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DYM Chapter 117

“Oh, no one believes in this kind of stuff anymore, I didn’t expect you to be an insider.

If you want to ask the place with the most of such magic weapons, it’s the old street at the west gate of Luocang. There are a lot of magic weapons there, they’re just mixed with ordinary things and it’s hard for you to identify them.” The moment he talked about magic weapons, this old man’s interest immediately came up.

Ye Mo smiled faintly, what he wanted was not the magic weapon, what he wanted was the spiritual qi contained in it.

In fact, this amount of spiritual energy was of no use to him, but what was on his mind was how the person who made the magic weapon stored the spiritual energy up there, and also where did Ye Mo get the spiritual energy when he knew that the people here did not cultivate.

Listening to the old man’s words, Ye Mo already knew that this Nose Gate Old Street and Ninghai’s Haibao Garden should be somewhat similar.

This topic was not of interest to others, but the more Ye Mo and this old man talked, the more they got to know each other. In the end, Ye Mo also knew that this old man was called Lin Huihe, a retired old cadre from Luocang, and Ye Mo didn’t hide anything from him, telling him that he opened a small clinic and even told him the address.

“You’re actually a doctor? I really couldn’t tell.” When Lin Huihe heard that Ye Mo was a doctor, his interest became even stronger.

Ye Mo smiled and said, “I’m not a doctor, I’ve just learned a few random prescriptions, I’m far from being a doctor.”

The fashionable girl, who was originally furious when she heard Ye Mo’s words, wanted to pick her up and had to pretend.

But then she saw Ye Mo and that old man talking more and more, and she understood a bit in her heart, daring to say that people were not looking for her at all, but wanted to wait for that old man to talk. Her face was a little hot, it turned out that she had expressed her feelings wrongly.

Ye Mo had already known where Lin Huihe’s bracelet came from, so he said no more, and after saying goodbye to Lin Huihe, he hurried to the small clinic, he was a bit anxious about the “Silver Heart Gra*s,” which he had planted.

“The Spring Return Clinic, cold and clear, the door was actually hidden and not fully opened.

This was a bit out of Ye Mo’s expectation, the clinic was still very busy when he left, how come it was so cold now? It wasn’t even open?

When Ye Mo came in he just saw Lu Xiaozhen sitting alone inside the shop, somewhat dazed.

“Where is Yu Erhu?” Ye Mo asked as soon as he entered, he had already swept with his divine sense and didn’t see Yu Erhu.

“Who are you? We are temporarily closed for business.” Lu Xiaozhen saw that the person in front of her looked familiar but just didn’t know who it was.

Ye Mo said with a faint smile, “I don’t know him, I just don’t have the scars on my face anymore.” “Ah, Master, you’re back.” What surprised Lu Xiaozhen didn’t seem to be that the mark on Ye Mo’s face was gone, but that he was back. But immediately after saying that, Lu Xiaozhen remembered about Yu Erhu and hastily added, “Senior Brother Erhu was taken away by the 〖Police〗.” Ye Mo immediately felt a bit strange in his heart, Erhu was honest, had real talent and had a medical license. Besides, when he was leaving, he had told him not to accept difficult cases that could not be treated, so how could he be taken away by the police?

The day before yesterday, a patient came in and said that his stomach was not feeling well, so Erhu helped him and gave him some medicine to drink. Yesterday, he came back and said he had a problem with the potion, but Brother Erhu couldn’t find anything wrong and said he was fine. Who knew that the man would say that he was fine, but that he had become ill because he had taken our potion.

The man then came to the clinic and made a big fuss, saying that our clinic was a black-hearted clinic. Brother Erhu didn’t want to talk to this kind of person, so he returned the money to him who knew that he would have to pay back ten times the amount. This man was obviously blackmailing, and when Brother Erhu got angry, he gave him a lecture, which resulted in this man calling many gangsters to come and beat up Brother Erhu, not to mention that he even arrested Brother Erhu and took him to the police station.”

At this point Lu Xiaozhen rubbed her eyes, it was obvious that Yu Erhu had been beaten up quite badly. He continued, “Brother Erhu was taken away yesterday morning, that person came back in the afternoon to play hard to get but called the police 〖police〗just delayed to come. I had no choice, so I returned the money to him tenfold.

But I didn’t expect that some of the people who were treated at our clinic later on would also come over and make a fuss, saying that they also wanted ten times the amount of compensation.

Only big brother Zhang bō and his wife both kept persuading people around now big brother Zhang is still looking for connections to save big brother Erhu out.”

The first thing you should do is to get a good deal on your own.

Ye Mo’s face had already sunk, he configured the medicine and some pills, not to mention charging a few hundred yuan, or even ten times higher, it is not expensive, these people got a bargain and still came to make noise. The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

At this moment a middle-aged man came in again outside the clinic, this man saw Ye Mo and froze for a moment, but he quickly recognized that this was the owner of the clinic and the person who saved his son.

“Brother Zhang,” Lu Xiaozhen called out immediately when she saw this man.

Zhang bō said with a shameful face, “I’m sorry, Dr. Mo, the person who moved Erhu’s brother this time is too powerful, I can’t help much, but you don’t need to rush, I’m going to go back and look for connections again.” Ye Mo nodded, it looked like there were still people who knew how to repay the favour. At this moment, when he heard Zhang bō’s words, he shook his hand and said, “Brother Zhang doesn’t need to find anyone else, you just need to tell me what kind of people are looking for trouble with our clinic.

Zhang bō froze for a moment, in his opinion Ye Mo was a foreigner, he even helped him to get such things as licenses, he told himself to leave it alone, did he have a solution? But since Ye Mo asked, he still said: “The one that Erhu brothers beat up was Wang Quan. Although Wang Quan is nothing, he has a cousin who is a mobster in Luo Cang, and he is a black and white person. After Brother Erhu beat up Wang Quan, his cousin called someone to beat up Brother Erhu not to mention that he even called the police to take him away.”

Ye Mo nodded and said to Lu Xiaozhen, “Give me your mobile phone to use.” Ye Mo took his mobile phone and dialed a number for Wu Xuemin. He had heard Wu Xuemin say when he came to Luo Cang that Luo Cang was their territory, so since he was a gangster, he should call Wu Xuemin directly. So, since he was a gangster, he could just go directly to Wu Xuemin.

“Brother Ye, I really didn’t expect you to call me, are you alright?” Although Wu Xuemin’s voice was happy, it seemed to lack the enthusiasm he had at the beginning, as to what the reason was, Ye Mo didn’t bother to care, to be true, only Wu Xuemin owed him, he didn’t owe Wu Xuemin anything.

“The man is very nice, but in a bad mood. You should be able to say a word about the underground of Luo Cang, but my apprentice was actually beaten up by a punk from Luo Cang and even got sent to the police station, do you think I’ll be in a good mood?” Ye Mo’s tone was light, if Wu Xuemin couldn’t solve this problem, don’t blame him, Ye Mo, for laying down a ruthless hand and wiping out the underground mafia in Luo Cang.

“These b*****ds, Brother Ye don’t be in a hurry, I will give you an explanation soon.” Wu Xuemin hurriedly said, his tone was a little annoyed but he didn’t feel that the situation was that serious, after all, it was only one of Ye Mo’s disciples.

Ye Mo, however, smiled lightly and said, “Do you think I look like I’m in a hurry? I’m not even afraid of a thousand dragons, I would still be afraid of a few punks.” After saying that Ye Mo directly hung up the phone.

He did not believe that Wu Xuemin did not know about his opening of the clinic in Luo Cang, and since he knew about it and this kind of thing happened, he could imagine Wu Xuemin’s attitude. So if this matter was not handled well by Wu Xuemin, don’t blame him for being ungracious.

Wu Xuemin held the phone but suddenly felt a bit cold, he felt that his attitude seemed to be a bit problematic. He knew too well how fierce Ye Mo was, and he had saved his life. He was not surprised that he had destroyed Luo Cang’s “Iron River” forces.

Moreover, now that Ye Mo had taken out this kind of attitude, it meant that he was ready to reveal his identity.

If he dared to reveal his identity, it meant that he was already capable of challenging the Thousand Dragon Heads. A person who could challenge the Thousand Dragons would be afraid of a small gangster branch in Luo Cang?

Besides, Wu Xuemin was not willing to cross Ye Mo, who had been kind to him and was an impervious person.

Perhaps he was really to blame for this matter, he really didn’t care about Ye Mo’s situation in Luo Cang, he just knew that Ye Mo had gone to Luo Cang to open a clinic and didn’t care because in his opinion his people couldn’t possibly mess with a remote clinic, so he didn’t account for it. The main thing was that he had been too busy recently.

However, now his people had just messed with him. Originally, he thought that beating up Ye Mo’s disciple was nothing, at most, he would just beat up the youngster and pay some money. Now feeling Ye Mo’s attitude, Wu Xuemin knew that Ye Mo should have a problem with him. Wu Xuemin didn’t dare to delay any longer and immediately called the phone to Luo Cang.

“Master, you just now,” Lu Xiaozhen saw that Ye Mo just made a phone call and stopped talking about the matter, her heart was a bit beaten up.

“That’s all?” Zhang bō didn’t know who Ye Mo had called, but Ye Mo just made a phone call and surprisingly rested like that, could it be that the matter he ran for two days was simply finished?

Ye Mo nodded “It should be fine, it’s just that these two days have been hard on you, brother Zhang.” Zhang bō hurriedly waved his hand and said, “It’s nothing, it should be, it should be.

However, Ye Mo said, “Whenever you bring your child to me again, I will take a look at him. And don’t introduce business for our clinic in the future, because our clinic is going to be reorganised.” Zhang bō was well aware of Ye Mo’s ability, and now that Ye Mo said that he would also help his child to have a look, he was immediately surprised in his heart. Last time since Ye Mo had looked at it, his family’s Chan Chan hadn’t been sick again. Although he had taken his child to the hospital after Ye Mo had seen him last time, he had only spent some money and nothing had been fixed.

So his family’s Chan Chan has not been sick until now, and the credit goes to Ye Mo.

Seeing that Ye Mo had only just returned and seemed to have something else to do, Zhang bō hurriedly took his leave.

Ye Mo turned his head to look at Lu Xiaozhen’s still somewhat red and swollen eyes, the girl was not bad looking, with decent features, and seemed to be okay as a person. If she really liked Yu Erhu, she would be a good girl.

Ye Mo looked and saw a computer and printer, and thought in his heart, it looks like business is not bad, Erhu even bought a wife’s brain.

Seeing Ye Mo looking at the computer, Lu Xiaozhen hurriedly said, “Because the business inside the clinic is too good, I proposed to buy a computer to type the orders, so as to eliminate a lot of things.” Ye Mo nodded “Hmm, but we won’t need it in the future because our business is unlikely to be too good in the future.”

“Why?” Lu Xiaozhen thought to herself, Master will only be better when he comes back, how could it be bad?