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DYM Chapter 5-6

Chapter 5

“You guys go away, I won’t sell anything to you, this guy is affecting my appetite here.” Ye Mo pointed at Wang Peng and said to Su Jingwen.

Su Jingwen had been so worried by her mother’s illness over the past few years that she had lost all spirit, and had lost all hope in the hospital. She had heard a master say that her mother was probably struck by an evil spirit, and that if she bought a magic weapon to ward off evil spirits, she might be able to exorcise it and revive her mother. But she had bought a lot of magic tools, but her mother had not shown the slightest sign of reawakening yet.

The man in front of her was cheating her, but it was only a few tens of thousands of dollars, and a few tens of thousands of dollars was not really money to her Su family. As long as there was a ray of hope, she would not give up. Although deep down she knew that 99% of what this man said was a lie, she still wanted to give it a try.

Now that she heard Ye Mo say that, where would she not be anxious, she hurriedly said to Ye Mo, “Sorry, Master, this person has nothing to do with me.” After saying that Su Jingwen coldly glanced at Wang Peng and said, “Mr. Wang, be my guest, please don’t follow me or I will call the police.”

When Wang Peng heard Su Jingwen’s words, his eyes coldly glanced at Ye Mo, in his heart he already treated Ye Mo as a cripple, he would definitely ask someone to break the hands and feet of this guy who didn’t know any better when he returned.

However, since Su Jingwen had said so, he had no face to stay here, so he could only turn around and leave in disgrace.

When Ye Mo saw the look in Wang Peng’s eyes, of course he knew what this guy wanted to do, but he had only been doing this one deal for a few days and would leave immediately afterwards, so where would he be able to care about anything else. Besides, he wasn’t afraid of this Wang Peng at all.

“I’ll take all the ‘Clear God Talismans’ you have here, how much is it.” Seeing Wang Peng walking away, Su Jingwen said eagerly.

Ye Mo picked up the two ‘God Clearing Talismans’ and said, “This talisman is the work of my heart and soul, of course there won’t be many, there are only two. You only need to use this one better one, as for the other one if you can’t use it up, you can keep it in a jade box, there’s still usually no problem within ten years, two of them for a total of thirty thousand yuan.”

Saying that, Ye Mo picked up the two ‘God Clearing Talismans’ and handed them to Su Jingwen, and pointed out to her the ‘God Clearing Talisman’ that was close to the first level.

Su Jingwen accepted the two talismans but wrote a cheque for fifty thousand yuan to Ye Mo, Ye Mo was not one to take advantage of others, and picked up another ‘protection talisman’ and a ‘fireball talisman’ and handed them to Su Jingwen and said, “Since It’s 50,000, you can have these two together.

This one is a ‘protection talisman’, you can go back and make a scented bag and hang it on your body, as for the ‘fireball talisman’, it is for self-defense, if you meet a mugger, you can just smash it and say ‘Lin’. That’s it.”

Seeing that Ye Mo was not willing to take advantage of himself, Su Jingru’s heart held more hope for these two talismans, how this Ye Mo did not look like a liar. Hearing Ye Mo’s words, she hastily asked, “Master, I wonder how to use this ‘Clear God Talisman’?”

Ye Mo collected the cheque and said, “The same, also throw the talisman at the patient and then say the word ‘Lin’, and that’s it.”

“That, I don’t know the name of the master, is it possible to go with me to see my mother, I can pay you double.” After getting the ‘Clear God Talisman’, Su Jingru felt that her irritable mood seemed to gradually calm down, and the talisman, which looked as if it was a piece of paper, had some weight to it. She had even more confidence in Ye Mo, which moved her to invite Ye Mo.

Of course Ye Mo would not go with Su Jingwen, he just waved his hand and said, “I don’t need to go, this talisman can definitely save people.”

When Su Jingwen and the woman named Xiao Yue saw that Ye Mo was not willing to go with them, they could only take the two talismans and eagerly tried to go back to try.

When Ye Mo saw the two women leave, he turned around and closed his stall and went to the bank to cash the cheque, now he urgently needed the money.


“Sister Wen, this man is wearing big sungla*ses and his face can’t even be seen clearly, and there is some truth to Wang Peng’s words, I think he is probably a fraud.” Although she knew that Ye Mo was a liar, the woman called Xiao Yue still said politely.

Su Jingwen sighed, how could she not know that Ye Mo was a liar, but even if she knew he was a liar, she still had to give it a try, because she didn’t want to give up any means that could revive her mother, even if she knew she was being cheated, she still had to give it a try.

Seeing Su Jingwen sighing but not saying anything, the bodyguard Xiao Yue seemed to know what she was thinking and looked a little gloomy, but did not continue to say anything.

Ye Mo got the 50,000 yuan, the first thing he did was to go out and find a place to live, because now he needed some medicinal herbs to refine some medicinal liquid, and it was too inconvenient inside the school. It was more convenient to go out and rent a house, although the dormitory wouldn’t see the rest of his cla*smates for a few months, but all his things were confidential and he didn’t want to be exposed just like that.

As long as there was money, it was easy to find a rental house in Ninghai, but the ones that satisfied Ye Mo were rarely seen. This was because he needed a place to live that was not only quiet, but preferably with a fresh environment, and even a place where he could practice martial arts every day.

It was difficult for him to improve his cultivation now, but he didn’t want to leave behind his previous worldly martial arts, and he always needed a means of self-protection.

Although they were in the same city, they were more than 30 miles apart. By the time Ye Mo found Ningdu, it was almost evening.

The reason why he wanted to find a place far away from the school was because he didn’t want his details to be known by the people inside the school, and he also wanted to use running to go to school in the future, so that he could exercise his body technique.

Just when Ye Mo thought that he would not be able to find a place to live today, a small courtyard emitting a faint aura appeared in front of him. To Ye Mo’s surprise, this small courtyard actually had a ‘Room for Rent’ sign posted outside.

Before he even entered this small courtyard, Ye Mo had already decided to rent this courtyard, not for any other reason, just because the aura here was relatively good.

“Who are you looking for?” The door of the courtyard was opened under Ye Mo’s knocking, and the person who spoke was a woman in her fifties, who finished speaking while sizing up Ye Mo.

Ye Mo, however, forgot to answer the woman’s words because he saw that there was actually a ‘Silver Heart Gra*s’ inside the courtyard, no wonder there was some spiritual qi overflowing, there was actually this herb. But there was only one plant, it was really too little. ‘Silver Heart Gra*s’ was the main spirit herb for refining Qi gathering pills, how could it be found on Earth where there was a paucity of spirit energy?

Ye Mo forced down the excitement in his heart and faced the older lady who was looking at him a bit strangely and said in a hurry, “Auntie, I saw that there was a room for rent here and I wanted to rent it.”

Hearing Ye Mo’s words, the aunt finally understood, so it was a room for rent. She hurriedly let Ye Mo in.

After some negotiation, it became clear to Ye Mo that this courtyard had two rooms, the east and west, and a living room, which the landlord did not want to rent out. The west room had already been rented out by a tenant, while the east one was originally occupied by the landlord, but now the landlord wanted to go to his son’s place in Ning Bei District, so he wanted to rent out the east side as well, and he happened to meet Ye Mo.

What the aunt didn’t expect was that for the eleven hundred dollars a month she quoted, this young man, who didn’t look very rich, actually paid the rent for a year straight away without saying anything.


Chapter 6

“Dad, why are you back?” Su Jingwen returned to her own private sanatorium, the first person she saw was actually her own father, since her mother became a vegetable, her father had put almost all of his energy into the official world. It was her mother’s company that Su Jingwen’s was also taking care of, only she was also dealing with the company in a mess because of her mother’s affairs.

But that was the case, and her father did not ask about it and rarely came to visit her mother at the Su family’s private sanatorium side. But Su Jingwen didn’t know why her father had come here to the sanatorium today.

“Hmph, if I don’t come, you still don’t know how to go about tossing and turning, the family bought back so many messy things, this time you can actually believe in even things like talismans, is the next step to invite back all the great gods who are dancing?” Su Jianzhong’s face was very gloomy, obviously very displeased with his daughter.

As soon as Su Jingwen heard this, she knew that Wang Peng had snitched on her, and in her heart, she was even more disgraceful to this guy who was a donkey sh*tting himself and only had the outside glory. But she was also very dissatisfied with her own father, actually silent on this, did not want to answer.

“What, can’t say it, now you immediately throw all the mess in the house ……” Su Jianzhong said in a strong tone.

“Dad, what have you done since mum got sick, you only came to see her once when she was in a coma, where have you been in the past few years? Ask yourself, did you do right by mum? I know what I did and I don’t need you to care. I have never blamed you for keeping a woman outside, but have you ever given any thought to your mother?” Su Jingwen was silent for a long time, then suddenly burst out.

“You ……” Su Jianzhong’s face turned red and white as he raised his palm to slap his daughter, but when he looked at her stubborn and haggard expression, he slowly lowered his hand again.

He knew in his heart that he was not qualified to say anything about his daughter, and that he had indeed wronged his wife and daughter. His wife’s company was now managed by his daughter, and he hadn’t helped much.

“Well, I know I can’t control you anymore, I just hope this is the last time you are superstitious and don’t do it again, you are a highly educated person, don’t you even understand this. Don’t be somewhat separated from Wang Peng because of a street god, know that advice is not good enough.” Su Jianzhong said somewhat helplessly.

Su Jingwen smiled coldly in her heart, of course she knew why her father wanted her to get closer to Wang Peng, if his father wanted to take another step up, he had to have Wang Peng’s father’s help. And although his father Su Jianzhong was already the mayor of a prefecture-level city, there was no place for her father in the Su family’s key training, and without the help of the Su family, Su Jianzhong might be stuck in the position of mayor for the rest of his life if he didn’t find connections himself.

In fact Su Jianzhong does think so, the Wang family is not less powerful than the Su family, and the Su family is not one of those super big families in the capital, the training can only be for those few who have potential. He could get to the mayor and had indeed reached the end of his rope. Moreover, he is almost fifty years old, and if he himself does not draw on external strength, perhaps he will gradually fade out of the Su family’s sight. Once he goes further with the Wang family’s power, perhaps the old man will start to look at his potential again.

Although she knew of her father’s intentions, Su Jingwen didn’t say anything. Although Wang Peng was handsome, in Su’s opinion, he was just an embroidered pillow. To say that he was a donkey sh*tting on the outside and full of old coarse chaff inside was not wronging him at all.

When he saw him turn around and enter the room where her mother was convalescing, Su Jianzhong opened his mouth to say something, but held back, understanding that his thoughts were really not good for his daughter. After some thought, he also followed him in, but he just stood in the doorway, but did not have the courage to face his wife who still had not woken up after three years in a coma.

On the bed lay a beautiful woman who looked to be only in her thirties, and who also bore a pa*sing resemblance to Su Jingwen, though her eyes were tightly closed and her brow seemed to be slightly furrowed.

Seeing Su Jingwen enter, the nursing aunt who had been sitting at the head of the bed stood up in a hurry, greeted Su Jingwen and retreated.

Looking at her mother, who was still unconscious, Su Jingwen’s eyes were red. It had been several years, and although she had never given up, she had no way to cry to others about her suffering, and could only fling herself at her mother’s bedside and cry bitterly when it was late at night.

Taking out the 20,000 yuan ‘Cleansing Talisman’ that Ye Mo had sold her, Su Jingwen was in a bit of a trance. Although she knew that the talisman was supposed to be a fraud, she just could not contain the excitement inside her, as if her mother would really wake up after this talisman was put down.

Looking at his daughter who was deceiving herself somewhat, Su Jianzhong shook his head but did not continue to speak. He wanted to wait until his daughter had finished using this talisman, and then he would have a proper talk with her.

Su Jingwen suddenly stood up, took two steps back, raised her hand, and the ‘Clear God Talisman’ in her hand was thrown at the woman lying on the bed, while a soft cry of ‘Lin’ came out of her mouth.

Looking at his daughter, who was like a god, Su Jianzhong did not have the slightest ridiculous thought, but only some uneasiness and guilt in his heart. For the sake of her mother, her daughter, who was highly educated, had begun to believe in such things.

However, Su Jianzhong immediately thought that his eyes had gone wrong. The yellow talisman that was thrown out by his daughter actually turned into several white rays of light after she said the word ‘Lin’, and these rays actually entered his wife’s body as much as possible, while some ashes drifted down all around.

If it wasn’t for the sudden coolness in the room and the fact that his eyes were stung by the bright aura, he would have thought it was his own illusion. What the hell was going on here?

Su Jingwen was also frozen, she thought the talisman had been thrown out, said a word, and would continue to fall on top of her mother’s quilt, and then she was ready to continue calling out to her mother.

The talisman she had thrown out turned into several cool white auras, which then entered her mother’s body, while the talisman she had thrown out disappeared, and instead she saw tiny cinders floating down in all directions.

Su Jingwen only felt her scalp tingling, she knew that many magicians used chemical phenomena to deceive people, but she was also a senior science student, this phenomenon, she had no way to explain with any chemical reaction, could it be, could this really be a talisman?

Su Jingwen’s hands were trembling at the thought that this might be a talisman that really had an effect. If it was really as the master who sold the talisman had said, her mother should be about to wake up.

Thinking of this, Su Jingwen could no longer hold back her inner excitement and rushed to her mother’s bedside at once.