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DYM Chapter 161

“So what if you kill the Thousand Heads? I can kill the Thousand Dragon Heads just as well when they are in front of me.” Wang Chuan held back his inner shock and gave himself a courageous pep talk. Then he suddenly leapt up and rushed towards Ye Mo. He consciously ignored where Ye Mo had killed Thousand Dragon Heads, which was the lair of ‘Nan Qing, but not the narrow path.

Ye Mo looked at Wang Chuan’s frightening aura, and his whirring fists, and secretly shook his head. Wang Chuan was far worse than Wolf Pole. It was even only slightly stronger than that Park Dong Heng that he had met in Ninghai, and even if it was slightly stronger, it was still limited.

Ye Mo didn’t even move, just waiting for Wang Chuan to get close to him. This was the first time that Ye Mo had ever used a wind blade in combat. If he wasn’t only at the third level of Qi training, he wouldn’t even need to slash his hand, even a hand gesture would do. After all, now that Ye Mo was only at the third level of Qi training, the wind blade still needed the movement of his hand to form the shape. Moreover, with Ye Mo’s current true essence, he couldn’t use the wind blade continuously, he could only cast it five or six times in a row at most.

Xu Mu looked at Ye Mo inexplicably as he did not move, and then just made an empty stroke, and immediately became somewhat dumbfounded. What was Ye Mo doing? Seeing that Wang Chuan’s fist was about to hit Ye Mo, Xu Mu was also surprised, and without even thinking, he drew [] a short knife from his waist and rushed over as well.

Xu Mu’s speed was much faster than Wang Chuan’s, and he arrived after him, and his short knife slashed at Ye Mo’s waist at the same time.

“Bang Bang”, Xu Mu felt that his short knife had struck Ye Mo, and his heart was happy. It turned out that this was all he had done, but Xu Mu immediately sensed that something was wrong, since his short knife had struck Ye Mo, it should not have made such a sound like beating leather.

Xu Mu just wanted to take a closer look at what was going on when he saw the bottom of a foot close to his face and kicked him. He didn’t even have the reaction to dodge before he was kicked several metres away.

Wang Chuan, who was still swooping in the air, suddenly felt a cold, chilling wind cutting towards him, a feeling so strange that he would have liked to block it if he had something in his hand. Before this thought could dissipate, he felt that his legs had been swept by this cold wind.

He found that his lower back was light and some pain seemed to come through. The next moment he was no longer able to move forward, but landed on the ground, looking in horror at his legs that had been broken out of thin air, and pa*sed out straight away.

Xu Mu immediately got up, and before he could rejoice that he had not been seriously injured, he felt a sweetness in his throat [] and a mouthful of blood spurted out blindly, and it was only then that he felt the unpleasant sensation of his organs being displaced.

But Xu Mu was not in the mood to check his injuries, instead, he held the short knife and stopped in his tracks, his mind stalled for a while. His mind was always just spinning with the words, how did Wang Chuan suddenly fall for no reason while breaking both legs? Could it be that a false stroke like that could break both legs? Looking at Wang Chuan who had fallen in a pool of blood, Xu Mu reacted with horror and subconsciously took a few steps backwards.

Wu Hong looked at the scene full of blood and his face turned pale, even if he had been on the road for many years, he had never seen such a bloody scene. Even if he had been a member of the gang for many years, he had never seen such a bloody scene. Ye Mo, on the other hand, was calm in the face of such a scene, as if what was flowing on the ground was not blood, but just an overturned basin of water.

With a casual stroke, he could cut off both of Wang Chuan’s feet, what kind of skill was this? Xu Mu kept asking himself, even if his master came over, he would not be able to do this. Ye Mo was simply not something he, Xu Mu, could resist, no wonder he could take away the Spirit Sensing Stone without him noticing.

What would happen to himself if he had just given himself the same empty slash to his leg, instead of kicking himself in the face with his foot?

Xu Mu subconsciously looked down at his own feet, and his grim face turned pale.

With a “clink”, Xu Mu finally couldn’t bear the panic in his heart and the short knife in his hand fell to the ground with a crisp sound.

Ye Mo walked to a chair and sat down before looking at Wu Hong and said, “I said that I did not end the ‘Iron River’ here last time because I gave Wu Xuemin face, but then again, you have messed with me. I’ve also done Wu Xuemin a favour, so today I’m going to end you all in one pot. You should call [] now and call the heads of your place together, I’m too lazy to go find them one by one.”

After hearing Ye Mo’s words, Wu Hong no longer had a trace of blood on his face.

It turned out that this was what he meant by a potpourri, no wonder he had just said that it had only just begun. He had always thought that last time it was Ye Mo who asked Wu Xuemin for a favor, but now he realized that Ye Mo had given Wu Xuemin a face, and from the beginning to the end, he had not put, Tie Jiang7 in his eyes.

Ye Mo finished and no longer paid attention to Wu Hong, but turned to Xu Mu, “I didn’t kill you just now, I didn’t even let you get seriously injured, now you answer me a few questions, don’t put me in a bad mood. The first question, how did you find out about the ‘Silver Heart Gra*s,’


‘Silver Heart Gra*s,? But Xu Mu immediately responded that Ye Mo should be talking about, Silver Leaf,. Xu Mu looked at Wang Chuan who was still unconscious on the ground and subconsciously wiped the cold sweat from his forehead, he felt his hands trembling a little.

He even felt that Ye Mo was the real mixed black, they’ Tie Jiang, compared to him, Jane Xuan was too kind to be kind. In, Tie Jiang, it had been more than ten years, Xu Mu had also seen his master kill people, and he had also killed people himself, more than one. But compared to the Ye Mo in front of him, he felt he was an eighty year old woman.

After looking at Ye Mo’s calm eyes again, and thinking about the kick he had just given to his face, Ye Mo said that still didn’t lay a hand on him.

Xu Mu knew that what Ye Mo said was true, from the fact that he had just kicked one to death, it could be seen that he really did not lay a killer.

He could no longer endure that heavy suffocation and spoke somewhat paradoxically, “I am naturally sensitive to the more precious herbs and also ores, even one or twenty meters away, I can feel it. I am going to buy a villa because I want to live in Luo Cang permanently. It just so happened that someone in the area of the villa where Yu Erhu lives [] was selling it, so I went to check out the house and ended up finding the ‘silver leaf,.

At that time, I felt that it was not simple, I called [] my master, and my master told me to dig it up and bring it back to Hong Kong immediately. “Ye Mo looked at Xu Mu in amazement, sensitive to spiritual objects, this is a heavenly spirit root. Even in the cultivation world, Heavenly Spiritual Root was not curbed for a thousand years, I didn’t expect that in this era of Earth where there was a stash of Heaven and Earth’s Yuan Qi, one could actually meet Heavenly Spiritual Root. If Xu Mu’s spiritual root was placed in the cultivation world, it would be a figure that countless sects would grab.

It took a long time for Ye Mo to calm down, he really did not expect that there were actually heavenly spirit roots here. If he let Xu Mu cultivate, even if there was a lack of Heaven and Earth Yuan Qi, his progress would definitely be too much faster than his own. Although Ye Mo didn’t know exactly what kind of spiritual root he had right now, he could cultivate it should have a spiritual root, but this cultivation speed would show that his spiritual root shouldn’t be too high.

Just as Xu Mu was looking at Ye Mo in awe and uncertainty, Ye Mo suddenly waved his hand again and one of the palms of Wu Hong who was typing a tele[]phone to dial the tele[]phone fell to the ground.

Wu Hong and Xu Mu both looked at Ye Mo in shock, wondering why he had cut off one of Wu Hong’s hands for no reason, but Ye Mo looked at Wu Hong indifferently and said, “You still have three more chances to dial the alarm tele[]phone, but after three times, you won’t have the hands and feet to press the tele[]phone number again.”

Wu Hong immediately trembled, he hadn’t even let Ye Mo see the phone[] number he dialed just now, how did Ye Mo know that he was calling the alarm phone[]? But Ye Mo’s later words immediately dawned on him, if he didn’t obey again, it seemed that all his hands and feet below would be chopped off. Ye Mo seemed to enjoy chopping off people’s hands and feet, this man was too scary.”

Soon Wu Hong was surprised to find that although his wrist had been chopped off, the blood was flowing very slowly.

“No need to look, not letting your wrist bleed too much is for you to do things faster, if you are dilly-dallying, you won’t have to call the tele[] anymore.” Ye Mo’s cold voice came through.

Ye Mo finished and looked at Xu Mu and said, “Is your master a member of the Hidden Sect? Do you know the way to enter the Hidden Sect? And what is the purpose of your master wanting the ‘Empty Meditation Stone, and the ‘Silver Heart Gra*s7 for?”

Two hours later, Ye Mo walked out of, the basement of the extra-territorial leisure, and this time he did not hold back his hand. Tie Jiang’s heads and brains in Luo Cang were almost all killed by him, in between, besides because he wanted to help Wu Xuemin, Ye Mo also knew that if he wanted to stay in Luo Cang, it was better to eradicate this kind of power. This night was the most he had killed since his rebirth. Even last time in the desert, he hadn’t killed so many people. A final ball of fire reduced all the evidence to ashes.

, the Empty Meditation Stone, was taken as a spiritual sensing stone by Xu Mu’s master, which meant that there must still be Empty Meditation Stones on Earth, otherwise the Idle Daoist would not know about such stones. Moreover, according to Xu Mu, Daoist Idle also knew how to enter the Hidden Sect, as he was himself a Daoist son of the Hidden Sect.

This made Ye Mo look forward to it, whether it was that Daoist Idle knew the value of the ‘Silver Leaf, or he knew how to enter the Hidden Sect, Ye Mo had to investigate it. Although the people of the Hidden Sect do not come out of the world, who knows which day there will suddenly be experts of the Hidden Sect to besiege him, these he had to guard against, at least if he could enter the Hidden Sect, he could also check out the true strength of the Hidden Sect.

Now Ye Mo’s cultivation could hardly see any progress, this could not be made up by hard work, even in the cultivation world, it was normal to take decades to cultivate to the 12th level of Qi cultivation. Some people would not even be able to cultivate to the peak of Qi cultivation in their lifetime.

There were still two days left before Daoist Idle would come to Luo Cang, and perhaps at that time, one would be able to pry something useful out of him. At least it would be more than that monk Wukwang knew, or he would at least say it. If Woguang didn’t say that Ye Mo couldn’t use coercion, but if this Idle Daoist didn’t say anything, then don’t blame him for not being polite.

Ye Mo put the whole of Luo Cang’s ‘Iron River, in one pot, but left as if nothing was wrong with the ‘extra-territorial rest time, but Luo Cang was in a mess the next day.

It took all the ‘Iron River’ people to realise that their head had disappeared, and that it had disappeared completely. Panic gripped the entire underground mob world of Luocang, and soon people reacted. The ‘Iron River’ of Luo Cang should be in trouble, and numerous minions fled.