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DYM Chapter 134

But the one who was even more shocked was Wu Qiang, who had been keeping an eye on Ye Mo’s iron spikes when he was kicked away from him. He had already seen Ye Mo strike at Thousand Dragon Heads once just now.

Sure enough, even with his full attention, the iron spike still almost hit him. If he hadn’t still had that killer move, he, Wu Qiang, might have been a dead man by now.

He didn’t expect that his killer weapon would just block an iron nail for him, and he hadn’t even come close to striking at Ye Mo. This Ye Mo was surprisingly so powerful, so powerful that it was beyond his expectations. Although he hadn’t exerted a tenth of his leg kung fu, he knew that he would definitely not be Ye Mo’s opponent.

If he continued like this, he, Wu Qiang, would only die, go, go now.

Ye Mo was also a little surprised to see that his iron nails were actually blocked by Wu Qiang, although his iron nails were not as fast as the speed of the bullets, the difference would not be too far, and they were actually blocked by him. But in that instant, the white light that had just come from Wu Qiang’s sleeve lit up again.

The white light even turned into a dozen rays of light, directly surrounding and rapidly striking at Ye Mo. The burst of cold air was such that even Ye Mo couldn’t help but secretly marvel at it.

Although Wu Qiang’s white light was fast, it still had nothing to hide under Ye Mo’s divine sense; it was made of a blade in his sleeve. I didn’t expect that his sleeve blade could break into so many white blades, it looked like Wu Qiang’s sleeve blade should be specially made, maybe this was his killer weapon.

Ye Mo waved his hands up, a ball of true essence surged, and these ten white blades were wrapped up by his true essence in front of Ye Mo.

“Boom”, almost at the same time, Wu Qiang had already scampered to the window, not even having the time to lift his feet to kick, just headbutted into it.

Ye Mo snorted coldly, and the white light wrapped in his hand was smashed into Wu Qiang again.

Wu Qiang let out a muffled grunt, but it quickly disappeared without a trace.

But Ye Mo was not worried, he knew that a few of those white fragmented remnants of his counter hitting back had already hit Wu Qiang’s legs. Even if his legs were more powerful, his hamstrings would have to be broken off. Although Wu Qiang had already escaped beyond his divine sense, he wouldn’t care.

The fragmented remnant blade that Ye Mo had just struck back had not only severed the tendons in Wu Qiang’s legs, but it would also cause the vitality in his legs to gradually dissipate. In other words, if Wu Qiang was struck by Ye Mo, although he escaped, those legs of his would be ruined.

For someone whose whole body’s kung fu was in his legs, having his legs ruined, Ye Mo didn’t bother to care about it. He just stared at Thousand Dragon Head, who did not have Wu Qiang’s ability to get out through the window as well.

Wolf Pole had already knocked Li San Dao to the ground, but did not kill him, at this moment, Wolf Pole however wanted to kill Thousand Dragon Heads more than Ye Mo. Even the other few members of ‘Southern Youth’ who attended the meeting were also killed by Wolf Pole.

Thousand Dragon Heads stared at Ye Mo with a somewhat pale face, and only after a long time did he shout, “If it wasn’t for Wolf Pole, the traitor, I would not fear you, a mere Ye Mo, if I had several thousand mercenaries.”

Ye Mo took a few steps and sat down, saying indifferently, “Your mobilization of the army is not of the slightest use to me, the only exception is just a few more deaths. Do you think that you can block me inside the sea? Thousand, you think too highly of yourself. To me, those armies of yours are no different from a mere chicken and dog. I wanted to let you live for a few more days, but I didn’t expect that you didn’t want to live anymore, and you even dared to go looking for trouble with me.”

After saying that, Ye Mo even shook his head.

Wolf Pole stared at Thousand Dragon Heads with hatred, if Ye Mo wasn’t here, he would have pounced on him. But to Ye Mo, he had a deep respect, he knew that no matter what his status was, it was not much harder for Ye Mo to kill him than to crush an ant.

Perhaps he seemed to be incomparable, but in fact it was indeed Dongfang Qiu who had just betrayed him. If it wasn’t for his ploy this time, he might really have been intimidated by the words Wolf Pole brought back.

Or if Dong Fang Qiu had just persuaded himself to flee as well, he might not have believed his words. Thousand Dragons already regretted going to provoke Ye Mo again, but it was too late to say anything now.

At this moment, he wanted to kill Dongfang Qiu desperately, even more than he wanted to kill Ye Mo. However, he knew that Ye Mo would definitely not let him go.

“If you let me go, I am willing to take out all my money and things to satisfy you. Count me, Thousand Mou, as blind to have offended Your Excellency. I only need to kill Dongfang Qiu who betrayed me and fled.” If there was a regret pill, Thousand Dragons would rather be a grandson and a turtle than go against Ye Mo, where did he think that there was really such a terrifying person in the world, even someone from the Ancient Martial Sect would not be so arrogant in the face of his several thousand troops.

Daoist Idle was also considered powerful, even no less than this Ye Mo, but he didn’t dare to do anything to his Thousand Dragons. Although he wouldn’t do anything to Idle Daoist either, he still had the strength to confront him after all. But when he faced Ye Mo, he realised that perhaps even Daoist Idle was not a match for him, unless Daoist Idle could break through.

After hearing Thousand Dragon Heads’ words, Ye Mo was moved in his heart, not that he wanted to spare Thousand Dragon Heads, but he thought of another thing. This ‘South Green’ was very powerful and very rich, so if he could use it to help him find spirit herbs or something like that, it would be the best thing. And there was one that could be used, and there was a Wolf Pole right in front of him.

Thinking of this, he looked at Wolf Pole and said, “Let’s do it, after we’re done, I’ll talk to you a little bit more.”

Wolf Pole had been waiting for a long time, and now that Ye Mo had spoken, he did not hesitate to just kick over. Thousand Dragons could not have imagined that he would end up dying at the feet of his own beloved henchman, Wolf Pole. Moreover, before he died, Dongfang Qiu, whom he thought he could trust the most, also betrayed and fled.

Seeing that Wolf Pole had killed Thousand Dragon Heads, Ye Mo looked at Li San Dao on the ground and did not ask Wolf Pole what to do with him. Although Wolf Pole was acknowledged by Ye Mo and he was also a figure in the ‘Southern Youth’ power faction, it was not that simple to stand firm in the ‘Southern Youth’ and get the approval of most people.

In fact, with Ye Mo’s idea to deal with this issue, the few old guys who were just meeting here Wolf Pole should not have been killed, but rather appeased. But since Wolf Pole killed them, of course Ye Mo would not bother, how to seize the power was his business and had nothing to do with him, Ye Mo.

As for in the struggle, if Wolf Pole was killed, it was even more none of his business Ye Mo’s business “Nan Qing’ including Wolf Pole, none of them are good, if they die, they die. The stronger the internal struggle, the more deaths the better. But no matter what they did, as long as they didn’t offend his Ye Mo, he didn’t bother to care.

“Brother Ye, please command, this life of mine, Wolf Pole, will be yours from now on.” Having killed the Thousand Dragon Heads, Wolf Pole suddenly felt a lot less depressed in his heart and spoke in a medium tone.

Of course Ye Mo would not believe Wolf Pole’s words, people like him only his own life was the most important, saying that his life was Ye Mo’s, Ye Mo only sneered in his heart. However, although he treated Wolf Pole’s words as if he hadn’t said them, he believed that Wolf Pole would definitely not dare to do anything to hunt him, Ye Mo, again. If he dared to do it, he himself would make another trip and send him to hell.

“After your side of things is taken care of, I have some instructions to give you to do, but I haven’t sorted them out yet. I’m going on a trip to Yanjing soon, and when I come back I’ll go to that old mansion of yours and give an account of what you’ve done. If you do a good job, I don’t mind healing your hand, if you don’t do it to my satisfaction, don’t even think about me helping you.” Ye Mo said indifferently, he was not going to help Wolf Pole up for no reason and have to help him treat his hand. It was to help him heal, but also to see how much Wolf Pole could do for him.

Faced with Ye Mo’s words, Wolf Pole certainly didn’t dare to say no, and could only immediately nod his head in agreement.

“Fine, you have to straighten out ‘South Green’ now, I am not going to bother with it, you look after it yourself, I am leaving.” After saying that Ye Mo turned around and left, as for whether Wolf Pole could really take charge of ‘Southern Youth’, that was his business and had nothing to do with himself.

Of course, Wolf Pole knew that Ye Mo was looking at his ability, if he really didn’t have the means to integrate ‘Southern Qing’, to Ye Mo, he would be dead and of no value.

Although he knew what Ye Mo was thinking, Wolf Pole did not dare to raise objection and hurriedly asked Black Snake to send Ye Mo to the airport to leave Sena.


The thorough investigation by Chi Yuan Jun in Luo Cang of course did not yield any results. Not only did the people of ‘Nan Qing’ disappear, even the people of ‘Tie Jiang’ knew that something seemed to have happened in Luo Cang recently and they all hid far away.

But to Chi Wanqing’s surprise, Ning Qingxue, who originally wanted to leave Luocang, stayed behind. Although she didn’t know what the reason was, Chi Wanqing didn’t want Ning Qingxue to leave either. If she was the only one, she could only go back to the army again, and this life would be a torture for her.

“Qingxue, what do you think would want to capture us both?” Ji Wanqing thought that it might have something to do with Ye Mo, but was not sure.

Ning Qingxue thought about it but said with certainty, “It should be because of Ye Mo, since both of us are related to him, these people probably want to capture us to threaten him.”

“So you don’t want to leave Luo Cang because you’re afraid that you’ll be captured by these people alone to threaten big brother Ye?” Ji Wanqing was not a stupid person, and seeing Ning Qingxue say with such certainty that it had something to do with Ye Mo, she also thought of the reason why Ning Qingxue had stayed.

“Well, Ning Qingxue nodded her head. Originally, I owed him too much, and he had been dragged down by me. It was the Song family that was after him, and it was because of me that they rose up and even almost took his life. If I fell into the hands of his enemies again, his character would certainly suffer. Back in Yuzhou, I am with my mother, rather than being as safe as I am here with you, where at least I have the protection of ‘Little Wolf’. I can’t drag him down anymore, to have done wrong once is something that was done once, if I have to do wrong now, I can’t forgive myself.” Ning Qingxue’s voice was somewhat eerie, seemingly coming from a distant place.

Seeing that Chi Wanqing looked at herself a little surprised, Ning Qingxue continued, “He is a person of ability, I just didn’t know it once, I think those people want to deal with him, I don’t know if it has something to do with this. But no matter what, it would probably be better if he had no attachments.”

Ning Qingxue thought of Ye Mo’s pills, and the protective jade beads he had made, as well as those talismans, and for the first time she felt that she was still far from understanding Ye Mo.