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DYM Chapter 142

When Ye Mo saw that Ye Ling was letting him escape now, something rose up in his heart. Although what Ye Ling did was childish nèn and even nonsensical, her heart was set on preserving Ye Mo and Ye Zifeng’s xìng lives. It could be said that from this perspective, she did suffer a lot of aggression. Ye Mo knew that Ye Ling had always looked at him unfavourably and did not understand why Ye Ling still did so much for him.

Although her heart was good, how could it be that she had seen too few things and had too little experience, and her mind was still immature, so many things were just taken for granted, plus it was normal to be deceived by others because of her concern.

Ye Mo suddenly raised his hand to mō Ye Ling’s hair and said with some sigh, “Fool, if I leave now, you will simply die. Don’t worry about it, since I could kill Song Shaowen all right, I will be just as fine now. Besides, I haven’t killed Song Shaocheng yet.”

Ye Ling felt something strange when Ye Mo mōd her head. There seemed to be a faint concern lingering in her heart, she had never been cared for before, even her second brother Ye Zifeng had always complained that she was too ignorant. But now, she actually had this feeling, her tired heart seemed to have something to rely on, she suddenly wanted to lean into Ye Mo’s arms and call out to her brother. But when she thought of the Ye Mo in front of her and the original Ye Mo, she had a strange feeling again.

The two of them fell into silence, but Ye Ling quickly reacted, she thought of Ye Mo’s safety and hurriedly said, “You didn’t kill Song Shaocheng? Then if he calls the police to arrest you now, where will you go? Besides, even if he doesn’t call the police, if the Song family knows that you are in Yanjing, you can’t get away, what about this ……”

Ye Mo smiled faintly “You don’t have to worry about that, the Song family doesn’t dare to find me yet, don’t worry about it, nothing will happen tomorrow.”

Ye Mo saw very clearly, since when he first came to Yanjing, the Song family did not find him, it means that the Song family has some scruples about him. Since they were scrupulous, they would just as likely not be looking for him now, and even if they were looking for trouble with him, Ye Mo, the Song family would have investigated him pretty much before they would do anything. If the Song family knew that he could come back safely from the nest of Seena “South Green, and still look for his trouble directly without asking Qing Hong, then the Song family would not have existed until today.

Ye Ling looked at Ye Mo blankly, she didn’t understand what Ye Mo meant when he said that the Song family didn’t dare to look for him, she also knew that Ye Mo was very different from before, there was simply no comparison at all.

Although Ye Mo did not kill Song Shaocheng, he had laid a black hand, Song Shaocheng would not survive for long.

Once Ye Mo thought about how the Song family could not take him once he left Yanjing, it was possible to take on Ye Ling and Ye Zifeng. Once he thought of this, Ye Mo got a bit of a headache. Right now, he did not dare to destroy the Song family openly, and since he could not destroy the Song family, he had to worry about these things.

Seeing that Ye Mo seemed to have some thoughts, Ye Ling instead said, “…… Where are you staying at night?”

Ye Ling had the heart to call out a brother, but she couldn’t, Ye Mo’s original impression inside her was too bad.

Ye Mo came back to his senses, thinking that he would think about this matter slowly, and now that Ye Ling asked, he quickly said, “I have a place to stay, and you, I will send you back first.”

“Well, I live inside the school.” Ye Ling had the intention to ask Ye Mo how exactly he had been living all these years and how he was doing, but she didn’t know where she should start. Besides, when she saw the ordinary clothes on Ye Mo’s true, she knew that Ye Mo was not living a very rich life, and was even a bit shabby.

She was afraid that if she asked, it would cause Ye Mo to be sad, and she just didn’t know where he had learnt that skill from.

In the end, however, Ye Ling did not hold back and asked. Ye Mo didn’t know where to start, so he could only briefly describe his life, not even mentioning about going to the desert and being chased. These things were too far removed from Ye Ling’s life, and he didn’t want to worry Ye Ling 1.

From Ye Ling’s mouth, Ye Mo learned that Ye Zifeng was very busy recently, but what he was busy with Ye Ling didn’t know. Ye Zifeng rarely discussed such matters with Ye Ling, just as Ye Ling rarely talked to Ye Zifeng about her affairs.

The two of them were talking and walking, and before they knew it they had arrived at Hua Da. When they reached the entrance of Hua Da, Ye Mo remembered that he was waiting for Zhuo Ying Qing, and looked around, Zhuo Ying Oak had already left.

“You go back to the dormitory first, I’m leaving, tomorrow you find Zifeng to come out and we’ll talk.” Ye Mo sent Ye Ling to the door of the dormitory, he wanted to go to the Song family to discuss the news, if the Song family decided to break the boat all to deal with him, he could also make an early preparation.

“…You can go and sit in our dormitory.” Seeing that Ye Mo was leaving, Ye Ling finally couldn’t help but say, she still had so many things she wanted to talk to Ye Mo about. Besides, Ye Mo had become too much and made her feel a sense of dependence, she actually couldn’t let Ye Mo leave for a while.

Ye Mo hesitated for a while, looking at the sign at the entrance of the dormitory, “No Boys Allowed”. Although he had studied at university in Ninghai, he had never been in the girls’ dormitory. And now that the weather has gradually become warmer, it seems a little inappropriate to enter the girls’ dormitory.

When Ye Ling saw Ye ……’s gaze, she knew he was worried about not being able to get in, so she quickly said!” It’s okay. The He Ma at the door is very nice to me and will definitely let me in, and the girls in our dormitory are all away tonight, having gone to join up with the divisional university, so going in won’t affect them.” Originally, Ye Mo was not worried about not being able to get in, there were too many ways for him to get in, he was just afraid that it would affect others. Now that he heard Ye Ling say that, he wanted to go in and have a look. Not for any other reason, but to see the terrain of Ye Ling’s dormitory and see if he could set up a simple defence formation. There was also the fact that he wanted to talk to Ye Ling, and if she didn’t want to stay in Yanjing, how about going to Luo Cang.

As expected, just as Ye Ling had said, the older woman at the dormitory door just gave Ye Mo a look and did not stop him from entering the girls’ dormitory.

The door of Ye Ling’s dormitory was indeed closed, and it was also dark inside, indicating that Ye Ling was not wrong, those girls from the sorority had not yet returned.

Ye Mo habitually swept his divine sense in, and he immediately froze, not only was there someone inside the dormitory, but there were also three people.

Ye Mo was about to tell Ye Ling when Ye Ling had already opened the dormitory door and said, “Come in, there’s no one inside ……”

Before Ye Ling could say anything, the dormitory light was suddenly turned on, scaring Ye Ling. A large cake was placed on top of the table in the middle of the dormitory.

When the three girls inside saw Ye Ling enter, they all called out together, “Lingzi, happy birthday!” But the three immediately saw Ye Mo behind Ye Ling and let out another shriek, and one of the girls, who was only wearing a short kù, hastily picked up a skirt and quickly put it on.

“You guys,” Ye Ling looked at the scene in front of her and was a little dazed.

One of the taller girls was the first to react and said, “Lingzi, I didn’t expect you to be spending your birthday with your boyfriend.

Hehehe, hurry up and introduce your boyfriend, he’s really a handsome guy.”

It was only when Ye Ling remembered that today was her birthday, she had been so busy all day that she had forgotten her birthday. At this time, when she saw her roommate had prepared a birthday cake for her, her heart could not help but feel jī up. Immediately, she said, “1 Xiaodan, lùlù and Tianhe are really thankful for you guys, that you still remembered to help me celebrate my birthday.”

“The cake will be eaten later oh, lùlù is right, Lingzi hurry up and introduce your boyfriend. We can’t wait, it’s the first time you’ve brought your boyfriend back.” The girl with short hair also clapped her hands and shouted.

“You guys are mistaken, it’s not my boyfriend.” Ye Ling waved her hand in a hurry and said.

“You’ve already brought him back, and you still say no one can come in, you think we didn’t hear you.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. He mother downstairs is really not enough, just called up just to say that you are back, but did not say anything about you bringing your boyfriend.” The short-haired girl continued.

Ye Mo was a little embarra*sed mōmō nose, he didn’t expect that all of Ye Ling’s cla*smates had come back, and it was also Ye Ling’s birthday, it looked like there was no way to talk to her about going to Luo Cang today.

Moreover, these few cla*smates of Ye Ling’s were casually dressed inside the dormitory, so it was really inconvenient to continue staying here. Thinking of this Ye Mo had to say, “Why don’t I go first, we can talk about it tomorrow.” Ye Ling also knew that Ye Mo should have something to say to her today, but there was definitely no way to say it now, so she could only nod her head.

“Ah, how come you just came in and have to leave? Today Ye Ling’s birthday, you even do not help her celebrate, at least also eat the cake before leaving, or introduce yourself la, and tomorrow to invite us to dinner.” The girl whose short kù was seen by Ye Mo finally threw away the embarra*sment she had just felt.

“Dan Dan has suffered a loss, just now has been seen away, now of course people have to treat, ha jump,” said the short-haired girl immediately.

Ye Mo was even more embarra*sed in his heart, he, a brother, didn’t even remember Ye Ling’s birthday, instead Ye Ling’s dorm mates came to celebrate her birthday for her. He thought of Su Jing Su’s birthday, also from the same family, why was Ye Ling’s birthday so different from Su Jing Su’s? Even the Ye family was much bigger than Su’s, right?

Thinking of this, Ye Mo suddenly felt some bitterness at the corners of his mouth.

Perhaps over the years, Ye Ling had really suffered too much.

Seeing Ye Mo standing in the doorway in some silence, Ye Ling thought Ye Mo was thinking about something and hurriedly came up and said, “Brother, actually I don’t care about any birthday, as long as both you and second brother are safe and sound. You can go back first, I will come to you tomorrow.”

Ye Ling finished her speech and gave Ye Mo a hug, in her opinion it was the first time she called Ye Mo brother and surprisingly she did not feel raw. Maybe she wouldn’t have to live that life of worry and fear in the future, at least Ye Mo seemed so much better than she had imagined.

She felt that Ye Mo’s embrace was strong and warm, giving her a sense of security from the bottom of her heart!