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DYM Chapter 122

The middle-aged man, Ming Man, loved his daughter very much and when he heard her words, he immediately said, “Alright then, one for each of you, boss, are there any more of these jade pendants?” Mo once again took out three jade pendants and placed them on top of the table.

When An Yan saw Ye Mo take out a few more jade pendants, that disdain in the corner of her eyes became even stronger. If the function was really as Ye Mo said, this kind of jade pendants should be very precious, but he actually took out so many at once, so it was obvious that this was ma*s produced by any small workshop.

If it was so easy to take out so many jade pendants of real magic weapons, then the magic weapons would also be street goods, moreover, they would not be worth much. Although she didn’t know much about this business yet, she understood that magic weapons were rare, and even here on Old Westgate Street, there were not many magic weapons that were real.

Although everyone knew this, many people still came to buy them, no matter what, they just wanted to meet a real one.

Although that middle-aged man knew that Ye Mo’s magic weapon was fake, he took out so many at once, and there was some disappointment in his eyes, but that disappointment flickered away and immediately disappeared.

He had known that the magic weapon was fake, just because his daughter liked it, maybe it was just that kind of psychology at work.

“Boss, I want three of them, help me pack them.” The middle-aged man was quick to do so.

“Okay, three is six hundred thousand, I’ll give you a discount, count it as five hundred thousand for you.” Ye Mo casually subtracted one hundred thousand.

Seeing that Ye Mo took the initiative to subtract one hundred thousand, the middle-aged man was instead a bit strange, in his opinion people like Ye Mo were rip-offs, ripping off one person, how could he take the initiative to make one hundred thousand dollars less once? 100,000 was certainly nothing to him, but looking at Ye Mo’s clothes, 100,000 should be quite a lot. However, he soon realized that Ye Mo had really taken the initiative to ask for 100,000 less.

Although he knew that Ye Mo was a rip-off, the middle-aged man still felt good about Ye Mo, but it was An Yan next to him who didn’t understand, this con man actually took the initiative to ask for 100,000 less, this was simply impossible. This was not a hundred or two hundred ah it was a whole hundred thousand ah.

On the contrary, Ye Mo did not feel anything, he already felt good about this middle-aged man, although 100,000 yuan was quite a lot, but he thought money was not the most important he could always think of a way if he wanted money. Moreover, the internet clinic was about to open, was he still worried about not making money?

The middle-aged man’s eyes clearly thought that his items were fake, but still bought three without bargaining, which made Ye Mo admire this man greatly. No matter how rich he was, it was still his, and it at least showed that this man loved his son and daughter very much. Besides, he hadn’t even intended to sell the three jade pendants for 600,000, his intention was to sell them for 200,000 and that would be good enough, so he felt satisfied with receiving 500,000 now.

“You help me pack it give me the card number, we’ll go to the tax area together and I’ll transfer the money to you now.” This middle-aged man also said with satisfaction.

Only then did Ye Mo realise that he didn’t have a package or a card number. He couldn’t help but say with some distress, “But I don’t have a package, and ……”

“It doesn’t matter if there’s no packaging, I’ll put it on now.” After saying that, a girl behind the middle-aged man had already put the pendant on the top of her neck and tucked it in through the collar.

“This locket is really comfortable to wear.” The girl immediately felt the feeling of the pendant clearing her mind and smelling her spirit.

The middle-aged man smiled and didn’t say anything, he guessed his daughter was just trying to tell him he hadn’t spent the wrong money to make him feel better.

“Well you’re not going to say that you don’t have the card number either are you?” Looking at Ye Mo’s embarra*sed look, this middle-aged man said jokingly.

Ye Mo had to say helplessly, “I really don’t have a card guide.”

Sure enough, he was a poor man. An Yan had originally seen the girl say that the pendant was comfortable to wear and was a little tickled in her heart, after all, the pendant was also something she had her eye on. But now this person didn’t even have a card number yet he didn’t know where these jade pendants were improvised from.

It was only at this time that Ye Mo realised that every stall had a professional cashier, except for this one of his. And the cashier also had to pay a transaction tax, so it looked like he had indeed come in a bit too much of a hurry.

“That’s a nice pendant, how much for one?” Just when the middle-aged man had no choice, another person came to ask Ye Mo about the pendant.

“Two hundred thousand.” Ye Mo had just sold it to the middle-aged man for two hundred thousand now of course he couldn’t quote another price.

The person who asked was a young man who was not older than Ye Mo by a few years, and next to him was a fù woman, who was in her fifties but did not look well.

“Mom, this pendant is quite beautiful, can I buy one for you?” The young man seemed to have some filial piety.

The middle-aged woman also thought the pendant was beautiful and hesitated for a while before saying, “The pendant is quite beautiful, but the price is a bit too expensive.”

Although the young man did not think that 200,000 was too expensive, it seemed that he was afraid that his mother would say that he had wasted his money, and since someone had just bought it, it was definitely not realistic to return the price. He looked at the porcelain bottle on Ye Mo’s table and saw that it actually had various kinds of dan pills written on it, and immediately got an idea and said in a hurry, “How about you send me a bottle of dan pills?”

He asked for the dan pills purely to show his mother that he was not at a disadvantage, and in fact he did not intend to ask for the pills. This kind of magic weapon could be held with an attitude of trust, but one could never trust an unknown pill, a point this youth still distinguished clearly.

Ye Mo had to helplessly mō mō nose and said, “This dan pills are not a bottle, there is only one in each bottle, and the price is a bit more expensive than the jade pendant, there is no way to give it away.”

The cost of refining these pills was indeed higher than the jade pendant, so if he just gave them away, he would still be losing money.

Hearing Ye Mo’s words, the youth immediately froze a little, he bought a dan pill, to put it bluntly, it was just buying a dog skin plaster, but it was actually higher than the price of the jade pendant, wouldn’t that mean it would cost more than 200,000?

An Yan even despised Ye Mo, this person’s heart was probably all black, not to mention that a jade pendant was sold for two hundred thousand, a dan pill made of something unknown also cost more than two hundred thousand. I really didn’t know how the exchange would let such a fraud in. Although she wanted to leave more than once, she just couldn’t let go of the jade pendant somehow, but wanting her to press down and buy it again, she was a bit uncomfortable.

“This pill of yours costs over two hundred thousand dollars, you say?” Although he had money, the youth was indeed somewhat stunned by the fact that a pill cost more than two hundred thousand. He had come here and knew that the prices of the things here would definitely not be cheap, but more than two hundred thousand was indeed too horrible.

“What kind of pill is this, that it costs more than two hundred thousand?” An old man next to him also heard it, and immediately his ears came up to look at the porcelain vase on Ye Mo’s stall very carefully. Together with the original middle-aged man and his two daughters, the number of people coming to Ye Mo’s stall was now surprisingly increasing.

“The jade pendant is so beautiful, I’ll take one too, how much is it?” Another woman of less than thirty came, Ye Mo couldn’t help but secretly sigh, this jade pendant of his looked like it really attracted women’s eyes.

However, although this woman’s body looked very good, and could even be described as very voluptuous, her face was not complimentary. It wasn’t that her face was unattractive, she actually had a nice face with a mature woman’s flavour, but what didn’t interest a second glance was the fact that she had numerous spots on her face, and they weren’t the pimple kind of spots.

Even though she was wearing sungla*ses, the spots were impossible to hide and one can imagine that this would have been a beautiful woman without them on her face.

Everyone has a love of beauty, and although her face did not dare to be complimented, she also liked beautiful jade pendants.

However, Ye Mo smiled slightly and said, “Actually, this lady, I think you should even buy one of this pill of mine.”

After saying that Ye Mo picked up a porcelain bottle and said, “This is a beauty pill, in fact, with just one, your face will become as shiny as jade. But the price is slightly more expensive than the jade pendant.”

“Really?” The woman immediately grabbed the porcelain bottle, and although her eyes were half-hearted, that urgent desire had betrayed her inner thoughts.

Ye Mo once again smiled, “This elder sister, I think you can afford a two hundred thousand jade and

pendant, you shouldn’t care about the money for this two hundred thousand pills, right? Think of it as buying yourself a chance, money can be earned again, but this chance won’t come often. Of course I won’t advise you to buy it.

It’s up to you. But there’s only one chance oh, next time I won’t come back to sell pills.”

Ye Mo suddenly realized that he actually had a good eloquence as well, so if he went into business he might really have the potential to develop.

“Alright, I’ll take one of your jade pendants, swipe your card?” The young man who was with his mother, seeing that so many people were interested in Ye Mo’s stuff, he finally made up his mind and picked up a jade pendant.

Before Ye Mo could say anything, the woman immediately said, “Fine, I’ll take your dan pills, you’re right, even if you’re a fraud, I’ll give myself a chance. As for this jade pendant, I also, ………”

“Wait a minute” a voice suddenly interrupted the woman, a monk who looked to be in his seventies walked over and gave Ye Mo a hesh before continuing, “This monk, may I ask if the old ca*sock can look at your fear of the jade pendant?”

Ye Mo however looked back at the woman and asked, “This elder sister, do you want the jade pendant, if you want it, it’s yours, if not I’ll show it to this monk.”

“Yes, of course I do, I want the jade pendant, and I want that dan pill too.” The woman said in a hurry.

After hearing this, the old monk quickly said, “Lady monk, can you give it to me to look at first?”

Hearing what the old monk said, the woman had no choice but to hand over the jade pendant in her hand.

The old monk took it in his hand and looked at it, then closed his eyes, he suddenly opened them, but his eyes grew brighter and brighter. Only after a long time did he say, “Lady monk, is it possible to let the old monk have this jade pendant.

I will offer you three hundred thousand dollars.”

“What?” Not only did the woman freeze, but the people around him all froze. To be honest, Ye Mo’s jade pendant had been sold until now, and everyone else had bought it because it looked good. Because the people who came in here were not short of those few dollars, could it be that this old monk also bought it because the jade pendant looked good?