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DYM Chapter 115

Wolf Pole was also satisfied with his punch, no opponent had ever dared to meet his punch head-on, because the opponent who met his punch head-on wouldn’t need him to strike a second time. But what made Wolf Pole even more satisfied was that Ye Mo actually reached out and grabbed towards his fist.

“Seeking death.” Wolf Pole coldly snorted in his heart, he had already heard his men’s reports and knew of Ye Mo’s arrogance and how powerful he was, but this guy actually dared to catch his fist with his hand, what difference was it from seeking death, this guy was really arrogant and powerful. However, he did not want to kill Ye Mo immediately, he wanted to make this young man live or die.

But the truth was that he couldn’t go on thinking, Ye Mo’s hand seemed slow, but it grabbed his fist by name, and his hand seemed to have suddenly become bigger, a clicking sound rang out, Wolf Pole looked at his fist in disbelief.

He had forgotten about the pain, and the clicking sound was actually coming from his fist. And he clearly saw Ye Mo’s palm was still a dozen centimetres away from his fist, and his fist was crushed. Oh, not crushed, but crushed into a soft collapsing ma*s.

“Ah ……” The pain that went through to his bones came up, and Wolf Pole could no longer hold it back and immediately screamed out.

Ye Mo suddenly lifted his foot and kicked Wolf Pole out, while he himself walked up and sat down.

“Kill him ……” Before Wolf Pole’s words even fell, there were already several men ready to raise their guns and shoot at Ye Mo.

Ye Mo’s action was simple, casually a dozen of nails flew out, as long as the people who were ready to step forward, or ready to fire name guns, all of them were shot by Ye Mo in the eyebrow or throat, in a twinkling of an eye the whole room except for Ye Mo and Wolf Pole, and the woman, only three people were still standing in the same place and froze.

Killing nine people was just a matter of a few breaths, and even though Wolf Pole’s pain was unbearable, he was still frozen. The pain in his hands was no longer important to him, what mattered was that the man in front of him was simply too terrifying.

The most powerful person he had ever seen was the second leader of the ‘Iron River’, that Idle Daoist. But if he was compared to Ye Mo, it seemed that he was still a little bit short. Rumour had it that Daoist Idle had cultivated ancient martial arts to an extremely high level, and was said to be on the verge of crossing over to Xuan. But it was that Daoist that made Wolf Pole feel inferior to the man in front of him.

Moreover, he himself was a martial artist who was about to reach the middle stage of the Yellow Rank, which was still the case when he was a teenager and had studied under a down-and-out ancient martial arts practitioner, and then relied on his constant efforts and fights to get to where he was today, but he had never expected to be no match for this young man’s one move. Most of all, his killing speed was so terrifying that it seemed that guns were not even effective against him.

It was as if the young woman had only just discovered Ye Mo, she no longer had the heart to play with the knife in her hand, but stood up and stared dumbfounded at the ground of corpses, and the wolf pole that had fallen to the ground. Half a long time later, she raised her hand without warning, and the knife in her hand had turned into an invisible white light and shot at the side of Ye Mo’s neck. Her flying knife had decapitated characters more powerful than Wolf Pole, just because it was simply too late to dodge.

Ye Mo suddenly raised his hand and struck another iron nail, which struck the knife with a ‘clang’ sound, the knife had fallen to the ground, but the iron nail did not stop, but went straight for the woman’s wrist.

Before the woman could react, the nail had already pa*sed through her wrist and came out.

It took a moment for a few drops of blood to fall to the ground. The woman’s face was pale and a sharp pain shot through her, knowing that this was not the most important thing, but that her hand was ruined and the flying knife she had made her name on would never fly again.

“How dare you destroy my hand? You ……” The woman suddenly became angry, perhaps killing her would be easier for her to accept than destroying her hand, at least after killing her she would never have a thought again, but destroying her hand would make her life worse than death.

“Oh, it can’t be destroyed? Then I’ll chop it off.” Ye Mo waved his hand once again, no one could see clearly what he waved out, but the few people present who were not dead yet had a chilling feeling.

The woman didn’t react at all, she just felt a chill on her arm and something even more shocking happened to her. She saw her hand fall flush to the ground and she had been completely frozen.

But Wolf Pole did react and immediately leapt up and used the good one to seal several acupuncture points on the woman’s arm, but even so, it still couldn’t stop the blood from flowing. Only then did Wolf Pole turn around and look at Ye Mo in horror. He hadn’t even seen clearly what Ye Mo had used to cut off her arm just now, this man was too unbelievable. The throne definitely did not expect that the person he was trying to capture would be such a person.

Ye Mo would never be soft on those who wanted to kill him, this woman was ruthless and had struck to take his life.

It sort of dawned on this woman that her arm had been cut off, she looked at Ye Mo in horror, no longer having the anger she had just felt, she knew that this man was going to kill her no different from killing a chicken.

“Do you know why I didn’t kill you?” Mo looked at the woman and said indifferently. Seeing that the woman no longer dared to say anything more, he continued, “Because you seem to be very well endowed in general, I’ll leave you alive, you go back and call all your endowments here, I’ll settle it once and for all. Oh, my name is Ye Mo, don’t forget.”

“And.” Ye Mo finished speaking to the woman, then looked at Wolf Pole and said, “Do you know why I didn’t kill you either?”

Wolf Pole subconsciously shook his head, he was stunned by Ye Mo’s terrifying tactics.

Ye Mo smiled lightly, “Because I need you to go back and bring a message to Thousand Dragon Heads, tell Thousand Dragon Heads that he shouldn’t be after me and I will pay him a visit. By the way, that canine son of his was killed by me.”

Ye Mo finished and swept the three men still left below him and said, “Do you know why I didn’t kill you again?” After saying that, he did not wait for these three men to answer, but said again, “I need you to clean up the corpses on the ground, there are a total of nine corpses here, so you will pile up these nine men now. I don’t like to waste time ……”

Having said that, Ye Mo surprisingly stopped talking. This remaining three people reacted quickly, and they immediately piled up the nine corpses on their hands and knees.

Ye Mo stood up, his fingers suddenly gathered and formed countless hand seals and shadows, a hot flame had fallen on top of the corpses, what he struck out was actually a fireball.

Now that Ye Mo was already at the third level of Qi cultivation, the fireballs could completely destroy the corpses. He destroyed the corpses on his way out, one to extinguish the evidence and the second to give Wolf Pole a warning.

However, even Ye Mo was a bit overwhelmed when he hit ten or so fireballs in one breath.

After the fireballs were finished, Ye Mo looked at the few people who were already dazed and said coldly, “Go back and tell Thousand Dragon Heads that I, Ye Mo, will come to visit anytime after I finish my business.” After saying that was a stealth spell and disappeared without a trace.

Watching Ye Mo send out fireballs to burn the corpses, Wolf Pole’s few men were already as if they were petrified, and now Ye Mo had actually disappeared out of thin air.

The three men who had just pulled the corpse finally couldn’t bear the shock and directly fainted. They could go and kill people, they could go and chop people up, but that was all in common sense, what was happening right now was beyond common sense.

Although Wolf Pole’s cultivation level was a little higher than theirs, the anti-conventional situation at hand was still a little too much for him to take in. Even an idle Taoist could not send out fireballs, and sudden disappearances, right?

Even if he was a Daoist, he wouldn’t be able to send out fireballs and suddenly disappear. The throne had offended such a person. The woman, like Wolf Pole, was so shocked by Ye Mo’s terrifying body and evil movements that she couldn’t utter a word for a long time.

If such a person really went to visit the throne, even if the boss had ten thousand lives, it would not be enough for him to kill.

Only after a long time did Wolf Pole react and immediately shouted, “Quick, immediately stop the pursuit of Ye Mo and Shi Ying, these two are one person, immediately bring today’s video, I want to return to Sena …… immediately.”

Wolf Pole kept screaming furiously until he was completely awake after all the people outside poured in. What’s more, he told his men to hurry and return, he no longer dared to call for a siege on Ye Mo, because these people were not enough for him to move his arms and legs, he even doubted if the mercenaries of the throne were Ye Mo’s opponents.

Ye Mo, of course, deliberately showed some tactics to let Thousand Dragon Head know so that he would stop making small moves against him, even if these small moves were done, they would be of no use.

Ye Mo was already fearless, he believed that although there were people who were more powerful than him, there were definitely not many, and even if there were, they would not be able to really kill him.


However, the Yanjing Ye family has some dark clouds at this time.

Because some of the companies in the Ye family have recently been hit hard, not only are many of the new partners gradually leaving, but some of the old partners are also slowly distancing themselves from the Ye family’s businesses.

Although the Ye family’s businesses are now managed by the Ye family’s old name, He Qianyifu, the real beneficiary is the Ye family. He is the only person in the second generation of the Ye family who shares his mother’s surname, and now that numerous businesses have taken a hit, it is he who is most affected. A huge family, without a profitable industry to support it, might really go downhill for this family.

If the Ye family’s business in the country has only been partially hit, then their business in Africa and Hong Kong is simply disastrous.

Not to mention the business in Africa, even the employees of the company in Africa are often missing, and the largest garment factory in Africa has been forced to close down. In contrast, the situation at home is slightly better.

The family meeting of the Ye family is somewhat different from that of the Song family in that the current head of the Ye family is still Ye Bei Rong, the old man.

The situation of the Ye family at this time is obviously much more serious than that of the Song family last time. The Song family only lost a third-generation playboy last time, and even the subsequent Song Shao Tan was only a young man with some motivation. But the Ye family was the one whose economic lifeline had been pinched.

Although this is not enough to make will be the Ye family what, or even if all the foreign companies have collapsed, will not let the Ye family collapse, but the economy has been hit, in other places will certainly also suffer greatly.

“Is it confirmed that it was done by Thousand Dragons?” Ye Bei Rong frowned, he knew that once he left the centre, the Ye family didn’t have much talent among its descendants and originally intended to put the Ye family’s focus into business above all else. But he didn’t expect to suffer such a big blow before he had the chance to shift.