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DYM Chapter 153

Of course Ye Mo knew what Ye Ling was thinking, Ye Ling was afraid that he would go on a killing spree in the Ye family. Of course Ye Mo wouldn’t be so stupid, not to mention that Ye Ling still had some feelings for the Ye family, even if she didn’t, Ye Mo couldn’t kill someone now. Even if he had to kill someone, he would have to do it secretly. There were things that everyone knew, but everyone couldn’t be open about it.

If Ye Wenqi didn’t dare to slap himself, don’t blame him for laying a black hand on him. Ye Mo pinched three small pieces on top of the ore in his pocket, one piece went straight into Ye Manqi’s body, and two more pieces struck the two men who had originally whipped Ye Ling, before he turned around and walked away with Ye Ling on his back.

Looking at Ye Mo’s back as he slowly disappeared, Ye Bei Rong seemed to have aged ten years at once. Only after a long time did he murmur, “Is the Ye family going to be finished?”

Ye Manqi did not even notice that his life had been predetermined by Ye Mo, and now after seeing Ye Mo leave, he immediately said, “Father, you don’t have to worry, since Ye Mo didn’t make a move today, he shouldn’t make a move. Although he is powerful, he is only one person, can he still be compared to the entire Ye family, does he still dare not fear the sanctions of the state.”

“Shut up, do you think I don’t know about those little moves you’re making down there? Even if you suppress Ye Mo, that’s enough, you even want to move Ye Zifeng now. Do you not know anything about Ye Ling’s theft of the Feng Shui Dragon Pearl? Although Ye Ling’s crime is unpardonable, you knew about Ye Ling’s matter and didn’t try to stop it. Originally, I thought that the Ye family would withdraw from the political arena in the future and leave the Ye family to you and forget about it. Now it seems that I was very wrong.” Ye Bei Rong spoke a little too sharply and coughed several more times in succession.

Seeing that all the children of the Ye family in the room had not yet sobered up from their shock, Ye Bei Rong sighed once again. The only person from the Ye family, Ben, had been thrown out, and another person with slightly better vision had been suppressed, and he had to let Ye Zifeng go to England in order to keep him. Ye Manqi is still mouthing off now. Ye Mo was not even afraid of “Nan Qing, even the Song family had to be concerned about Ye Mo, so why would he be afraid of the Ye family?

Ye Bei Rong said with some intent, “I am really disappointed that the Song family can find out where Ye Mo is from and what he is capable of, and not dare to touch him my Ye family actually looks like a fool, not knowing anything. Ye Tui, you’ve done this intelligence work really well. Ask into, Ye Ling know gurgling is Ye Hu introduced right why Ye Hu now nothing is going on? You all think I’m getting old don’t you.” Ye asked Jin’s face turned blue for a while, but he did not argue.

Seeing that all the people were silent, Ye Bei Rong was even more disappointed and said after a long time, “Ye Wen Qi you apply for transfer out of Yanjing tomorrow immediately, you decide where to go. You can decide where you want to go. You can submit your resignation tomorrow and go into business with Older Two. From now on, no one is allowed to come in the Ye family compound without my permission without reason.” By saying this, Ye Bei Rong was tantamount to directly leaving Ye Wen Qi and Ye Wen Jin out of the centre of power in the Ye family. Although he had left Ye Ling in Ye Wenqi’s hands, the fact that Ye Wenqi did not speak of kinship in the slightest had also disappointed him greatly.

“Grandpa in this way, won’t our Ye family slowly withdraw from being one of the five great families in Yanjing?” Ye wang said with resignation when he heard that he had to leave Yanjing with his father. He knew that once he left Yanjing, he would no longer be the youngest of any Ye family.

“. Production, the five great families, I only play one down, what makes the Ye family one of the five great families? You just don’t dream about it. This is the end of my Ye family’s reputation as a big family, whoever causes trouble in the future go and wipe themselves clean. All retire, Ye Taki and Beiguang stay.” Ye Bei Rong leaned back somewhat feebly on top of his chair after saying these words.

He did have a plan…, but it was a broken plan, and if it failed the Ye family would indeed withdraw from the centre of power in Yanjing on this. Therefore, his plan would not be told here.

Although Ye Manqi had the intention to fight again, he knew that it was useless to persuade his father to do what he had decided, so he could only retreat helplessly.

In the end, only Ye Taki, Ye Beiguang and his brother Realm, who never spoke, remained in the hall.

To everyone’s surprise, Brother Jing, who had never spoken, said with a smile after all the Ye family members had withdrawn, “Bei Rong has finally made up his mind to take this step, but Ye Mo is indeed a talented and amazing person. If you look at so many young talents, there is no one who can compare to him.”

Ye Bei Rong smiled a bit tiredly, “I knew I couldn’t hide it from you, but I’m helpless, none of my sons are competitive. They only know how to fight within the nest all day long, and they are truly insiders who fight inside and outsiders who fight outside. The only thing that I can do is to ask Qi, who is really only a little smart, to take the position of the family head after all, my original idea was a little wrong. Although Ye Mo has made a big mess in the Ye family, this may not be a good thing. If you don’t break it, you won’t be able to stand.” The old man called Brother Realm nodded “Brother Bei Rong has made the right move, as long as you wait until Wen Qi and Wen Jin have left Yanjing, you can then get Zi Feng back and gradually transfer the great events of the Ye Family to Zi Feng. Although Ye Mo is very uncomfortable with the Ye family, he seems to treat Ye Ling quite well, which means he should treat Zi Feng well too. As long as Zifeng served as the head of the Ye family, Ye Mo would not stand by idly if anything happened.

Seeing that he is so sociable and his methods are so decisive and dry, one can tell that the Ye Family can prosper.” Ye Tui finally understood the family head’s meaning, he wanted to say something, but in the end did not say it.

Ye Bei Rong, however, looked at Ye Tui and said, “Originally, I handed over most of the power to ask Qi and ask Jin, so you have limited resources at your disposal, and I won’t blame you for not being able to find out many things.

But from today onwards, I will hand over a lot of resources to you, if you still can’t produce results, you’ll be on your own.”

“Yes, Family Head, don’t worry, I definitely won’t let you down.” Ye Tui was even more surprised after hearing this in the lunch, the resources he had in his hands couldn’t be more limited, it was simply incomparable to Song Hai of the Song family. Mainly because the big powers were in the hands of Ye Wenqi and Ye Wenjin.

The place where he lived in Yanjing was unfamiliar to Ye Mo even when Ye Ling brought him to Zi, and there was not the slightest impression that he had ever still lived here.

The house was still considered clean, so it was evident that although Ye Ling rarely came to stay, she should have come over to clean it often.

Ye Mo went out and simply bought some food and a few pieces of clothes. Ye Ling had basically recovered under Ye Mo’s true essence treatment, and now that she had eaten some more, she had completely recovered.

“Brother, how did you know that I had been arrested? And you also knew I was at the ancestral hall, did you ask someone else?” After Ye Ling recovered, the first thing she wanted to know was how Ye Mo knew that she had been locked up by the Ye family.

Ye Mo still blamed himself somewhat and said, “I attended a celebrity party at the Yanjing Xianming Club because I taught Song Yi a lesson at the party. I heard two people talking about the Ye family and was a bit worried about you, so I went to your dormitory and sure enough, I didn’t find you. I rushed to the Ye family fortunately you were still okay, otherwise I really couldn’t have had peace of mind.”

“Thanks for talking about you, brother, I always looked down on you before, now I realise I was very naive.

There are things that no matter how much you try to resist there is no way to part with them, now in my heart you and second brother are the most important people. Without you, I would probably be dead. After my father pa*sed away and my mother left, I thought no one would ever love me again, and I don’t know how many times I’ve been wronged but I know now that I still have my brother. But grandpa, he is so cruel,” Ye Ling said and fell into Ye Mo’s arms and cried out again.

Ye Mo patted Ye Ling’s back and blamed himself in his heart. To be honest, he had never thought about or cared about Ye Ling, and had never even considered how she was doing. He simply knew nothing about what Ye Ling had done for him.

This time, if he hadn’t wanted to find Ye Zifeng even if Ye Ling had been killed by the Ye family, he wouldn’t have known about it, and even if he did, he wouldn’t have made any ripples. But now he realized that there is still a kind of affection in this world, called kinship. Ye Ling despised him but still did a lot for him in his own way behind his back, for no other reason than because he was her brother, just because of that affection.

And he came to Yanjing just because of the money someone owed him, and also just to help a friend’s son to see a doctor. Even if it was Ye Zifeng, it was only because he had remembered to drop by after he had come. Now he realised that just like a person like him, who had no one in the world to know or think about, at least had a sister who cared about him.

For the first time Ye Mo felt a trace of warmth rising from the bottom of his heart making him a little lost in thought, and only after a long time did he blame himself and say, “I’m sorry Ye Ling, I never thought of you and made you suffer so much, I ……”

Ye Ling suddenly said happily, “Brother, then you should remember me more when you have good things in the future, in fact I’m really happy to see you becoming so capable now. Dad must be even happier because although I didn’t make it, Dad’s last wish was achieved. When second brother comes back, we’ll move in together, I don’t want to stay in Yanjing anymore, I don’t like it here.” Speaking of this Ye Ling suddenly remembered something and she immediately asked, “Brother, Eldest Uncle and the others said that you checked out to be Heavenly Impotent, it was a lie, right? I knew it, if Tian He hadn’t told me yesterday, I would have thought it was true, they are really bad.” Ye Mo mōd his nose in embarra*sment, thinking that although it wasn’t, the test result was still really correct. Instead, he didn’t want to count this topic with Ye Ling. But girls nowadays were so bold, he couldn’t imagine that Tian He would openly talk about what happened last night, which was indeed a bit embarra*sing.

“Hee hee, brother, what are you still shy about, what an age it is now. Well, to take care of your face, I will not say anything. I’m all but full of strength now, it’s already late today, I’ll treat you to a delicious meal tomorrow.” Ye Ling smiled cheekily, she didn’t expect Ye Mo to be so thin-skinned, those few female rascals in their dormitory were fidgety and old-fashioned, even she thought it was nothing.

The two siblings had a more cordial conversation this time than last night, and after this conversation, both Ye Mo and Ye Ling felt a mutual care for each other. The care that had been somewhat rusty was a little closer.

“Brother, I’m going to take a shower and go to bed. Tomorrow I’m going to invite my dorm mates to dinner, let’s go together. You can just sleep in second brother’s room.” Ye Ling wanted to take a shower and rest early, after all, although her body was oaky and recovered, she was still a bit tired.

Ye Mo, however, collected the few ores together, he was going to refine his storage ring at night and help Ye Ling refine a magic weapon to protect her body, he didn’t want Ye Ling to suffer from this torture again.!