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DYM Chapter 116

…… Yes, it can now be confirmed that the industries belonging to the Quantum Payments name, both in Africa and Europe, have been hit, and there has even been more than one case of missing people in Africa, and the missing ones are all top company executives.” The man who spoke was a fifty-year-old man who was close to Ye Bei Rong.

His name was Ye Taki, the nee-son of Ye Bei Rong’s elder brother, and he was doing the equivalent of Song Hai in the Ye family.

“Do you know what the reason is? Our Ye family and the Thousand Dragon Heads are not in the same well, isn’t he afraid that my Ye family will wipe out their “Southern Youth, all over the country? He dares to take the initiative to provoke to my Ye family.” Ye Bei Rong had been in a high position for a long time, and although he was about to come down, that unquestionable tone was still very strong.

He did have the ability to do so, even if Thousand Dragons was powerful, he was just a guy who could not see the light of day, if he P*ssed off the Ye family, although they could not completely destroy Thousand Dragons, they could do nothing if they wanted to destroy his forces in the country. Even if you have a mercenary army, would you dare to drive to the border? Even if you dare to come to the border, I guess with a few cannon shots, Thousand Dragons’ little mercenary army will be gone.

What kind of nerve had Thousand Dragons gone mad, to dare to make a move against the Ye family.

However, Ye Tui immediately said: “I have already checked it out, it might be because of Ye Mo’s matter, Ye Mo killed Thousand Dragons’ only son and angered Thousand Dragons. I guess the Thousand Dragon Heads are going to take their anger out on our Ye Family.” “Ye Mo has already been expelled from the Ye family, everyone knows about this matter, since this Thousand Dragons leader is so insensitive, there is no need for my Ye family to be afraid of him.” The one who spoke was a yīn soft man not even thirty years old, this man was called Ye Kang, the eldest son of Ye Wenqi. Although his voice was not loud, everyone in the entire conference hall could hear him very clearly.

Ye Manqi was in his fifties, with slightly balding hair and thick eyebrows, but long, thin eyes. When he heard Ye’s words, he immediately scolded, “Don’t talk nonsense.” However, Ye Bei Rong frowned and asked after a long time, “Last time, I remember who said that he wanted to look into Ye Mo’s recent affairs, what was that about?” “Father, it was me, last time I heard that Ye Mo had done a lot of things recently, even Ninghai’s divisional shadow was him, so I couldn’t help but go out and inquire about him. And in the video that I got back, Shi Ying did look somewhat like Ye Mo, it’s just that because of other things, I didn’t get to say anything for a while.” Ye Wenjin immediately said.

Ye Bei Rong’s brow furrowed even more, and only after a while did he ask, “From what place did you learn that Shi Ying was Ye Mo?”

“It’s from the Song family,” Ye Manjin was no fool, he felt that something was wrong halfway through his sentence, his information had come from someone from the Song family. The Song family and the Ye family had always been at odds, so how could they be so kind as to give him information?

Ye Bei Rong sighed, this son of his was still a bit too nèn, the Song family hadn’t even seen such an obvious move clearly. If he had given the information to Ye Wenqi or his elder brother’s son Ye Wenfei, he might have been able to ask more clearly. However, he also knew that even if the people of the Ye family did not investigate Ye Mo, the Song family would take the initiative to find a way to let the Thousand Dragons know that the Ye family was already taking Ye Mo seriously.

They should have fallen for the Song Family’s ploy of sitting on the mountain and watching the tiger fight. It was surprising that the Song family could let go of the murderer who killed Song Shaowen and leave him alone, and instead, they were here to put a long line to catch a big fish and pull the Ye family into the water.

Now that the Thousand Heads have made their move against the Ye family, the Ye family will not let the Thousand Heads off the hook even if they know why. The two sides will definitely fight, and once the Thousand Dragon Heads and the Ye Family fight, the Song Family will definitely have to help the Thousand Dragon Heads.

In this way, it would be much harder or more unlikely for the Ye family to destroy the “South Green” Brahmin in China.

Ye Bei Rong could even imagine that as long as this tug-of-war persisted, the Ye family would even fall in a straight line like a plane being shot down.

But even knowing this, the Ye family had to make a move, because in addition to the foreign Ye family’s enterprises, the next step for the Thousand Dragons would definitely be the domestic Ye family’s enterprises. What’s more, once the Ye family’s businesses are hit like this, if the Ye family still doesn’t take action, then all the businesses and businessmen who cooperate with the Ye family will retreat in droves, and the Ye family will add to its woes.

Even if the Ye family knew about it now, they would not worry that the Ye family would not fall for the scheme. What was hateful was not knowing how many favours the Song family had given to Thousand Dragons, to make him willing to be used as a stick.

And even if Ye Bei Rong wanted to find a compromise with the Song family now, the Song family would probably not accept it, because things had already developed to this point, and as long as the Ye family fell, the Song family would automatically get a piece of the cake that was even bigger than the Song family’s compromise.

Ye Mo went to buy a set of cheap clothes, the extra money could only be used to buy a plane ticket, and he didn’t even have money to buy a bag. However, Ye Mo had by now regained his identity and used back the ID card that Wen Dong had given him.

As for Mo Ye’s name, it was unnecessary to use it again, he believed that before he went to find Thousand Dragons, he, Thousand Dragons, should not do that kind of thing to chase him again.

Although Ye Mo packed fresh and clean, of all the people on the flight to Luo Cang, perhaps only Ye Mo’s clothes were the cheapest ground-floor goods, but he didn’t care about that.

Just as Ye Mo was about to find his own seat, he noticed that the jade device worn on the wrist of an old man behind him had an aura flowing through it, Ye Mo’s divine sense swept through and saw that it was a jade bracelet.

He found himself in front of the old man, and next to this old man sat two women, the one by the window was a fashionable woman wearing a large mask, while the middle one was a middle-aged fù woman. Ye Mo had the intention to ask this old man where his bracelet came from, and to sit next to the old man, he could only change places with the middle-aged fù woman.

“Big sister, can I change seats with you?” Ye Mo looked back at the middle-aged fù woman with a consultative tone.

“The rules do not allow you to change seats.” Before this middle-aged fù woman could reply, the flight attendant who was pushing the trolley over had already spoken.

This middle-aged fù woman looked at Ye Mo somewhat apologetically, although she knew what Ye Mo meant, she also wanted to be an adult, but people did not allow it. In her opinion, this young man must have wanted to change seats because he wanted to pick up the trendy girl by the window.

A smile of understanding also appeared at the corner of the old man’s mouth, and it was obvious that his view was the same as this middle-aged fù woman’s.

Of course Ye Mo didn’t know what they were thinking there was still some disappointment in his heart, he could only wait until he got off the plane and then strike up a conversation with the old man.

The fashionable woman heard Ye Mo’s words and swept a glance at him, with a look of sarcasm in her eyes, the kind of disdain that even the middle-aged fù woman could see. The middle-aged fù woman secretly sighed, Ye Mo’s courage was good, but he was just a bit too shabby, I really don’t know how he got this plane ticket.

Since he couldn’t exchange it, Ye Mo didn’t force it. He was going to talk to this old man again when he got off the plane.

Ye Mo stopped talking and started to close his eyes to recuperate. More than two hours…later, the plane landed at Luocang Airport. Ye Mo got off the plane first, but stood outside waiting for the fashionable woman who saw that Ye Mo was actually waiting outside, and the disgust in her heart grew even more.

She had purposely worn a mask this time out, but surprisingly, she couldn’t stop this kind of person. She deliberately walked around to get past because she really didn’t want to say even a word to someone like Ye Mo.

The fù woman and the old man obviously knew each other, and when they saw Ye Mo standing outside waiting, they smiled in their hearts, this young man was really persistent. It was obvious that the fashionable lady didn’t mean anything to him, and even hated him, but he could even pull himself up and wait here.

However, in order to make Ye Mo’s life easier, the two of them deliberately came around as well, wanting Ye Mo to wait for the fashionable girl alone.

When Ye Mo saw that the old man was surprisingly not pa*sing by him here, he hurriedly followed him.

When that fashionable lady saw Ye Mo following him, she stood still with some disgust, gave Ye Mo a fierce stare and said coldly, “Are you trying to say you want to buy me dinner.”

Ye Mo was a bit baffled by this question and frowned as he replied, “I don’t know you, why should I treat you to dinner? I don’t have any money on me right now either, if you want to treat me to dinner, you go find someone else.” After saying that Ye Mo didn’t bother to pay attention to this nonsensical woman, he walked directly to the old man and said politely, “Hello senior, my name is Ye Mo, I took the liberty to interrupt and wanted to ask you a question.” It was the first time the old man met someone calling him senior, he gave Ye Mo a somewhat strange look, then said, “Hello,1 young man, if you have any questions, just ask, as long as I know, I

will definitely tell you.”

Ye Mo pointed to the bracelet on the old man’s wrist and said, “May I ask where you bought this bracelet from? I feel that this bracelet is greatly unusual, can you show it to me?”

After hearing Ye Mo’s words, the old man did not hesitate to take the bracelet off and hand it to Ye Mo, but it was the middle-aged fù woman who looked wary. a strange man wanted someone to take the bracelet and show it to him as soon as they met. The young man’s clothes looked a bit shabby, but now that the old man had handed over the bracelet, the middle-aged fù woman didn’t say anything.

Ye Mo took the bracelet and felt it carefully, there was indeed some faint spiritual energy, after a while, he handed the bracelet to the old man “Old man, this bracelet of yours is very unusual, it is so much better than ordinary jade, if I am not mistaken, you should have a magic weapon that can make people healthy.”

“Oh, 1 lad, you actually know about magic weapons?” This old man was instantly interested, he usually liked to browse the antique market and was instructed by many peers and insiders, so of course he was not ignorant. A magic weapon was, to put it bluntly, something that had been enlightened by a truly superior person, but with different functions. The bracelet he had was indeed a magic weapon, and even a magic weapon of a not insignificant grade, but it was a gift from a friend.

The young man in front of him could see that this one of his was a magic weapon, which instantly aroused the old man’s interest. Because nowadays, very few young people still believe in this kind of thing.