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DYM Chapter 141

When Ye Ling heard Song Shaocheng’s words, she unexpectedly felt a surge of relief without a reason. Although she was a member of the Ye family and looked like a princess on the surface, only she knew the hardships involved. Back in the Ye family, she had to put on a smile for all the people and snub her nose at Ye Shaofeng. That’s not all, she even had to sneak around with the money she had saved and the things she had stolen to ask Bubbler to help out.

Now it was the first time she saw her rival standing in front of her and lowering her voice, and even the disgust of Ye Mo killing someone just now had been forgotten to the side. Thinking of Song Shaocheng’s arrogant appearance just now, Ye Ling’s heart lightened up a lot.

“You want me to spare you?” Ye Mo looked at Song Shaocheng and said indifferently.

“Yes, as long as you are willing to show mercy, Brother Ye, I am willing to repay …… me ten times over,” Hearing Ye Mo’s tone seemed to be somewhat relieved, Song Shaocheng hurriedly replied.

“Is his name bubbling? That’s a strange name, but I hate this guy.” Ye Mo glanced at Gurgling Luo.

Hearing Ye Mo’s words, Song Shaocheng suddenly had a cold look in his eyes, and without knowing where he fished out a three-pronged thorn, without any warning, he thrust it down on this Gurgling Luo’s back.

He pointed his finger at him and tried to say something, but in the end, nothing came out, he just fell to the ground and died with an angry gaze. Perhaps he couldn’t understand why he had died at the hands of Song Shaocheng even though he had worked for him.

Ye Mo thought to himself that this Song Shao Cheng was also a ruthless character, he actually knew where to stab the other party from this stab to die the fastest, this must not be the first time he did such a thing.

Ye Ling watched as Bubbler fell to the ground and there was a large amount of blood emerging from his back as if it was a gushing red spring, she finally couldn’t take it anymore and pa*sed out directly in Ye Mo’s arms.

“Young Cheng ……” Two of Gurgling Luo’s men looked at Song Shaocheng, they couldn’t believe that Song Shaocheng had actually made a move against his most beloved man, Gurgling Luo, for a moment they didn’t know whether they should deal with Song Shaocheng or whether they should stand on top of the same battle line as Song Shaocheng.

But in the moment of hesitation between the two of them, Song Shaocheng had already rushed over and finished off one of them with another stab. The remaining one reacted by pulling out a dagger and stabbing it directly into Song Shaocheng’s left shoulder as Song Shaocheng’s three-pronged stab was aimed at him.

Although Song Shaocheng was wounded, it was not a fatal wound, and besides, the dagger did not do as much damage as the three-pronged thrust. The man with the dagger had already been killed and Song Shaocheng still managed to stand up, looking at Ye Mo with some worry.

Ye Mo looked at Song Shaocheng coldly, this was a ruthless character, he didn’t have any psychological burden to kill at all, and it was his beloved who was killed. His movements were swift and unparalleled, decisive and old-fashioned without delay, it was evident that this man was not only thick and black but also had good skills.

When this kind of person spoke to him just now, he seemed to be stammering and trembling a little, which Ye Mo would never believe. Song Shaocheng was obviously pretending just now, he was just pretending a little too much. But whether he was pretending or not, Ye Mo would not let this guy go.

“Brother Ye, I have killed all of these guys that you don’t like as you instructed.” After saying that, Song Shaocheng took out a packet from inside his pocket and said, “This is your Ye Family’s Feng Shui Dragon Pearls, I only let Ye Ling get two of them.”

Song Shaocheng’s face was pale as he walked to a chair and placed the packet on top of it, even though his shoulder was bleeding badly, he didn’t seem to notice it at all, but opened that packet while saying, “I’ll take it out for you to verify.”

Ye Mo looked at Song Shaocheng coldly, he was very clever and thick, but anything that was done too much was not good. Not to mention that Ye Mo had already used his divine sense to see his ruthless gaze, even if Ye Mo did not have divine sense, he knew that this action of Song Shaocheng was not normal at all.

His arm was already injured so badly, and it was even bleeding badly, and instead of stopping the bleeding, he came to curry favour by asking to open the paper bag. If this paper packet really contained the Feng Shui Dragon Pearl, he could just hand it over to himself directly. Thinking of this Ye Mo’s divine sense swept towards the paper bag.

Song Shaocheng, however, took out a pistol from inside the paper bag at this time with immense speed, and almost at the same time, his gun had already fired at Ye Mo. The speed was incomparably fast, and it could be said that it was done in one go, with only a second or two at most before and after, or even less.

Song Shaocheng was confident in his marksmanship, and he was so fast that this shot was aimed exactly at Ye Mo’s head, he did not believe that Ye Mo could still survive this shot. Even if Ye Mo was really the rumoured ancient martial arts heir, with this shot of his, Ye Mo would not be able to avoid it.

At the thought of f*cking Ye Mo, Song Shaocheng felt a surge of excitement, he seemed to see the praise from the family head, he seemed to see that the position of the number one of the three generations of the Song family had been handed over to him, Song Shaocheng.

However, Song Shaocheng lost this thought in a blink of an eye as he stared blankly at Ye Mo, who was staring at him coldly, as if he was staring at a monkey juggler playing with a treasure. He was holding a bullet on his finger.

The moment Song Shaocheng opened the paper bag, Ye Mo paid attention to his movements, and the moment he picked up the gun, Ye Mo used his true essence to drum up an aura, and the speed of the bullet flying immediately slowed down. This made it easy for Ye Mo to reach out and clip the bullet, but if it was a sudden shot when Ye Mo was unprepared, Ye Mo would not be able to clip the bullet, at most he would just dodge it.

Song Shaocheng stared at Ye Mo as if he had seen a ghost, and only after a long time did he scream out, “You, you can actually clip a bullet, you ……” He was frozen, the first time he met someone who could clip a bullet, no one would dare to believe it if he said it out loud.

Seeing Song Shaocheng’s panicked appearance, Ye Mo smiled coldly, “Don’t worry, I won’t kill you now.” After saying that, the bullet in his hand landed on the floor with a clanking sound. Song Shaocheng’s heart just tightened, after hearing Ye Mo’s words, he was nervous but gradually calmed down.

Ye Mo certainly wouldn’t kill Song Shaocheng now. Although he could kill Song Shaocheng and then go to the Song family for a showdown, he reckoned that the Song family wouldn’t do anything to him. He was just afraid that if the Song family became annoyed and fought with him, then Dongfang Qiu’s prophecy might really come true.

Once Ye Mo and the Song family made a move, then no matter how he beat the Song family into submission, it would be difficult to escape the exit path as a result. In Ye Mo’s opinion, even if he wanted to fight the Song family, he couldn’t do it openly, he could make them scare, but he couldn’t force them too hard.

He could kill Gouluo and a few of his men, just that Song Shaocheng could not be killed right now. He still needed to take care of the aftermath in this room. Ye Mo believed that Song Shaocheng wouldn’t dare to stir up trouble, and he also believed that the Song family wouldn’t dare either.

Besides, this was Yanjing, not the border. It was okay to kill random people at the border, but not in Yanjing. Now that so many people had died in the room, although most of them were killed by Song Shaocheng, there had to be someone to take care of the aftermath, leaving Song Shaocheng to take care of the aftermath was much better than just leaving like this.

Moreover, Ye Mo was not a fool, it had been a day since he arrived in Yanjing and he had not received any attacks or threats, which meant that the Song family now had scruples about him, and it was likely that the matter of Sena had reached the ears of the Song family. To say that the Song family did not know that he, Ye Mo, had arrived in Yanjing, Ye Mo would never believe it, he had simply swaggered over when he arrived.

Ye Mo clapped his hands and took out the two dragon pearls inside that paper bag of Song Shaocheng and looked at them, he couldn’t help but shake his head, they were just two ordinary magic weapons. There was a hint of aura fluctuation, but it was not even looked at by Ye Mo.

Song Shaocheng watched Ye Mo’s movements and didn’t dare to move, only now did he understand why the family head had pa*sed down an order not to allow Ye Mo to be touched. He was simply too terrifying, no wonder he could kill Hu Qiu.

Ye Mo looked at Song Shaocheng, who was still frozen to the side, and gave him a tap on the shoulder. Song Shaocheng seemed to feel a large iron cone hitting him hard in the heart a few times in a general sense of oppression that made him faint.

After Ye Mo destroyed all the several corpses in the room with fireballs, Song Shaocheng woke up again. Only then did he realise that the corpses inside the room were gone, there were only some blood stains and some burnt smell. He didn’t know how long he had just pa*sed out, but he knew that it must not have been long. In this short time, Ye Mo had finished with all the corpses, and Song Shaocheng suddenly felt a chill run through his body.

Not being able to touch Ye Mo, surprisingly that was what it meant.

“Do you know why I didn’t kill you?” Ye Mo said as he looked at Song Shaocheng whose face had turned pale.

Song Shaocheng subconsciously shook his head.

Ye Mo smiled lightly, “You took care of this place, and also, maybe in a few days you’ll understand why I didn’t kill you. Oh, by the way, tell your family’s old man not to P*ss me off, P*ss me off and I’ll make will make your Song family disappear overnight.”

After saying this, Ye Mo picked up the still unconscious Ye Ling and surprisingly jumped through the window.

Song Shaocheng watched dumbfounded as Ye Mo disappeared, only then did he remember that his life had been saved. But as he watched Ye Mo jump out of the window, he was once again frozen, this was the fourth floor. But he immediately knew that now was the time to deal with the aftermath. Thinking of this, Song Shaocheng couldn’t even take care of the wound on his arm before he took out the phone and called back to the Song family.


Just when Ye Mo didn’t know where he should send Ye Ling, Ye Ling woke up, she looked at Ye Mo who was holding her and struggled a little, Ye Mo put her down with his hands.

Ye Ling looked at Ye Mo for a while before she remembered what had just happened, her face revealed a panicked look, Ye Mo had killed someone, she had seen it with her own eyes, what was to be done?

At this time, Ye Ling could not ask Ye Mo about how he came to Yanjing, she just looked at Ye Mo nervously and said: “You should hurry and escape now, you killed the Song family, they will not let you go. Leave now, overnight ……”