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DYM Chapter 148

“Aunt Tsuen, why can’t my brother’s phone work, is he in the courtyard?” Night Another couldn’t get Ye Zifeng’s phone since Ye Mo left last night, thinking he had turned it off, and still couldn’t get it this morning. She knew that since her father had died two years ago and her mother had left, Ye Zifeng rarely went back to live and was usually inside the Ye family compound.

This of course had the element of grandfather liking him in it, but what Ye Zifeng himself thought in his heart Ye concubine did not know. Faced with an empty dàngdàng home, Ye Ling also seldom went back to live there, mostly living at school and occasionally returning to the Ye family compound for a few days.

It was only recently that she had to steal something, so she came more frequently.

Although Ye Zifeng rarely goes back to live, but his phone is always on, today even the phone has been turned off, this kind of thing but rarely seen. So the first thing Ye Ling did when she came to the Ye family compound was to ask where Ye Zifeng was going.

Aunt Tsuen is the nanny of the Ye family compound and is responsible for the chores inside. Ye Ling needs to go in and out of the compound frequently, so she deliberately gets very close to Aunt Tsuen. But today, when Aunt Tsuen saw Ye Ling, her face changed, and without answering Ye Ling’s question at all, she hurriedly bowed her head and left.

“Ye Ling, you still know to come back, how dare you come back, get your a*s inside.” A rough voice rang out, before Ye Ling could react, a big hand had already grabbed Ye Ling’s neck and carried her into the house with ease.

The house was full of people, not only were all the main figures of the Ye family present, but even the women of the Ye family who were never allowed to enter the family meetings were there. It seemed that these people had been waiting for her for a long time, and if she hadn’t come back of her own accord, she might have been caught back now too.

Looking at her grandfather sitting at the top, Ye Ling’s heart sank. Back then, when her second mother had only interfered with her second uncle’s affairs, she had been so severely chastised, and now what she had done was many times worse than what her second mother had done back then.

Even if grandpa liked her again, I guess she would not be able to escape today. Ye Ling once again found 1

She looked all over the house, almost all the direct Ye family members were there, but her brother Ye Zifeng was not.

Where had Ye Zifeng gone? Ye Ling suddenly became worried and her heart thudded. She had forgotten that she was the one who should be worried about herself, not Ye Zifeng.

Ye Bei Rong glanced at Ye Ling, his eyes overflowing with disappointment. Yet he did not say anything, his health had always been good, and it was estimated that he had another ten or eight years to go without a problem. Because he had always liked Ye Wentian, so after Ye Wentian’s death, he had wanted to wait another ten years until Ye Zifeng was mature enough to see if the position of family head could be handed over to Ye Zifeng.

He could only calculate some trivial matters, and Ye Wenjin was even more of a straw man. Ye Zifeng, on the other hand, is quite fatherly, which is the reason why Ye Bei Rong has never handed over the family headship to Ye Wenqi.

He even tried to get Ye Zifeng to attend a family meeting last time, and although Ye Zifeng’s words were not approved, his performance was noteworthy.

Having thought of everything, Ye Bei Rong just did not expect that Ye Ling would dare to do such a treacherous thing. He had even stolen two of the family’s Feng Shui Dragon Pearls and given them to the rival Song family. If this matter could be easily let go by Ye Bei Rong. This was the end of the Ye family.

Ye Bei Rong swept the dozens of people below him and was silent for a while before he said, “Today’s family meeting is convened to announce two major events. The first is that from today onwards, the head of my Ye family will be Ye Wen Qi, and the exchange of family heads will be held in three days. The second matter is about the punishment for Ye Ling’s treachery, this matter will be handed over to Wenqi.”

Having said that, Ye Bei Rong stood up from the top of the family head’s position, sighed, and did not sit in a more backward chair. Instead, he went straight out of the house, and he surprisingly left.

Ye Ling’s heart was even colder, it looked like grandfather would not let her go. If it was grandfather who punished, maybe she still had a chance of survival. But if Eldest Uncle dealt with it, she was not sure what the outcome would be for her? Not to mention that grandpa was not here.

Suddenly Ye Ling saw Ye Hu cowering behind her fourth uncle and was immediately shocked. Ye Hu had done more than she had, she just hadn’t stolen the Feng Shui Dragon Pearl. Besides, she had been introduced by Ye Hu to her. Since the Ye family could find out that she had stolen the Feng Shui Dragon Pearl, how could they not find out what Ye Hu had done?

Ye Ling’s heart sank even lower, she had been through some things and was no longer a straw man who knew nothing about yīn sinister deeds. She thought of the time she suspected her father’s death to come, and what she had done herself, could it be that her eldest uncle and the others could not see that she had deliberately come close to them?

The Ye family’s feng shui dragon pearl had been stolen from her for so long before they knew about it? And surely she had taken it?

Could it be that she had entered the Ye family’s old mansion so many times and Da Bo’s people had never cared?

Ye Ling Lou suddenly thought of the terrible truth that what she had done from the beginning to the end, Eldest Uncle and Fourth Uncle knew about it, they just deliberately indulged themselves and didn’t say anything about it. She was in trouble, but Ye Hu was fine instead. Maybe Ye Hu was also deliberately put out by them to get close to her.

Ye Ling winced at her own thoughts, why would Eldest Uncle do this? What good would this do to him? Was it just to drive herself and her brother to extinction?

The more she thought about it, the more likely it was, she was only old and hadn’t even graduated from school yet. The more she thought about it, the more likely it was that she would lose in a battle of wits with her elder brother. Isn’t it true that her brother Ye Mo was first kicked out by them for his physical problems and the fact that he wasn’t from the Ye family?

Apart from the fact that Ye Ling couldn’t figure out why Eldest Uncle and Fourth Uncle did what they did, and why they had to drive them out, Ye Ling had figured out everything else.

If she had known that her grandfather had intended to make Ye Zifeng the head of the family ten years later, perhaps she would have figured it out. But she didn’t know about it, and there would be no such thing in the future.

When Ye Mo, Zhang Dou, Du Tao and Li Xu walked into the meeting room, most people greeted Du Tao because Du Tao had another identity as the deputy director of the Security Bureau.

But at this moment, Du Tao did not feel the slightest bit smug, because only he himself understood that among these four people, except for Li Fox, Ye Mo and Zhang Stubborn were much higher than him. Zhang Stubborn originally didn’t like this kind of occasion much either, it was just that he didn’t know much about Ye Mo’s xìng character, which was why he dragged Ye Mo here.

“Brother Zhang, your arrival is really a surprise to me. ,. Along with a loud voice, a young man of less than thirty suddenly walked over with quick steps.

It seemed that not all of them didn’t know Zhang Stubborn, the youth who spoke obviously not only knew Zhang Stubborn, but even knew his identity.

Zhang stubborn smiled slightly and turned back to Ye Mo and said, “This is the young master of the Li family, Li Qiuyang. He is also a famous master in Yanjing, huh.”

Li Qiuyang looked at Ye Mo a bit strangely, he knew Du Tao, the deputy director of Yanjing Security Bureau, but he was still under Zhang Stubborn. What Li Qiuyang didn’t expect was that Zhang Stubborn was the first to introduce him to this unknown youth next to him. Moreover, this youth’s clothes were very ordinary, and could even be described as shabby.

Who was this person? When Zhang Stubborn had introduced him just now, he was clearly very respectful towards him. Apart from that old man Han Zaixin, who else had Zhang Stubborn respecting so much? Moreover, both Du Tao and Zhang Stubborn were walking about half a step behind him. Although there was only such a small difference, it was enough for Li Qiuyang to judge Ye Mo’s identity. He already understood that Ye Mo’s background was not unusual, or at least higher than Zhang stubborn.

Even higher than Zhang stubborn? Li Qiuyang’s heart moved, he would not judge people by their appearance. He hastily walked up to Ye Mo and extended his hand, “My name is Li Qiuyang, a hardcore supporter of Zhang Stubbornness and his friend.”

Ye Mo smiled faintly, extended his hand and said, “My name is Ye Mo, I also only met Zhang Stubborn today.”

The corner of Li Qiuyang’s mouth twitched, he knew Zhang Stubborn’s arrogance all too well.

If he said he would treat someone he had just met with such respect, Li Qiuyang would never believe it, but looking at Ye Mo’s words it didn’t seem like a lie.

Ye Mo, the name was familiar, it seemed to be the same as the waste material that was expelled from the Ye family.

“Oh, let’s not stand here, tonight old Mr. Ji Beichen who came back from Taiwan is going to conduct a charity auction and there is a ball afterwards. Let’s sit down and talk first, and when the auction comes later, you guys will see if you have something suitable. Ji Beichen is a famous antique collector in our country, and this time when he returns to Yanjing, I heard that he has prepared many good things.” Li Qiuyang said with a smile.

“Good, I’ve been known for a long time for old Mr. Ji Beichen, although I don’t have much money, but I want to see how his collection is.” Zhang Stubborn immediately agreed, “Sorry,” a figure bumped into Ye Mo’s body, but at the same time an apology followed. However, the person who bumped into Ye Mo immediately looked at Ye Mo and said, “Huh, it’s you”.

Ye Mo had already seen clearly that he had really seen the person who hit him. It was the same Tan Fei who had wanted to give him a record when he got off the plane yesterday. I didn’t expect to meet her at this celebrity party, but since she was so famous, she should be considered a celebrity too.

“Fifi, there’s a ball tonight after the auction, I’ll treat you later.”

A young man came over right after.

Tan Fei at this moment no longer had the heart to think about how even a dirtbag like Ye Mo could get in, instead she turned her head to look at the man who came over and said, “Sorry, Young Yi, my tuǐ is a bit sprained.” !