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DYM Chapter 135

The Ye family in Yanjing could never have imagined that at a time when they were in a state of distress, Nanqing, who was as close to them as water and fire, would suddenly come to their door and ask for cooperation, and even take the initiative to compensate for the losses incurred by the Ye family some time ago, the only request was that the Ye family would help Nanqing and the Song family to deal with Ye Mo together.

If the two great clans of China plus the number one gang, Nan Qing, were to deal with a mere Ye Mo, even the Ye family could think of Ye Mo’s fate with their toes. What they didn’t expect was that the Ye family hadn’t even thought about it yet, and the people of Nanqing suddenly went back, leaving only a contact information.

Although the matter seemed simple, Ye Bei Rong, the head of the Ye family, did not immediately agree to the request made by Nan Qing, but held a family meeting. Unlike the other times, this time there was an additional Ye Zifeng, who was Ye Mo’s younger brother, before Ye Mo was expelled from the Ye family of course.

Ye Bei Rong opened up the door and told them about “Nan Qing, coming over and asking for cooperation, and allowed all the people who had opinions and ideas to bring them up directly.

“Grandpa, although Ye Mo is my brother, I won’t purposely go to speak for him. I want to say one thing from the family’s point of view, we don’t set agree to “Nan Qing,’s request, no matter what, Ye Mo is also a member of my Ye family. If our Ye family goes after the Ye family’s people, wouldn’t it be picking up a stick and hitting our own tuǐ, causing people to laugh.” As soon as Ye Bei Rong finished his words, Ye Zifeng immediately stood up and spoke.

All of them did not expect the first one to speak to be Ye Zifeng, because in li he was the youngest in seniority and it was the first time he had attended a family meeting of the Ye family.

As soon as Ye Zifeng finished his words, Ye Kang stood up and said, “Zifeng, that’s not right, Ye Mo has long since ceased to be a member of the Ye family, and almost everyone in Yanjing knows this. How can you still say that he is a member of the Ye family? Wouldn’t it be a bit insulting to my Ye family to say that he is a member of the Ye family. Moreover, I think this is a rare opportunity for the Ye family to take advantage of this to not only reach an understanding with Nan Qing, but also to restore the family’s business once again, which will be beneficial to the Ye family.” Immediately, Ye Zifeng said again, “What do you mean by that, Ye Kang? Even if Ye Mo is not my father’s biological, but he has been raised in my family for so many years there is nothing wrong with me calling him my brother, can’t my brother be considered a member of the Ye family? You actually agreed with the “Nan Qing, people to deal with Ye Mo, do you have any shame at all.”

“You,” when Ye Kang heard such words from Ye Zifeng, he immediately stood up and spoke angrily to him.

But next to him, Ye Bei Guang coughed, and only then did Ye shake remember that this was a family meeting, and hastily sat down, although the hatred in his eyes did not diminish in the slightest.

Ye Bei Rong seemed not to see the struggle between the two juniors just now, but slowly looked at the rest of the few people and asked, “What do you think?”

However, Ye Tui said, “I feel that Ye Shake’s words have merit, Ye Mo is indeed no longer considered a member of the Ye family, this time it is rare that “Nan Qing, took the initiative to make this signal of reconciliation and they are also willing to make a low gesture to compensate my Ye family, I think we should take it as it is. After all, the struggle between the Ye family and the Song family has now become clear, so I agree to join forces with Nan Qing to surround Ye Mo, even if it’s just as a gesture.”

“I also agree with Brother Taki’s words.” Ye Manjin said in a hurry.

“I agree too.” Ye Manqi agreed with Ye Taki’s words without even thinking about it.

“I agree ……” “Agree ……” A circle of a dozen people came down and surprisingly, there was not a single one who disagreed. In addition to Ye Zifeng, who first objected, and Ye Bei Rong, who did not express his opinion, and an old man sitting beside Ye Bei Rong, the rest of the people in the whole house actually agreed with Ye Taki’s words.

Ye Zifeng’s face was a little white, not knowing whether he was angry or worried. However, Ye Shake looked at him smugly, with a flash of provocation in his eyes.

Ye Zifeng did not speak again, he understood that if there was one person in the entire Ye family who originally intended to help Ye Mo speak it was him. Apart from him, it was even his sister Ye Ling who looked down on Ye Mo.

He was even eager to kick Ye Mo out.

However, his ability was limited, and when Ye Mo was studying in Ninghai, he could only squeeze out some of his own pocket money and let Wang Yingping give it to Ye Mo to use.

At this moment, Ye Zifeng only had one thought in his mind, which was to try to inform Ye Mo as early as possible so that he would not come to Yanjing. He was now very anxious in his heart, but it suddenly occurred to him that his grandfather knew that he was the only one in the entire Ye family who took Ye Mo as his own, so why did his grandfather let him attend this family meeting this time?

The thought of it hit Ye Zifeng in his heart, could it be that grandfather and he were thinking the same thing?

Ye Zifeng never thought that Ye Mo was not his brother As for the blood test coming out that Ye Mo was not the same as his own father, Ye Zifeng did not believe it at all. He knew that the people on his eldest uncle’s side just couldn’t wait to drive both of them out of the Ye family, it was just that grandpa liked his father and also liked himself. They had no way to drive themselves away, so they worked on Ye Mo.

Although Ye Mo was indisputable and they found a reason to do so, he, Ye Zifeng Thing, was never small and careful, and never let them catch any leverage. It was just that his younger sister Ye Ling had never understood anything, and was instead a little distant from Ye Mo and himself, instead getting closer to the people on his eldest uncle’s side.

“What does Brother Jing think?” Ye Bei Rong suddenly looked at the old man who was sitting not far away at the side, who had not expressed his opinion, and asked.

Everyone in the Ye family knew that this person who was called Brother Realm by the family head was not a member of the Ye family, and as to why he could appear above the Ye family’s family meeting, no one knew.

This person called Brother Realm said with a faint smile, “Beirong you are making it difficult for me, it is best for me to stay out of your Ye Family’s affairs, after all, my surname is not Ye.” Unexpectedly, after hearing these words, Ye Bei Rong actually nodded and said, “Good, thanks for mentioning it to Brother Realm, I understand.”

The rest of the people looked at the family head in surprise, wondering what he had understood, just now that Brother Realm had obviously said that it was inconvenient to make comments, how come the family head said that he understood?

Ye Bei Rong sighed, there were too few talents in the Ye family. Among so many people, it was surprising that they could not find a decent successor. Just now, Brother Realm’s words were clear enough, he meant to say that Ye Mo was a member of the Ye Family, that’s why he said it was a matter of the Ye Family. He also deliberately pointed out that his surname was not Ye, meaning that apart from him, Ye Mo and the rest of the people were all surnamed Ye. This was just not a word that anyone would hear.

Moreover, he, Ye Bei Rong, was not a dullard, if Ye Mo was really a simple person” Nan Qing, there was no need to come and use the Ye family and Song family’s hand to unite against him. This shows that Ye Mo has completely changed, which means that the Ye Mo at this time is no longer the Ye Mo they knew at the beginning.

As for what strange encounter he had in the middle, Ye Bei Rong didn’t know, but he didn’t need to know either, he just needed to understand that Ye Mo was already a person who made even Nan Qing scare.

Ye Bei Rong really wanted to meet Ye Mo now, he wanted to see what kind of person Ye Mo had become, so much so that even the leader of Nan Qing was so scornful of him, and even the Song family had not been able to do anything to him so far. The matter of Ye Mo killing Song Shaowen was basically known to everyone in the Ye family, not only the Ye family, but also many people in Yanjing knew about it.

He coughed all over, Ye Bei Rong said: “Although Ye Mo is not a member of the Ye family now, there are things that are hard to judge, such as the NA test at the time. there was a problem with the NA test, or a miscalculation could have occurred. Let’s ignore this matter for now, after all, Ye Mo was once in the Ye family as well. After being driven out of the Ye family, when others go after him, we at most just don’t care, if we follow behind to round him up, it would look like my Ye family is a bit too backward.”

Ye Bei Rong paused here and looked at all the Ye family members present before continuing, “So Ye Mo is being chased and killed by Nan Qing, there is no need for us to help Nan Qing and lower the prestige of my Ye family, my Ye family does not rely on this kind of relationship to maintain. There is also the fact that the Ye family will get back what the Nanqing family has done to our business, no matter what. I want them to remember that my Ye family does not fear anyone, not even Nan Qing. Ye Mo is being chased by Nan Qing, although we don’t take part in it, we don’t have to meddle in it. Ye Tui, you immediately go and thoroughly investigate what Ye Mo has done recently, and his recent situation, and tell me immediately when you find out.”

After hearing the words of the family head, Ye Manjin immediately hesitated a little.

“If you have something to say, just say it directly.” Ye Bei Rong could see Ye Wen Jin’s hesitation.

“Father, if we thoroughly investigate Ye Mo’s news now, won’t we be telling” Nan Qing that we are very condescending to Ye Mo? Wouldn’t this exacerbate the conflict between us and “Nan Qing,?” Ye Wenjin hastily asked out loud.

Ye Bei Rong laughed coldly, “I am really ashamed of you guys, can my Ye family still be afraid of a triad organization? If even Nan Qing could not stop it, there would be no need for my family to exist. Besides, even if Nan Qing doesn’t look for trouble with my Ye Family, will my Ye Family still let them go?” Although his voice was no longer young, Ye Bei Rong’s attitude was incredibly strong.

After all, Dongfang Qiu was not a god, although he had calculated that ninety-nine percent of the Ye family would agree to hunt down and besiege Ye Mo, he had not calculated that decisive one percent.

Sometimes, it didn’t take too many people to decide the issue, just one person would do.

But no matter what” Nan Qing, now it is too late to take care of himself, which has time to care to the Ye family’s affairs.

Ye Mo returned to Luo Cang, took his things away, took another 20,000 yuan, and then after explaining to Cao Xiaozhen and Yu Erhu about the internet clinic, he went straight to Yanjing.

Although Ye Mo could have collected a fortune from Thousand Dragon Heads after killing them this time, Ye Mo did not. One is that Ye Mo is not short of big money right now, and another is that Ye Mo will have to account for Wolf Pole to help him when the time comes, especially to find some spiritual herbs, which will definitely cost a large amount of money, so he didn’t bother to collect money from “Nan Qing, to go away.

Although Ye Mo had an impression of Yanjing in his memory, for the current Ye Mo, it was the first time he had ever been to Yanjing!