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DYM Chapter 149

Ye Mo’s divine sense swept a bit, Tan Fei’s leg did not have any problems. It looked like she just wanted to refuse this young man in front of her, so he couldn’t help but smile slightly, thinking that women can always find some reason.

But this smile was seen clearly by the young man called Yi Shao, a guy who was so shabbily dressed actually dared to laugh at him, it was obviously because Tan Fei had rejected him that this guy was laughing.

“What are you laughing at, just now you bumped into Fei Fei before you sprained her leg, if you laugh again I’ll tear your mouth off.” The young man called Yi Shao saw Ye Mo’s smile and became annoyed, not only did his face turn ugly, he also opened his mouth directly and cursed. When Zhang Stubborn heard this, his face sank, but he did not get angry. He knew this young man in front of him, he was from the Song family, and was the eldest son of Song Qifeng, a powerful figure in the Song family. He also belonged to the Song family’s Shao generation, but had changed his name to Song Yi because the feng shui master had said that he needed to remove the word Shao to be able to do something big. Although he was not afraid of Song Yi, to offend him was to offend the Song family.

The corner of Li Qiuyang’s mouth showed a slight arc, he had just met Ye Mo, of course he would not go out of his way, and Song Yi’s status would not be lower than his, or even a little higher than his. Although their Li family was also one of the five great families in Yanjing, the Li family had too many talents. Li Qiuyang could only be considered a family son with a decent status in the Li family, and was still a bit short of a core son of the Song family like Song Yi.

Ye Mo frowned, who was this Young Yi ringing, to be so arrogant.

At this moment Tan Fei had already reacted and hurriedly said.” It’s none of his business, it’s me who accidentally bumped into him.”

“Fei Fei you stand aside, later on just dance with me. If I, Song Yi, say it’s none of his business, it’s none of his business.” After saying that Song Yi walked towards Ye Mo with a ruthless look on his face, without any semblance of being a celebrity.

Zhang Stubborn finally couldn’t help himself and was about to go up to Song Yi to argue, but Ye Mo stopped him.

“Your name is Song Yi? A member of the Song family?” Ye Mo looked at Song Yi who walked up and said coldly.

“Now it’s too late to know that I’m from the Song family, Qiu Yang, this guy is not related to you, right? Don’t say I’m not giving you face by teaching him a lesson ……,” Song Yi casually looked at Li Qiu Yang.

“Pah, pah …….” Before Song Yi’s words could fall, Li Qiuyang hadn’t even come close to speaking when Ye Mo had already slapped him on the face in succession.

Song Yi was slapped several meters away and flung to the ground, spitting out several teeth and a puddle of blood, immediately after the shock, he pointed his hand somewhat frantically at Ye Mo and said in a slurred voice, “You’re f*cking impatient to live, how dare you hit me.”

All the people around were frozen, who didn’t know what kind of person Song Yi was. This very earthy looking young man had dared to knock so many of his teeth out with a few slaps, and his face was also beaten black and purple and swollen up to many heights.

Li Qiuyang was also dumbfounded, although he knew that Ye Mo might not be of a small status, but what kind of person should he be who dared to beat Song Yi like this? Unless he didn’t even know what Song Yi’s identity was. Tan Fei was so shocked that she couldn’t speak. She could only scream in her heart that she was finished, she should have danced with Song Yi if she had known that.

Although Zhang was shocked, his expression remained calm. Although the Song family was powerful, he was the captain of the Flying Snow, so there was no need to be afraid of him.

At this moment, however, Ye Mo said slowly, “The one I beat up is the Song family’s man, what’s wrong?” After saying that, he walked up and kicked Song Yi’s leg bone once again with a click.

He had actually broken Song Yi’s leg in front of so many people and after knowing Song Yi’s identity. All the people around could only look at Ye Mo with one gaze, this man was crazy, he should be a little tired of living.

“You …….” Song Yi did not faint from the pain, but was so angry that he almost fainted.

At this moment, there were already two men rushing eagerly to Song Yi’s front, carefully wiping the blood from Song Yi’s mouth, one of the men stared coldly at Ye Mo.” You have a lot of guts, I hope you are still so calm and gutsy after a while.”

After saying that, he had already picked up the phone.

Ye Mo laughed, “Song Qiming is just standing in front of Laozi, and I am just as calm as this.”

“You are Ye Mo?” At this moment, another person from the Song family finally recognized who Ye Mo was and his face immediately changed.

“Ye Mo?” The other man who called, repeated the name and surprisingly put down the phone.

Ye Mo sneered, “Luckily, your dog’s eyes aren’t blind and ruggedu I was thinking of how to find a reason to go to the Song family, but I didn’t expect that the wild son of the Song family would still dare to crash into the [Qihang Xiang Xiang] door, so don’t blame old me for not being polite.”

In front of the Song family, he dared to curse such unpleasant words, and all the people around him were already petrified at this moment. But what made the crowd even more petrified was yet to come.

When Song Yi heard that the person in front of him was Ye Mo, his eyes actually showed a frightened look, instead, he completely ignored the pain in his leg, sat down on the ground and said to Ye Mo with a fist, “Young Mo, I’m sorry, I didn’t know that I had offended. Go, go, go quickly …….”

The latter two words were said to the two men who were holding him up. The two men who were screaming for trouble with Ye Mo just now, after knowing Ye Mo’s name, did not look surprised at all when they heard Song Yi’s words of apology. Instead, after Song Yi finished apologizing, he hurriedly hugged Song Yi and turned around and left, without letting out any half-hearted words, and didn’t even continue with the phone call.

A pensive expression appeared in Zhang Stubborn’s eyes, but he soon realized that Ye Mo must be someone from the Hidden Sect, otherwise Song Yi could not be such a grandson. Only Du Tao guessed something, he guessed that the Song family should be afraid that Ye Mo would go to the Song family and make a big fuss regardless of the consequences, after all, the feud that Ye Mo had made with the Song family, he as a **** deputy director could not be unaware of it in the slightest.

The most shocked were the rest of the people around, speculating about Ye Mo’s origin, beating up Song Yi like this, and Song Yi even had to apologize. He was too D*mned tractable. Tan Fei even looked at Ye Mo in disbelief. Ye Mo was still dressed like that, although he was clean and neat, the clothes on his body were estimated to be no more than two hundred dollars in total. Moreover, his pockets were bulging and seemed to be filled with something that just looked dirt cheap, who the hell was he?

What was Song Yi, the young master of the Song family, whose reputation was not much better than Song Shaowen’s back then? Of course she, Tan Fei, could not be clearer, even if she had the intention to find someone to protect her, but there was no one who could shock Song Yi. However, this ordinary young man in front of her had actually hit Song Yi, and Song Yi had to make apologies. Tan Fei’s gaze towards Ye Mo also became awe-inspiring, although she was a well-known singer, she was nothing in front of these young masters of the family.

Li Qiuyang’s eyes showed a glow as he became even more interested in Ye Mo. Originally he had planned to let Ye Mo accompany him with a gift and help say a word himself to dispel Song Yi’s anger, he just didn’t expect Ye Mo’s approach to be more thorough and clean. He directly beat Song Yi into apologizing and didn’t dare to leave harsh words.

“Brother Ye, this way please. I don’t know if Brother Ye is interested in antiques, if Brother Ye is interested in antiques, 4 tonight, Old Mr. Ji Beichen will not let you down.” Li Qiuyang did not mention anything about what had just happened, only that the enthusiasm on his face had grown even more, but in his heart he was wondering who exactly Ye Mo was, but he also knew that now was not the time to ask.

Tan Fei said with a complicated and somewhat apologetic gaze, “Ye Mo, thank you for what you did just now, I’m really sorry. My name is Tan Fei, I don’t know if it’s an honour to meet you.”

“A few small things, no need to mind, and I have a conflict with the Song family, even if he doesn’t look for me, I will still go to him. My name is Ye Mo, we already know each other, there’s no honor or no honor.” Ye Mo waved his hand and said, he wasn’t wrong, if he saw someone from the Song family, he would definitely go looking for trouble. He wanted to know where Song Qiming’s tolerance level was at.

“Fifi, I’ve been looking for you for a long time, I didn’t expect you to be here.” Another sweet looking girl came over and took Tan Fei’s hand, “Go over, Xiao Yu and Aunt Yun are here.”

After saying this the girl didn’t allow Tan Fei to discern, she pulled her away straight away. Tan Fei turned around and gave an apologetic smile to Ye Mo and said, “I hope I can treat you to a meal sometime.”

Ye Mo, however, did not care about Tan Fei at this moment, but paid attention to the conversation between the two men slightly far away. The two of them would never have thought that, being so far apart, their conversation could still reach Ye Mo’s ears.

“Did you see that? The person who taught Song Yi a lesson just now was called Ye Mo, could it be the Ye Mo of the Ye family?”

“Impossible, Ye Mo of the Ye family is a loser, how could he possibly appear here and dare to teach Song Yi a lesson ah. By the way, it seems that no one from the Ye family is coming tonight.” Mouth “There is definitely no one from the Ye family out today.”

“What? You know what the reason is?”

“I made an appointment with Ye Liang last night, and he said that they had something going on at home today, so they shouldn’t be able to come out. A big family like theirs, even someone like Ye Liang can’t come out for sure it’s not a small matter, maybe something big has happened to the Ye family.”

“That’s not necessarily true, there’s still something big going on in a family like the Ye family, but this kind of thing is not something we can care about.

Did you see Tan Fei just now? It’s indeed beautiful, no wonder Song Yi got a kick out of it.”

“The auction is about to start, Mr. Ji Beichen is here.” I don’t know who called out, interrupting Ye Mo’s attention.

Ye Mo’s heart, however, was inexplicably a little annoyed, and he frowned, immediately understanding that he was thinking of Ye Ling because he had heard those two people’s words earlier. He hadn’t seen Ye Ling all day today and had delayed his appointment with her for so long, Ye Ling must be anxious.

Thinking of this Ye Mo could no longer stay and immediately said, “I have some urgent matters, I have to go out for a while now, let’s catch up another time.”

Zhang stubborn didn’t stop Ye Mo this time, because just body Ye Mo beat up Song Yi, and beat him up very badly, even if he was in the ancient martial arts lineage, he should still go out and make arrangements, to prevent the Song family from being caught off guard. He and Du Tao, Li Fox and Li Qiuyang kept sending Ye Mo to the door.

Ye Mo took a taxi to Hua Da, this time he didn’t wait outside the girls’ dormitory, instead he used a stealth technique to come directly outside Ye Ling’s dormitory.

Ye Mo’s divine sense had already seen that Ye Ling was not inside, but he still knocked on the door.

It was Tian He who opened the door, and when she saw that it was Ye Mo, her face was instantly surprised, but immediately she thought of what happened last night and a blush appeared on her face once again.

“Is Ye Ling not here? Do you know where she’s gone?” Ye Mo didn’t have the heart to think about anything else, he just asked Ye Ling straightforwardly where she had gone.