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DYM Chapter 118

…… I’m going to check the backyard first, I’ll come back and talk to you guys when Erhu comes back.” The most important thing he was concerned about was how his “Silver Heart Gra*s” was doing, he still had to rely on it to cultivate.

“Ye Mo observed carefully, although the seeds of the Silver Heart Gra*s were not dead, the vitality of the Silver Heart Gra*s was not as vigorous as the one in Ning Hai’s small courtyard. It was only a little better than the snakes.

Ye Mo shook his head and was very puzzled, the same soil quality, why not in another place? But fortunately these “Silver Heart Gra*ses” had not died yet, if these had died too, he would only have five seeds now, which was not good news.

Outside, the sound of a car roaring came in. Ye Mo knew that it must be Yu Erhu who had been sent back, he was really fast.

Sure enough when Ye Mo came out, he saw that Lu Xiaozhen was supporting Yu Erhu, who was staggering a bit and looked like he was not lightly injured.

“Master, you” Although Yu Erhu recognized Ye Mo, he also felt that Ye Mo had changed too much.

Ye Mo nodded and said, “Let’s talk about these later, who did this to you?”

“I did it, what’s wrong? Don’t think that if you find someone to bail him out and bring him back, I’ll fight the same way in the future?” A young man in his twenties, with a cigarette in his mouth, walked over. He happened to hear Ye Mo’s words, he pointed his finger at Ye Mo, and then also glanced at the two 〖Police〗surgeons who sent Yu Erhu back.

Ye Mo swept a glance at the youth and said somewhat coldly, “You no longer have a future.” “D*mn it, give you face, I want to fight now. See how you do?” After saying this, he dropped the cigarette in his hand and was about to come up.

The two 〖Police〗detectives of course knew who had greeted them, and now seeing Wang Quan still dare to be so arrogant, they immediately knew that this guy was going to eat his way out. They knew that there might be another dispute here soon, and it was not something they dared to manage.

“Wang Quan, what are you still shouting for, don’t make amends to this friend yet.” A black sèd Mercedes drove over quickly and stopped in front of Ye Mo, the middle-aged man in the car just got out and said.

“Cousin, this man seems to be dragging, what are you afraid of, he’s even dragging to Luo Cang.” Wang Quan seemed unhappy not to teach Ye Mo a lesson, but after hearing the man who got out of the Mercedes say so, he didn’t go up to him again.

After the man who got out of the Mercedes got off and said a word about Wang Quan, he immediately took out a cigarette and walked up to Ye Mo and said with a smile, “Hello, I didn’t know I was an acquaintance, Wang Quan is my cousin, so please don’t be offended if I offend you. My name is Wan Jihua, from now on you can rest a*sured that absolutely no one will come to your place to cause trouble.”

Wan Jihua was a bully in Luo Cang, Yu Erhu and Lu Xiaozhen were not the same now, Lu Xiaozhen saw that Ye Mo had made a phone call and Yu Erhu was immediately sent back, moreover Wan Jihua was so polite talking to his master, they even thought they had misread it.

But what made them look even more wrong was still to come.

However, Ye Mo coldly glanced at Wan Jihua before he said: ”What are you Jihua’s face changed, he did not expect that he had come so far in Luo Cang and had already spoken to Ye Mo very politely, and this Ye Mo still did not drag him.

When did he, Wan Jihua, ever receive such a blank stare? He was thinking that this Ye Mo might just know one of the brothers in the gang, and then that brother mentioned it to Brother Hong, and was not a great person.

He thought that someone from Yu Erhu’s family had found Brother Hong through his connections, and that Brother Hong had only made a casual remark. In order to show the importance of Hong’s words, he even made a trip over himself, after all, it was his cousin who beat him up.

I didn’t expect him to come in person and have his hot face on his cold a*s. This made Wan Jihua, who had been a long time member of the Daoist community, lose face immediately.

This Ye Mo didn’t know how many connections he had made before he found someone to contact Brother Hong, otherwise Brother Hong wouldn’t have just made a phone call so easily. Now that he gave him his face, he didn’t want it, this guy still thinks he is someone.

“Since I don’t count for anything, I’ll leave. Wang Quan, let’s go.” Wan Jihua turned around with an iron face after he finished speaking and left, if he hadn’t figured out whose connections Ye Mo was looking for right now, he would have made his move long ago. Just because he left now, didn’t mean he would just let it go like that, when he went back and figured out the connection, he would definitely make this small clinic eat its words.

Ye Mo coldly watched Wan Jihua leave with Wang Quan, and didn’t say anything more, he wasn’t going to teach these two people a lesson in the downtown area. If he wanted to teach them a lesson, he would have to find his lair. He was very dissatisfied with how Wu Xuemin had handled Wang Quan’s matter. If Wu Xuemin had handled it to his satisfaction, perhaps he wouldn’t have looked for him in the past, but since he wasn’t satisfied, then let him handle it himself.

“Master, when did you come back?” Although Yu Erhu and Lu Xiaozhen were not sure why this punk had come to make amends, why Ye Mo still drove them away and was not at all polite. Although they didn’t understand, the one thing that was better about Yu Erhu was that he never asked Ye Mo more about things.

Ye Mo checked Yu Erhu’s body, the beating was indeed serious, and he even had internal injuries.

If it wasn’t for Yu Erhu’s strong body, he probably wouldn’t have been able to hold on long ago, and being killed was a possibility.

Ye Mo already had a lot of anger in his heart, these people were simply taking ordinary people for granted, if Yu Erhu was not his disciple, he would have been beaten up, if he was killed it would just be a fear of suicide, he was really vicious.

“Wang Quan is a gangster, it’s okay to come over and ask for a refund, why do many of the rest of the people also want to come over and ask for money?” After Ye Mo helped Yu Erhu heal his wounds, he could not figure this out somewhat, after all, it was only a few hundred or a thousand, there can’t be so many people in this world who like to take advantage of such cheapness.

Yu Erhu had been living in Luo Cang for more than a month, he was no longer a rookie who was new to the city, and he had come into contact with all sorts of people at the clinic, so he understood a bit. Now that Ye Mo came to ask, he immediately said, “Many people were encouraged by Wang Quan, and there were a small number of people who wanted to take some small advantage, but most of them still didn’t come over.” Ye Mo nodded his head and said, “Most of them?” He didn’t think so.

After a moment of silence Ye Mo said, “In the future, our clinic will no longer treat colds and fevers, headaches and itchy feet, such diseases will go directly to the hospital. We are going to increase the registration fee, no treatment for those who are not registered.” “Master, do we have to charge the same registration fee as the hospital? How much is it charged? Is it also more than ten dollars?” Lu Xiaozhen was immediately a little surprised when she heard Ye Mo say that the small clinic also had to charge a registration fee.

Ye Mo smiled and said, “The registration fee is to be charged, but not a dozen dollars, in the future, if you want to be treated here with us, the registration fee charged will be set at one hundred thousand …… for the time being”

“What?” Before Ye Mo had finished his words, Yu Erhu and Reward Xiaozhen were already shocked, charging a registration fee of one hundred thousand? This is not such a high registration fee in the whole world.

“Yes one hundred thousand, but to clarify, whether it is cured or not, the registration fee is not refundable, and the patient who needs treatment has to sign. And only one person is allowed to register each month, and you need to pay separately for the treatment. If there are no patients all the time, just study yourselves and ask me if you don’t understand.” Ye Mo nodded and said.

He said this because he did not open the clinic to treat these colds and fevers, but to grow the “Silver Heart Gra*s” Since the “Silver Heart Gra*s” was still early, there was no need to dispute with the surrounding neighbours every day over these matters.

He can go to the hospital for minor illnesses and disasters, and his small clinic can’t take care of them. And there are people who are truly abominable, and there is no need for him to continue to do business at a loss.

Although the price of the soup was not a loss relative to the cost, to Ye Mo it was a loss of money.

One of the reasons why the small clinic offered such a high price was to avoid too many people coming, and another was that the free time would allow him to cultivate and take care of the “Silver Heart Gra*s,”. The reason why he said that the registration fee was not refundable was because he felt that general illnesses were not difficult for him, and if it was really too difficult, he would just not be allowed to register.

“But, Master. If this happens, won’t we have to close down ourselves?” Yu Erhu immediately said.

Ye Mo nodded “It is supposed to be closed down, you guys see if there is a villa that is a bit more remote or something, I am going to buy a set and we will move to a remote place in the future. As for this clinic Ying will close down.”

“Buying a villa, even a remote place costs several million, Master. And if we buy a remote place, there will be even less people coming to see the doctor.” Lu Xiaozhen immediately said, she was more concerned about these things.

Ye Mo said with a faint smile, “The fragrance of wine is not afraid of the alleyway, we don’t need to advertise, you just need to learn the techniques of boiling medicine with the two Erhu now. It’s okay to wait half a year and open again, as for money, don’t worry. I’m going to make a trip to Yanjing soon, someone there owes me some, I’ll go and collect it.”

Ye Mo was really not worried about the money, Li Fox owed him half a million, and he had to go to settle the debt with Thousand Dragons, so he might be able to bring some back by the way. As for the Song family, if Thousand Dragons didn’t dare to touch him, he didn’t believe that the Song family would dare to touch him.

“Then, Master, if you leave Luo Cang, will our clinic still be open?” Yu Erhu was also a little nervous now, even a registered number cost 100,000, if this got out, immediately the small clinic would be famous.

“No need to open, and don’t advertise the registration thing either.1 Xiaozhen you can register a website in which it will say specializing in treating all kinds of difficult and miscellaneous diseases. But to know the details, you have to become a member of the website. The fee for registering as a member is ten thousand, and when applying for treatment, the patient must write down the symptoms clearly, and once we agree to accept it, he will immediately pay the registration fee of one hundred thousand.” Ye Mo said after thinking about it, he thought that this method was the most feasible.

One did not have to expose himself, and the second could cut out some unnecessary disputes and less hype from reporters.