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DYM Chapter 143

The sound of a brother made Ye Mo a little dazed and lost in thought, coming into this world, he had never been alone, and today someone actually called him brother. An unspeakable feeling flowed through Ye Mo’s heart, making him determined to protect Ye Ling for the rest of his life.

Not for anything else, just for this call of brother.

“Aigoo so touching, Lingzi, you’re really fleshy in your call. But your boyfriend is really a little handsome, I also want to hug your brother a little, you must not give up ah.” The short-haired girl said in a joking manner.

Of course she was just talking for fun, she didn’t think about actually hugging Ye Mo.

Ye Ling enjoyed Ye Mo’s embrace, at this moment when she heard the short-haired girl say, she smiled and suddenly took the short-haired girl’s hand and pulled her into Ye Mo’s embrace in a flash, while she herself stepped aside: “Fine Tian He, you can hug me for as long as you want, I won’t be jealous at all. But, don’t let go.”

The short-haired girl called Tian He was instantly pulled into Ye Mo’s arms by the concubine, Ye Mo had the intention to pull her away but was afraid of hurting his pride.

“Just hug,” Tian He was pulled into Ye Mo’s arms by Ye Ling, afraid that they would say that she was just relying on her mouth to talk, thinking that it was just a hug, thinking of this, but even more so, she used her hand to directly hoop Ye Mo’s waist.

Just now, being gently hugged by Ye Ling, Ye Mo still did not feel much, did not expect Tian He really hugged Ye Mo as hard as he could, Ye Mo immediately felt the two soft ma*ses in front of her xiōng, and the faint girl’s fragrance. Under the blood energy jīdàng, he actually reacted.

The firm tǐng below immediately pressed against Tian He’s belly, and a hot ball of fire came up, scaring Tian He into letting go. Ye Mo was embarra*sed and knew that he had just lost his concentration because he was called brother and now his fixation had become poor. He had planned to eat a piece of cake, but at this moment, he hurriedly said, “I’m leaving.”

In a hurry, he rushed out of the dormitory and disappeared in a flash.

“What’s wrong with you, Tenho? How did you scare Lingzi’s boyfriend away? Is it because your xiōng weapon is too powerful?” At this moment as soon as Ye Mo left the other two girls hurriedly started joking around.

Tian He’s face turned red, although she was bold, it was all just put in her mouth and said, now in front of the truth she still couldn’t hide her panic.

But now that the other two girls asked, she gradually recovered, but smiled cheekily “Lingzi, your boyfriend’s thing is so big, I can feel it, he’s really manly, I’ve verified it myself. But I kinda like his embrace mmmm, it tastes good.”

“What? You really felt that in him? It’s really big?” To the surprise of the rest of the dormitory, Ye Ling was actually pulling Tian He with a surprised face to ask the truth.

The fact that Tian He was pulled by Ye Ling was not a big deal, but the words that Ye Ling asked completely stunned the dormitory members.

“Hey, I said Lingzi, you’re a fool. You don’t know anything about your boyfriend and you’re asking me. But your boyfriend is really good, I don’t know where you got him from, I’m not so lucky.” Tian He had also had boyfriends but never as good as Ye Mo, so that she could feel such a freshness and serenity even when she held him.

“Well, the two of us express our envy of you two, next time Lingzi’s boyfriend comes, I’ll have a hug too.” The taller girl said in a rush.

“And me too ……,” Dan Dan hastened to say the same.

Tian Huo made a gesture of contempt “You two female rascals. But, Lingzi. Even if it’s big, you don’t have to be so happy, you’ll have to suffer later, Lingzi.”

Ye Ling, however, murmured, “It’s really a lie ……”

What she was thinking was that Ye Mo was diagnosed with a problem with the body one, which was definitely a fake If Tian He hadn’t said it today, she would have always thought it was true. Now it seems that Ye Mo’s blood test came out not to be a member of the Ye family, but also fake all because of eldest uncle and their hand. At this time, she was only happy because Ye Mo’s impression in her heart had completely changed.

Although it was already late the Song family was lit up, even Song Shaocheng, who had injured his arm, was present at the family meeting. This was not sure if it was his honour or misfortune.

Ye Mo’s guess was good, the Song family really didn’t dare to tear their face off with Ye Mo yet. Song Qiming was very cautious, he didn’t dare to move before he had completely figured out Ye Mo’s bottom card. If Ye Mo really had that kind of ability to easily enter the heavily guarded “Nan Qing. Lair, it was not impossible for him to come and kill a few people of the Song family, or even kill all the important people of the Song family. Moreover, Ye Mo was reckless in his actions, so it was really a possibility.

The moment he thought that Ye Mo, who was at odds with the Song family, had this kind of ability, Song Qiming’s face became very ugly. For the huge Song family, it was really a shame that even a mere Ye Mo did not dare to move. If Ye Mo was replaced by someone else, not to mention one person or a gang organisation, the Song family would have been terminated if they said so.

“Shao Cheng, you said that you just blinked and all the corpses inside the whole house were gone?

Even he could have used a catch bullet?

Song Hai had to ask about these things, he had been in charge of the Song family’s intelligence system, and the fact that this was the first time he had heard about these skills of Ye Mo meant that he had failed in his duty.

“Yes, Uncle Hai. I didn’t say a word of falsehood, and he didn’t even grab the bullet, he used two fingers to hold it. My pistol is a Walter K. I don’t have to tell you about that speed, but he just caught it with his fingers. Also I’m sure I couldn’t have pa*sed out for more than five minutes and woke up only to see that nothing had changed, except that the body was gone.” Song Shaocheng’s heart was still palpitating now as he said this.

Song Qiming glanced at Song Hai, with the intention of asking how the investigation of the Seine Peninsula was going, but then he thought that the order had only been issued today, so he thought it would not be so quick.

Song Hai was a bit jittery in his heart, although the family head did not say anything, he knew in his heart that Ye Mo’s many skills had not been investigated by himself, which should fall under his own negligence. He had already made up his mind that when he went back, he would definitely strengthen Sehner’s investigation and absolutely not make any more mistakes.

Seeing Song Hai’s expression, Song Qiming stopped paying attention to him, but turned his head to look at Song Shaocheng again and asked, “What else did he say?”

Song Shaocheng looked at Song Qiming’s already iron blue face with some concern and hesitated before answering, “When he was leaving, he asked me to bring a letter back, saying that he should not make him angry, and if he did, he would make the Song family disappear overnight. By the way, when he left, he jumped from the fourth floor window with Ye Ling in his arms.”

“What?” Song Qiming obviously didn’t not hear clearly, but because he heard too clearly, he shouted out in shock. If Ye Mo had jumped from the fourth floor alone, perhaps he wouldn’t have been surprised, but holding a person and jumping from the fourth floor, this was somewhat outrageous.

Just when all the people thought that the family head’s face would root ugly after hearing Ye Mo’s threatening words, they didn’t expect Song Qiming to calm down instead. After he said two words about something, he began to look down and contemplate, and only after a long time did he look at Song Qizhan next to him and asked, “Qizhan, what do you think?”

Song Qizhan frowned and said, “I think based on the way Ye Mo has been acting, and the things that Shao Cheng has reported back, the fact that Ye Mo has said this means that he might really be able to do it. My opinion is that it would be best if the results of Seena’s investigation are available and we know Ye Mo by heart before we make a move. Moreover, if we want to do it, we can’t do it alone, we should invite some people to do it. Of course, Hu Qiu’s master must be notified.”

Song Qiming nodded, “That’s what I mean too, well, that’s it for today, you go and finish the matter for the night Song Hai, don’t leave any loose ends. Once the results of Senna’s investigation come out, we will immediately convene another family meeting, but until then, if anyone else dares to mess with Ye Mo, or anyone related to him, don’t blame me for being ungracious, the meeting is adjourned.”

Although Song Qiming said the word adjourn the meeting, the depression in his heart, only he knew, the head of a big family could not even do anything to a mere Ye Mo.

Ye Mo left Huaqing University and was about to go and find a place to stay when the phone rang. Surprisingly, it was Li Fox who called. He was very happy to learn that Ye Mo had arrived in Yanjing, but he said that he had something during the day and his phone was switched off. As for what was going on, he didn’t say.

Ye Mo had just mentioned a location when his phone automatically turned off. This newly bought phone had not been charged yet, and it ran out of battery after just two calls.

He hadn’t eaten until now. Originally, Zhuo Yingqing wanted to invite him to dinner, but because of Qin Xun’s matter, Zhuo Yingqing hadn’t come to cash in yet, so Ye Mo went to find Ji Ling.

Li Fox came quickly and drove an ordinary jeep. As soon as he got out of the car, he grabbed Ye Mo’s hand and said, “Brother Ye, if it wasn’t for you last time, we wouldn’t have gotten our things back, maybe our little

If it wasn’t for you, we might have lost our lives to the desert. I’ve been hoping for you day and night, but I’ve finally got you here. Come on, stay at my place tonight. Tomorrow you must come with me to the base. Those little brats always say I am bragging, so you can help me teach them a lesson.”

Li Fox was a gregarious person and good at talking, it was relatively easy to get acquainted with people, and he already treated Ye Mo as a friend.

As soon as Ye Mo heard it, he knew that this guy must have bragged about himself in front of others and then couldn’t find his people, and since he couldn’t find his people, then of course his words were ignored. Ye Mo smiled, he didn’t have that much time to fart with Li Fox’s gang, he just wanted to get the money and then solve the problem over here and immediately go back to cultivate properly. The more people he offended, the worse he felt.

From Wolf Pole’s mouth Ye Mo knew that “Tie Jiang, the Idle Daoist was far too powerful than Wu Qiang, and it was said that the Idle Daoist was going to break through soon. If the truth was really as Wolf Pole said, his own skills were easy to deal with ordinary people here, but against the really powerful people, it looked like he was still a bit short. Once he thought of this, how could Ye Mo have the heart to compete with a group of soldiers!