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DYM Chapter 113-114

Chapter 113

Watching Ye Mo help Luo Susu put on her veil, Ning Qingxue suddenly stopped the steps she had taken. Ye Mo didn’t notice her at all, but focused on helping the woman in front of him to put on her veil, as if in his eyes the whole world was only the woman in front of him.

The bitterness in Ji Wanqing’s heart was as thick as Ning Qingxue’s, and she also stopped her steps to rush towards Ye Mo, staring at him and the woman in some bewilderment. She didn’t know what kind of relationship Ye Mo and that woman had that they seemed to be so intimate.

However, Chi Wanqing thought for a while and still walked over. Seeing Chi Wanqing walking towards Ye Mo, Ning Qingxue gathered her thoughts. It suddenly occurred to her, why did she have to be like this? Ye Mo had married her solely to help her, so why was she still a little uncomfortable in her heart? If Ye Mo had someone he liked, she should be happy. It wasn’t like she wanted to marry Ye Mo because she loved him, she did it because she felt jī him.

Was that really the case? Ning Qingxue didn’t dare to ask herself, and she didn’t have an 〖Answer〗. At least she knew she couldn’t be happy.

“Ning Qingxue? Ji Wanqing? What brings you guys here?” Ye Mo finally saw the two people walking up.

“I,” Ning Qingxue, like Ji Wanqing, both said one word and were unable to say it again. What should they say? Should they say that they had come to the desert to look for Ye Mo because they missed him?

However, Ye Mo was no longer the original Ye Mo, his emotional intelligence was no longer infinitely low, this could still be seen, he immediately saw that the two came to the desert should have something to do with him.

Ji Wanqing was aware that he was coming to the desert, but how Ning Qingxue knew about it, and how she knew Ji Wanqing, Ye Mo was not sure.

“You’re Qingxue?” Luo Susu suddenly asked, her tone very flat.

“Yes, you?” Ning Qingxue was surprised as she looked at this woman who seemed to be familiar with Ye Mo. Although she was wearing a veil, that light and beautiful figure even made even Ning Qingxue ashamed of herself. She could imagine how beautiful this woman would be once she took the veil off.

Chi Wanqing was obviously attracted to Luo Susu as well, even women naturally felt a good feeling towards her, let alone men, thinking about this she looked at Ye Mo and sighed secretly.

Excellent people will always be discovered by others, she can discover it, and so can others.

“My name is Luo Susu,” Luo Susu said lightly as a hint of relief flashed in her eyes.

“You’re my sister-in-law?” Ning Qingxue finally understood that this woman was her little

Aunt, the woman who was inside a tent with her nominal husband at night was actually her sister-in-law.

A hint of gloom appeared in the corner of her eyes, and her heart was even more at a loss.

Although this sister-in-law was not a first cousin, she was after all her sister-in-law. She suddenly did not want to admit this matter, but she finally had to admit that her concern for Ye Mo had gone beyond guilt and repayment.

Ye Mo and Chi Wanqing also did not expect that Luo Susu was actually Ning Qingxue’s sister-in-law.

The atmosphere was surprisingly awkward for a moment. Luo Susu, who was not a talker herself, saw that Ning Qingxue had nothing to do and said indifferently, “Qingxue, your mother is very anxious, call home and say that you have come out.”

Ning Qingxue lowered her head and said softly, “I know, 1 sister-in-law.”

“Brother Ye, have you finished with your business?” Seeing that the atmosphere was a little cold, Ji Wanqing said in a hurry.

Ye Mo nodded “It’s done and I’m ready to leave.”

“That’s good, let’s go back together by car. “Chi Wanqing said with a smile.

Luo Susu shook her head and said, “No need, Qingxue, you tell your mother that I’m going back and that I won’t come out again in the future.” Luo Susu paused for a moment, but finally did not say the words.

Without waiting for Ning Qingxue to reply, Luo Susu looked at Ye Mo again and said, “I’m leaving.”

There were only three simple words, no more words to express, she knew that after this separation, she might not see each other again. Although there was some vague reluctance in her heart, Luo Susu thought simply, perhaps it was because Ye Mo had sacrificed his life to save her and gave her her favourite birthday present that made her feel this way.

As long as she went back to her meditation, she could find her original state of mind again and stop worrying about these things. After a long time, perhaps it will slowly fade away.

Ye Mo looked at Luo Susu’s fading back and a faint feeling of departure flooded his heart. He wanted to go up and say, “Don’t go, just cultivate with me,” but he found that he couldn’t find any reason to do so. And although Luo Susu looked very soft and did not like to talk much, she was very opinionated.

Finally Luo Susu’s figure gradually walked away and soon disappeared.

“Big brother Ye, she has gone.” Seeing that Ye Mo was still staring at the path Luo Susu had left, dazed, Ji Wanqing had to take the initiative to remind him.

“Oh, already gone?” Ye Mo suddenly woke up with a start. Seeing Ning Qingxue and Chi Wanqing staring at him, he said somewhat awkwardly, “I was lost in thought just now.”

Ning Qingxue lowered her head, seemingly not wanting to speak… while Chi Wanqing sighed.

Seeing the two of them with such expressions, Ye Mo coughed and said, “How did you get together?”

Chi Wanqing quickly adjusted and told the story about her and Ning Qingxue going to the flowing snake to look for him.

Ye Mo looked at Ning Qingxue with some surprise, he didn’t expect Ning Qingxue to search for the flowing snake, it was not a place a girl should go. It looked like Fang Nan was not a bad person, at least he had not misjudged this person.

He remembered that night when he helped Ning Qingxue with her illness and heard her last words before she was ready to seek death, he couldn’t help but feel a little guilty. Thinking of this Ye Mo had to say, “Actually a lot of things are not what you think, don’t go to places like Flowing Snake in the future, in case something happens, I” Ye Mo surprisingly didn’t know how he should explain to her.

“I’m sorry, Ye Mo, I just wanted to find you and say sorry to you. I know a lot of things aren’t like Lou thought, I, I” Ning Qingxue surprisingly didn’t know what she should say to Ye Mo from and actually shed tears, she suddenly felt weak and she couldn’t help but feel a little emotional when she saw Ye Mo.

Ye Mo was most afraid of women crying, now that Ning Qingxue was like this, he was simply a bit at a loss as to what he should do, and could only stand there somewhat embarra*sed. If he hadn’t heard Ning Qingxue’s last words that night, he would have felt better, but after hearing Ning Qingxue’s last words that night, his impression of her had changed greatly. The fact that Ning Qingxue had sacrificed her life to protect the Silver Heart Gra*s, for whatever reason, made him feel for her from the bottom of his heart.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.

Ning Qingxue also looked at Ye Mo expectantly, she wanted Ye Mo to go back to the original small courtyard again, but she also knew that this possibility was too small.

Ye Mo shook his head and said, “I’m not going with you guys, I have other things to do and I need to settle some bills. Let’s part ways here today, we’ll meet again in the future as fate would have it.”

After knowing what Ning Qingxue and Chi Wanqing meant to him, Ye Mo no longer wanted to continue to stay here with them, he was a man who could afford to take things lying down. He hadn’t had any thoughts about the two, and now that he suddenly had an additional Luo Susu in his heart, he was even less inclined to do so.

“Are you leaving now?” Ning Qingxue suddenly felt her tone tremble a little, a phrase inexplicably welling up in her heart that she was finally going to lose. Suddenly it occurred to her once again, when had she ever had it?

“Well, I’m leaving.” Ye Mo seemed to feel that his tone was somewhat the same as Luo Susu’s words before she left, and after thinking about it and thinking it was too easy, he continued, “You guys should also go back early, there are too many dangers in the desert, and sometimes it is not something that human power can resist.”

He thought of the man-eating insects, if they came over, not to mention a buggy, even a train, might be gnawed away.

“Mm, I know, I’ll go back soon…” Although Ning Qingxue was disappointed in her heart that Ye Mo didn’t leave with her, and she saw her sister-in-law and Ye Mo together seemingly making out, but at this moment she was surprisingly calm, maybe what belonged to her would always be hers, and if it wasn’t hers If you go to force it, you can’t force it.

Although there was some faint bitterness in her heart, she did have some unforgettable memories, after all, she had lived with him for more than two abundant days.

Looking at Ye Mo’s gradually distant back, Ning Qingxue suddenly thought, if she hadn’t broken off her engagement with Ye Mo in the first place, what would have been the outcome? Would he still have left in such a reckless manner? Ning Qingxue shook her head at the thought that it was herself who had left without a care, but she hadn’t thought that using him as a shield would have prevented her heart from moving. Why hadn’t she bothered to care in the first place? Perhaps there were times when rumours were not to be trusted.

“Brother Ye, if you’re free, remember to go to Luo Cang ah, to my cousin’s company.” Seeing that Ye Mo had already walked away, Ji Wanqing called out in a hurry. She was much better than Ning Qingxue, although she also had a bit of that interest in Ye Mo, but after all, Ye Mo had promised her nothing, and the moment she saw Luo Susu, she thought that maybe only a woman like Luo Susu could be worthy of big brother Ye.

“I know.” Ye Mo’s voice came from afar and soon he picked up speed and quietly lost sight of it.

Ye Mo’s voice still seemed to echo dàng in his ears, but his person was already far away, and Ning Qingxue and Ji Wanqing stood there until a long time had pa*sed. Only then did Ji Wanqing say, “Qingxue, they’ve all gone, let’s go too.”

The two of them never had any interest in talking again.

The sun was just rising in the desert in the early morning, shining on the backs of Ning Qingxue and Chi Wanqing, trailing long shadows on the sand, although they were two, they looked extraordinarily lonely!


Chapter 114

The reason why Ye Mo didn’t go with Ning Qingxue and the girls was nothing else, because now was the time for him to find the “Southern Blame, and settle the score. If he didn’t teach a lesson to Thousand Dragons, his name wouldn’t be Ye Mo and he wouldn’t have to go to cultivation.

Now that he was at the third level of Qi cultivation, the fireball technique was even more powerful not to mention that in addition to some simple and practical small spells, he also had a few more spells such as stealth, wind blade and imperial wind. He had reached Foundation Establishment once, and he didn’t even have to go through cultivation for these spells, as long as his cultivation level was reached, he could send them out.

He knew that Thousand Dragon Head was watching him near the Taklamakan Desert, so perhaps as soon as he showed himself, someone would soon take him to Thousand Dragon Head.

Ye Mo was right in thinking that he had just left the desert and had not even entered the hotel before he was being watched again. But now Ye Mo was not the same person he was ten days ago, he was worried about not being able to find Thousand Dragons, and now his people were coming to watch him, he couldn’t ask for more.

Ye Mo went into a hotel, took a hot bath, got something to eat, and then slept. After such a long time, he reckoned that Nan Qing’s people should have gathered their men even if they wanted to.

As soon as he was ready to go out and buy a set of clothes to change, he was stopped again. The five men looked at Ye Mo as if he was a dead man. Ye Mo knew that they had no fear, even if they shot in the downtown area, he thought Nan Qing would be able to handle it.

“If you know what you are doing, come with us, or don’t blame us for shooting right here.” The man walking at the front was a long-haired man, this man spoke without a trace of expression on his face, as if the words he just said were not his at all.

Ye Mo knew that they should have already determined that he was the person they were looking for. Ye Mo looked down at the somewhat worn clothes he was wearing and had a mind to change a set, but there was nowhere to buy them, and the money he had on him still had more than a thousand points.

He seemed to have made the intention of waiting for Ye Mo to resist, and then several people immediately took Ye Mo away by force.

But to the surprise of these five people, Ye Mo said slowly, “Since you want to leave, hurry up and lead the way, what are you doing standing there, is the Thousand Dragon Head dead?” “You,” hearing Ye Mo’s words, the man immediately wanted to step forward and make a move. However, he was stopped by a man next to him.

This man stopped the long-haired man who wanted to make a move and looked at Ye Mo and also said in a cold voice, “I hope your mouth will still be so hard soon, get in.”

An ordinary business car, not even distinguishable from the brand. Seeing that Ye Mo got into the car without the slightest precaution the five men looked at each other and soon four of them sat next to Ye Mo and surrounded him. The other one immediately drove away quickly.

Originally, they thought that Ye Mo was so fierce that he would definitely not just give up and be captured. Once Ye Mo resisted, they were even prepared for the four of them to go up and subdue Ye Mo at any time. This was because the five men they had come with were all experts of experts, definitely not the rabble that had chased Ye Mo in the desert.

However, to their surprise and even disbelief, Ye Mo closed his eyes and started to sleep.

Several men who were looking at Ye Mo looked at each other, they didn’t understand that Ye Mo was looking for death, he was still really nervous.

One of the men suddenly picked up the gun in his hand and the other three all nodded their heads. Nosily Ye Mo was already in position but if he could get him shot, just make sure he didn’t die.

But before he could raise his gun, several people saw that the man with the gun had already fallen on top of his seat, and blood was already flowing from his eyebrow, and there was a hole in the middle of his eyebrow and the blood was flowing from inside this hole.

A few people stared blankly at their companion who had fallen down with a gun in his hand, and none of them said anything for half a day. The hole in his eyebrow seemed to be natural, as if it had grown automatically since he picked up the gun.

However, Ye Mo opened his eyes and swept a cold glance at several people “If anyone else dares to move the gun he will be your downfall.”

After saying that, he actually closed his eyes again to rest.

The man driving the car was so dazed that he almost crashed the car into the brittle guardrail on the side of the road.

The other men in the car had cold sweat running down their backs, and their foreheads were beginning to seep. What was this situation? The man had closed his eyes and barely moved a fellow gunman before he was killed, and it was the legendary iron nail killing. It seemed that the elite were no different from the rabble in the eyes of this man.

They were not afraid of the others, they were simply planning to go to their lair here to look for trouble. Thinking of Ye Mo’s shadowless and invisible iron nails, the man driving the car’s hand was already trembling a little.

A dead silence fell in the car, none of them dared to speak, Ye Mo’s power had greatly exceeded their expectations and it was simply not something they could resist.

They could even think that as long as Ye Mo looked at anyone who was not to his liking, all he had to do was move his hand and the person he disliked would definitely die under the iron nails.

It took a long time for several people’s breathing to settle down, perhaps because it was Wolf Pole who had come to fill in the picture this time.

Wolf Pole’s surname was originally Lang, but it was only because he was fierce by nature and had killed countless people that he got the word Wolf.

Ten years ago, in order to avenge a brother in Macau, Lang Ji killed one of the three major gangs in Macau at the time, the Sea Shark Gang, killing and injuring twenty-three gang members on the spot. Among them was even an expert whose cultivation level had reached the Yellow Rank, and he was only wounded.

Later, when he was on the run, he met Chien Lung Lung who was in a casino in Macau. Chien Lung admired him and recruited him as one of the three most powerful men in the South China Sea. He is now one of the three most powerful men in the South China Sea and is also one of the most ruthless in the South China Sea.

Some people predicted that Lang Ji’s skills had reached the middle stage of the Yellow Pole, but no one knew because everyone who knew of his strikes had already died.

This time, Thousand Dragon Heads had sent Lang Ji to the outskirts of the Taklamakan to intercept Ye Mo, so it was clear how much he hated and valued Ye Mo.

Although Ye Mo had easily killed one of the Huangs, and they didn’t even see Ye Mo’s killing action. However, Wolf Pole’s ability was well known, and as long as they brought Ye Mo to Wolf Pole, they believed that even if Ye Mo was powerful, he would not be a match for Wolf Pole.

Wolf Pole was already beyond the realm of ordinary experts, and they had heard that as long as they could go up in rank, they were not something ordinary martial artists could fight against, so after a few people calmed down, they returned to normal.

Ye Mo also did not intend to kill many people “Nan Qing, so many people, even if they were killed, they could not all be killed. Besides, he and “Nanqing, the rest of the members do not have any hatred, he just needs to teach a lesson to Thousand Dragons, Ye Mo wants to let Thousand Dragons know that cultivators are not something that can just be hunted down and killed.

The speed of the business car was getting faster and faster, and it could be seen that the man driving also wanted to bring Ye Mo to see Wolf Pole sooner, maybe Ye Mo was too scary, moving around and killing people with iron spikes, not even seeing. Perhaps only an expert like Wolf Pole could suppress Ye Mo’s arrogance.

Ye Mo wasn’t worried in the slightest, even if the car was going fast, he still had his eyes closed, even if the car ran into the cliff right now, he could still escape.

Although several people did not know where Ye Mo’s confidence came from, but seeing that Ye Mo still had the mind to close his eyes in such a fast car, several other people were even more confused about Ye Mo’s mind. Even if he wasn’t afraid of a sneak attack, wasn’t he afraid of the car driving into the cliff?

But they didn’t have to worry for long. In less than an hour, the car drove into Tulian.

Tu Fei was as rich in jade as Hotan, and both were cities close to the Taklamakan Desert. But it is not as old as Hotan and the streets seem a little deserted.

The business car turned around seven times and finally entered a courtyard, which was very luxurious and had a row of sycamore trees planted outside the courtyard, making it look very cla*sy.

Only when Ye Mo got out of the car did he realise how big this courtyard was, just look at the two rows of strong men standing inside the courtyard, there were 20 to 30 of them. He knew that this should be the largest gathering place of Nan Qing in this area.

Without being led, Ye Mo walked into the house by himself. Rather than a room, it was more like a meeting room, but without the round tables. It was large in size, not to mention that there were no seats. There were people standing on both sides as well, but there were only twelve in total, only these people looked a little more formidable to Ye Mo than the people inside the courtyard.

Of course the lack of seats was relative to the people below, and there was still a man sitting at the top, with a woman sitting beside him. The man had several scars on his face, the most powerful one being a scar on his forehead, which looked somewhat gruesome as if it were a centipede stretched across it.

The woman, however, was only in her twenties and was playing with a three-inch long knife in her hand. When Ye Mo entered, she seemed to be still paying attention to the knife in her hand, not caring in the least that a man had entered.

The scarred man sitting in the middle saw Ye Mo enter but did not say anything, he looked Ye Mo up and down carefully before saying indifferently, “You are arrogant, how dare you kill my people even now, do you know what the most terrible thing in the world is? Young man, do you think it’s death? I know you are not afraid of death, but I have a hundred ways to make you long for you to die quickly.”

Ye Mo smiled coldly “Congratulations, you are right, what I fear most is death. So I want you to bring a letter to Thousand Dragon Heads and ask him to wash his neck clean.”

“Hmph good guts, I just hope you still have that kind of guts later, you will regret it” Hearing Ye Mo’s words, Wolf Pole was furious with smoke in his seven orifices, he had never had that one young man who dared to be so arrogant to him since his debut.

However, before he could stand up, Ye Mo walked up and once again said coldly, “Get lost.”

“You,” even if Wolf Pole wanted to watch Ye Mo beg for forgiveness, he could not stand Ye Mo’s arrogance now that he was trying to sit in his place. Without hesitation, he raised his fist and just punched at Ye Mo who had come closer.

The sound of wind brought up by the fist was so loud that even those standing on the sides far below could hear it clearly and could not help but secretly marvel at how powerful Wolf Pole was, someone who could deliver such a punching wind with a single punch was really rare.!