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DYM Chapter 121

Ye Mo reckoned that even his small stall was not cheap, it looked like the money was either padded by Lin Huihe or someone else for Lin Huihe. However, there was no need for Ye Mo to necessarily take the money to him, the cost of that dan pill he gave was estimated to be more than 10,000.

Ye Mo came fairly early, but he had just sat down in front of his small stall when people came in one after another. The exhibition hall, which was originally quite empty, immediately became lively, with all kinds of sounds intermingling and appearing fiery hot.

The people who came here all seemed to be of some status, and although it was noisy, there was no clamour. Most people went straight to the places they were interested in, finding the things they wanted and asking about prices and uses and so on.

But Ye Mo found that the cheapest things in here were a few thousand dollars, while the slightly better ones could easily cost tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands, or even a million or more.

Looking at these people, Ye Mo couldn’t help but secretly sigh, there are still some people in this world who are very rich. He was already happy when he could sell a talisman for 10,000 yuan, but Ye Mo just found that a beautifully made talisman of extremely poor quality and basically without any function was also sold for 18,800 yuan.

Through his divine sense scan, Ye Mo found that the best things sold here were some talisman spells and spells to pray for wealth and health. Especially the few stalls with ancient characters engraved on top of their signboards were doing ridiculously good business. Ye Mo took note of their items, and the cheapest ones cost around 200,000 yuan, without any bargaining.

The business of the stalls with ancient characters was so good, it looked like other stalls should not dare to imitate their signboards. Otherwise, if they also used an ancient word, their business should not be bad.

It was just that Ye Mo found that there weren’t many real magic weapons in here, very few magic weapons that emitted aura, even the few stalls with ancient characters didn’t have a few magic weapons that could emit aura. Occasionally there were one or two pieces, and the prices were even higher.

However, just because there were no magic artifacts that emitted aura did not mean that they were useless. Ye Mo was incomparably proficient in this stuff, and he knew from his divine sense sweeping through that there were still some real magic weapons in here, but although the workmanship was good and exquisite, the functions were really not complimentary. It could be said that none of the magic weapons could compare to one hundredth of the effectiveness of the jade pendant in his hand.

But to Ye Mo’s disappointment, although his items were the best and he had no intention of selling them for much money each, the people who came to his stall were just the least.

Although there were many people, those who came to his stall were sparse, and the few who came occasionally just took a look at the few items Ye Mo had put out and didn’t even bother to ask the price.

Business was hard, Ye Mo sighed, it looked like it had something to do with the smallness of his stall and the lack of a signboard. If none of these things could be sold, Ye Mo would not get back a single cent of the 100,000 yuan he had invested.

Suddenly Ye Mo saw a familiar person, the fashionable woman he saw on the plane, but now she was followed by a young man in his twenties or thirties. Ye Mo didn’t expect her to be interested in the magic weapon business as well, and when Ye Mo looked at her, she happened to turn her head and saw Ye Mo as well.

This was a good-looking woman, but Ye Mo disliked her eyes a little as soon as he looked at them. It wasn’t that her eyes weren’t pretty, but that her eyes were too snobbish and looked at people askance.

Her mouth was also slightly too thin, and her melon face was quite pretty, but it was only with her eyes that Ye Mo was a little turned off.

She obviously also saw the stall Ye Mo had set up and immediately walked over. Originally, at the airport she thought that Ye Mo was looking for her, but she didn’t expect to make her lose face, which broke her always good feeling and made her very unhappy.

“I didn’t expect you to sell this stuff backwards, how much does this jade pendant cost a piece, take one for me, consider it a good deed.” The woman had a contemptuous expression on her face, that meant that seeing that Ye Mo’s place was surprisingly so cold now, buying the same thing for him was tantamount to a handout.

“One hundred thousand.” Ye Mo didn’t even bother to raise his head, this woman’s expression made him too upset, as if he was a caller. Originally, this jade pendant Ye Mo was planning to sell for fifty to eighty thousand, but because he was upset, he just asked for one hundred thousand, and the worst thing he saw at those ancient martial stalls was one to two hundred thousand, which was more than a hundred miles worse than his jade pendant.

“What?” The woman immediately shrieked out, but she immediately realised that she had lost her ladylike demeanour. Immediately, she sneered again and said, “Do you think you’re also a member of the Ancient Word Sect?

A jade pendant that only costs a few hundred dollars, you dare to ask for 100,000, is it because you want to blackmail me when you see me sympathize with you? You deserve no business, take your time to sell it for 100,000.”

“An Yan, why bother with such people, you want a jade pendant let’s go to the ancient character stall, I’ll help you pick one, consider it a birthday present for you next month.” The young man next to him said hurriedly.

The woman called An Yan, however, frowned and looked at Ye Mo’s jade marrying again, she found that she quite liked the style. The jade pendant surprisingly looked very comfortable, and it was also eye catching. It was just that this guy was a bit too odious to dare blackmail her.

“I’ll give you ten thousand dollars for a small fortune, I’ll take one of these jade pendants.” In An Yan’s opinion, she was already giving Ye Mo face by paying 10,000 yuan for this kind of jade pendant that looked less than a thousand. Originally, she had intended to go with an attitude of giving charity, but because she saw that the jade pendant was beautiful, she wanted to purchase one, not expecting that this shabby looking stall owner would dare to rip her off.

“Not for sale.” Ye Mo didn’t even bother to pay attention to this woman anymore.

…… Humph, you don’t want it even though you are given money, are you selling it or not?” The fashionable woman named An Yan was already a bit hot, in her eyes Ye Mo was too insatiable.

Ye Mo said indifferently, “Do you still want to buy and sell by force? The stuff is mine, I can sell as much as I want, it’s not like I’m dragging you to buy it, give way, don’t get in the way of my sitting business.” “Fine, I’ll see how much you can sell it for today, and at the end of the day, see if you still want to ask me to buy it. One hundred thousand, I’ll see how many you can sell for one hundred thousand.” The fashionable girl called An Yan, surprisingly ignored the youth next to her and insisted on watching the side to see if Ye Mo’s jade pendant could be sold.

Ye Mo smiled coldly “The 100,000 you said was the price just now, now it’s already 200,000.” He was extremely upset with this woman, what business did she have with his business. Whether he sold it or not was his business, it wasn’t like he was pulling for her to buy it.

“You,” An Yan was furious at Ye Mo’s words, in her opinion Ye Mo was deliberately doing it to her, originally 100,000 yuan was nothing to her, but she was just not happy about it. Although she liked this jade pendant, she was not willing to spend an extra 90,000 yuan for nothing.

“Huh, this jade pendant is so beautiful, how much is it for one?” When a middle-aged man with two girls under twenty years old pa*sed by Ye Mo’s stall, one of the girls suddenly noticed the jade pendant on top of Ye Mo’s stall. Immediately, she stopped and looked at the jade pendant in awe.

The middle-aged man also stopped and said, “You’ve come in and turned around already, it’s rare to say that something is beautiful, so if you like it, daddy will buy one for both of you. “Ye Mo looked at the two girls, they looked alike, and both had a clear appearance, so maybe they were twins. But listening to the man’s tone, he seemed to be very rich in general. That meant that he would buy whatever his daughter saw, he just turned around for half a day without anything his daughter saw.

“Dad, I’ll take it too, there are exactly two here, one for me and one for my sister, this pendant is really beautiful.” The other girl hurriedly said the same.

Ye Mo was a bit speechless, he made it as a defence belt to nourish his body, he didn’t expect the reason for being fancy was that it was beautiful, he was really speechless.

“Boss, how much do you pay for one of these jade pendants.” The middle-aged man immediately asked.

…… Humph, he’s asking 200,000 for something that costs a few hundred dollars, and he’s not afraid of the wind.”

An Yan, who hadn’t left, immediately said.

Ye Mo coldly glanced at An Yan, this woman is too annoying, if you don’t buy it yourself, just get lost, but even here is still raving.

“What are you looking at, can’t I still tell the truth to others.” An Yan immediately shouted out uncomfortably when she saw Ye Mo giving her a cold look.

Ye Mo didn’t bother to pay attention to her, he only sold his things to people who knew what they were selling.

But the middle-aged man just smiled, obviously not changing anything because of An Yan’s nose. He just looked at Ye Mo and asked, “May I ask boss if this item is two hundred thousand?” Seeing that this middle-aged man still asked this after hearing An Yan’s words, Ye Mo immediately knew that this middle-aged man was an opinionated person, and that he still had money, or that he was not at all half this amount of money for his daughter’s birthday.

“Not bad, it’s two hundred thousand.” For selling a jade pendant for two hundred thousand, Ye Mo didn’t feel that the price was much higher, his jade pendant was worth that amount. Those magic artifacts that were too inferior to him were more than selling for this amount, it was too normal for his jade pendant to sell for two hundred thousand.

“Alright, I’ll take two, but this jade pendant is really beautiful.” This middle-aged man immediately said.

An Yan looked at the middle-aged man next to him and was a little surprised that he had actually bought it, and didn’t even react for a moment.

When Ye Mo heard this middle-aged man’s words, he hurriedly said, “My jade pendant is not sold for two hundred thousand just because it is beautiful, my jade pendant has two functions, one is for life, which is the function of nourishing your body, after wearing this jade pendant, you will rarely get sick. Another is that it has a defence function, this jade, the

pendant has three defensive merit sets, once it is used up, this jade pendant will be gone.” “Hmph,” seeing that Ye Mo was still blowing off steam, An Yan was even more upset in her heart, but there was nothing she could do about it, who told others that they must buy it.

The middle-aged man obviously didn’t care about Ye Mo’s words either, in his opinion if Ye Mo’s jade pendant really had this kind of function, he wouldn’t have set up such a small stall.

“Dad, you should buy one too, it has a defensive function, one for the three of us.” One of the girls said immediately.