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DYM Chapter 146

Seeing Du Tao, who was already furious, Ye Mo secretly laughed in his heart. With his nature of thinking that no one else was a match for him before he had even fought, his martial arts dao would not progress much further and would only end here. If the two had fought before and he was inferior to him, it would be normal for him to think this way.

“What are you still looking at, come up, let’s have a quick fight, I’m going to pick the materials after the fight.” Ye Mo saw how Du Tao looked and secretly shook his head. In the cultivation world, opponents who hadn’t met each other without knowing their roots, or whose levels weren’t too different, even the slightest negligence could get them killed.

Ye Mo could see what Du Tao was capable of before he dared to be so arrogant, but Du Tao felt that he was sure of Ye Mo without knowing what he was capable of, which was the real taboo.

When he heard Ye Mo’s words, Du Tao didn’t say another word and rushed up and pulled a punch, but Ye Mo simply ignored it and didn’t move at all. With this kind of nature, Du Tao’s strikes would definitely be his best legs, aiming to kick himself down in the shortest possible time, rather than using his fists. His fists brought up a punching wind but had no force, but the force was stored in his legs.

As expected, Ye Mo was right, Du Tao’s double fists were only false moves, before the few fist splashes ended, his right leg had already kicked out as if it was a line, as fast as a curling wind.

Ye Mo nodded, this Du Tao’s leg technique was very inferior to Wu Qiang’s, but the speed of his leg strike was already close to Wu Qiang’s. Wu Qiang’s leg technique was not only fast, but also deadly. Even with Ye Mo’s cultivation level of the third level of Qi cultivation, he felt a vague pain when he kicked against him for more than twenty kicks. It was evident how strong Wu Qiang’s legs were.

Although Du Tao’s leg speed was only slightly worse than Wu Qiang’s, the strength of his leg and the angle of his kick were far too different. Moreover, Du Tao had an unrealistic idea, he actually wanted to hit Ye Mo with his right kick and then switch to his left kick to send Ye Mo flying. Ye Mo could tell from the stored power of his left foot.

Ye Mo shook his head, he didn’t know what kind of idea Du Tao was having, if he could beat Ye Mo, he could just do it with his right foot. He wanted to switch to his left foot purely for aesthetic reasons in the middle of the fight, this man was really a guy who wanted to save face and suffer. Besides, facing an opponent that he didn’t know his roots, and trying to kick someone away as soon as he struck, he really thought too highly of himself.

The woman who had been next to Han Lao saw that Ye Mo did not even move under Du Tao’s illusory fist flower, and immediately just twisted her eyebrows. Of course she could see that Du Tao’s fist flower was fake, but she didn’t expect Ye Mo to see it too. If she were to say that Ye Mo hadn’t had time to react, she would never believe it.

And not only did Ye Mo not move, he even looked at Du Tao’s left foot with his eyes and even shook his head. The woman immediately understood that Ye Mo also saw that Du Tao wanted to switch between the two kicks and kick Ye Mo in the air. The pose was pretty, but it was of no practical use, and the opponent would have to be much worse than him for it to work.

Sure enough, Ye Mo’s body was slightly sideways and he didn’t even move his hand. Instead, he lifted his left foot and kicked Du Tao a few times, and even the woman didn’t even see Ye Mo’s movements clearly, Ye Mo had already switched to his right foot and kicked Du Fei several metres away. Ye Mo’s movements against Du Tao were the same as his movements against Wu Qiang, except that he was more relaxed against Du Tao.

As Du Tao’s foot collided with Ye Mo’s, he was secretly happy that the force on his foot was definitely not something Ye Mo could withstand, he was about to wait for Ye Mo to scream in pain, switch his foot in the air and come up with a beautiful pose to kick Ye Mo away. But before he could switch, there was a heart-breaking pain coming from his right foot, which even made him unable to continue with his next kick.

With a shock in his heart, Du Tao immediately knew that it was not good, and he was about to step back, but Ye Mo’s right foot flew up and kicked him in the small of the back. His mind buzzed and he couldn’t even believe it, but he knew he was kicked away, even the action was just as he thought.

So fast, those were the only two words in Du Tao’s mind, it seemed that before and after he lasted less than five moves in total, he was kicked away by Ye Mo.

The woman saw that Ye Mo had actually made Du Tao’s fancy idea first, only to do it cleanly and even more perfectly than what Du Tao had thought. Her heart immediately moved and she had a strong desire to fight Ye Mo. But in the end, this desire was suppressed by her. Although she was sure that she would not lose to Ye Mo, she did not want to expose her strength in front of many people.

As Du Tao fell to the ground and couldn’t get up for a moment, Han Zaixin’s heart was shaking like a shock wave. Of course he knew what kind of person Du Tao was, he was a medium level fighter in the ‘Flying Snow’ unit, and he was also a yellow level expert. In front of Ye Mo, he couldn’t even last a few moves.

Lu Gang and Li Fox were also dumbfounded. Li Fox knew that Ye Mo was powerful, but he didn’t expect him to be this powerful. Lu Gang was even more dumbfounded, it was ridiculous that he was still planning to fight with Ye Mo. Even ten Lu Gang were no match for Du Tao, but Du Tao had lost so completely in front of Ye Mo.

Han Zaixin was not an amateur, so of course he could see that if he had really killed him, Du Tao would probably have died even faster. No wonder the Song family had not been able to help Ye Mo until now, he was so terrifyingly skilled, where did he learn this skill? He was surprisingly so powerful, wouldn’t this stance of his mean that he had the degree of a Xuan level martial artist?

Thinking of how the strength of ‘Flying Snow’ would increase greatly in case Ye Mo with this kind of stature joined ‘Flying Snow’, Han Zai Xin was almost a little dazed. No, a person like Ye Mo must be netted inside his own army, he absolutely could not be let go.

Ye Mo didn’t care about Du Tao who he had kicked away, what he cared about now was how many materials were in that material storehouse. When he saw that Han Lao seemed a bit dazed, he had to walk over and said, “Han Lao, look at ……”

Han Zai Xin exhaled a hush, the more he looked at Ye Mo, the cuter he felt. Ye Mo was really a talent, fortunately today he suddenly thought of coming to see Ye Mo, otherwise he would not have found this kind of talent. A talent like Ye Mo could only be matched by the disciples of the Ancient Martial Arts lineage of the Hidden Sect, but Ye Mo obviously shouldn’t be from the Hidden Sect. If he was from the Hidden Sect, how would the Song Family dare to look for trouble with him, and how would the Ye Family be willing to kick him out.

“Ye Mo, I really didn’t expect that you would be so powerful, good, good, good.” Han Zai Xin said several good words one after another before he carefully looked Ye Mo up and down, as if he had only just seen Ye Mo, his demeanor was more like admiring a treasure.

Ye Mo was helpless and could only wait for Han Zaixin to speak.

Du Tao had already climbed up by now and was fine except for some pain in his leg. He looked at Ye Mo in some awe from a distance, he didn’t expect Ye Mo’s skills to be so terrifying. This was the most powerful opponent he had ever encountered, and he now believed what Ye Mo had originally said. His skills were all about killing, not playing. If Ye Mo had tried to kill him just now, even if he had a few Du Tao, he would not have a life.

Originally, he thought that his skills were already very good, but now it seemed that in front of a real expert, he, Du Tao, was still too weak to be killed. Moreover, this Ye Mo had a very strong killing spirit, just now he said that he had kicked and ruined the legs of a person who was too powerful than him in leg kung fu.

When he thought of what if he offended Ye Mo and he really ruined his legs at one point, he could not do anything at all. At the thought of his legs being ruined, Du Tao winced for no reason. Ye Mo, don’t ever offend. I heard that it was fine for him to offend the Song family, and it looked like it was true. It seemed that it wasn’t that the Song family didn’t care to look for him, but that they didn’t dare to look for him.

Only after Han Zai Xin said a few good words did he then stare at Ye Mo with fire, and only after a long time did he say: ”Ye Mo, join ‘Flying Snow’, you must join ‘Flying Snow’, just be ‘Flying Snow ‘ instructor for good.”

Ye Mo shook his head and said, “Elder Han, I don’t have any interest in joining the army, right now I’m only somewhat interested in the materials in the warehouse.”

“No, you must join ‘Flying Snow’, if you don’t join, I won’t let you pick the materials.” Hearing Ye Mo say that he didn’t want to join ‘Flying Snow’, in his eagerness, Han Zai Xin actually took out materials to threaten Ye Mo.

Ye Mo smiled blandly, “Since that’s the case, Li Fox, I’ll take my leave.” After saying that, he turned around and left, not even ignoring Han Zhaoxin in the slightest. It seemed that in his eyes, Han Zhaoxin was an air.

As soon as he saw that Ye Mo was going to leave, Han Zaixin became anxious and hurriedly pulled Ye Mo’s clothes and said, “Brother Ye Mo, you must not leave, there are things to discuss, can’t you go and look at the materials first? After reading the materials, we can talk again, talk again, count me as begging you.”

In the heat of the moment, even the brothers came out.

Ye Mo, who wanted to be angry, could not afford to be angry when he saw such an expression on Han Zai Xin’s face, so he could only shrug off his clothes and say, “In that case, I will not be polite, please ask Elder Han to send someone to go with me.”

“No, no, I will go with you personally.” Han Zaixin seemed to feel that he had captured a little bit of Ye Mo’s character and said in a hurry.

Ye Mo didn’t hesitate half a second to take the materials, it was originally his to win. Seeing Han Zaixin say this, he immediately said, “In that case, thank you, Elder Han, but if I, Ye Mo, don’t want to do something, no one can coerce me, not even the King of Heaven speaking.”

Ye Mo’s latter words were not at all polite anymore, the corners of Du Tao and Li Fox’s mouth twitched a few times, but they did not dare to retort. If it was before the competition with Ye Mo, Du Tao would definitely have sneered back. Only now, he felt that he was not qualified to sneer back.

On the contrary, the woman who had stayed next to Han Zaixin frowned as if she wanted to say something, but in the end, she didn’t say anything.

Han Zaixin also knew that what he had just said was somewhat unjustified, and now that he heard Ye Mo say so, he was not angry and quickly said, “The matter of joining the army is a good one to discuss. Let’s go and look at the materials first and talk about it afterwards, of course by your own volition.”

The words were said like this, but Han Zaixin was thinking in his heart about how he could keep Ye Mo behind. It looked like he had been a bit eager just now and had upset Ye Mo a bit, and yes, how could an expert like him be tied down. If he was really that good at talking, he might have been eaten to the bone by the Song family long ago.

Just now Han Zaixin was just in a hurry, now he had reacted, of course he knew that things couldn’t be rushed, the more rushed he was the worse things would be. But Ye Mo, no matter what he had to keep, as for how to keep, it was a matter of using some methods.