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DYM Chapter 119

The reason why Wu Hong hung up the phone was because he was in a hurry, he had already taken a plane from Shenyang to Luocang.

Wu Xuemin’s exact words were, “Ye Mo of the Hui Chun Clinic saved my life, so I call him brother too. You guys are good, you dared to get his disciple to the police station and beat him up. You go and make amends with him immediately, and if you can’t handle it to Ye Mo’s satisfaction, you know the consequences. Wu Xue Min meant that since Ye Mo had called him, he should do a nice job, but Wu Hong had done a lot of things for him recently, of course he wouldn’t do anything to him, but it was still necessary to knock on him with the help of Ye Mo’s matter.

Wu Hong was immediately anxious, he didn’t know about this at all, but he didn’t expect to alert Wu Xuemin, who actually held the power of Tie Jiang’s operation. He even told him to go and make amends with Ye Mo, so it was clear what kind of person Ye Mo was. If he could not satisfy Ye Mo, he would have to know the consequences. To say “Tie Jiang, a few disobedient juniors randomly disappeared within, no one dared to say anything.

So he was in a hurry, and in his eagerness immediately called and ordered Wan Jihua to send the man back. He hung up the phone with the intention of quickly rushing to Luo Cang to make amends to Ye Mo.

Luo Cang” extra-territorial leisure, has been “Tie Jiang, the industry, and this is also “Tie Jiang, the gathering place. However, Wan Jihua was in charge of this place for the time being, and Wan Jihua was only a small-time gangster, so it was only half a month ago that he could manage Extra-territorial Leisure.

Since he has become the actual head of the Outlander Leisure, Wan Jihua has been able to speak directly to Brother Hong, and his back has been straightened up, and he even has to act like a big brother when he goes in and out. He was also planning to get his cousin Wang Quan to come to the Extra-territorial Leisure some time later, at least to be a small head or something, but he just hadn’t gotten around to it yet.

He was in a very bad mood, and only after he went to his lover’s place to have a good time did he feel a little better. However, when he walked into Luo Cang’s “extra-territorial leisure”, he unexpectedly saw the boss Wu Hong’s personal henchman, Three Snakes.

“Why are you here? Didn’t you and Brother Hong just go to Shenyang?” Wan Jihua looked at Three Snakes with a surprised face.

Without his usual smiling face, Three Snakes just said with a sullen face, “Brother Hong is back and waiting for you in the basement.” Wan Jihua’s heart sank when he heard Three Snakes’ words, and a very bad feeling came over him.

Wu Hong had gone to Shenyang on a very important matter this time, and he would go to Jing City after his business in Shenyang, so how could he suddenly return to Luocang again?

Even when he returned to Luocang, he rarely came to “Extra-territorial Leisure”, but today he not only returned to Luocang, but also came to “Extra-territorial Leisure”.

When Wan Jihua walked into the basement meeting room, his heart thumped. His punk cousin Wang Quan seemed to have had both his legs broken and was lying on one side in shock, while a dozen men he had never seen before were standing on either side.

“He suddenly realised that even the biggest Hong in his eyes was standing at the bottom and the top was a big screen, and the image that appeared on the screen was of a middle-aged man.

“Could it be” Although Wan Jihua did not know Wu Xuemin, but it did not mean that he had not heard of Wu Xuemin’s strong According to rumours, he was strong enough to make Huang Ji step down, as for where Huang Ji had gone, no one dared to say or ask. So when he saw this man above him, and that Wu Hong was respectful to him, he guessed that this man might be Wu Xuemin.

“You are Wan Jihua?” Wu Xuemin’s voice was cold, if Ye Mo was here, even if he was looking at the screen, he would have noticed that the current Wu Xuemin was definitely not the Wu Xuemin of a month or so ago he had become very cold and did not look as human as before.

In a month’s time, Wu Xuemin had killed an unknown number of people in order to eradicate dissidents and now his position had been completely consolidated. But whether it was really consolidated or not perhaps only he himself knew.

“Yes, yes,” facing Wu Xuemin’s somewhat cold eyes on the screen, Wan Jihua felt his body tingling.

Wu Hong suddenly walked up to Wan Jihua and raised his hand and slapped him twice “D*mn, you were told to apologize and make amends, not to pretend to be a master. The first time I saw him, he said, “I’m sorry.

After saying that, Wu Hong kicked Wan Jihua in the tuǐ bone, and Wan Jihua fell to his knees with a scream of pain. It was only at this point that he realized that it seemed that Ye Mo was not simple.

“Why don’t Brother Min break Wan Jihua’s tuǐ and let him go make amends with Ye Mo again.” Wu Hong said carefully immediately after kicking off Wan Jihua’s tuǐ.

“No need, Brother Ye is not going to want to see this kind of trash.” Wu Xuemin immediately interrupted Wu Hong’s proposal, he knew Ye Mo’s xìng character somewhat, what Ye Mo hated the most was people like Wan Jihua.

After hearing Wu Xuemin’s words, Wan Jihua’s eyes went black and he almost fainted. What kind of person was he pretending to be a big brother in front of, to be someone who even called Wu Xuemin his big brother.

Wang Quan was even more scared silly, he had never seen such a scene before, he was a small-time gangster, when could he be in a room with such a boss, even if it was just a shadow picture. Although he wanted to see the boss very much, he definitely did not want to see it in this kind of situation.

“Break both of these two guys’ tushes and carry them past the clinic entrance for a trip. Then Wu Hong you go make your own amends and take 100,000 yuan for Erhu’s brother’s medical expenses, don’t take more than that, Ye Mo doesn’t like to owe people. Just say I am not available for the time being, otherwise I would have come myself.

After saying this, Wu Xuemin leaned back in his seat.

A month or so ago, in his heart, Ye Mo was still his best friend. But now, he felt that he had changed a lot. Perhaps it was the feeling of being above the world that had given him an extreme desire for power. He even wondered if he would have come to solve these small problems himself if Ye Mo’s strike was not strong and ruthless.

Not only that, but recently he felt that Yu Miaotong also had some opinion of him, and was not even as close to him as before. Had he really become too powerful? But he didn’t want to give up this thrill of power, he could decide the life and death of a person and the survival of a business with a casual word, and this feeling made him enjoy it.

Even if he hadn’t tasted it before, now that he had, he would never give it up again.

When the screams of Wan Jihua and Wang Quan came, Wu Xuemin only felt a little disgusted, he wanted to kill these two people, but he knew that although they were insignificant little mongrels, killing them would chill his own brother’s heart. Besides, blackmail like Wang Quan’s is all too common for the lowest ranks of Tie Jiang, but Wang Quan had the wrong man for the job this time.

When Wang Quan and Wan Jihua, who were bandaged like dumplings, were carried across the path to the Hui Chun Clinic, of course Ye Mo knew about it because Wu Hong had also come over on purpose and brought with him 100,000 yuan in compensation.

Ye Mo did not refuse. When he heard Wu Xuemin’s words, he already understood that this friendship was over. He didn’t care, he didn’t owe anything to Wu Xuemin, to say that he owed only what he owed to himself.

There are times when one really cannot go by intuition. Although intuition can judge how a person’s character is, it definitely cannot tell how that person will be in the future.

In Ye Mo’s eyes, both Fang Nan and Wu Xuemin were gangsters. In his original impression, Wu Xuemin gave Ye Mo a much better feeling than Fang Nan. At least he was a man of great affection a man who could die for a woman, no matter how cold he was, he would not be indifferent to anything. At least he, Ye Mo, admired this kind of person.

But now, although Ye Mo had not seen Wu Xuemin, but from the way he handled this matter, and his attitude towards himself, he seemed to have changed a lot. Rather, it was that Fang Nan of the flowing snake that gave him a more intuitive impression, or more realistic.

Ye Mo did not dwell on this matter, for him, since Wu Xuemin had personally dealt with it then forget it, he did not need to waste his time over this matter. He was even less interested in entertaining Wu Hong who had come to visit to apologise.

Seeing that Ye Mo had finished the matter in lightning speed as soon as he came back, and that he had also received a hundred thousand dollars in compensation delivered to his door, Yu Erhu and Cao Xiaozhen both admired Ye Mo even more for this master who was really a bit too powerful.

Cao Xiaozhen originally just wanted to find a place to settle down temporarily after graduation, but she didn’t expect that she would see eye to eye with Yu Erhu. She admired Yu Erhu’s skills in her heart, and when she learnt that Erhu’s skills were all taught by his master, Ye Mo, Cao Xiaozhen admired Ye Mo even more, and what made her even more excited was that Ye Mo had agreed to learn medical skills from Erhu.

Cao Xiaozhen asked Yu Erhu how this master was so powerful, but Yu Erhu was only the one Ye Mo had tricked on the train.

Originally, after Ye Mo had done all these things, he planned to go to Yanjing after his cultivation at the third level of Qi cultivation had stabilized. There were two things to do in Yanjing, one was of course to honour the promise he had made to Zhuo Aiguo at the beginning, and the other was to ask Li Fox to collect the 500,000 outstanding debt.

Of course, Ye Mo had not yet decided whether to go to the Song family for a turn.

After all, although he was now at the third level of Qi cultivation, it was not a wise thing to fight the Song family in the open, the Song family was not a thousand dragons, it was about who had the biggest fist.

If he fought against the Song family, he would have too many things to worry about, one bad thing and he might not even be able to stay here. The current Ye Mo was not ignorant of the levels of ancient martial arts, he knew some of them.

At the same time, he understood that there were still people who were more powerful than him.

Only four days had pa*sed when someone came looking for Ye Mo, and the person who came was surprisingly Lin Huihe, who Ye Mo had met on the plane.

“Senior, why are you free to come to my little clinic?” Ye Mo had told Lin Huihe where he lived when he parted ways at the airport, and he didn’t expect this old man to really come looking for him.

“Oh, Elder Brother Ye, once I saw that you were really in this clinic, I knew that I didn’t find the wrong person, which means you didn’t lie to me. It’s right for me to come to you today, there’s something, I don’t know if you’re interested.” When Lin Huihe saw that Ye Mo really lived in this place, and that it matched exactly with what he himself said, his heart rose once again in Ye Mo’s favour!