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DYM Chapter 133

A communications officer soon ran in and said eagerly, “Report to the Holy See, a few minutes ago, the

Eastern Military Division has left in a helicopter, as to where he is going, it is still unclear.”

“What?” He didn’t expect that Dongfang Qiu would dare to escape, and more than ninety percent of Nanqing’s plans came from him, and he knew all about Nanqing. He knew all about it. This Dongfang Qiu was the equivalent of Nanqing’s second leader. The second leader of Nanqing, he had escaped.

The leader’s face changed, but in the end he calmed down. He knew Dongfang Qiu’s intelligence too well. The fact that he could betray himself and escape meant that he did not think highly of him. What makes him think less of him? He still had two thousand mercenaries, could he not even deal with a mere Ye Mo?

However, Thousand Dragon Head still had sense, and he immediately thought that there were really very few of Dongfang Qiu’s ploys that did not work, and even his opinions were mostly correct. Did he have to leave as well? But if Dongfang Qiu could escape, where would he go? What place was safer for Chiron than Senna?

Suddenly he felt that his hand was not strong enough, that there were too many loopholes below him, and that if the use of the helicopter had to pa*s through him, Orient Soo’s escape would not be possible. And he also found a loophole in the fact that several of his own inner circle, who didn’t even need to be reported by the guards to enter or leave, could come in whenever they wanted.

Dongfang Qiu was his own military advisor, he could not have been unaware of these loopholes, but he had never warned him, which meant that he had already had this impromptu escape in mind.

“Good for you Dongfang Soo, I’ll search the world to get you back.” Thousand Dragon Head slapped the table and gritted his teeth.

“I would like to see how many heads and arms this Ye Mo has, daring to force even Dongfang Qiu to go behind my back… Someone, check the content of that phone call just now. I must catch this Ye Mo and let him know that I, Qian Baihe, am not yet old.” Thousand Dragon Heads did not feel the pain in his palm at all and hissed once again.

“There’s no need to catch it, I’m already here.” Ye Mo’s faint voice sounded at the entrance of the meeting hall.

Thousand Dragon Head’s voice came to an abrupt halt” and looked at the entrance of the meeting hall in shock, with his guards one after another, how could Ye Mo come under his nose without a sound?

He quickly saw Wolf Pole, his face instantly turned iron blue once again, “”Wolf Pole, you wolf-hearted thing, you even betrayed me, I will kill you, you beast.”

After saying this, the leader went to get his gun, but he was even more shocked to find that he could not move his wrist, a bit of scarlet was slowly spreading out, he did not even feel the pain.

Iron nails? The legendary iron nail.

Wolf Pole was silent.

He didn’t expect Ye Mo to be so powerful that he could even come to his eyes without even noticing. Even with Wolf Pole’s help, Wolf Pole would not be able to bring a stranger into his territory. Could it be that his invisibility technique was actually real?

Thousand Dragons had completely calmed down, he slowly looked at Wolf Pole and then at Wu Qiang, he knew that to save his life, the only possibility was that Wu Qiang could stall Ye Mo, and preferably persuade until Wolf Pole could also turn against him again.

A young man in his twenties, however, hurriedly ran over” not even caring about Thousand Dragons, because he was Wolf Pole’s beloved and the one Wolf Pole brought in after he joined “Nanqing,. Holding a letter, he handed it to Wolf Pole and said eagerly, “When Military Master Dongfang was leaving, he asked me to give this to you, saying that it would be life-saving for you.”

Wolf Pole immediately opened the letter, and there was only a scribbled line inside: “The siege you were under in Macau back then was planned behind the scenes by Thousand Dragons.”

Wolf Pole’s face immediately changed, he didn’t expect that the man he had always been loyal to, Thousand Dragons, would use such tactics to get him to surrender. What was ridiculous was that he had also helped Thousand Dragons fight to the death for more than ten years1

He Wolf Pole counted straight was not even as good as a pig.

No wonder every time he asked Thousand Dragons to kill his rival, Thousand Dragons always said that the time was not ripe and that he had to see the right opportunity to strike a blow. No wonder he met Thousand Dragon Heads in Macau when he was running away.

This coincidence was not a coincidence at all. Thousand Dragons liked to gamble, but he would never go to Macau to gamble. The one he met was perhaps the only time.

Back then, when he first joined the team, “Southern Youth. It was not as big as it is now, so it can be said that Nan Qing. There was a big share of his wolf pole’s sweat in it. As you can imagine, he had heard of his reputation in the Mainland and even though he had offended a vicious character and fled to Macau, he still played his hand to bring him over.

Wolf Pole did not think about why Thousand Dragons’ military advisor gave him this tip, but he did not have the time to think about it now, instead he crumpled up the paper in his hand and smashed it at Thousand Dragons. I pooh, still telling me that I have wronged you, today I will kill you son of a b*tch with my own hands.” Ye Mo didn’t read the letter, but he could tell from the wolf’s extremely jī angry expression that it seemed that Thousand Dragons had deceived him. Originally, he wanted to wait until his business was done before considering whether to come back and kill Wolf Pole, but now it seemed that there was no need to rush to kill Wolf Pole first, he might be able to use him again.

When he saw Wolf Pole rushing towards Thousand Dragon Heads, Li San Dao immediately stopped him, “Wolf Pole, your hand is injured now, you are no match for me, I don’t want to do it to my own brother.”

“Brother, I pooh. Thousand White Cranes stabbed me in the back in order to recruit me in a cage, and I thought he really happened to save me. Li San, are you as deceived by this b*****d as I am.” Wolf Pole was already furious.

However, Li San Dao shook his head “The sect leader has been a real life-saver to me, I won’t let you do it.”

Li San Dao knew very well in his heart how Thousand Dragon Heads had treated him, back when he was wandering the streets, he would have even starved to death if Thousand Dragon Heads had not taken him away. He vowed to be loyal to the throne in this life. It was just that his xìng character was a bit mute and he was unable to do many things. Although he was the first beloved of Thousand Dragons, he could only help Thousand Dragons lead the army. However, the mercenary army did not need him to have the intelligence of Dongfang Qiu.

Ye Mo watched Wolf Pole and Li San fight directly in the big again, surprisingly, they were evenly divided, it seems that this Li San is also a good character.

Wu Qiang’s eyes rolled, he was not going to be loyal to the Thousand Dragon Heads, but when facing Ye Mo, he had to try his hand, whether he was his opponent or not, he also had to fight to know.

Although he felt that he was not yet a match for the Idle Daoist, but he was not far off. After all, he was only in his thirties, while this Ye Mo in front of him looked far too young than him. He just couldn’t believe that others had the same kind of opportunities that he had. He, Wu Qiang, had encountered a high master at the Miaojiang frontier when he was ten years old, and had now been learning martial arts for twenty-six years. And he works hard every day, never distracted by anything else, women he likes very much, but in order to learn martial arts, he can even go three years without áng with women.

He just didn’t believe that Ye Mo, a mere youth in his twenties, could be his opponent.

“I am Wu Qiang, although I know you have some good weapons, or magic weapons, but I still want to try if you are really as powerful as the rumors say” Wu Qiang said with a faint smile, but before he finished his words, his tuǐ had already kicked out.

All of Wu Qiang’s skills were in his thu, but his killer move was not his thu, no one knew his killer move, because those who knew his killer move had been killed by him. Although he had fought with the Idle Daoist a few times, he had never used his killer weapon because it was a sparring match.

The wind sound brought up by Wu Qiang’s tuǐ was very regular, or rather, no one else could even feel it except Ye Mo. But from the moment Wu Qiang made his move, Ye Mo knew that Wu Qiang was far too powerful than Wolf Pole.

Against an expert like Wu Qiang his stealth was useless because he was still only at the third level of Qi training, and if he moved his true qi after his stealth he would immediately let Wu Qiang perceive it. But without moving his true qi and killing his invisibility, there was no attack effect.

Besides, Ye Mo also wanted to try out how powerful the experts here really were, and his tuǐ kicked out.

Seeing that Ye Mo actually used his tuǐ to kick directly against him, Wu Qiang’s heart surged with excitement, knowing that even when Daoist Idle was competing with him, he wouldn’t dare to use his tuǐ to kick against him. This Ye Mo was so unaware of death, he must break his tuǐ.

“Bang, bang, bang” after several impacts, Ye Mo only felt some vague pain in his tuǐ bone, but he didn’t even move where he stood, it was the first time he met an ordinary martial artist who had trained his tuǐ to such a great extent.

Wu Qiang took several steps backwards, although his tuǐ wasn’t broken, the pain through his bones almost made him scream out. He looked at Ye Mo in shock, although it was just a face-to-face, but he had kicked out more than twenty times in a row, or had more than twenty moves. And the Ye Mo in front of him hadn’t moved at all, just kicked him back away purely with his tuǐ.

He had never thought that his tuǐ would one day be kicked painfully by someone else. He had to know that he had been doing kung fu on his tusi for more than twenty years, and even if Ye Mo had come out of his mother’s womb, there was no way he could have trained his tusi to be even harder than his.

With Ye Mo’s true qi running, those vague pains had disappeared.

Wu Qiang’s thu was actually so powerful, which greatly exceeded Ye Mo’s expectation. Ye Mo did not want to waste any more time and casually nailed out an iron nail, killing this Wu Qiang first.

“. Ding Dang.” Almost at the same time as Ye Mo sent out the iron nail, Wu Qiang’s sleeves flashed with white light, and the iron nail was actually blocked. However, Wu Qiang took a few steps backwards and spat out a mouthful of blood.

Ye Mo was surprised in his heart, it was the first time his iron nail was blocked by someone!