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DYM Chapter 123

An Yan, who had been standing on the side observing, also froze, surprisingly someone wanted to pay 300,000 for a jade pendant? But she immediately reacted and said with disdain at the corner of her mouth, “A look at the matchmaker, not professional at all.”

But the young man next to her said with some gravity, “It’s not a matchmaker, I know that old monk, the one from the ancient character shop just now, it seems to be from the ancient character stall of Jueyun Temple. This kind of person would never go to be a matchmaker, it seems that the jade pendant this person is selling might instead be a real magic weapon.” “Ah,” the woman called An Yan exclaimed, she did not expect the old monk who went to raise the price to be the old monk of the ancient character stall, this was simply a direct indication that his item must be real.

“How about I go and buy one for you?” This youth knew that An Yan was fond of this jade pendant and wanted to please her, putting this look on her face, he immediately said.

“Good I want one, but” An Yan had wanted one for a long time, but then she just couldn’t swallow that anger because she was ashamed of herself, but she didn’t expect things to develop to such an extent that things at the stall that she thought were fakes were selling hot.

She immediately thought that the jade pendant was no longer available, otherwise why would the old monk and that woman snatch up a jade pendant?

Ye Mo also did not expect that a person who knew the goods had really appeared, but as he had already sold the nosegay to this woman, he would not sell it to a second person, and seeing the woman looking over, Ye Mo immediately said, “You came first, you pay.”

At this moment, the people around understood that this old monk was the ancient character stall, even he came to buy Ye Mo’s things, Ye Mo’s things were obviously real, and for a while Ye Mo’s stall became more crowded.

The middle-aged man also understood that he had really taken advantage of the situation and hurriedly went up to Ye Mo and said, “If you trust me, I will give you a cash cheque. I can go and pay the tax for you.”

Ye Mo didn’t matter originally, as long as he got the money, and he really didn’t have a card.

Hearing the middle-aged man say this, the woman and Qing Shou also hurriedly agreed. Ye Mo was only one person, he couldn’t follow the others, but these few people all still had the quality to go and help Ye Mo pay for his taxes without taking anything away.

The young man who was with An Yan, also immediately walked up, very politely to Ye Mo said it: “Friend just now do you have any more of your jade pendants, can you sell one to me? Or I’ll order one, of course the price is good.”

When Ye Mo saw that it wasn’t that annoying woman coming up, he felt slightly more comfortable, but immediately replied, “Sorry, this jade pendant is no longer available. It is also impossible to order, this jade pendant was asked by a senior person to sell it on my behalf, and it will end when these five are sold.” Hearing Ye Mo’s words not only was the young man disappointed, An Yan behind him was even more disappointed, and in his heart he really regretted not buying one down at the beginning for 100,000 yuan.

Instead, more and more people came over to ask about it. Seeing that Ye Mo was indeed out of them, this youth could only fix his eyes on the two girls who had just purchased the jade pendants, one for each of the three members of their family. I wonder if it is possible to transfer a jade pendant to him, thinking of this the youth said to the girl who had the jade, the

pendant said, “Hello, you have bought three jade pendants, can you transfer one to me, I can pay an extra one hundred thousand yuan.” The girl immediately said with a corner of her mouth somewhat dissatisfied, “Do you think we look like people who lack your 100,000 yuan?”

It was obvious that the people around could see that this girl was indeed not short of the 100,000 yuan.

Ye Mo however secretly sighed, the ancient word brand effect was still good, he could sell three jade pendants to that middle-aged man just because of luck. But so many people behind him came to buy it was because of the old monk’s brand effect.

At this moment, the old monk was still studying the pills inside Ye Mo’s porcelain bottle he kept sniffing them and even asked Ye Mo if he could take them out to see. The old monk was a very good man, and he was a very good man.

The middle-aged man and the woman and the youth had all come over just the middle-aged man took a cheque for two million and handed it to Ye Mo and said, “The two of them have already given me their money, I’ve written a cheque directly for you tax I’ve paid it for you.”

Ye Mo had an even better feeling towards this middle-aged man, this man was probably afraid that Ye Mo would be fooled or something to purposely take the money and then write a cheque directly for Ye Mo. It was evident that he was a frank dàng person, otherwise he wouldn’t have done such a thing.

Ye Mo took the cheque and said, “Thanks a lot, it’s just that I don’t have so much money either.”

But the middle-aged man smiled and waved his hand and said, “I know, I also want to purchase a few bottles of your pills.

If you see how many bottles you can purchase with the extra money, just give me a few bottles.” Hearing the middle-aged man’s words, before Ye Mo could speak, the old monk immediately said, “Master, I’ll take all these extra pills, you can name the price.” It looked like the old monk was also afraid that people would buy out the pills again, instead he spoke first.

As expected, just after the old monk finished speaking, someone on the side started to get chagrined.

Ye Mo smiled slightly “Fine, let’s make it two hundred thousand a piece, but I’m not a monk, I have to collect money too.” Ye Mo knew that most of the people in here had money. Probably the poorest one was him, and there was no need for him to feel overcharged.

Ye Mo took four bottles and handed them to the middle-aged man and said, “Two of these bottles are the same, first aid pills.

One bottle is for beauty pills, and one bottle is for practicing kung fu. I’ve written the specific instructions on paper.

It’s in the bottle, so open it and see for yourself.”

The remaining six bottles were all bought away by the old monk.

Seeing that Ye Mo’s stuff was really bought by this old monk from the Ancient Character Sect who offered money for it, many people immediately swarmed up to offer money for it, but Ye Mo had already finished selling it and called it a day.

Seeing that Ye Mo had even finished selling the pills and was ready to leave, An Yan realized that he hadn’t gotten anything. If what the old monk said was true, then did his beauty pills really have the effect of nourishing the face?

This was still secondary, the main thing was that she didn’t get the jade pendant she had first set her eyes on either, which immediately made An Yan unbalanced, no longer caring about saving face, she immediately squeezed in and said to Ye Mo: “I was the first to see your stuff, and I’m not saying I’m asking you to buy it now, can you reserve a jade pendant for me?”

The tone of her words obviously softened, the more she thought about that jade pendant now, the more she liked it, but it was really like what this b*****d said just now, “There is only one chance, if you miss it, there is no more. 200,000 yuan can be earned again, but there is no way to get this chance back.”

Not to mention Ye Mo, even the middle burial man felt that An Yan was a bit nonsensical, she had just said to herself that Ye Mo’s stuff was rubbish with only a few hundred, this was something she had said not long ago, and now she was the one to ask Ye Mo to order it. He couldn’t help but shake his head, he was lucky that he didn’t listen to this woman, otherwise he would really regret it.

“Yeah, I’ll order one too.” Someone among the crowd immediately echoed.

Ye Mo really wanted to order it now and then go back and keep making them, but he also knew that things could only go so far, he could still push it away now, once he made more, it would be hard to tell. Besides, this matter has been exposed to him too much because of that old monk.

Thinking of this Ye Mo had to say, “I’m really sorry, I’m selling this on behalf of you, as for whether it’s available or not, I wouldn’t dare to pack my bags, maybe I’ll still sell it on behalf of you at the next exchange, but it depends on whether others have the goods.”

Ye Mo didn’t say his words to death, after all this money was too good to be true, maybe he could come and make another fortune that day when he asked for money, and this kind of magic weapon exchange seemed to happen every year, it was just held in different places.

Seeing Ye Mo say this many people walked away disappointed, although disappointed, but not much regret, after all, it was just a magic weapon, and no one saw the real effect. The buzz was over at the time and it was forgotten.

Only the middle-aged man and the old monk didn’t leave, even An Yan turned away with a puff of anger, already hating Ye Mo out of his heart in countless ways.

“I, Yi Jiuhe, run a few companies. This is my business card, if there is anything I can do to help, please just ask.” After saying that, Yi Jiuhe took out his business card, his years of experience in business made him feel that Ye Mo was not an ordinary person. He felt like making friends and left a business card.

Ye Mo did not have a business card, and the second did not have a mobile phone, so he could only accept the card and gave a polite word.

After waiting for a while and seeing that Ye Mo did not give him his business card, Yi Jiuhe was a little disappointed, but looking at the old monk on the side who obviously had something waiting for Ye Mo, he had to take the two girls and say goodbye to Ye Mo.

“Dad, this is the first time I’ve seen just you take the initiative to give the business card and no one else has given it back.” A female hack who was following Yi Jiuhe said.

“Sister, you’re looking at it wrong, this person is definitely not not giving business cards to dad, look he doesn’t even have a bank card, how can he have a business card? I reckon he doesn’t even have a mobile phone, maybe these things were really entrusted to him by a reclusive senior who came out to sell them.” The other girl immediately retorted.

Yi Jiuhe’s eyes lit up, he immediately thought that Ye Mo probably didn’t have a business card, not that he didn’t care to interact with him, thinking of this he couldn’t help but mō mō the head of the girl speaking after him and said, “Well, Yan Yan is right, he doesn’t quite look like that kind of arrogant person, this is a high ranking person. Also, you guys remember to wear the jade pendant with you.” Seeing that the middle-aged man had already left with the two girls, and Ye Mo’s stall was already empty, this old monk only said, “Lao ca*sock Jueyun Temple Woguang, I wonder what is your surname, Master?”

Ye Mo’s heart twitched as he looked at a small ancient character on the corner of the old monk’s shirt and immediately asked, “May I ask Elder Woguang, are you from an ancient martial sect?” But this old monk shook his head and said, “How easy is it to talk about ancient martial arts, they are all out of the world, I am just an ordinary monk of Jueyun Temple. However, this time when I came to the exhibition, I did help an ancient martial sect sell something, the old ca*sock did have something to ask the monk, I don’t know if the monk is free.”

Ye Mo was greatly disappointed, it turned out that the ones who came to the venue were not really ancient martial arts sects, but some helping units, it looked like it would be a bit difficult to ask Luo Susu about her whereabouts.