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DYM Chapter 147

The only person who could accompany Han Zaixin to speak into the warehouse, apart from the two guards, was the girl. Even Du Tao was not allowed to enter the warehouse and had to wait outside. The two guards could only stand at the entrance of the warehouse and were not allowed to enter.

Whether it was the “Extreme Soldier Warehouse. Ye Mo doubted that if he didn’t have Han Lao leading him, he would have had a lot of trouble trying to sneak in. Although he was not proficient in high technology, it did not mean that he knew nothing about it, after all, he had studied at Ninghai University for so long, he still knew about the jīlight pa*sage. And the long corridor leading to the “Extreme Armoury. The long corridor has a jī light pa*sage, and Ye Mo is sure that he does not have the means to pa*s through this section of the jī light pa*sage yet.

The first thing you need to do is to get to the ground, but you don’t need to get to the ground. Even if he was powerful, there was no way he could block this longitudinal beam of light, and it was even possible to be swept into several pieces by the beam of light. Unless he had already built his foundation, or had an extremely strong defensive magic weapon. Even if he had a defensive magic weapon, whether he could block the sweep of this jī light was still a toss-up.

It seemed that his own strength was still too low, he had underestimated the state’s means, and since there was this jī light channel, it meant that there were also weapons that could be similar. Although it was not as powerful as the fixed range of the channel, it was still enough to threaten him.

Of course, Han Zaixin did not know how Ye Mo was thinking of dealing with the jī light inside the jī light channel. In order to attract Ye Mo, he first took him in, not to the material storehouse, but to the “Extreme Armament Storehouse”, where he thought that Ye Mo would be attracted immediately when he saw the warehouse full of divine weapons.

But to Han Zaixin’s surprise, Ye Mo looked at the dazzling array of weapons and shook his head in disappointment before turning to him and asking, “Elder Han, didn’t you say you had materials? Why are they all ordinary weapons?”

Ordinary weapons? The corners of Han Zaixin’s mouth twitched, there was no special soldier under his command who didn’t take pride in coming here to pick a divine weapon. But when it came to Ye Mo’s eyes there were only two words ordinary. It could be said that every single weapon here was only quite a bit more than the 600,000 he had received, but he was surprised that he didn’t shine. No vision, too no vision.

Column, after Ye Mo asked, he had to say, “Yes, yes, in the next warehouse.” After saying that, Han Zaixin took Ye Mo to the warehouse next door again.

Ye Mo noticed that when he just said that he didn’t see any materials, Han Zaixin’s expression was just a pity that he didn’t know what he was looking for, while the woman frowned, obviously not very willing to let Ye Mo enter the materials warehouse.

Sure enough once Ye Mo entered the materials warehouse, he saw more varieties of various materials. It was just that although there was a wide variety of materials, most of them were of no use to Ye Mo. Many of the metal materials, even the extremely high quality Kong and silver did not have any appeal to Ye Mo.

In Han Zaixin’s opinion, Ye Mo would take a long time to properly examine so many materials one by one, but to his surprise, Ye Mo walked directly to a few ores and took them in his hands.

Of course he didn’t know that Ye Mo had divine sense and could know what ores would be useful to him just by sweeping them.

Even though most of the materials were useless to Ye Mo, Ye Mo was still surprised to find two pieces each of purple copper essence ore stone, silver sand ore and extreme wind stone, and also found a piece of extremely high quality ink jade. Harvesting seven ores Ye Mo was already very surprised, but unfortunately he did not find any ores for making flying swords.

“Only saw seven that you liked ah, if you hadn’t already shipped a batch three months ago, maybe you would have found more.” Seeing that Ye Mo only saw seven ores that he liked, Han Zai Xin was a little disappointed, it looked like this material library couldn’t attract him either.

This time it was Ye Mo’s turn to be speechless, he was already satisfied, it was simply too rare that he could find four ores that he needed at once on Earth. At least he could make a protective magic weapon for his sister, and there was also the possibility of refining his storage ring. With so many satisfying materials, Ye Mo didn’t expect this to still be leftovers.

“Elder Han, I wonder how often you hand things over to the Hidden Sect?” Ye Mo really couldn’t help but ask out.

Han Zaixin smiled. “It seems that Li Fox told you, in fact, it’s not a secret. We usually hand it over to the Hidden Sect once a year, on the condition that they not only help us”

“Grandfather,” the woman who had been following Han Zaixin said two words for the first time, her voice was very clear and crisp.

Ye Mo did not expect that this woman was actually Han Zaixin’s granddaughter, this granddaughter of his was not simple.

Han Zaixin said with a smile, “Ye Mo is not an outsider, besides, there is nothing that cannot be said to anyone. Perhaps, Ye Mo will soon be in our gang.”

Ye Mo knew that this Han Lao still hadn’t given up on letting him join the Flying Snow. The idea of joining the Flying Snow. Although he had no desire to join the special forces, he was very reluctant to give up on these materials. If he was allowed to come and pick them out first every year. Wouldn’t that solve a big problem for him. Maybe the materials for the flying swords could all be picked up.

Thinking of this Ye Mo said, “Elder Han, I actually have some experience in building weapons, if I also use the weapons to exchange some materials with you, I wonder if that would be okay?”

Han Zaixin laughed and said, “Ah Ye Mo, you still don’t know the benefits of the weapons sent by these hidden sects, that’s why you said that. If you knew the value and power of the items in the ‘Extreme Armament Vault’, you probably wouldn’t be saying this. But if you want materials, it’s easy, as long as you join the Flying Snow, I can let you pick ten materials every year.”

Ye Mo’s heart moved, before he could say anything, the young girl said again, “Grandpa, you do this ……”

“Yan Yan, it only takes ten items, it doesn’t matter. And I can still make the decision until things are exchanged. Just don’t go back and say so.” Han Zaixin said immediately.

The girl hesitated for a moment and finally did not speak.

Ye Mo already understood from these words that this girl should be from the Hidden Sect, and that she was also Han Lao’s granddaughter. But ten materials per year should be about right for him, and besides, the warehouse didn’t necessarily receive ten of the materials he needed in a year. Just joining the “Flying Snow, he was definitely not willing to do so, it was too binding and a waste of time. However, Ye Mo also knew that it was not realistic to just think about getting without giving.

Seeming to see Ye Mo’s hesitation, Han Zaixin immediately said, “You just need to be “Flying Snow’s.

The instructor will be fine, and your own actions 〖自〗are free. However, all ten materials are selected by you first, so you have to help “Fei Xue, do one thing every year in addition to being “Fei Xue’s, instructor.”

Ye Mo hesitated for a moment before saying, “Being an honorary instructor is fine, but I can only teach at “Feixue, for three days a year, and I can only do something for “Feixue, once every two years. Then I may not be tied down for any reason, and I will not accept that kind of ties.”

“Okay, deal, that’s it.” Han Zhaixing l showed an old fox-like smile, he had wanted to use the “Extreme Armament Vault to keep Ye Mo, and now using the materials was the same. As long as Ye Mo joined the “Flying Snow. The latter would be good to talk about.

Ye Mo knew that this was a pit dug by Han Zaixin, but he still had to jump in, he had to cultivate and simply didn’t have much time to search for ores and spirit herbs. How powerful was the manpower and material resources of a country, even if Ye Mo searched as much as he could, it was still no match for the power of the country.

Besides, this matter was not harmful to him, joining the “Flying Snow, instructor, and this instructor was almost equivalent to an honorary one, he would not waste too much time.

After leaving the warehouse and having dinner with Han Lao, it was already afternoon time. His papers were already in order, a small blue book, and even his photo was already attached. On it was the Chinese Special Forces “Flying Snow”. There was a steel seal of the General Administration of Special Forces of China.

Ye Mo took this little book and felt that it was not useless, it might be of some use in the future. There was also a pistol and a mobile phone that came with it, and Ye Mo was not polite and took them together. When he thought that he had just bought a mobile phone yesterday and had a new one today, Ye Mo thought to himself, “If I had known, I would not have bought it. But if he really didn’t buy it, I guess there wouldn’t be so many things to do.

He went to the “Flying Snow” training base for a little guidance and saw that it was already late afternoon.

He was afraid that his sister, Ye Ling, would be anxious to wait and was ready to go to Huaqing University.

However, the captain of the Flying Snow, Zhang Dong, was so amazed by Ye Mo after his match with him that he had to drag him to the Yanjing Celebrity Gala in the evening.

Ye Mo had no interest in this kind of social life, but he could not resist the strong demand of Zhang and the others, and if he did not go, he would still be called “Flying Snow” instructor. Another thing is that Ye Mo is afraid that his sister Ye Ling will not want to leave Yanjing. If she stays in Yanjing and he is not there, it might be more beneficial for Ye Ling if she meets more people in Yanjing. After all, those who could attend a celebrity party were either rich or noble, and ordinary people could not get in.

For Ye Ling, last night was the happiest night ever, not only did she have a comfortable birthday without fear, but she also learnt that Ye Mo was not at all impotent, but a normal man who was afraid of not being normal anymore. So she was very grateful to jī Tian He for leading by example and helping her to try out Ye Mo’s principal. More to the point, Ye Mo said that the Song family would not come looking for him, and indeed they did not. She was safe and sound until the morning when she got up.

Coming from a family, Ye Ling certainly knew that since Ye Mo had not killed Song Shaocheng and the Song family had not come looking for him by now, it meant that the Song family would not come over again. Although she did not know why the Song family was so scrupulous about her brother Ye Mo, Ye Ling was still proud of Ye Mo in her heart. Only she understood that Ye Mo had not borrowed the power of the Ye family in the slightest, and had made the Song family scornful entirely by virtue of his own ability.

What kind of family the Song family was, Ye Ling couldn’t be clearer. So with a brother like Ye Mo, could she not be proud.

Ye Ling planned to invite her dormitory sisters out for a nice meal today after she reunited with her brother Ye Zifeng and Ye Mo. So early in the morning, when Ye Ling couldn’t get through to Ye Zifeng’s phone, she hurried back to the Ye family.

But as soon as Ye Ling arrived at the Ye family, she felt that the atmosphere was extremely abnormal.!