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DYM Chapter 145

Han Lao laughed, “Ye Mo, there is no need for you to be modest, the few dollars you received were not enough to pay a fraction of the price of the things you handed over. So I thank you on behalf of our country, you have made an outstanding contribution to our military cause.”

Ye Mo smiled lightly and did not reply. He didn’t have such a high consciousness, if someone had offered a higher price than Li Fox at that time, and if he saw that person as agreeable, he would not hesitate to sell the information to someone else.

Seeing that Ye Mo didn’t answer, Li Fox quickly said “Han Lao turned out to be the commander of Yan Bei Military Region, with the rank of Lieutenant General, Ye ……”

I heard that you were buying a mobile phone at the mall yesterday, so I knew you would come over to see Li Fox, so today my old man has come to see you. You must be Wen Tian’s son, alas, Wen Tian would have had something great to do, but unfortunately he left too early, it’s hard for you siblings.”

Hearing this, Ye Mo had a good feeling towards this Han Lao, if others had said this to him before yesterday, he really didn’t think anything had been hard, but after meeting Ye Ling yesterday, Ye Mo knew that at least Ye Ling had had some hard times over the years.

“You’re welcome old man Han, it should be Lou who should visit your old man, how can I ask you to come over to see me.” Ye Mo also hurriedly went up to greet him.

Han Lao nodded “I know some of your affairs, but both Bei Rong and Yuan Yi are my old comrades Bei Rong looked away ah. You are just as talented as your father, Asking Heaven, and even better than Asking Heaven. Alas, Ning Fu Zhen has also looked away this time.” He said and shook his head.

Han was formerly known as Han Zaixin, the commander of the Yanbei Military Region, now retired from the military region, but is responsible for several of China’s major special forces “Flying Fox, is just one of them. And the most famous special force in China, the Flying Snow, is also under his command. It was also under his command.

Ye Mo knew who the Bei Rong and Yuan Yi were that Han Lao was talking about, it should be Ye Bei Rong, the old man of the Ye family and Song Yuan Yi, the old man of the Song family. As for that Ning Fu Zhen, he was probably someone from the Ning family.

After sighing for a while, Han Lao said again: “Ah Ye Mo, if you want to come to our special forces, I can let you go to “Flying Snow. That is our country’s first-rate collection of talents.

I believe that if you have teammates to guide you in Flying Snow, you can definitely go to the next level. Moreover, if you come to “Flying Snow. , I’d be willing to help you run tuǐ for the Ye family’s matters and the Song family’s matters.”

Although Li Fox didn’t know that Ye Mo was from the Yanjing Ye family until Ye Mo said so, it didn’t mean that he, Han Zaixin, didn’t know either, he just couldn’t be sure yet. It wasn’t until someone reported up yesterday that he knew his guess was correct.

When he heard someone report yesterday that Ye Mo had come to Yanjing and was buying a mobile phone at a shopping mall, he was immediately moved to come and see Ye Mo. He wanted to see how this Ye Mo, who was considered to be a wastrel by people, could be so good in Li Fox’s mouth. Also how could he have made such a big hatred with the Song family and still act as if nothing had happened to this day. The main thing was that he had given away such precious military information just by saying so.

Now when he saw Ye Mo’s calm demeanour, his strong self-confidence and his well-defined appearance, Han Zaixin felt a love for his talent. Of course the main thing was that Ye Mo got the information back and gave it to the country without any hunch, and he also wanted to give Ye Mo some other compensation. As for Ye Mo’s skills, in Han Zaixin’s opinion, although he was good, he was only at the same level as Li Fox, and although he was a talent, he was not yet at a level that Han Zaixin must catch.

But that was it, he also knew the horror of the rumours, where Ye Mo was some kind of wasted talent.

Seeing his calm demeanour in the face of himself, he knew that this Ye Mo was not a simple person. Ordinary people even if they were family sons, when they saw him as a lieutenant general, they would not immediately be sincere and fearful, he seemed to come up and greet himself only after he had said something about his father.

“Just now Brother Ye Mo said that the entire “Flying Fox. None of them are your opponent, Du Tao would like to come up and learn a few hands.” The man who had been following behind Han Lao and who had a grudge against Ye Mo’s words just now came up and said at this moment.

“Nonsense, Du Tao, you are a special forces instructor, what do you want to compete with Ye Mo, don’t go down yet.” Hearing Du Tao’s words, Han Lao immediately scolded with a stern face.

Hearing Elder Han say this, Du Tao retreated with a disappointed face. Although he was the deputy director of Yanjing Security Bureau, he was also one of the instructors of the Special Forces and one of the members of Flying Snow.

Ye Mo smiled lightly, looked at Du Tao who retreated and said, “You are not my opponent either, there is no need to compete with you.” He wasn’t going to buy this guy’s face, and he didn’t even want to keep a low profile when he came to Yanjing, so he should fight and teach a lesson.

“You,” Du Tao had regretted not being able to teach this ranting Ye Mo a lesson, now he was even more jīed by Ye Mo’s ridicule, he immediately saluted Han Lao and said, “Chief, please allow me to spar with Ye Mo, I will strike with my own discretion, I won’t hurt him. ”

Originally, Han Zai Xin did not want Du Tao to fight with Ye Mo at all, Du Tao was already a middle yellow level martial artist, while Ye Mo was probably only as powerful as Li Huo, and had not even entered the ranks of martial artists yet. How could he possibly be Du Tao’s opponent. What he didn’t expect was for Ye Mo to say such words, which made him surprised.

Since this was the case he really wanted to see how good Ye Mo was, and nodded and said, “Alright, since you want to compete, then let’s stop at the point and not make a mess.”

Du Tao was his beloved general, Ye Mo was a young man he liked more, and was also Ye Bei Rong’s grandson, once Ye Bei Rong knew of Ye Mo’s excellence, it was certain that he would absorb him back into the Ye family.

Moreover, he had contributed military information of incalculable value. Although that set of information was still being evaluated now, Han Zaixin already knew that the value of that set of information had exceeded US$30 million, and much of the value had yet to be evaluated. This was the reason why he looked at Ye Mo in a different light and came over on purpose.

Unexpectedly, Ye Mo still said indifferently, “I won’t fight with you, my skills are all about killing, playing with people, I’m not interested. Besides, although your tuǐ kung fu is not bad, I once met a person who was ten times more powerful than your tuǐ kung fu, but he only lasted twenty moves under me before his double tuǐ was ruined.”

Ye Mo had no qualms at all about speaking, he could tell right away that Du Tao’s tǐ kung fu was good.

But even if his tǐ kung fu was good, could it still be as good as Wu Qiang’s? In Ye Mo’s eyes, if Du Tao and Wu Qiang were to compete, in less than 50 moves, Du Tao would be a dead man.

With Han Lao’s permission, Du Tao had already sharpened his fists to teach Ye Mo a lesson, but now when he heard Ye Mo say that, and Ye Mo even said that he had ruined the man’s double thunderbolt without caring, he was even more furious and his face looked ugly.

At this moment, the young woman who was with Han Lao was paying some attention to Ye Mo, she didn’t think there was anything out of the ordinary about Ye Mo, so why did he speak with such a loud tone. Moreover, could Ye Mo really see that Du Tao’s skills were in his tuǐ? How did he see that?

Ye Mo could see her skills, but she couldn’t see Ye Mo’s skills.

When he heard Ye Mo’s words, Han Lao became interested, he knew that Du Tao’s tuǐ skill was not bad, this Ye Mo could actually see it at a glance, could he really be comparable to Du Tao?

Thinking that Ye Mo could possibly be similar to Du Tao, Han Lao’s eyes warmed up. What he lacked most now was talent, Ye Mo was calm and seemed generous and decisive, and he was also so young. In case he had the same kind of skills as Du Tao again, wouldn’t it …………… be a good idea to absorb him into his special forces?

The first thing you need to do is to take out a little bit of money, and I’ll pay for it. If anyone wins, I will allow him to choose a divine weapon from the “Extreme Armament Vault”.”

As soon as he heard about the “Extreme Armament Vault”, Du Tao’s eyes immediately lit up. He once had a dagger, which he had chosen from the Extreme Armoury, and it had accompanied him through countless dangerous missions. It was only during a mission in Tibet that his dagger was lost, and he had always regretted it to this day. If he had had a dagger from the “Extreme Armoury”, he would have been able to use it. If he had a sharp weapon taken from the Extreme Armament Vault, he would have been able to take his strength to the next level.

Ye Mo was not interested, what kind of divine weapon could be more powerful than the magic weapon he had refined himself. He didn’t even put it in his eyes, if he didn’t have the materials, he would have refined his own magic weapon that he could take advantage of.

Seeing that Ye Mo was not interested, Li Huo hurriedly said, “Brother Ye, don’t underestimate the Extreme Armament Vault, the things inside are all top quality or extremely high quality materials, even materials that you have never heard of. Many of them are partly sent from the Hidden Sect in the legend.”

Hearing that many of the armaments were sent from the Hidden Sect, Ye Mo had a little interest, but still didn’t have much jīt. He casually asked, “Didn’t you say that things from the Hidden Sect were generally hard to see in the world? How can they be found in the “Extreme Armament Vault”?”

Li Fox laughed, “Brother Ye, it’s not easy for you to know about the Hidden Sect, but the “Extreme Armament Depot. The weapons are not bought, but exchanged with the Hidden Sect for materials. Generally, the country would look for all kinds of rare and weird materials all over the country every year, and eventually these materials were given to the Hidden Sect, and then some divine weapons were exchanged back from the Hidden Sect.”

Listening to Li Fox’s explanation, Ye Mo’s eyes finally lit up, didn’t he just have to look around for materials? How complete a country’s collection of materials should be, he didn’t need to think about it to know. His own storage ring was still short of materials right now and had no way to refine it, once he could really find some top quality materials, wouldn’t it be a gift from the upper vector?

Thinking of this, Ye Mo walked up to Elder Han and once again bowed and said, “Elder Han, I don’t want the “Extreme Armament Vault, the divine weapons inside, I want a few materials, what do you think?”

Han Zaixin had already heard what Li Hu had just said, and now that Ye Mo asked about it, he couldn’t help but be a little amused, so he had to say, “The materials are all used to exchange for weapons, of course there is no problem if you want them, but you can only do so if you win.

If you can win against Du Tao, I will let you choose ten beech materials.”

Ye Mo smiled at his words “Good, thanks a lot.”

Du Tao was really angry, Ye Mo’s words didn’t treat him like a piece of material at all, that meant he could win if he wanted to in general!