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DYM Chapter 150

“You’re Rinko’s boyfriend, isn’t Rinko with you? Then how did you get in?” Lùlù also reached the door at that moment.

“Yes, Lingzi went out early in the morning and hasn’t come back now, so we thought you were in love together and forgot to treat us to dinner.” Tian He interjected and said.

The first thing that happened to him was that he had a bad feeling in his heart, and he eagerly asked, “Which one of you knows Ye Ling’s phone number?”

Although several people were speechless, but seeing Ye Mo’s eager expression, Tian He still reported Ye Ling’s phone number.

“Thanks.” Ye Mo knew Ye Ling’s phone number and said three words, and the person was already gone.

“He ran so fast, he couldn’t have quarrelled with Lingzi, could he?” Dan Dan from the back came over and said.

Tian He shook his head and said, “I think definitely not, you see how nervous Ling Zi was towards him yesterday, how could she spare a quarrel with such a handsome boyfriend, I have such a boyfriend even if he makes any more requests I will agree to it, no way I will quarrel with him.”

“Good, Tian He, I’m sure you’ve lost that membrane, be honest, who did you sleep with?” Dan Dan said with a cheeky smile.

Tian He sighed “Alas, I would like to have no ah, but unfortunately I just can’t find someone like Lingzi’s boyfriend, if there is, I am willing to pay back ah, cut ……”

“Lingzi even said last night that the man was her brother?” Dan Dan looked incredulous.

“Yes, but you have to make me believe it is ah, in the future I have a boyfriend I like, I also called one, can’t I.” Tian He said with a pouting mouth.

Ye Mo got Ye Ling’s phone and immediately dialed the number, the phone’s prompt was off. Ye Ling knew that he had come to Yanjing and had to ask Ye Zifeng out today, it was impossible for her to turn off her phone.

From what the people in their dorm said, she had gone out early in the morning, so how could she not have heard anything by now?

How could she not have heard anything by now and even turned off her phone?

Could something have happened?

The first thing that came to Ye Mo’s mind was what those two people just said about something happening to the Ye family, could it be about Ye Ling? Although Ye Mo didn’t know much about the bullsh*t family rules of these families, he knew a thing or two about them. If Ye Ling’s theft of the Feng Shui dragon pearl was known, she would definitely not be able to escape.

Thinking about Ye Ling’s matter, Ye Mo was immediately anxious, and he even regretted a bit that he had stayed at the training base all day today. He should have taken the money in the morning and left.

Ye Mo hailed a car and had the driver arrive at the Ye family compound as fast as possible. Far away from the entrance of the outer compound, the driver stopped as no outside vehicles were allowed in front.

Ye Mo got out of the car, and with a stealth spell, his whole body was like a gale, scraping along the very long tree-lined road and into the inner courtyard of the Ye family. It was only half a minute before and after, this journey would take a minute even by car.

At the entrance of the inner courtyard, there were still two guards standing. If he hadn’t seen Ye Ling’s condition, Ye Mo would still have gone in with hidden respect, but at the entrance of the inner courtyard, his divine sense had already swept up Ye Ling’s condition, and his divine sense was already close to eighty metres away at this moment.

The moment he saw Ye Ling, Ye Mo’s anger immediately rushed straight up, Ye Ling was draped with her head hanging inside a shrine in the far corner of the inner courtyard, her body was bloodstained with obvious whip marks, and her clothes had been beaten and hung on her body as if she was in pieces. It was amazing that only one day had pa*sed to torture Ye’s concubine like this.

Mo kicked the door to the inner courtyard and sent it flying several feet away.

Before the two guards had time to react, they had already been kicked by Ye Mo one by one, spitting blood and lying on the ground.

Ye Mo had already rushed into the inner courtyard ancestral hall as fast as he could, and with a wind blade, he cut the rope hanging Ye Ling. Ye Ling landed in his arms, Ye Mo was relieved that Ye Ling was not dead yet. She had only pa*sed out. It should be because she hadn’t eaten anything all day, plus she had been hung up and beaten up so badly that she had fainted.

However, if he didn’t come for another hour or two, it was really hard to say if Ye Ling would still be alive.

The true qi in Ye Mo’s hand was already running and was directly infused into Ye Ling’s〖Body〗. Ye Ling had already suffered internal injuries from just being hung up and beaten like this. However, under Ye Mo’s true essence treatment, her internal injuries slowly disappeared, and after ten minutes, she woke up, and when she looked at the person in front of her that was actually Ye Mo, she was just shocked in her heart, and immediately asked, “Brother, why are you here too, this matter has nothing to do with you, why do they want to arrest you?”

Ye Mo lovingly wiped the blood marks on Ye Ling’s head before saying, “I’m sorry, Ye Ling, I’m the one who came late, I’ll take you out of here later, but I’m going to collect this debt for you as well. I’ll clean you up and you can close your eyes.”

Ye Ling let out an “ah”, then she realized that there was practically no piece of her clothes and skin left on her body, Ye Mo was her brother, so she didn’t think about anything else, it was just that there was a warm feeling inside her body that made her feel comfortable instead of feeling pain on her body.

She didn’t know how Ye Mo was going to help her clean, although she was a younger sister, she just had torn and tattered clothes and felt a little shy.

Ye Mo looked at the whip marks all over Ye Ling’s body, the bruises everywhere, and his heart burst with anger. With a few water ball wood, he cleaned Ye Ling’s body. At the same time, under the operation of True Qi, the scars and bruises dissipated at a speed visible to the naked eye.

After ten minutes, the outside had become noisy before Ye Mo took off his own shirt and gave it to Ye Ling to put on.

Ye Ling opened her eyes and looked down at the scars on her body, which had disappeared. She looked up at Ye Mo in shock “Brother, what kind of medicine did you use for me? How come I don’t feel any pain now and there are no more scars on my body.

It’s really amazing, I’m just a little hungry.”

Ye Mo mōded Ye Ling’s hair “Brother is a doctor, and has opened a clinic, how about you leaving Yanjing with me this time?” Ye Ling nodded obediently, at this moment she was lying in Ye Mo’s arms feeling peaceful and happy, without the slightest disturbance. A faint sense of tranquility made her feel comfortable, if she could be with her brother, she would never want to stay in this horrible Ye family again, she just didn’t know how Zifeng was doing.

“Brother, you took your clothes off to me, what are you going to do? I didn’t expect you to look civilized and weak, but you’ve grown so sturdy.” Ye Ling subconsciously mōded Ye Mo’s sturdy arm and said admiringly.

Ye Mo was about to speak when there were already more and more people outside, it looked like everyone from the Ye family had come over, Ye Mo had even swept up twenty to thirty armed guards.

Ye Ling, however, hadn’t noticed yet, and she suddenly put her hand into her pocket and said again, “Brother, what are you doing with so many stones on you? Ah, you have them in your kùzi pocket too?”

Ye Mo just gave Ye Ling his top chamber to wear, and Ye Ling was now being held in Ye Mo’s arms and casually mō the ores in his kùzi pockets.

“We’ll talk about these later.” Ye Mo smoothly pulled down the rope that had just tied Ye Ling, let Ye Ling lie on his back, tied her with the rope, and kicked the door of the ancestral hall on top of it.

The sturdy ancestral hall door was split apart by Ye Mo’s kick.

Someone had actually barged straight into the inner courtyard without being informed by the outer courtyard, and had even kicked the two guards of the inner courtyard into serious injuries. Of course, Ye Bei Rong knew about such a big matter, but what made him even more furious was that as soon as he came out, he saw Ye Mo kick the door of the ancestral hall to shatter. In his heart, he was not only annoyed at the uselessness of the guards, he was even more annoyed that Ye Mo had dared to kick the door of the ancestral hall to shatter it.

“Arrest me immediately and send them inside, the rest of the irrelevant people leave immediately, and all the members of the Ye family clan come to the meeting hall.” In a fit of anger, Ye Bei Rong almost gave the order to kill Ye Mo and Ye Ling, but he still had his senses, this person who was so arrogant in the Ye family compound definitely had to be killed, but before he did so, he had to ask some things clearly.

So he had to call a family meeting immediately, in his opinion, it wouldn’t take long at all for so many people to catch a young man carrying Ye Ling, where was the need to bother his mind. Ye Mo he had seen so few times originally, and now that Ye Mo had changed so much, he didn’t recognise him either.

Ye Mo sneered, he faced “Nan Qing, thousands of mercenaries have dared to barge into the Senna Peninsula, for 20 or 30 guards, have not really been put in the eyes.

Ye Ling was already panicking in her heart, she had the intention to let Ye Mo go first, but she also knew that with so many people surrounding him, it was simply impractical for Ye Mo to go first. Thinking about it, she sighed, if she was going to die she might as well join Ye Mo and have some company.

But the next scene almost made her suspect that something was wrong with her eyes.

Ye Mo almost flew up in the air and pounced into the 20 or so guards, Ye Ling could only see the shadow of Ye Mo’s tuǐ and fist, and then she heard a “bang, bang, bang. Ye Ling could only see the shadow of Ye Mo’s thu and fist, and then she heard a bang.

Ye Ling did not expect Ye Mo to be so powerful, carrying her on his back and easily beating 20 to 30 soldiers to pieces. When she thought of how he had helped her heal her wounds and the warmth inside her body, Ye Ling knew that the current Ye Mo was no longer the Ye Mo she was familiar with.

She thought about what happened last night, how Ye Mo easily killed someone and then took her out of that entertainment place. There was also the fact that until now, the Song family’s people did not dare to come after herself and him. Now it seemed that the Song family should not dare to come over because they knew how powerful her brother was.

She did not expect Ye Mo to become so powerful, it was simply not something that common sense could think of anymore. Her own brother was so outstanding, and that Ning Qingxue of the Ning family still dared to come and withdraw her marriage, she simply had eyes. If Ye Mo wasn’t her own brother, maybe she would have moved on. Thinking of this Ye Ling pooh-poohed, what was she thinking about in her own mess. But the feeling on her brother’s back was really good, maybe she was too tired, she thought about it and even slowly fell asleep.

“You’re very good. But even if you are, you won’t be able to walk out of the Ye family compound today.”

A faint voice rang out after Ye Mo had beaten down dozens of people.!