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DYM Chapter 151

Ye Mo took a look at this man who was talking to him, he was less than forty years old and his face was somewhat waxy.

In his hand was a long knife of a very strange style, and his hair was not long but black and shiny, extremely asymmetrical to his waxy face.

This man’s skill should be even higher than Hu Qiu’s, although it was not as good as Wu Qiang, but it should not be weaker than Zhang Stubborn.

Ye Mo did not expect that the Ye family had such an expert, according to his past experience, this person should already be a late Yellow level Ancient Martial Cultivator. If Ye Mo was still at the second level of Qi cultivation now, he would definitely not even think about leaving immediately. Not to mention carrying Ye Ling, even if he were to face this person alone, he would not dare to say that he would retreat with his whole body.

But at this time, Ye Mo was already at the third level of Qi training, and Wu Qiang could not even last twenty moves under him, so this guy who was even weaker than Wu Qiang, Ye Mo would not care even more.

When Ye Mo was still wondering whether he should kill him, the long knife in the man’s hand was already slashing across Ye Mo’s waist with a sharp whistle, without the slightest hesitation or pause, looking like he wanted to slice Ye Mo in half.

Although it was only a single slash, what caught his eyes was more than a dozen pieces of the blade. Ye Mo secretly sighed, even if Hu Qiu’s whip was so perfect, it was still quite different from this man’s long blade.

The speed and variation of this blade was indeed rare. To be able to play the long blade like this, apart from skilled techniques and martial arts skills, it was absolutely impossible to play without the support of internal strength. Ye Mo, however, knew that his slash was not to cut himself off at the waist, but to cut off his double tuǐ.

This man should have seen his strike just now, so he judged that he should be able to dodge this stroke of his, and then his killer was in the back with a ground trip slash. From the time he was still going with this slash, his whole body force had almost shifted to the lower plate, and the man also started to slowly crouch down, these subtle changes, Ye Mo had already seen. No matter where Ye Mo landed, as long as he was within a three-foot radius of him, his double tuǐ would not be saved.

Of course if he couldn’t even dodge his first slash, then he would only be decapitated at the waist. It looked like he still had some confidence in Ye Mo, hoping that Ye Mo could dodge the first slash and then be decapitated under his second slash.

Ye Mo smiled coldly, this was no challenge to fight this kind of opponent who was a few notches above him, his opponent’s every move was all in his anticipation.

Despite having Ye Ling on his back, Ye Mo twisted his waist slightly, and the shadow of this long knife that turned into dozens of residual shadows had been dodged by him.

As expected, when the waxy-faced man saw that Ye Mo had dodged his long knife, he was not surprised but delighted. Without any pause, the long knife in his hand turned into a curling counter-arc, and under the yellowish light, this knife was like a white silver drainage, enveloping the ground in a two feet radius.

The corners of his mouth lined up with a sneer, no matter how powerful Ye Mo was, as long as he landed on the ground, he could definitely cut Ye Mo’s double tugs away.

Ye Mo could have not landed on the ground, even if he was carrying Ye Ling he could still cast the Royal Wind Technique and float out several feet away. However, he landed on the ground, but when his feet landed on the ground, the silver all over the ground disappeared, and only a long knife happened to coincidentally be under his feet.

The waxy-faced man’s face immediately froze in a sneer. He had never imagined that someone could break his blade, the “Frosty Blade,” in such an unimaginable way.

Shocked, the man immediately reacted and twisted the long blade in his hand, trying to pull it out from under Ye Mo’s feet.

Ye Mo felt an unusually strong force coming from him and let out an “eek”, just as he wanted to increase his strength.

The long knife had already broken into two with a crash. The man with the waxy yellow face held the half cut hilt in his hand without any hesitation, the hilt of the knife had turned into a shadow and struck directly at the small of Ye Mo’s stomach, while he himself actually followed behind the hilt of the knife, and his two hands turned into several hand shadows to Lou towards Ye Mo’s xiōng mouth.

Ye Mo did not expect this man to be so good with his sword, but his fist was also good.

At this point the hilt of the knife was already close to the small of Ye Mo’s back, Ye Mo lifted his foot and kicked the hilt of the knife away, his single fist already met the shadow of the man’s fist.

“Bang Bang ……” several sounds of fist wind and palm clashing.

“He sealed the man’s fist shadow as fast as he could and broke both of his wrists at the same time.

The man took several steps back, his waxy face turning pale, the pain of his wrists being broken by Ye Mo could not hide his shock. Although he was a late Yellow-ranked expert, even a peak Yellow-ranked expert would not necessarily win against him. However, the young man in front of him, who was not much younger than him, had easily broken his “Frosty Blade”, not only that, but also completely blocked his fist shadow in a fist-to-fist clash with him, and even broke his wrist.

This was the first time he had met such a master since he had started out. He himself and him did not even make ten moves back and forth before losing miserably.

Ye Mo looked at the yellow-faced man coldly and said, “Did you just want to cut off another tuǐ of mine or one of my tuǐs?”

Ye Mo really couldn’t conclude, because the man opposite him had received and sent his hair in that move just now, and if Ye Mo hadn’t been able to step on his sword and turn into another person, this man could indeed do whatever he wanted.

“I just want to cut off your left The man’s waxy and white face was already overflowing with beads of sweat.

“Very well, it’s returned to you.” After Ye Mo finished speaking, the half broken blade at the bottom of his foot had already been kicked out by him, turning into a white line that could be even faster than the one that the man had just slashed at Ye Mo.

There was a “poof” sound, or if one wasn’t careful, one wouldn’t even hear the sound.

By the time the man reacted to the fact that his left thu was cut off by the broken blade, Ye Mo had already disappeared in front of his eyes. He looked in horror at where Ye Mo had disappeared, and only remembered to stop the bleeding when blood gushed wildly from his broken thuǐ.

The slash was just a random kick from that man, and surprisingly, it cut his thuǐ as sharply as if it was cutting tofu. Who was he? Who the hell was he? He wanted to destroy the Ye family, not to mention him, even if several people came he would not be a match for this person. In the middle of the city, to meet such an expert, this waxen-faced man could no longer hold back his inner palpitations and trembled a little.

“Master, what’s wrong with you?” A young man in his twenties hurriedly ran over and held the shaking man.

The waxen-faced man was relieved to see this youth coming and immediately said, “My wrist is also broken, now you immediately pick up my broken tuǐ and carry me out of this place, the farther you go, the better, quick, now.” “Twenty or thirty people, plus Huang Yue, how come no one has been brought by now? Ask Jin, go and see.” Ye Bei Rong had calmed down by now, no matter who the young man who kicked the door of the ancestral hall was, after asking him, he still had to be killed. The Ye family was not something that anyone could come and go as they wished.

“There’s no need, I’m already here.” An icy voice rang out from the doorway.

Ye Bei Rong stood up abruptly and looked at Ye Mo in some disbelief, Ye Mo was obviously not captured in this appearance. It took him a while to react “How did you get in? Where is Huang Yue and the others?”

“Didn’t you tell me to come in? Are you talking about the yellow face with the long knife? He was cut off by my foot and broke his wrist now he is being rescued.” Ye Mo coldly swept a glance at Ye Bei Rong before he said.

“What?” Ye Bei Rong’s brain buzzed, Huang Yue’s ability was unknown to others, he couldn’t be clearer. This man actually said that he had cut his tuǐ off, how powerful should this young man be? Why did he still look somewhat familiar?

Ye Tui of course knew how powerful Huang Yue was, and now that he heard Ye Mo say that he certainly didn’t believe it.

However, someone soon rushed in and reported what happened outside in his ear, and Ye Tui’s face immediately changed when he looked at Ye Mo. The person who could cut down Huang Yue’s tuǐ was definitely someone from the Hidden Sect.

Ye Bei Rong of course also heard the report from the visitor, and with a gloomy expression in his eyes, he immediately said in a low voice, “Report it immediately.”

“Brother, why are you here again?” Ye Ling looked at this meeting room with some fear, this was where she had been sentenced to death in the morning and had to be flogged for three days, so as soon as she came to this room, she had an innate sense of fear.

“Who are you? How dare you be so arrogant, don’t you know that this is the Ye family? Ye Ling, how dare you collude with outsiders to remove the wilderness from the Ye family.” Ye Manqi had already seen his father’s displeasure, and he called out first.

Ye Mo indifferently swept a glance at Ye Manqi, “Are you deaf? You didn’t hear Ye Ling call me brother. I am Ye Mo, but not from your Ye family.” Of course Ye Mo would not admit to being a member of the Ye family, no matter if he was Ye Wentian’s own son or not, he was not a member of the Ye family.

“You are Ye Mo?” Ye Tui also stood up and stared at Ye Mo with some surprise. He finally understood why Ye Mo had killed Song Shaowen of the Song Family and why nothing had happened until now. With his ability to cut Huang Yue’s tuǐ, it was too easy for him to kill a few people in the Song Family before escaping.

It wasn’t that the Song family didn’t move him, it was that they didn’t dare to move him. It looked like his intelligence was far worse than the Song family’s.

What Ye Tui could understand, Ye Bei Rong could certainly understand as well. He couldn’t have imagined that Ye Mo had grown to such an extent.

Ye Bei Rong calmed down once again at this time, forcibly suppressing his inner shock, he sat down and looked at Ye Mo and said, “Since you are Ye Mo and a member of the Ye family, why do you have to kick the door of the ancestral hall of the Zi Ye family?”

“Dad, Ye Mo’s blood was really tested by me at the hospital, and he is not from the Ye family at all.” At this moment, Ye Wenqi immediately said.

“Shut up.” Ye Bei Rong looked at Ye Wen Qi and chided.

Ye Mo sneered and said, “Of course I am not a member of the Ye family, there is no need for you to remind me of this, and I have never considered myself as a member of the Ye family. I stayed here today and haven’t left yet because I want to collect some accounts.

Whoever beat up Ye Ling yesterday, come out to me or don’t blame me for killing them all. I, Ye Mo, am true to my word.” !