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DYM Chapter 120

“What is it?” Ye Mo said in his heart that he and Lin Huihe met because of the magic weapon bracelet, could it be related to magic weapons?

“In three days’ time, there will be a magic weapon exhibition and exchange fair on the old Ximen Street, and it is said that the elites of the industry from all over the country and even some foreign businessmen will go there then. Moreover, some of the products in this exhibition are also provided by some ancient martial arts sects that rarely get involved in prosperity, and they are certainly there to sell them for money, so if old brother Ye is interested, he can go with me instead.” Lin Huihe spoke but with a leap of faith.

After saying that he seemed to remember something, he then said, “Oh, you may not have heard of ancient martial arts, it’s okay, I’ll explain it to you when the time comes. Actually, I don’t know much about it either, but the things they come out with are all really good, and they usually sell a portion of them every year to exchange for money, only the prices are a bit ridiculously high.”

When Ye Mo heard that there was an ancient martial sect, he was immediately moved, and even if there wasn’t an ancient martial sect, he still wanted to see how the magic weapons here really were. It was only in his mind that he wondered if Luo Susu also belonged to the Ancient Martial Arts, and it seemed that she should be.

Right now he didn’t have any contact information for Luo Susu, and he didn’t even know which direction she lived in, so if he knew where she was, maybe he could go and find her. It was just that even if he was going to look for her, he would have to wait until he had finished with the matter of Thousand Dragons.

But after hearing Lin Huihe say that the price of things from the Ancient Martial Arts Sect was ridiculously high, he didn’t have that much money right now; he only had 100,000, which he had just used to give to Yu Erhu. As for the 500,000 owed by Li Fox, he had not yet gone to ask for it. Thinking of this could not help but say, “But I don’t have much money, this price is so high ……”

Lin Huihe said with a wave of his hand, “I don’t have much money either, I’m just going to see what I can see.”

Ye Mo thought to himself that it is also right, go and see first, besides, the ancient martial arts lineage is something or magic weapon is made even better, is it not better than the magic weapon he made himself? He was a real cultivator. Perhaps, he could bring something to buy himself as well.

“This, senior Lin ……” Before Ye Mo could say his words, he was interrupted by Lin Huihe, “From now on I will call you senior Ye, you can call me senior Lin, nowadays it’s hard to find a friend who has a hobby for magic weapons, it’s rare that we both like these antiques, what do you think?”

“Since that’s the case, I won’t be polite.” Ye Mo was not a chirpy person either, although Lin Huihe was too much older than him, he was also a put-upon person.

“I think if I get some things to sell as well, do you think it would be alright, old brother Lin?” Ye Mo had not been to this exchange, and now that he thought of it, he had to ask Lin Huihe.

Lin Huihe asked in surprise, “Old Brother Ye, you can make your own artifacts?”

Ye Mo smiled faintly and said, “I can make some magic weapons, but they are just a bit ordinary, I am going to make some simple magic weapons and refine some medicinal pills to bring to the exchange meeting, I wonder if it is okay?”

“Yes, of course it’s okay. I’ll help you with the stall, you go and prepare the stuff first, I’ll come to you in three days.” Although Lin Huihe was surprised, he thought about it and thought it was normal, after all, Ye Mo could even know magic weapons. Now that he said he could make some simple magic weapons, it was nothing.

There were too many magic weapons on the market, but no one knew if they really worked or not, that is, he made a few fake magic weapons to sell, as long as they sold it was his skill. The market is now full of people selling fake magic weapons, maybe one of the 10,000 magic weapons is real is also remarkable.


In three days, Ye Mo made five magic weapon pendants, the cost of making the pendants is much lower than the bracelets, but this time Ye Mo did not use cheap jade, he now has 100,000 yuan, and still expects these magic weapons can sell for a good price, so jade is also used good.

That is, not counting the handicraft fee, the cost of these five pendants would be more than ten thousand yuan.

Apart from that, he bought all the rest of the 90,000 yuan for some herbs, plus some herbs that he had originally kept at the clinic, those were mostly herbs he had collected from the Vietnamese border. He made some pills, twelve in total, but he prepared twelve bottles. These pills he also wanted to sell for some good prices.

Because this exhibition and exchange fair was originally about some talismans, magic weapons, and various kinds of enlightened jade weapons, evil-avoiding implements and so on, so selling these things here would not attract too much attention. As for the talismans, Ye Mo did not dare to make them because the talismans he made were too counter-intuitive compared to this place.

The talismans sold here were usually made by some jianghu people and had some clearing effects, but to compare with Ye Mo’s talismans, they could hardly be considered talismans. Ye Mo’s talismans could not only attack, but they also had the effect of healing and saving people. Now that he was already at the third level of Qi cultivation, the attacking talismans he made could kill people.

If word got out that it was too outlandish, it would even cause too much of a stir. Besides, the making of talismans was too time consuming, even if Ye Mo was now at the third level of Qi cultivation, it was not bad for him to be able to make one talisman a day.

As for the pills and jade pendants, they were sold, but only those who used them would know the effects. The exchange meeting was so crowded and chaotic, who knew that he had sold them?

Even if he knew, he could still pa*s it off to someone else, saying that it was the goods that came in. Only some of the things sold by the ancient martial arts sects were particularly popular, but that was very little after all.

When Ye Mo had his things ready, Lin Huihe had already found his way up, only this time he didn’t come by himself, but someone specifically drove him over.

Ye Mo gave a pill to Lin Huihe, who took it without being polite. In his opinion, Ye Mo’s craft was ancestral Chinese medicine, and although he could treat some illnesses, his skills were limited. He accepted it because of Ye Mo’s kindness, and also because he had helped Ye Mo, and if he didn’t accept something, he was afraid that Ye Mo would still have some thoughts.

When Ye Mo saw Lin Huihe casually put the pill away without even asking him what it did, he knew in his heart what Lin Huihe was thinking, he didn’t care, he just casually reminded him, “Old Brother Lin, this pill recipe of mine is an ancestral one, it’s called First Aid Pill. Not only does it have the function of first aid, but it can also treat some internal injuries.”

However, although Ye Mo reminded Lin Huihe, Lin Huihe probably didn’t care much. On the contrary, the young driver wanted to laugh a little when he heard this, Lin Lao’s nature liked these strange and weird things, and even the things that his friends brought out smelled a bit like dog’s skin.

During the chat with Lin Huihe, Ye Mo also learned that Lin Huihe was the original mayor of Huyang City and had retired, but his son Lin Zhidan was now the executive vice mayor of Luocang. However, on this, Lin Huihe did not talk much about it.

Ye Mo thought to himself that it was no wonder that although this Lin Hui was amiable, he always seemed to have some aura of a superior person, it turned out that he had once been the mayor.

Lin Huihe saw that after Ye Mo listened to his introduction, his expression remained the same, how it was and how it still is. He should call him Old Brother Lin, or call him that.

Lin Huihe secretly nodded his head, he felt that this person Ye Mo was indeed not as simple as he appeared to be, this could be seen from his conversation with a former mayor. The reason he named himself was to see if this person Ye Mo could be worthy of a deep friendship.

But what he didn’t know was that not to mention that he was a mayor, even the President of the United States was no different from an ordinary person in Ye Mo’s eyes.

If other people suddenly found out that the person they knew was a mayor, they would not immediately bend over backwards, and this mayor’s son was also the mayor. However, Ye Mo still treated him as if he was still an ordinary person, without the slightest bit of excitement or abnormality, and asked about the exhibition exchange.

After some conversations with Lin Huihe, Ye Mo also knew about the exhibition and exchange, generally those who could enter the exhibition were rich businessmen or those with prestige. Not everyone could enter the exhibition, which meant that Ye Mo was able to enter the exhibition with the help of Lin Huihe.

The exchange venue could hold 3,000 people and it wasn’t crowded at all, and it was even quite empty.

However, because the exhibition was so restricted, the people who came here were all either rich or noble, so apart from the exhibition stalls, the entire meeting hall was still somewhat empty. There was even a spell-testing area in the middle of the venue, where one could test the spells on the spot.

Lin Huihe had also asked someone to set up a stall for Ye Mo, but because many people had large stalls, Ye Mo’s stall could only be a small place at the corner, but this was enough for Ye Mo. He originally had less things to sell and he didn’t want to flaunt it.

When Ye Mo and Lin Huihe entered, quite a few people had already come inside the exchange, and even many of the stalls were set up. It was evident that there were still quite a lot of people interested in this exchange.

Lin Huihe sent Ye Mo to the stall and hurriedly went to meet up with his old friend, he had come to this exchange fair because he wanted to buy another good magic weapon. However, he wasn’t too familiar with this either, and originally he wanted Ye Mo to help him with reference, but only now that Ye Mo himself had to do business, he could only go and have a look with his old friend first, and then finally get Ye Mo to take an idea.

Ye Mo didn’t have much in the first place, and when he said it was a booth, a table was actually enough. He could just put his stuff in his pocket and take it away, unlike most of the booths on the site which were not only big, but also had huge advertising banners.

Just near Ye Mo’s stall were ‘Li Ji Old Brand Spells’, ‘Hong Guang Temple Enlightened Spells’, ‘Maoshan Talismans’ and so on, which looked like a wide range of items.

However, a sign at a slight distance caught Ye Mo’s attention, it read ‘Protective Jade Pendant’ with a large ancient character next to it. Ye Mo thought that this should be the stall put up by the ancient martial arts sect, so he could go and have a look later and ask about Luo Susu’s sect in the meantime.