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DYM Chapter 154

If compared to the intelligence system, there are really not many in Yanjing that can cross over the Song family, except for the state agencies, the Song family’s sources of information can definitely rank the top three go.

What Ye Mo had done in the Ye family was known to the Song family even that night, and the Song family held another family meeting overnight.

For such frequent family meetings to be held, it had never been done before in the Song family. But now everyone in the Song family knew that it was because of Ye Mo.

Even the injured Song Yi was carried in, but his injuries were far more severe than Song Shaocheng’s.

Song Qiming coldly glanced at Song Yi before saying, “Song Yi ignored the rules of the family meeting and provoked Ye Mo without permission, he is to blame. Leave Yanjing tomorrow immediately and go somewhere. In future, you are not allowed to return to Yanjing without my orders.”

The decisive calmness displayed by Song Qiming at this moment was not much worse than Ye Bei Rong’s in the slightest.

Hearing that he was not allowed to return to Yanjing, Song Yi’s face immediately became stuck white and hurriedly said, “Eldest uncle, I didn’t know that he was Ye Mo at that time. ,…

Song Qiming stopped speaking at all, only his face looked ugly.

Song Yi’s heart immediately sank. Without waiting for him to say a second word, someone immediately carried him down.

Only then did Song Qiming say: ”Song Yi said that Hua didn’t know it was Ye Mo, but if he wasn’t arrogant, could something like this happen? Our Song family is not afraid of Ye Mo, and we will deal with Ye Mo, but not now. So now if someone makes Song Yi’s mistake again, don’t blame me for not being polite. Song Hai, you report the news from last night and the news that came from Seena.”

No one dared to speak again, to speak now would be to offend the family head’s bad luck. With Song Yi’s status as a direct descendant all but saying that he would be expelled, who else would dare to break the rules at this time. Besides, the family head’s own son had been killed by Ye Mo, so it could be said that no one wanted to kill Ye Mo more than Song Qiming. One could only blame Song Yi for his bad luck, or rather he brought him bad luck because of his arrogance.

Song Qiming was indeed depressed, he had wanted to wait for Hu Qiu’s master to arrive before making a move against Ye Mo, but now it seemed that this bargaining chip was not enough.

Song Hai stood up and said, “According to the information our Song family got in Seena is that Ye Mo has been to the Seena Peninsula and killed Thousand Dragon Heads in front of “Nan Qing, the number one expert, Wu Qiang. “Nan Qing, it is rumoured that it is now held by Wolf Pole, and it is rumoured that Wolf Pole has defected to Ye Mo, this news has not yet been confirmed. However, there is also news that Wolf Pole’s position in “South Qing, is not stable, and even got seriously injured in the conflict, now the position of the first in command of “South Qing, is still to be proven.” Here Song Hai paused and continued, “Although Ye Mo killed Thousand Dragon Heads, he did not interfere with the internal affairs of “Southern Youth, but directly left the Sena Peninsula.”

After Song Hai finished his words, the entire room became even more suffocatingly silent inside. Song Qiming’s face became more and more ugly.

The people who could meet here were the elites of the Song family, there was no one who didn’t know about the Southern Youth, and Ye Mo was able to single-handedly kill the headquarters of the Southern Youth of Sena and take out the leader of the Thousand Heads, something that no one had even thought about, let alone being recognized as a fact.

There were nearly 2,000 mercenaries at the headquarters of the Sena’s Southern Youth, and Ye Mo could go there and leave whenever he wanted. Think about how many people are in the Song family? The only advantage was that the Song family was a lost family in Yanjing, or that the Song family was at the centre of the country’s power, and Ye Mo was not arrogant enough to confront a country, which made the Song family safe and sound for the time being.

No wonder the family head had affirmed more than once not to mess with Ye Mo, and even the Song family, who had been killed by Ye Mo and even pointed their noses at him, did not dare to mess with him. This would never have been possible in the past.

No one in Yanjing was unaware of the Song family’s arrogance, and no matter if any Song family member suffered a small loss, they would be suppressed with the full force of the Song family. And now that the Song family had suffered such a big loss, and time and time again, the

It was surprising that they could endure it.

Although he had already heard Song Hai’s report once, Song Qiming still couldn’t help but be shocked inside.

Ye Mo could no longer be dealt with by a large number of people, but had to be an expert like him, and apart from the Hidden Sect, perhaps no one could take him.

At the same time, Song Qiming was thankful that he had issued an order not to provoke Ye Mo, otherwise if he had provoked him, it would have been difficult to say whether the Song family would still exist. This was also the reason why he was incredibly annoyed with Song Yi.

Although the Song family was one of the extremely large families, as the head of the Song family, he had to be cautious and cautious again, and must not be impulsive until he was completely sure.

Ye Mo could even fight his way into the Ye family, let alone his Song family. Song Qiming calmed down a bit and said, “Song Hai, tell us about the Ye family’s situation last night.”

“Yes, Ye Mo’s sister Ye Ling was known to the Ye family for stealing the Feng Shui Dragon Pearl. When Ye Ling was punished, Ye Mo approached the Ye family and saved Ye Ling, not to mention that he also cut off Ye Wencai’s left hand on the spot because he had choked Ye Ling. And the two men who whipped Ye Ling suddenly died violently shortly after Ye Mo left. There was also the uncertain news that Huang Yue of the Hidden Sect had his hands twisted off by Ye Mo and had chopped off a sea finished with his own heart palpitating that Ye Mo could make people die suddenly after he left, this tactic was a little too scary.

After looking at many Song family members who were somewhat overwhelmed, Ye Hai said with a sigh!” In fact, these news are not the most shocking to me, the news that I can’t believe is “Nan Qing, someone went to the Ye family last night, and was told by Ye Mo to get lost, and left in the dust, not daring to say anything. It looks like “Nan Qing, it is really possible that he is afraid of Ye Mo.

Another news is that last night, the Flying Eagles’ team members also went to Ye’s house, but three of the Flying Snow’s team members were also very respectful of Ye Mo. In other words, Ye Mo is now a black and white man, and even the Flying Snow’s troops are scornful of him, so we can see that at this time, our Song family really can’t take a hard line with him.”

After Song Hai finished speaking, there was just a moment of silence throughout the meeting hall. It was only after a long time that Song Qizhan said, “Ye Mo is definitely not something that can be subdued by a large number of people, what I mean is that not only should we not mess with him now, but we should also try to get closer to him.”

Song Qiming waved his hand and said, “Forget about getting closer, my Song family and him, Ye Mo, can no longer co-exist and he will not pay attention to my Song family, but right now we can’t mess with him. Song Hai, immediately enlist an expert in the Hidden Sect at all costs, at least if it’s a late Xuan level, or even an Earth level expert.” Hai immediately replied, Song Hai did things cleanly, this was something that Song Qiming was satisfied with.

Ye Mo spent the night refining a three cubic meter storage ring, his current cultivation level was too low and he could only refine such a large one, the empty meditation stone that was still left was carefully put away in his storage ring.

The piece of ink jade was refined by Ye Mo into two magic weapon jade pendants. The jade pendants however carried a partial attack function, but the main thing was the defensive effect. Because of the precious materials and the fact that Ye Mo did not spare his true essence, the two jade pendants were made with lifelong effects. Only after each use, the power would be weakened by a layer, but after a long period of time without use, the weakened part would slowly recover.

The reason for this was because Ye Mo’s current cultivation level was really too low, if he didn’t have a unique hobby for alchemy and refining weapons, he might not even be able to make this effect. It was just like him making a talisman seal, it took him a few days to make one that wasn’t very effective either.

Putting on the storage ring, Ye Mo felt a lot more relaxed, this thing was so much easier than always carrying a canvas bag, the only downside was that the ring was a little too small.

Ye Ling had packed everything up and had purposely changed into a beautiful dress. Only then did she realise that Ye Mo hadn’t come out yet, it was already after nine in the morning.

She was about to knock on the door, but Ye Mo opened the door and came out, surprisingly looking a little tired.

“Brother, what’s wrong with you?” Ye Ling was startled in her heart, it couldn’t be that the fight yesterday had caused her brother to suffer from the kind of internal injuries that people often talked about, right?

Ye Mo smiled and said, “It’s nothing, I made a jade pendant for you to protect yourself, from now on you should wear it on your body and don’t take it off casually.

He said, handing the jade pendant in his hand to Ye Ling, the chain of this jade pendant was refined by Ye Mo with several materials, holding it in his hand had a feeling of warm jade, comfortable and peaceful.

Ye Ling took the jade pendant with surprise and exclaimed, “Brother, this jade pendant is really beautiful, how did you make it? Was it carved by hand?” After saying this, Ye Ling didn’t wait for Ye Mo’s answer and directly hung the jade pendant above her neck. As soon as she hung it on, a cool and refreshing feeling came over her heart. Ye Ling fell in love with this jade pendant at this moment, and with some reluctance, she pulled it out from her xiōng mouth again and looked at it again. It was only after a long time that she said, “Brother, I didn’t expect you to have this skill, so I won’t be able to starve to death by doing this in the future.

Now I am relieved.”

Ye Mo looked at Ye Ling speechlessly, although he could not die of hunger by making this, could he produce joy on a large scale?

“Brother, did you stay up all night last night to make this?” Ye Ling suddenly thought of Ye Mo’s exhausted face and immediately asked.

Subconsciously, Ye Mo said, “Well, I was afraid that you would be in danger in the future and I would not be by your side, so I made a protective jade pendant for you, you must remember not to just take it off, understand?”

Ye Ling’s eyes reddened as she reached out to hug Ye Mo’s arm and said, “It’s so nice to have a brother Lang.” Seeing how happy Ye Ling was, Ye Mo of course was also happy in his heart and immediately said, “Actually, it’s not one that was made, it’s two that were made. I have another one here ……”

“Brother, who’s the other one for? Is it your girlfriend? Brother, do you have a girlfriend? Hurry up and tell me who it is? I must see if it’s worthy of my brother.” Ye Ling said a series of words as if they were firecrackers, making Ye Mo not even know which one he should answer.

But he was also a little dazed, when he had made the jade pendants last night, he had rightfully made two of them, and who was the other one for? Luo Susu? A name suddenly popped into Ye Mo’s mind, leaving him in a bit of a trance!