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DYM Chapter 152

…… Ye Mo, to be able to cultivate martial arts to your level is already a rare thing.

I don’t know what opportunities you have, but Ye Ling stole the feng shui dragon pearl from the Ye family’s old mansion, the crime is unforgivable.” Although Ye Bei Rong had calmed down on the surface, his heart could not calm down. He could not have imagined that Ye Mo’s ancient martial arts had reached such a level, and if he returned to the Ye family, the Song family’s anger would immediately fall.

However, he could not directly ask Ye Mo to come back, he could only go through the matter of Ye Ling, and he now had no more thoughts of chastising Ye Ling. Besides, Ye Mo was so capable, it would be a joke for him to chastise Ye Ling again.

Seeing Ye Mo’s cold smile, Ye Bei Rong continued, “Even if you are powerful, can you still stop the “flying eagle”? I have already reported it. This time, not only did the Flying Eagles come, but the Flying Snows also had three members come. If you are willing to admit your mistake, I won’t hold you responsible for anything.”

Ye Mo acted as if he hadn’t heard the “Flying Eagles”, of course he knew, he was already the instructor of the “Flying Snow”, how could he not know the “Flying Eagles”. Among the nine special forces in China, “Flying Eagle” was ranked third, far above the last place “Flying Fox”.

Seeing that Ye Mo did not say anything, Ye Bei Rong thought that Ye Mo had some scruples, and he was about to continue, when Ye Mo suddenly took out two beads from his pocket “Do you think that Ye Ling taking these two beads away is a sin beyond pardon? To beat her to death alive?” “How did the Feng Shui Dragon Pearls come to be in your possession?” Ye Manjin knew that the Song family had it in their hands, and now that he saw Ye Mo holding it in his hand, he couldn’t help but shout out. But immediately, he continued, “Could it be that stealing the Feng Shui Dragon Pearl can’t be forgiven, this is simply a direct betrayal of my Ye family.” “Very well,” Ye Mo said as he finished his sentence, his true essence gathering in his hand, and the two Feng Shui Dragon Pearls were actually rubbed into powder by him. Only after crushing the Feng Shui Dragon Pearls did Ye Mo look at Ye Manjin indifferently and said, “Now that I have crushed these two beads, what crime should you convict me of?”

All of the Ye family were frozen, although the Feng Shui Dragon Pearls had been stolen by Ye Ling, in the end the Ye family would still negotiate with the Song family to get them back. At most, they would only lose some profit, but now Ye Mo had actually crushed it directly.

Ye Bei Rong looked dumbly at the Feng Shui Dragon Pearl that had turned into powder, unable to utter a word for a long time, except for shock and anger. Ye actually dared to be so treacherous and arrogant and bold.

“You,” Ye Bei Rong pointed his finger at Ye Mo, unable to utter a single word in anger.

Ye Tui and Ye Wenqi were more shocked than frightened, they knew how hard the Feng Shui Dragon Pearl was, even with a hammer, they had to use force to break it, but Ye Mo just used his hands to rub it into powder, what kind of skill was this?

Ye Ling looked a bit upset and said in Ye Mo’s ear, “Brother, grandpa has always been good to me, don’t make him too angry.”

Ye Mo snorted coldly “Is it nice to have to beat you to death? I don’t think I want this kind of nice. Now I’m going to count to three, anyone who has hit Ye Ling come forward automatically, or else don’t blame me for not being polite. The two handprints on the back of Ye Ling’s neck were pinched by the arrogant Ye Mo, Ye Bei Rong was trembling with anger.

“I’m the one who strangled him, so what?” A middle-aged man immediately said to Ye Mo in an angry voice.

His name was Ye Mancai, and he was also Ye Bei Rong’s nephew.

Ye Mo turned his head to look at the male half before asking indifferently, “Oh, you choked with that hand.” “What? I choked with my left hand, what can you do to me?” Ye Mancai was good in his own right, and he had long been sick of seeing Ye Mo’s arrogance.

“Not much, I just want your left hand.” After saying this, Ye Mo casually slashed his hand in the air.

A bloody light flashed over Ye Mancai’s left shoulder, and his left hand was unexpectedly cut off flush by an invisible blade.

Only after all the people reacted did they realise that Ye Mancai’s left hand had somehow been cut off.

The people in the room were once again in awe. Although Ye Mo said he had cut Huang Yue’s tuǐ, many people did not know how powerful Huang Yue was, and they had not seen it with their own eyes. Now that they saw Ye Mo chopping down Ye Mancai’s left hand without moving, they realized how terrifying things were coming.

Ye Mo’s might seemed to be much more terrifying than they had thought.

Ye Bei Rong knew that Ye Mo was very powerful, and if he wasn’t he wouldn’t be able to defeat Huang Yue, but to chop off Ye Man Cai’s arm with his bare hands without moving like this was far beyond his thinking.

He stared blankly at the hand Ye Mo had just waved out, having forgotten about Ye Mo crushing the dragon pearl. He had tried his best to overestimate Ye Mo, but now he realised that he had still underestimated him, and by a great margin. He was guessing what kind of concealed weapon Ye Mo had just used.

Ye Mancai had already been hurriedly a*sisted out and Ye Mo seemed to have not seen it. It was Ye Ling who was a bit shocked, she didn’t expect Ye Mo to directly chop his uncle’s arm in front of so many people. She had fallen asleep just now when Ye Mo chopped Huang Yue’s tuǐ, yet she didn’t see it.

“Hand over the person who hit Ye Ling, and I will walk away as if nothing happened. If you don’t hand it over, don’t blame me for being ungracious. Ye Manqi, slap your own mouth thirty times, and when you haven’t done it before I leave, you’ll regret it.” For the culprit who had locked Ye Ling up, Ye Mo certainly wouldn’t let the discussion go. It was just that it was not good enough for him to directly obliterate him now, so he could only talk about it when he was leaving.

Just at this time, another person hurriedly came in front of Ye Bei Rong and bowed, …… Nan Qing, the man has come. Should we let him in.”

Ye Bei Rong suddenly woke up in general, even more said: “Quick, quickly let in, say that I have agreed.” “Nan Qing, the person who left last time didn’t come until yesterday, originally “Nan Qing, wanted to come and discuss cooperation with Ye Bei Rong, but because the Ye family found out yesterday that the Feng Shui Dragon Pearl was missing, that’s why they arranged to go to the hotel. Just now, Ye Mo returned strongly, and Ye Bei Rong deliberately had someone go and invite them. Ye Bei Rong wanted to use them to deal with Ye Mo, he thought that even if Ye Mo was powerful, he couldn’t do anything to “Nan Qing, what about it.

Ye Bei Rong looked at Ye Mo and said, “Ye Mo, Ye Ling has done wrong in the first place, according to the ancestral family law, that means she should be hung up and flogged for three days. You are indeed very capable, so big that it is beyond my expectations, no wonder the Song family does not dare to touch you. However, even if you are powerful, you cannot be more powerful than Nan Qing, right? To tell you the truth, Nan Qing wanted to find us to deal with you together, but I refused.

If we work together with Nanqing to deal with you, how much chance do you think you have of winning? Besides, you are already a criminal for what you are doing now. I believe there will be a wanted notice for you tomorrow.”

Ye Mo sneered, not even bothering to pay attention to Ye Bei Rong, if it wasn’t for the Ye family, he would have killed it long ago. If he killed the Ye family now what about them, one Ye Ling would not approve of that.

The second is likely to turn against Han Zaixin. The key is that his cultivation level is still low and he is still counting on Han Zaixin for many resources.

Sancai proudly walked into the inner courtyard of the Ye family, when he came yesterday, the Ye family still had to pose with him and left him at the hotel and ignored him, but now they are still inviting him back.”

Ye Mo didn’t expect that “Nan Qing, the person who came to deal with the Ye family was actually San Cai, he coldly snorted and said, “It looks like Wolf Pole has taken my words as a side wind.” The first time he saw Ye Mo, his face immediately changed, no longer ignoring the people of the Ye family around him, he took a few steps to walk in front of Ye Mo and said respectfully, “Brother Ye, I never thought I would see you.

I, I ……” said one sentence, and was so scared that he couldn’t even say the words that followed. In his heart, he didn’t expect to come to talk to the Ye family about a business deal, but he could meet Ye Mo as well.

“Get out of here, I don’t want to see you here. He was not that good-tempered,” said Ye Mo, who was very angry at the moment.

Ye Bei Rong could no longer calm down, he looked at the “South Green” representative who fled in the dust underneath Ye Mo’s sentence, his heart instantly went cold. Ye Mo’s strength was so great that even he felt cold behind his back, and even the people of the Southern Youth did not dare to speak out in front of him.

However, Ye Bei Rong did not despair yet, because he had already reported it. For the matter of the Ye family.

He had already seen the Flying Eagles coming at the door.

Originally, he wanted to use the Flying Eagles to talk to Ye Mo again, but to Ye Bei Rong’s surprise, the Flying Eagles hadn’t moved yet, and three members of the Flying Snow had immediately come to salute when they saw Ye Mo. Ye Mo only nodded his head indifferently.

Although Ye Mo was an instructor, he knew that since the Flying Eagles were out to carry out orders, they should not be under his control, so he did not bother to call these people back.

Ye Bei Rong was in a cave of ice, what kind of person was Ye Mo? Surprisingly, black and white are all over the place.

Seeming to see that the atmosphere was not right, the Flying Snow team member who was leading said, “Let’s take a look outside first.” With that, two dozen members of the team followed him out, and a few moments later, the room was still filled with some people from the Ye family. Ye Manqi also knew that things were a bit troubling, Ye Mo’s coming seemed to be a bit too lost.

“Bring the two people who beat Ye Ling.” Ye Bei Rong instantly grew much older, he couldn’t imagine that the last person who was abandoned by the Ye family would force the Ye family to be in such a mess.

A person who had killed the son of the Song family’s head and whom the Song family still didn’t dare to deal with, had been driven out by the Ye family and ended up having to lift a stone to smash his own feet. Since even Song Qiming could put up with it, he, Ye Bei Rong, could put up with it even more. What’s more, Ye Mo was still surnamed Ye after all.

Ye Ling looked at the two men who were whipping her, coming to whip each other at Ye Mo’s command, and she was a little intolerant. She looked at Ye Mo, y wished to say something but stopped. Ye Mo knew what she was thinking and waved his hand, he knew that these two people were also beating Ye Ling because of Ye Wenqi’s orders, but the fact that they were hitting as hard as they were than already made Ye Mo move to kill.

“Grandpa, where did my second brother go?” Ye Ling looked at the somewhat pale Ye Bei Rong and finally asked.

“Zifeng I have asked him to go to England.” Ye Bei Rong sighed.

“Brother, let’s go, I don’t want to stay here.” Ye Ling was afraid that Ye Mo was really going to kill Eldest Uncle. No matter what, he was still the eldest uncle, what if Ye Mo did that, what about grandfather? Although she suspected that her father’s death had something to do with Eldest Uncle, that was only a suspicion after all.