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DYM Chapter 160

Sobin choked a little, but recovered in a flash. Immediately, he said, “I can always walk you downstairs, right?”

Su Jingwen was not disgusted with Suo Bin, and although Su’s impression of him had plummeted after he joined the entertainment industry, it was not to the point of disgust. Unlike Wang Peng, she was uncomfortable at the sight of him.

A few words later, the three of them soon arrived next to a black-smelling Audi car, but Suo Bin stood still and turned back, “This car is mine, take a look.”

Su Jingwen looked at the Audi with suspicion and said, “Didn’t you just say you didn’t have a car? How come you have a car now?”

Xiao Lei also looked at Suo Bin with a suspicious expression.

Sobin suddenly took out a spray gas from his pocket and said, “Because of this.” After saying that, he lifted the spray gas and sprayed Su Jingwen and Xiao Lei a few times each.

“You ……” Su Jingwen before she fainted did not think that this year Yan University’s number one schoolboy was so despicable.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the spray in your hand and say, “I didn’t think it would work so well.”

“Of course the effect is good, this is something I spent a lot of effort to get, Sobin, you did a good job. Don’t worry about it, I will definitely do what I promised you.” A voice rang out from behind Sobin.

However, Sobin said without surprise, “I will definitely do the things that young Peng has explained to me. But I didn’t expect that after only a few years of not seeing her, this Su Jingwen has grown so beautiful.”

Wang Peng, however, said, “Hurry up and drag the two to the car.”

Only after the two dragged Su Jingwen and Xiao Lei into the car did Wang Peng say, “Even if you’re pretty, you can only f*ck Xiao Lei, so don’t even think about Su Jingwen.”

“That’s for sure.” Suo Bin smiled sarcastically.


Luo Cang.

Although Wu Xuemin had been dealt with by Tie Lanshan with a strong hand, ‘Extra-territorial Leisure’ was still the headquarters of ‘Tie Jiang’.

At this moment, in the basement of ‘Extra-territorial Leisure’, not only was the yīn cold man who had fought with Ye Mo for the ‘Empty Meditation Stone’ present, but also the long-haired man who had rendezvoused with the yīn cold man outside in the first place.

“Wang Chuan, what did Master say?” The yīn cold man asked.

The long-haired man, however, said, “Master called just now, he said that kind of gra*s is called ‘Silver Leaf’ and is one of the very precious medicinal herbs for ancient martial cultivation. Even in the Hidden Sect it’s a top precious herb, and Master said we’ve done a good job. Master has planted those gra*s sprouts now, and in two more days Master will come to Luocang.”

The yīn cold man sighed in relief, having lost the spirit sensing stone last time, Master was very angry when he came out. Moreover, Master had not made a breakthrough this time in seclusion, if he had the Spiritual Sense Stone maybe Master could have even made a breakthrough.

Seeing the yīn cold man breathe a sigh of relief, Wang Chuan however said again, “Xu Mu, last time Master was still haunted by the loss of the Spiritual Sense Stone, although this time we coincidentally found the ‘Silver Leaf’, we still can’t relax about the Spiritual Sense Stone. Master thought that since the ‘Silver Leaf’ could be found in Lokura, it meant that the Spiritual Sense Stone might also be here. It might be in the hands of the same person, so Master will come over in a couple of days to check it out in person, so we should not go spooking the snake these days. If Master finds the Spiritual Sense Stone in Luo Cang, it’s safe to say that a breakthrough is an ironclad affair.”

Xu Mu shook his head and said, “That shouldn’t be the case, I’ve inquired about that Yu Erhu who owns the ‘Silver Leaf’, he’s simply a barefoot doctor. He should have taken the ‘Silver Leaf’ as a medicinal herb, and he is an ordinary person himself, not worthy of suspicion.”

Wang Chuan nodded and said, “That’s right, Master he will come and check it out himself, as long as that person is in Luo Cang, I believe he will not be able to escape Master’s hand, but I am afraid that there is someone else behind that Yu Erhu.”

“Call Wu Hong over and ask the person behind Yu Erhu again.” Xu Mu listened to Wang Chuan’s words and immediately said towards the little brother next to him.

“Yes,” the little brother worked quickly, and Wu Hong came to the basement in the shortest time possible.

Although Wu Hong had originally defected to Wu Xuemin, he immediately turned to the newcomers Xu Mu and Wang Chuan after Wu Xuemin’s downfall. Not only did he reveal everything about Wu Xuemin, but he was also quick to do his job. This made Xu Mu and Wang Chuan very satisfied with the resourceful Wu Hong.

“Wu Hong, do you know who else is behind Yu Erhu?” Xu Mu asked with some satisfaction when he saw that Wu Hong had quickly rushed over.

Wu Hong immediately remembered Ye Mo and immediately said, “He also has a master named Ye Mo, and Ye Mo and Wu Xuemin are very close, the last time the matter of Wan Jihua’s cousin was solved by Ye Mo through Wu Xuemin.”

“He actually has a master who knows Wu Xuemin? Why didn’t you report this matter?” Xu Mu immediately thought of the matter of the Spirit Sensing Stone.

Hearing Xu Mu’s rebuke, Wu Hong said with some trepidation, “I neglected it recently because I had too many things to deal with. Please forgive me, Brother Xu.”

Wang Chuan also said, “Wu Hong has indeed been very busy lately, and he has done quite a lot, besides he didn’t know that that Ye Mo would be related to ‘Silver Leaf’. Besides, it’s the value of the ‘Silver Leaf’, didn’t we just find out about it, it shouldn’t be his fault.”

Xu Mu nodded, “Since Yu Erhu still has a master, Ye Mo, then shouldn’t we make another trip now and meet that Ye Mo?”

Wang Chuan nodded and said, “Not bad, Xu Mu, I agree with you, Master’s guess might really be right. That Ye Mo might really be the one who took our Spirit Sensing Stone.”

“Pop,” the monotonous sound of clapping rang out in the doorway, while an indifferent tone said, “Good, you are all very smart, that Spiritual Sense Stone you are talking about was indeed taken by me, oh, I am Ye Mo. In order to prevent you all from making a hard trip, I have come over here on purpose.”

“Who?” Even though Ye Mo said that he was Ye Mo, Xu Mu and Wang Chuan were still startled by this sudden voice that rose up. They had to know that this basement was protected by layers and layers of guards, so how could a stranger enter?

“Ye Mo? How did you get in?” Xu Mu and Wang Chuan did not know Ye Mo, but Wu Hong knew him.

Ye Mo smiled coldly, “Of course I walked in.”

Xu Mu and Wang Chuan had already reacted, and Xu Mu’s yīn cold face even showed a hint of ruthlessness. No matter how Ye Mo came in, there was no need to leave since he had come in.

“You stole the Spirit Sensing Stone?” Xu Mu had already recognized Ye Mo as the person who had snatched the stone from him in the first place, and the first thing he said was the Spiritual Induction Stone that he was most concerned about.

Ye Mo smiled lightly and took out most of the ‘Empty Meditation Stone’ from his storage ring that hadn’t been used up yet and said, “White “Kaiyang no water sè” idiot, this is called the ‘Empty Meditation Stone’. Not bad, I took it, and now there is still a large portion of it here.”

A look of surprise appeared on Xu Mu’s face, he did not expect Ye Mo to be so foolish and bring the Spirit Sensing Stone himself, and immediately said, “Take him for me.”

As soon as Xu Mu’s words fell, the dozen or so junior brothers in the basement rushed towards Ye Mo, so it was evident that these junior brothers had long been ready to come up.

Although Ye Mo no longer had the iron spikes, he no longer needed it now, a dozen of ‘Tie Jiang”s junior disciples, he didn’t even use the wind blade, he directly lifted up his foot and kicked a round, a tuǐ shadow flashed by.

“Boom boom boom ……”

None of Ye Mo’s dozen kicks fell short, all of them hit, and none of the dozen of junior brothers he kicked could move after they flew out and landed on the ground, it was obvious that Ye Mo basically killed a ‘Tie Jiang’ junior brother with a single kick.

Xu Mu and Wang Chuan stood up in shock, they knew that since Ye Mo dared to walk into this room, it meant that he was somewhat capable, but they didn’t expect him to be so capable. Although either of the two of them had no problem dealing with the dozen or so junior disciples, they definitely didn’t have the weight that Ye Mo had lifted and killed them all.

Originally, the two men’s intention was to take advantage of Ye Mo dealing with these dozen of people while they immediately stepped forward and pinned them down. But to their surprise, they only saw a shadow of a tuǐ, and then the people on their side were already completely knocked down.

Ye Mo was also very satisfied with this tuǐ spell of his, his move was still a reference from Wu Qiang, those dozens and dozens of kicks of Wu Qiang at the beginning were really good, not only were they fast, but they were also powerful. Ye Mo brought it and modified it a little, and it became his own move.

Wu Hong even looked at Ye Mo in horror, Ye Mo’s ability was beyond his expectation, no wonder he could make friends with martial arts folk. But what frightened Wu Hong the most was not Ye Mo’s ability, but his unblinking attitude towards killing.

Even in a gang fight, no party would dare to kill a dozen people in one city, all at once. But Ye Mo had killed a dozen people in the blink of an eye, and after killing them, Ye Mo remained calm, as if he had killed not people but a dozen ants.

“Your Excellency is so ruthless, to rush to kill all.” Wang Chuan was also secretly chilled as he watched Ye Mo kill people as if it was a child’s play. Like Wu Hong, he had seen a lot of gangster fights, but most of them were ruthless in their words and cuts, but not many people were actually killed.

Ye Mo said with a faint smile, “I’m here to kill tonight, this has only just begun, what’s your hurry?”

“Who the hell are you? What makes you want to mess with me ‘Iron River’?” Xu Mu was also chilled inside by Ye Mo’s murderous methods.

Ye Mo laughed and said, “I’m messing with you ‘Tie Jiang’? Didn’t you just say that you were going to mess with me?”

Xu Mu was speechless, and Ye Mo didn’t bother to pay attention to him as he continued, “If you want to mess with ‘Tie Jiang’, then I tell you, last time, if it wasn’t for the sake of Wu Xuemin, I would have ended the ‘Tie Jiang’ of Luo Cang in one pot. Are you ‘Tie Jiang’ worthy enough for me to mess with? Only a few days ago I came back from killing the Thousand Dragon Heads in Sena, I didn’t expect to be killing ‘Iron River’ again so soon, this life’s encounters are really magical.”

“What? The Thousand Dragon Heads were actually killed by you?” Xu Mu and Wang Chuan finally couldn’t continue to remain calm, their faces l showed extremely shocked expressions.