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DYM Chapter 132

“Say it. , Ye Mo said indifferently.

Wolf Pole looked at Black Snake and Sancai, only to make the two of them shiver, before he said, “Although I know that Thousand Dragon Head is only using me to help him out, but he saved me back then after all, I don’t want to deal with him. Therefore, I cannot help you in dealing with Thousand Dragon Heads, even if I have to take you into the headquarters of the Southern Youth.”

Ye Mo smiled coldly, “You think I need your help to kill Thousand Dragon Heads? If you really don’t want to be this “Southern Youth. Dragon Head boss, I can also make it up to you.”

He didn’t feel that Wolf Pole had any qualifications to negotiate with him, knowing that Thousand Dragon Heads was using him and still couldn’t kill him, one could say he was being righteous, but this kind of person wasn’t the one to do great things.

“But I can bring you to the Seine Peninsula, and I will not participate in the rest.” Seeing that Ye Mo seemed a bit unhappy, Wolf Pole also felt that his request was a bit too much.

Quite the boss, and not wanting to contribute.

However, Ye Mo said indifferently, “If you can’t be clear, then forget it, I won’t let you do anything if I kill Thousand Dragon Heads, but you must bring me into the “South Green. Headquarters and meet Thousand Dragon Heads. It’s not that I can’t get in, it’s your “name”. I don’t have to look for you if you’re cowering.”

Although the words were like this, Ye Mo also knew that it wasn’t easy to find someone who could replace Thousand Dragon Heads who was afraid. At least this person should have a certain strength and status in “Nanqing, otherwise it would be him looking for it, or he would be gone today, and tomorrow his designated person would be finished.

After hesitating for a while Wolf Pole finally made up his mind and said, “Okay, but I definitely won’t do it.”

Ye Mo smiled lightly, he knew that Wolf Pole would agree, although people like him were righteous, they did not yet value the life of Thousand Dragons more than his own.

Hearing that Wolf Pole had already agreed to Ye Mo’s words, Black Snake hit a jīng, the next moment, maybe Ye Mo would have to kill him. With Wolf Pole leading the way, there was no need for him, Black Snake.

Thinking of this, Black Snake hurriedly stepped forward and said to Ye Mo with a respectful salute, “Brother Ye, Sancai and I are willing to follow Brother Wolf’s lead. Please allow Brother Ye and spare us a horse.”

Hearing Black Snake’s words, Sancai also hurriedly stepped forward and hugged his fist in a respectful salute.

Ye Mo thought to himself, “This Black Snake is so resourceful. He wanted to ask for his life and even made a statement to him first, while the person he wanted to defect to was Wolf Pole. It was clear that he had a very clear understanding of the situation, and he had made his position known to him because he was the only one who could spare his life. The reason for defecting to Wolf Pole was that Wolf Pole was Ye Mo’s designated heir to the South Green. Only if he defected to him would he have a good life in the future.

Ye Mo thought to himself that if Black Snake were to become the new leader of Nan Qing, it would be better than Wolf Pole. The new boss is much better than Wolf Pole, but there is no way for him to help Black Snake up, after all, Black Snake is too low in the Southern Youth. The ranking of Black Snake is too low.

When Black Snake and Sancai expressed their loyalty in front of Ye Mo, Wolf Pole felt a bit strange. But when he thought that the two of them were also doing this to save their lives, he was relieved.

Seena Peninsula.

Thousand Dragon Heads, Dongfang Qiu, Wu Qiang and Li San Dao were anxiously discussing in the council hall, but today, apart from these four, there were also a few more members of the “Southern Youth. The members of the Southern Youth.

Because there had been no news from Wolf Pole in the past few days, they had received the news that Ning Qingxue was still in Luocang and had not been taken away.

Since Ning Qingxue hadn’t been taken away, why didn’t Wolf Pole report back to Horn Rest?

“Your Holiness, could something have happened to Wolf Pole?” Li Sandao suddenly asked.

Dongfang Qiu frowned and did not say anything, but in his heart he was thinking, how could something happen to Wolf Pole? Even if Chi Wanqing was from the army, it seemed unlikely that he would want to kill or capture Wolf Pole.

Thousand Dragons also frowned, and only after a long time did he say, “It should be because he knows that Ji Wanqing comes from the army, and Wolf Pole has to re-plot again, after all, this kind of thing, only once. And seeing as Ning Qingxue and Chi Wanqing aren’t moving much they know they haven’t made a move yet.”

The phone rang just as Thousand Dragon Head finished speaking, the phone that could be called into this was definitely an important call, Thousand Dragon Head gestured for Dong Fang Qiu to answer the phone.

Dongfang Qiu immediately picked up the phone, but the report that came from inside the phone made him break out in a cold sweat.

Because there was no news from Wolf Pole, the scouts that Dongfang Qi had sent to Luocang again came with news instead.

Chi Wanqing’s father, Chi Youjun, was furious and had mobilised the entire police force of Luocang to investigate Chi Wanqing’s attacker, and it was said that the matter had alerted the army.

Dongfang Qiu put down the phone and felt a chill run down his back. She had just received news that Chi Wanqing and Ning Qingxue were intact, and now she had gotten word that Chi’s right army was investigating Luo Cang thoroughly.

Immediately, Dongfang Qiu knew that Wolf Pole had not only acted, but had also failed. The fact that the operation had failed and Wolf Pole hadn’t even replied, even to those who followed the operation, was a bizarre thing in itself. With Wolf Pole’s ability even if he had died, he would have left behind a backhand to bring a message back.

Now there was no news at all, what did this mean? It meant that Wolf Pole had betrayed Thousand Dragon Heads. The only person who made Wolf Pole dare to betray Thousand Dragon Heads was Ye Mo, and he was sure that Ye Mo did have the ability to kill Thousand Dragon Heads. Otherwise very Pole would not betray Thousand Dragon Heads even if he were to die.

The last time Wolf Pole came back, he said that Ye Mo would come to Seena to settle the score with Thousand Dragon Heads, and the video he brought back Ye Mo did say this. Without even thinking about it, Dongfang Qiu knew that Ye Mo was really coming.

It seemed that he had underestimated Ye Mo, no matter how he knew about Wolf Pole’s action this time, since things had come to this point, then Thousand Dragon Heads only had a way to die. A person like Ye Mo would never come to Sena alone if he wasn’t sure.

After Thousand Dragon Heads was finished, Dongfang Qiu immediately guessed things roughly right. Apart from the fact that he still couldn’t believe that Ye Mo could just barge into Senna and kill Thousand Dragon Heads, the rest of the events were already within his expectation.

But how could Ye Mo be so capable even if he was capable? Surprisingly, in Wolf Pole’s eyes, he could kill Seena? Although Dongfang Qiu did not believe in Wolf Pole’s judgment, and even he did not believe at all that Ye Mo could just kill his way into Senna’s “Southern Youth. However, he had never been a cautious person.

In case Wolf Pole betrayed, it would not be a joke for him to bring Ye Mo into the “Southern Youth,” headquarters. Besides, Ye Mo could still be invisible.

There were things that he would rather believe, and Dongfang Qiu was not willing to joke with his own xìng life. Besides, there was another detail he did not say in the last video, he said that what Ye Mo sent out might be fireball fuel, but did not say that Ye Mo had hand seals formed before sending out the fireball.

Another point he also didn’t say was that Ye Mo had once chopped off Zi Suo’s arm in the void, which was definitely not something that could be explained by high technology. Moreover, the invisibility spell he was talking about was something that he himself had never seen, and was just guessing out of thin air. The reason why he said these words was that he didn’t want Thousand Dragon Heads to lose their fighting spirit.

If Ye Mo was really coming to Sena and had taken in Wolf Pole, then the reason he left Wolf Pole alive last time was to make Thousand Dragon Heads lose their fighting spirit. If that was the case, this Ye Mo was indeed terrifying as well.

Terrible people were not terrible when they were killed, but since he couldn’t even kill them with his Dongfang Qiu’s ploy, then it would be too terrible. Thinking of this, Dongfang Qiu wanted to slip away.

However, so many thoughts were only lightning flashes in Dongfang Qiu’s mind, his face remained normal, without the slightest expression of difference.

“Brother Dongfang, the phone call just now,” Thousand Dragon Heads saw Dongfang Qiu answer the phone and think for a while, immediately asked.

Dongfang Qiu smiled faintly and said, “Brother, don’t be anxious, the phone call just now was indeed from Wolf Pole, and his intention was to make a move tomorrow night. But after he told me his plan, I felt that there were still some omissions, so I told him to wait for my call. Now I’ll go down and work out in detail the plan for tomorrow night’s strike, and then I’ll come back and report back to Big Brother later to see if it’s feasible.”

Thousand Heads waved his hand “Go ahead, and there’s no need to report back to me, you can contact Wolf Pole directly once you’ve made the arrangements, but tell him to report back on whatever happens in future.”

“Yes, big brother, I’ll go first then.” After saying that, Dongfang Qiu smiled and nodded with Wu Qiang and Li San Dao, and retreated.

“Sect Leader, just now, why didn’t Military Master Dongfang say the reason why Wolf Pole hasn’t even been in contact lately?” The few people discussed for a while longer, and just as Thousand Dragons was about to adjourn the meeting, Li San Dao suddenly said.

Thousand Heads froze for a moment, right, Wolf Pole has not contacted for many days, since he called, he should have said why he did not contact these days, right, how come Dongfang Qiu did not say it?

Thousand dragon heads subconsciously said, “Maybe brother Dongfang didn’t pay attention and forgot about it.” But in his heart he thought, “We were just talking about this matter, how could he have forgotten?

Even Wu Qiang felt that Dongfang Qiu’s behaviour was a bit strange, he seldom intervened during the meeting, this time he couldn’t help but interject, “Teach, in the past, the military commander of Dongfang’s plans were always at his fingertips, usually the plans came out while the meeting was going on, why did he need to leave and think carefully before deciding this time?”

As soon as Wu Qiang reminded him, the head of Thousand Dragons was startled inside, he immediately remembered Dongfang Qi’s usual way of doing things, and the details of his actions, today he was indeed a bit abnormal. For him, to deal with this little problem of two women, did he still need to leave the place to think it over quietly? This was out of the ordinary.

Thinking of this, Thousand Dragons immediately said, “Find out immediately who the call just came from.”

The result came out in less than a minute. The call was not from Wolf Pole, but from “Nan Qing, the information agency that was later sent to Luo Cang.

Not good, as soon as he heard this fact, Thousand Dragon Head immediately understood that it was not good. Dongfang Qi had dared to lie to him, something that had never happened before.

“Bring Dongfang Soo here immediately.” After saying this, he thought about it and added, “Whether alive or dead.” !