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DYM Chapter 162

Su Jingwen and Xiao Lei soon came to their senses, but Su Jingwen found that she and Xiao Lei had been taken inside a room. Although their hands were not tied, they were so weak that they had no way to stand up and resist.

Su Jingwen looked at Wang Peng and Suo Bin, who were sitting opposite her, and immediately understood that she and Xiao Lei had been míed down. Xiao Lei had met more things than Su Jingwen, so of course she also understood at this point “What do you want?” Xiao Lei did not even look at Suo Bin, if not long ago, Suo Bin was a handsome and dashing boy, now in Xiao Lei’s eyes, he was just a scum.

He was prepared to come and explain after Xiao Lei and Su Jingwen’s rebuke, but he didn’t expect Xiao Lei and Su Jingwen to treat him like an airhead.

This left him in a very spoiled mood.

“Wang Peng, you are despicable, even if you got me in this way, do you think you can run away by yourself? Unless you kill me, but even if you do, I believe you will not live in peace. If something happens, do you think your father’s little official can save you? Don’t dream about it.” Su Jingwen looked unusually calm. As long as she had Wang Peng in her sights, Suo Bin was not worth mentioning at all.

Wang Peng’s eyes showed an unconcerned look, “Jingwen, how do I treat you, don’t you know that in your heart? When my aunt was sick, I helped you run around and even contacted hospitals. But how about you treating me? It’s not too much to say that you are heartless and heartless. You know what your father meant when he introduced me to you. Although my father is the Minister of Organisation, he has an important role to play in your father’s future. Besides, where am I, Wang Peng, not good enough for you?”

Su Jingwen sneered in contempt, and actually said nothing this time.

“Jingwen, I haven’t seen you for a few years, and I feel a little sorry for treating you like this just after meeting you. But I’m also doing it for your own good, it’s true what I told you about a film that will be made soon, this time it’s invested by the Song family. Peng Shao is the spokesperson, I’m the lead in this film, wouldn’t it be great if you were the female lead. I’m sure you’ll become famous in one go. Besides, you know Peng Shao’s terms, there’s no harm to you.” When Sobin saw that no one was paying attention to him, he couldn’t help but say somewhat.

Xiao Lei suddenly looked at Suo Bin at this time and said coldly, “People every.”

Suo Bin’s face immediately turned a little ugly as he stared at Xiao Lei and said, “Xiao Lei, don’t think too highly of yourself, you are completely incidental this time, and since you want to follow Su Jingwen, don’t blame me for being ungracious. Once you enter the circle, you will know that I am doing it for your own good. Peng Shao, let me help Xiao Lei erase her views first.”

Seeing that Suo Bin was about to come and pull Xiao Lei’s clothes, Su Jingwen suddenly surged with a kind of disappointment. She wasn’t disappointed in Sobin, but in how she had such poor eyesight in college to have a crush on this kind of scum, was it because he was better looking?

“Stop right there.” Although Xiao Lei was calm, but when Sobin really wanted to come up and pull her clothes, there was no way she could keep her cool anymore.

Although Suo Bin stood still, he smiled slightly and said, “Xiao Lei, I admit that you are very pretty, but I have f*cked many women who are prettier than you. Perhaps when you enter our circle, you will feel how ridiculous your resistance is today. Of course, I know that by now you must think I’m talking nonsense, and I won’t explain it to you. Don’t worry, whether it’s your first time or not, I’ll be gentle.”

Su Jingwen stared coldly at Sobin, who was not far away, still very calm.

“Jing up”,…” Xiao Lei’s calmness was feigned, but she didn’t know if Su Jingwen’s calmness was feigned. She definitely had more experience than Su Jingwen, and there was no reason for Su Jingwen not to be scared. At this moment, however, Xiao Lei called out to Su Jingwen somewhat helplessly, she remembered the day she went to the flowing snake, Ye Mo who fell from the sky. She thought of Wang Qianjun again, how was he different from the Suo Bin in front of her?

Su Jingwen’s calmness was not entirely feigned though, only she knew free her hand was trembling, she was not even willing to let a man into her car, how would she like to have her body defiled? At this moment her hand is grasping a ‘clearing talisman’ she doesn’t know if this talisman has an effect on this mí “Kaihang no watermark” medicine now, once it has an effect she will immediately throw the fireball talisman.

At this moment, her strength could only grab the ‘God Clearing Talisman’, but she could not throw the talisman out. If she were to still the fireball talisman now, with her strength she would not be able to still the two Wang Peng at all.

“Xiao Lei, you grab my hand.” Su Jingwen suddenly said something inexplicable, and Xiao Lei stared at Suo Bin somewhat nervously.

At this moment, Su Jingwen asked her to grab her hand, and she subconsciously grabbed Su Jingwen’s hand.

“Lin,” Su Jingwen grabbed the ‘Clear God talisman in her hand and dropped it between her and Xiao Lei, while she said the word ‘Lin.

Just this one time, it took almost all the strength she had gathered.

“Talisman?” Wang Peng subconsciously said, before he could react again “The Clear God Talisman, had already turned into a cool, weak light and spilled over Su Jingwen and Xiao Lei’s bodies.

“Tie them up.” As soon as Wang Peng’s words left his mouth, Su Jingwen pulled Xiao Lei back a few steps and confronted Wang Peng.

“What’s going on? Mr. Peng? Didn’t you say that the spray thing had no strength after twenty-four hours of spraying? How come they seem to have regained their strength, and what was that white light just now?” Suo Bin stared at the two of them, Su Jingwen and Xiao Lei, with some surprise, but not much fear. After all, they were two women, so what if they had regained their strength? This was a hotel, not her home.

Wang Peng’s face was a little ugly, and now that Suo Bin asked, he said in a deep voice: ”It should be a talisman, she has a few talismans, I didn’t think it would really be useful. I forgot about her having talismans.”

“What?” Suo Peng was even more surprised as he looked at Wang Peng, if Wang Peng wasn’t actually a second generation official, he would have cursed out the pig brain. And the talisman? He even said it was a Maoshan Daoist technique.

Not only did Suo Bin not believe it, even Wang Peng didn’t believe it either, the talisman Su Jingwen had purchased was really useful.

“What’s going on, Jingwen?” Xiao Lei asked, somewhat surprised as she knew she had regained her strength by now, looking at Su Jingwen.

Su Jingwen had used this ‘Clearing God Talisman’ once and knew that it was the real deal, but now that Xiao Lei asked, she cupped the Fireball Talisman in her hand and said, “I’ll tell you this later.”

Wang Peng’s face changed as he looked at Su Jingwen and Xiao Lei, he was not sure if Xiao Lei still had the talisman, if he still had the attacking type of talisman, he was still a bit ambiguous. If only he had known, he would have tied her up.

It was only after a long time that it occurred to Wang Peng that if Su Jingwen really had attack talismans, it would be an act of seeking death for him to rush up now. And looking at Su Jingwen’s one hand kept inside her pocket, it was really hard to tell. Looking at the way she sent the talisman, it seemed that the talisman couldn’t attack from too far away, he just had to not get very close to her.

Thinking of this Wang Peng ignored Suo Bin and carefully walked to the coffee table. Suddenly he quickly picked up a thermos and smashed it towards Su Jingwen’s head.

As long as Su Jingwen was knocked down so that she would not have time to send out her talisman, Xiao Lei was not a concern.

The moment Suo Bin saw Wang Peng smashing out the cup, he froze a little. This Wang Peng had just said that he would do anything to Su Jingwen, but now he didn’t even care if she died. If this cup was smashed in her face, Su Jingwen could not be any better off.

She knew that if they were too far apart, the talisman would not be able to hit Wang Peng and Suo Bin, and she only had one fireball talisman. She was not aware that Wang Peng had seen her use the talisman once and knew that she still had it, so she became suspicious of her. yīn Peng even picked up a water cup and smashed it at her.

She regretted why she had not taken the initiative to attack just now, but had waited until now to be pa*sive. But with the speed of the water cup, she had no ability to send out a ‘Fireball Charm’.

“Boom” a crunching sound, to the surprise of all, the water cup did not hit Su Jingwen, but was blocked by a curtain of light in front of Su Jingwen, and the water cup flew back at an even faster speed. The water cup flew back at a faster speed and smashed right into Wang Peng’s face, who fell to the ground without even grunting, clearly stunned.

Both Suo Bin and Xiao Lei were stunned by the unpredictable scene before them, and they were unable to react. But Su Jingwen reacted, and although she now had no idea what was going on, she knew that now was the best time for her to fight back.

The first to react, Su Jingwen took out her ‘Fireball Talisman’, took a few steps forward and threw it at Suo Bin, and called out “Lin”.

Suo Bin, who had not yet reacted, was immediately surrounded by a ball of fire. He let out a scream and rolled several times on the ground, and soon pa*sed out like Wang Peng.

The fire of the fireball was different from the others, the fireball that Ye Mo sold to Su Jingwen was still the lowest end of the fireball and would not have killed Suo Bin. However, Suo Bin had already been burned beyond recognition by the fireball, not only was his hair all burnt, but his face was also a bird-scorched mess. He was curled up on the ground, twitching from time to time.

“Jingwen, what’s going on? What just happened?” Xiao Lei also reacted and asked as she pulled Su Jingwen in shock.

“I just used the talisman ‘Fireball Talisman’ and knocked Sobin down, now let’s hurry and call.” Su Jingwen was a little scared when she saw Sobin burnt to a charred black, but it was more of a pleasure.

“Talisman, it’s really a talisman, could it be that what Cheng Fei said is true?” Xiao Lei murmured.

“We’ll talk about this later, call first.” Su Jingwen said.

“Call the police?” Xiao Lei also calmed down.

Su Jingwen shook her head, “I can’t call the police, who knows if Wang Peng has made any arrangements, I’ll call my father.” After saying that Su Jingwen immediately dialed her father’s number.

After making the call, Su Jingwen saw that Xiao Lei was already tying up Wang Peng by now and was somewhat dazed, she suddenly thought of one thing, that was what was that curtain of light that blocked Wang Peng’s cup just now?