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DYM Chapter 144

The fact that Li Fox lived in Yanjing’s extreme training base was something Ye Mo had not expected. The place was heavily guarded, with modern defence surveillance equipment everywhere, if Li Fox hadn’t brought him in, he would have really had to struggle to get in. Besides, Ye Mo still didn’t know if his stealth technique, up to now, could evade the top military cameras nowadays.

And this person, Li Fox, was indeed quite enough of a friend, he didn’t even investigate who Ye Mo was before bringing him in. There was no way he didn’t know the rules, but the fact that he did so meant that he didn’t treat Ye Mo as an outsider.

Li Fox fixed some small dishes and chatted with Ye Mo while the two of them ate. Ye Mo also knew that the Extreme Training Base was a base specialising in training various special forces, and this issue happened to be Li Fox’s turn, he was the captain of the “Flying Fox” unit. Originally, Li Hu was not called Li Fox, but Li Hu, but he joined the Flying Fox. It was only after he joined the Flying Foxes that he changed his name to Lee Fox. From his name, it was clear that he had a deep affection for the Flying Foxes.

“So the “Flying Fox, should be our country’s top special forces?” Ye Mo asked with some curiosity, if that was really the case, then Ye Mo was really a bit disappointed. Although Ye Mo had not seen Li Fox’s skills, at most, he was only similar to Wen Dong, or even inferior to him. Since he was the captain, it meant that he was the best in the Flying Foxes. If the most powerful person was only this skilled, then the team might not be that powerful either.

In his eyes, apart from being well endowed, Ye Mo was also very mysterious, coming and going in the desert all by himself. He knew that Ye Mo must be too much more powerful than him as he even said he would leave.

Now that Ye Mo asked, Li Fox had to shake his head and said, “Our Flying Fox squad is far worse than the most powerful pointman, but the Flying Fox. The members of the Flying Fox are also extremely good, and you have seen our mission, there is nothing to hide from you. To put it bluntly, it’s the 〖Police〗who are a bit more lax in their control, or rather our opponents are some criminals who are more powerful than ordinary criminals.”

After saying that, Li Fox took out a card and handed it to Ye Mo: “This is the money you got from the things you sold to us last time, it was originally 500,000, because the things came back intact and there was no loss of personnel, 100,000 was made up on it. The total is 600,000, and the secret is all zero. Of course, I know that the money is just as Feng Tian said, not even a tenth of it, so Brother Ye, I, Li Fox, have accepted your favour.”

Ye Mo put the card away and smiled faintly, “If I don’t sell this to you, maybe I’ll throw it all away, it’s money I earned for nothing, so the rest of the words are unnecessary.

He wasn’t lying, when the man-eating insects came after him, Ye Mo even threw away his backpack, this mere information, even information models that he didn’t know yet, he definitely wouldn’t have kept it on him. Fortunately, he sold it to Li Fox in time, otherwise, he would definitely not have gotten the 600,000. To say that the money was picked up would not be an exaggeration.

Of course, Li Fox did not believe that Ye Mo would throw away such a valuable item, thinking that he was just being polite, but in his heart, he admired Ye Mo’s open-mindedness even more.

“Brother Ye, speaking of which, we also have one called Ye Mo in Yanjing, who is still a member of the Ye family, but it is said that he was expelled from the Ye family. Oh, if that Ye Mo of the Ye family was one hundredth of you, perhaps old man Ye would have offered you up” Li Xu spoke to Ye Mo for a while and felt that Ye Mo was indeed very open-minded, besides he already considered Ye Mo a friend in his heart, so he spoke casually.

Ye Mo smiled faintly “I am the Ye Mo of the Ye family that you mentioned, but I am not as powerful as you said. Will you offer me up? Not to mention that the Ye family wouldn’t, or even if they would, I don’t care.”

“Ah,” Li Hu froze as he looked at Ye Mo, he didn’t expect that the person in front of him would be the outcast of the Ye family that he was talking about. This, too, was a bit too big a difference.

Zhuo Ying Qing was upset in her heart, one was a little upset that Ye Mo had gone back on his word and had disappeared without waiting for her at the school gate. Another was her irritation with Qin Xun. The more she thought about it, the angrier she became, just for ten minutes, letting the doctor she had been thinking about day and night run away.

So early this morning, she came to the entrance of Huaqing University to see if she could still wait for Ye Mo. If she couldn’t wait, she would ask Ye Ling to see if Ye Mo had come looking for her.

But what made her even more angry was that Ye Mo hadn’t waited, but the person she now least wanted to see had. Qin Xun walked over with a bouquet of huā and said to Zhuo Yingqing with some guilt, “Yingqing, I was wrong yesterday, I apologize to you, please accept my most sincere apology, this huā is for you.

Zhuo Yingqing glanced at Qin Xun with contempt, “What kind of person are you to apologize to me, I tell you, from today onwards, I, Zhuo Yingqing, no longer know you, Qin Xun. If you violate this oath, you will be punished by heaven and earth, go away ……”

Zhuo Ying Qing’s current fire could even burn a lake dry, but Qin Xun still came to touch the bad luck. If it wasn’t for this b*****d, maybe he would have invited Ye Mo yesterday. If she lost Ye Mo’s news on this and her grandfather became critically ill, even she herself could not forgive herself. Not to mention a mere Qin Xun.

Last night, Zhuo Yingqing had already warned Qin Xun not to come to her again, but this guy actually came back early this morning. When she thought of what she could have finished in two minutes last night, she was dragged by Qin Xun for ten minutes, and although she ended up disagreeing, she missed Ye Mo.

Although Ye Mo said that he was Ye Ling’s brother, who knew if he would stay in Yanjing. Ye Ling despised Ye Mo, and everyone knew that in case Ye Mo left Yanjing again, she wouldn’t even have a place to cry.

Hearing Zhuo Yingqing’s words, Qin Xun’s face immediately turned pale, he could not imagine that Zhuo Yingqing would say such desperate words. This was tantamount to killing him, but for him to give up Zhuo Yingqing, the second-ranked school girl in Yanjing, he was really unwilling to do so.

“Ying Qing, you actually said such words, what kind of person was that guy yesterday? You actually went so far as to be so desperate with me for him.” Qin Xun said in a hateful voice.

“I pooh, who is he to me, it’s none of your business, he is my boyfriend, so what? Can you still kill me? I will never know a chickensh*t like you again, don’t appear in front of my eyes.” After saying that, Zhuo Ying Qing ignored Qin Xun again and turned around to leave, she wanted to go to the girls’ dormitory to ask Ye Ling. Although she and Ye Ling were not familiar with each other, they had heard of each other.

After all, Ye Ling was ranked third among the top three students of Hua Da, while she was second.

Qin Xun’s face was blue and white, and he stared coldly at Zhuo Yingqing, his ruthlessness flashing.

When Ye Mo and Li Fox arrived at the training base in the morning, nearly a hundred people were already training on their own.

Ye Mo took a look at these “Flying Fox” members, they were really good, although they were still very young in Ye Mo’s eyes, but they had practiced such tactics in a training camp, they were quite desperate.

“Ye Mo, do you want to have a few fights with them?” Seeing Ye Mo looking at these training team members and seemingly smiling a little, Li Fox immediately said.

“Team Li, is this the mysterious warrior that you said was incredibly skilled?” A sturdy youth came in front of Ye Mo and looked at him with some provocative meaning and said something.

Li Fox looked at the youth and the corners of his mouth showed an unkind smile “Yes, Lu Gang.

Do you want to try it out with Ye Mo.

“Of course I want to try, to see if it’s true to the name.” Lu Gang had long looked like he was eager to give it a try, and now that Li Hu had said so, he was eager to fight Ye Mo immediately, so that the whole team would know how good he was.

Moreover, Lu Gang believed that he wouldn’t lose even against Li Fox, let alone a young man who looked a bit weak. After he defeated Ye Mo, he would then say to Li Fox, “Captain, it seems that your vision is not good. ……

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re doing.

Seeing Li Fox looking over, Ye Mo had to say, “It’s nothing, I don’t want to make a move, they’re not my opponents yet, even if they were to come together, it wouldn’t be much fun for me to fight.”

There was no need for Ye Mo to be modest, he said matter-of-factly, he really didn’t have any interest in fighting with these team members who had pa*sed the training.

Lu Gang’s face turned red when he heard Ye Mo’s words, he didn’t expect that Ye Mo would be so disgraceful and directly say that he wasn’t his opponent, that’s not all, he even said that even if nearly a hundred of them were together they wouldn’t be his opponent, this was a bit too arrogant.

“What a big mouth.” Before Lu just had the chance to speak, someone had already spoken his words out.

“Elder Han, why have you come over?” Lu Gang saw the person who came and hurriedly went forward to greet him, with a respectful and reverent demeanor.

Ye Mo also saw the people who had come, a total of five people, led by an old man in his sixties or seventies, with two guards behind him. Apart from that, there was a man in his thirties and a woman in her twenties.

It was the man in his thirties who had just said that he had a big mouth, and at this moment he was sweeping around Ye Mo with a somewhat disdainful look.

Ye Mo smiled coldly, he had already seen that although this man’s skills were good, at most he was only slightly stronger than Hu Qiu, but he was no match for him. On the contrary, the girl in her twenties looked incredibly soft and weak, even without the strength of a fettered chicken. However, she gave Ye Mo a much greater threat than the man.

This did allow Ye Mo to take a good look at the woman, she was quiet and gentle looking, not too pretty, but very durable. However, Ye Mo soon knew that she was good-looking because it had something to do with the kung fu she practiced. This woman was not from a very simple background, perhaps she was from the Hidden Sect.

Since these few people arrived, almost all of them saluted the old man from afar, except for Ye Mo who did nothing. The unpleasant expression on this man’s face grew even more.

“You are Ye Mo? The one who helped Li Fox retrieve the information?” It was this old man Han who asked first.

When Ye Mo saw the question, he had to say, “Yes, I am Ye Mo, I sold the information to Li Fox, not that I purposely helped him to find it.” !