. I’ll go first, you don’t have to worry.” Luo Susu’s tone was full of confidence.

When Blue Taro was about to speak, Luo Susu had already left the house.

Lan Taro looked at Luo Susu’s back as she left, but in the end, she didn’t say anything, she knew Susu.

Usually, she rarely spoke, but when she did, she would do it.

“Aunt Taro, is she Aunt Susu?” Li Mumei had never just heard of such a sister-in-law, but she had never met her once.

Lan Taro nodded, Luo Susu was still a little girl she picked up on the roadside when she and her husband went to the temple to ask for a fortune when she was first married. As Blue Taro was not yet pregnant at the time, she had raised Luo Susu as her younger sister. But they only brought Susu up to the age of five when she was taken away by one of her father-in-law’s friends who said that Susu had wisdom and could enter the Hidden Sect.

Susu had never liked to talk much since she was a child, and was unusually good-looking. At that time, although Lan Taro could not let go of her, the eunuch said that chance was rare, plus Light Snow was also two years old at that time, so she listened to the eunuch’s words.

Soon after Susu’s departure, her father-in-law died of an illness and the couple lost track of Susu from then on.

It was not until twelve years later that she came back again, telling Blue Taro how she could be contacted and that they could call her if they had a problem they could not solve. Only when she returned, she wore a veil.

Blue Taro even asked if Susu could come back to visit more often, but Susu said it wasn’t easy to come out.

Although Luo Susu had only made a simple remark, Lan Taro already knew that Susu should have some trouble coming out, so she was generally reluctant to ask Susu for help unless it was absolutely necessary.

This time it was because of the matter of Light Snow that she wanted to ask for Susu. Luo Susu’s surname was still Blue Taro’s mother’s surname. At that time, the custom of Blue Taro’s family was that when a child was picked up, the girl took her mother’s surname and the boy took his father’s surname. Blue Taro’s mother’s surname was Luo, so Blue Taro helped Susu take the name Luo.

Luo Su Su had a thick white scarf around her neck, and only her two eyes were even outside, making her face almost invisible to the eye. However, her unique dress and proud posture still attracted a lot of attention.

Ninghai does not have a direct flight to Korla, Luo Susu took a flight to Urumqi, where she changed trains.

Korla Airport.

Shortly after getting off the plane, Ning Qingxue and Chi Wanqing, who had just finished making a phone call, were stopped by someone.

Ning Qingxue subconsciously took a few steps back, the flowing snake had given her too deep an impression.

“Dad.” Chi Wanqing looked across at the man who had stopped her and suddenly called out, having not seen her father for several years, and suddenly seeing each other, Chi Wanqing suddenly felt a little dazed.

The anger that had filled Ji Youjun’s heart when he heard this “daddy” suddenly disappeared. The seriousness on his face relaxed, and he looked at his daughter, whom he hadn’t seen in three years, and sighed, “Wanqing, let’s go back with daddy.” !


Chapter 100

Ye Mo had already prepared his things and left the heavy responsibility of taking care of the “Silver Heart Gra*s…” to Yu Erhu.

He planned to go to the Taklamakan Desert. If this time went well, he would be able to obtain a large amount of “Purple Heart Vine” and he would be able to advance to the third level of Qi training. Once he reached the third level of Qi training, he would go straight to the Thousand Dragon Heads to talk to them.

He had already been marked by Ye Mo, who had pushed him to the point where he needed to change his appearance to survive. If he, a cultivator, could swallow this anger, he wouldn’t be Ye Mo. It was because he couldn’t swallow his anger that he desperately needed to go to the Taklamakan Desert to look for the Purple Heart Vine.

Just as Ye Mo was about to leave, Lu Xiaozhen hurriedly ran in, her face obviously a little nervous. Lu Xiaozhen was a new nurse Ye Mo had hired to help, a graduate of the health school, who usually liked to joke around with Yu Erhu and always called him senior brother, and rarely had such panic attacks.

“What is it?” Ye Mo looked at the incredibly nervous Lu Xiaozhen and asked.

“Just now Senior Brother Yu received a patient, but after just taking his pulse and giving him a small cup of “heart nourishing agent”, that person pa*sed out and foamed at the mouth.” Lu Xiaozhen finished her sentence in one breath, still gasping for breath. But the tension on her face had not diminished at all, because a small clinic treating a dead person was different from a big hospital, which could pull the plug, but a small clinic would have to take full responsibility.

Ye Mo put down the bag he had packed and hurriedly walked towards the clinic. He had already told Yu Erhu not to take on dangerous or difficult patients. If they were not cured, of course, it would affect their reputation, and once they were cured, it would not be good for Ye Mo either. The clinic had been open for almost twenty days, and this was the first time this situation had occurred.

Before the people arrived, Ye Mo’s divine sense had already swept out. The clinic was originally located in front of the small courtyard where Ye Mo lived, very close to each other. When Ye Mo arrived at the clinic, he really saw Yu Erhu sweating profusely as he helped to resuscitate the man lying on the chuáng, obviously very nervous.

The man lying on the chuáng was a forty-year-old man, who was still foaming at the mouth but his eyes were tightly closed, so it was obvious that his symptoms were not light and he should have pa*sed out. Next to the man was a teenage girl, who looked like a secondary school student, a woman and a young man in his twenties.

Apart from these three, there were two other people inside the clinic, who also looked like patients who had come to see the doctor, and three or four other people at the door watching the action.

“Erhu, you come down first.” Ye Mo came to take a look and knew that this tactic of Yu Erhu would not be able to save the man who was foaming at the mouth.

“Master, you are here,” Hearing Ye Mo’s voice, Yu Erhu was obviously relieved In his eyes, Master was almost omnipotent, as could be seen from what Ye Mo usually taught him.

However, Ye Mo had already seen clearly that this fainting man had nothing to do with the “Heart Nourishing Agent” at all, he should have been caused by another illness.

So Ye Mo did not go up to treat him, he wanted to see what this family member would say. If they falsely accused him, then don’t blame him for being ungracious.

Seeing Ye Mo looking over, the middle-aged fù woman rubbed her eyes and said, “Doctor, my husband has always had this disease, I don’t blame you guys, I just heard from others today that there are very few diseases that cannot be cured in your clinic so I came to try my luck, but I didn’t expect my husband to be sick. I’m sorry, I’ll call the emergency number right away, an ambulance will be here soon.”

Ye Mo secretly sighed in his heart, this fù woman was not bad and did not backtrack like some family members, which made Ye Mo feel good about her. Her husband had fainted at her clinic and she had to say sorry to the clinic’s doctor, which showed that this woman had a good character.

Ye Mo remembered that when he was in Ninghai, he had read in the newspaper that an old woman had fallen to the ground and a pa*ser-by had been kind enough to help her up, but she had said that the pa*ser-by had hit her and asked the do-gooder to pay for it.

In contrast, the woman’s character was magnified, and just because of the woman’s character, Ye Mo decided to save her husband.

Thinking of this, Ye Mo also waved his hand and smiled lightly, “Don’t call yet.

This disease of your husband’s is useless to go to the hospital, unless the brain is opened. And once the brain is opened, it will only be bad for your husband, not good for him. It just so happens that I have a cure for this disease, and I’m here to help him now.” “Ah,” the fù woman was frozen on the spot when she heard that Ye Mo could cure her husband’s disease.

Although her husband’s illness was not a terminal disease, it was difficult to treat, and this had been the conclusion of many years of running through various hospitals.

The reason why they came to this clinic was because they had heard that this clinic could cure them if they were accepted. They came here to take their chances, but when they arrived, Yu Erhu refused the treatment.

Yu Erhu was anxious to help the man with first aid, while Lu Xiaozhen went to call Ye Mo urgently. Although this fù woman knew that her husband was suffering from an old problem, she saw Yu Erhu giving first aid and thought that he could save her husband, so she did not call the emergency number. She just didn’t expect that Yu Erhu would really be unable to save her husband and that even her master would come out before she was ready to call the emergency number.

What’s more, she didn’t expect that this young master would really say that he could save her husband, and she was frozen in thought. By the time she reacted, Ye Mo was already saving her husband.

This man’s illness, Ye Mo knew with a sweep of his divine sense, was called “cranial rash”. There were some tiny red dots in the veins of the brain, which could not be removed even with an incision. That’s why Ye Mo said that this disease could not be treated in any hospital except his. But this disease is also just torturous, the first year and seasons have some pain. And the more you get to the back, the more frequent the onset is.

Although this disease does not kill a person immediately, it is difficult to live past the age of fifty with this disease.

This disease was difficult for hospitals, but for Ye Mo it was very simple. All he had to do was to use acupuncture to cross his true qi into the person’s brain and then eliminate all the red dots. It was even easier than saving the old man from the “Purple Jiao” poison, after all, he was already in the late stage of Qi training.

In less than half an hour, Ye Mo had already withdrawn the needles, and the man actually sat up while Ye Mo was withdrawing the needles.

All the people stared at Ye Mo in a daze, how could there be such a divine doctor who used only half an hour to make a man who seemed to be dying become refreshed.

The man who sat up was also dazed for half a day, but he soon reacted, he mōd his head which was no longer in the slightest bit painful, that kind of elation was so great that he was willing to call Ye Mo his godfather. The headache that had been there for decades suddenly disappeared, to any person would be just as ecstatic.

“Divine doctor, divine doctor,” the man finished incoherently and actually wanted to come down and kowtow to Ye Mo.

Ye Mo hurriedly waved his hand and said, “I happen to know how to cure you of this disease, if it was any other disease I wouldn’t be able to.” After helping this man to cure this headache disease out of the limelight, Ye Mo hastily blocked it with words.

At this moment, this middle-aged man’s wife and two children all understood that Ye Mo had really saved the patient. The middle-aged fù woman was even surprised and wanted to come over and kowtow to Ye Mo with her husband.

Others did not know, but they knew too well in their hearts how much hardship this illness had brought to their family.

Ye Mo looked at the family who were talking with a thousand favours and had some emotions in his heart. He was thinking that if he dried up the thousand heads, he could help others treat some difficult diseases. He simply moved his hands, and other people’s families were happy for the rest of their lives.

The reason why by f*cking the Thousand Heads, Ye Mo could walk around openly was because Ye Mo had calculated that once he could f*ck the Thousand Heads, the Song family would definitely not dare to do anything to him. He had already inquired from Wu Xuemin that the Thousand Dragon Heads were definitely more powerful than the Song Family.

Although the two forces were going in different directions and were not comparable, after listening to Wu Xuemin’s words, Ye Mo still believed that once he had the strength to kill Thousand Dragon Heads, the Song Family would definitely not look for trouble with him again if they knew what they were doing.

However, when Ye Mo thought about it, it was that he could appear openly and honestly, and he would not have the time to practice medicine. It looked like it would be better to teach his medical skills to Yu Erhu, and once Yu Erhu had learned the skills, he could practice medicine, which was the same.

Even though Ye Mo did not want to take too much money, this family still brought over 20,000 yuan. Ye Mo was not short of money now, and the clinic was doing well, so he just insisted on taking five thousand yuan and calling it a day.

But no matter how much Ye Mo told the outside world that he just happened to know how to treat this disease, the “Hui Chun Clinic” still gained a lot of fame and popularity again.

But Ye Mo didn’t care about this, after he explained to Yu Erhu, he immediately set off on a flight to Korla. After getting off the plane from Korla, Ye Mo found a remote place and restored his appearance.

He was about to enter the Great Desert, and he didn’t want Mo Ye’s identity to enter the Great Desert, but to really change into Ye Mo. After all, he was going out this time, and in case he was suspected, Mo Ye’s identity could be used to cover up again.

Ye Mo did not intend to take a car into the desert, what he wanted to do, he did not want anyone to know. Moreover, his “Cloud Shadow Step” was no less than a car, and it was even much faster than a car inside the desert.

It was just that Ye Mo had just left Korla when he felt that he was being watched.

Although Ye Mo didn’t know why these people were watching him, he wasn’t the least bit worried at the edge of the desert. This was not a big city, once he entered the desert, it would be difficult to find his trail again.

“You wait.” One of them had already stopped Ye Mo on his motorbike.

Seeing that Ye Mo had stopped, the man continued to ask, “Why are you running if you have a car and don’t take it?” After saying that, he waved his hand to the two people behind him.

One of them held two photos in his hand and looked at Ye Mo. As soon as Ye Mo saw this, he immediately knew that he should be suspected, he just didn’t know what kind of photos they were looking at.

“What business is it of yours if I run? Get out of the way.” Ye Mo reckoned that it would be difficult to make things good today.

“The face can’t be seen either, but the body shape resembles that of Shi Ying, and this is the one called Ye Mo.” At this moment, the person holding the photo said.

“Take it away first.” The man on the motorbike immediately said, while he had already mō out a mountain-opening knife from his arms.!