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DYM Chapter 163

Su Jingwen felt that the curtain of light was emitted from her own wrist, and even she heard a small popping sound, she subconsciously looked at her wrist. She subconsciously looked at her wrist. The bracelet with only three jade beads on it was missing a jade bead, and she looked around carefully again, and it was indeed gone.

This bracelet was originally all put away by her, and then because she felt that it was a birthday gift from Ye Mo, she even forwarded three of them to Ning Qingxue, a move that was very disrespectful to Ye Mo.

Besides, this was the only birthday gift she had received made by someone else’s hands, so Su Jingwen wore it on top of her wrist.

Could it be that what blocked that cup’s attack just now was actually the jade bead missing from her wrist? Su Jingwen took the bracelet off with some disbelief and looked at it again and again.

“Jing suffer, what’s wrong with you?” Xiao Lei asked as she struggled to tie Wang Peng up and saw Su Jingwen dazed.

“I see.” Su Jingwen muttered.

“Six auspicious peace” turned out to be the meaning of six times peace. He did not tell her how precious this bracelet was, that if she cherished it, she would have peace, but if not, it would be no different from an ordinary gift. But instead of cherishing the bracelet, she gave the three beads on the bracelet to Ning Qingxue for nothing, and luckily, the remaining three she was still wearing on her hand.

How could Ye Mo give her such a precious thing? Where did he get the beads from? Suddenly Su Jingwen remembered how she had met Ye Mo, it was because she had taken him for that Runic Seal Master that she had met him.

Master of Runic Seal? Su Jingwen’s heart shook as she finally realized that Ye Mo was the one who sold her the talisman seal, she was not mistaken at all, it was just that he did not admit it.

Why didn’t he admit it? He didn’t want to reveal himself, after all, he wasn’t familiar with her, so how could he know if he would reveal his information?

Su Jingwen suddenly mō the bracelet that still had two jade beads left, and her heart vaguely regretted it. Not to mention that this bracelet was made by Ye Mo himself, the actual value of this bracelet was more than ten million times more expensive than all the gifts she had received that day combined.

She suddenly remembered what Cheng Fei said about the man his cousin had met in Ninghai who sold medicinal pills and protective jade pendants, that man must be Ye Mo, Ye Mo had bright eyes and always dressed very plainly.

Her own mother was saved by Ye Mo, and now she was also saved by his bracelets and talisman seals.

But she was still looking around for the man who sold the talisman seals, and her mother had always wanted to meet the master who had saved her, if only she could find Ye Mo herself.

“Jing suffer, what was that about just now? What about the talisman seal you mentioned?” Xiao Lei asked only at this time.

Before Su Jingwen could answer, the door to the room was knocked on, and soon the door was kicked open and Su Jianzhong was the first to run in, seeing Su Jingwen unharmed and quietly relieved “Are you alright, Jing Su?”

Xiao Lei saw that Su Jingwen’s father had come, also relieved, she is a journalist by birth, quickly told the cause and effect.

Looking at Wang Peng, who was still in a coma, Su Jingwen was secretly glad that she wouldn’t have to bother this guy anymore. But it is estimated that in the end, this Wang Peng will only be sentenced to a year and a half at most, just Sobin as a scapegoat.

“Jing suffer, when you come out in the future, let Xiao Yue accompany you.” Su Jianzhong did not dare to blame Su Jingwen too much, he was already satisfied that Su Jingwen could call him in the first place.

“I know.” Su Jingwen unexpectedly did not refute her father’s words.

Although she answered her father’s words, Su Jingwen was a bit distracted, she didn’t know what was on her mind.

Xiao Lei asked, “Jing Su, just now you have been lost in thought, what are you thinking about?” Luo Cang? Su Jingwen didn’t care about Xiao Lei’s words, but thought of Luo Cang, since Ye Mo appeared at the magic weapon exchange in Luo Cang, it meant that he lived in Luo Cang.

Suddenly Su Jingwen thought of Ning Qingxue, wasn’t she also in Luocang? Could it be? Ning Qingxue and Ye Mo had resumed their relationship and the two were living together?

Su Jingwen sighed, Ning Qingxue and Ye Mo were living together, what was she doing in Luo Cang as an outsider? To be a light bulb? Let’s forget about it, just give Ning Qingxue a call in a few days and invite her and Ye Mo to come to the house as guests. Alas, he gave half of what Ye Mo gave to Ning Qingxue, I wonder what Ye Mo will think of him, maybe in his eyes he is no longer worthy of being his friend, after all, he is that kind of strange man.

This kind of person who had the ability to do so was actually kicked out by the Ye family’s people, and kicked out as an outcast young man.

Those family members of Ye Mo, are they wrong in the head? And to say that he was something that. No matter how you say it Su Jingwen wouldn’t believe it, Ye Mo could even cure his mother who had been in a coma for several years with a single talisman seal, how could he be that?

The chaos in Luo Cang was only for a day, and soon the Luo Cang police found out about the changes in Luo Cang, and it seemed that “Tie Jiang, had retreated out of Luo Cang. The police in Lokura, which had always been a headache for the police, had become more orderly overnight, and there were no more of those big-time pricks.

Tie Lanshan, of course, soon learned of the changes in Luocang. There was not a single decent “Tie Jiang” figure to be contacted in the huge Luocang, and Tie Lanshan soon sensed that something was wrong.

Even if the police had made a sudden move, it would not have been so clean. Who had the means to wipe out all the “Tie Jiang” in Luo Cang? “Nanqing, it would be even more impossible, not to mention that Thousand Dragons had just died and was said to be in the hands of the Wolf Pole’s “Nanqing, bōshi again. Even if “Nanqing, safe and sound, it is still impossible to wipe out “Tiejiang, the “Tiejiang of Luocang.

I wanted to find Daoist Idle to discuss the situation, but Daoist Idle was already on the plane.

After getting off the plane at Lokura airport, Daoist Idle felt something strange. He had arrived at Lokura and the time had been agreed with his two disciples, so why hadn’t they come to pick him up?

“You are the Idle Daoist?” Ye Mo drove a rented car and saw a Daoist walking out of the airport from afar, even though he asked Xu Mu to describe it clearly, a Daoist walked out of the airport and he didn’t even have to identify what he looked like before he recognised him as Daoist Idle.

He was white and beardless, of medium build, wearing a blue robe. Fortunately, he did not have his hair in a bun, otherwise he would have attracted more attention. However, Ye Mo felt that this Idle Daoist was not simple, he could tell the depth of ordinary people, but this Idle Daoist was the only one he couldn’t tell the depth of.

“Who are you?” The Idle Daoist must have known that Ye Mo wasn’t here to pick up the plane, the two people sent by his disciples didn’t have the guts to call himself the Idle Daoist directly.

Ye Mo laughed, “Of course I am taking you to meet your two disciples, but don’t worry, the place where they are staying now is quite quiet.”

“What have you done with Xu Mu and Wang Chuan?” Immediately, Daoist Idle knew that not only was Ye Mo not here to pick up the plane, but he was also here to cause trouble, or to be his disciple’s rival.

Ye Mo said in a cold voice, “Idle Daoist, I heard from your disciple that you are also a character, you wouldn’t even dare to get into my car, would you?”

…… Humph, drive.” Where would Daoist Idle look at Ye Mo, even if there were more people in Ye Mo, he would not be afraid. Now that he had cultivated his ancient martial arts to the peak of the Xuan level, he could say that few people dared to mess with him outside. Even if Ye Mo took him to the dragon pool and tiger xué, he would still dare to barge in for a bit.

Ye Mo knew that people like Idle Daoist would definitely get on his bus, nothing else, just because of confidence. Ye Mo knew from Xu Mu’s mouth that “Nan Qing, the reason why he still didn’t dare to move” Tie Jiang, was because of his master, Idle Daoist. He was able to make the Thousand Dragon Heads who possessed Wu Qiang scornful, so it was evident that Daoist Idle’s skills should still be good, besides he really couldn’t tell his depth.

The reason why Daoist Idle rushed to Luo Cang was because he found the “Silver Heart Gra*s” in Luo Cang, and another reason was the “Empty Meditation Stone” in Ye Mo’s hand.

Daoist Idle was indeed as Ye Mo said, he didn’t put Ye Mo’s group in his eyes at all. In his opinion, Ye Mo and his gang should also be a gang. They certainly didn’t know how terrifying it should be to cultivate ancient martial arts to the extent they did. Perhaps they only knew that Xu Mu and Wang Chuan were his Idle Daoist’s disciples, and with a disciple like that, the master must not be much stronger either. If they really thought so, they wouldn’t mind giving some face to Ye Mo and the others later on.

He must make sure that these guys who didn’t know the sky was high were scared enough and begged for forgiveness before they were killed.

“What are you doing driving the car here?” Idle Daoist reacted before he realized that Ye Mo had driven his car inside an abandoned wasteland in the suburbs.

Ye Mo stepped out of the car and said, “Come down, Daoist Idle, your disciple Xu Mu and Wang Chuan, I have already sent them to the hell, you don’t need to rush, you will find them later.”

“You killed them?” Daoist Idle’s tone was calm, he could not see any anger at all. But Ye Mo could already see from his eyes the incomparable anger in his heart.

Ye Mo said with a faint smile, “Not bad, not only did I kill Xu Mu, I also killed Wang Chuan.

Oh, the Tie Jiang of Luo Cang has been destroyed by me, there will be no more Tie Jiang in Luo Cang in the future.” “Young man, do you think you can be rampant and untouchable just because you have trained in ancient martial arts for a few years, tell me, why did you kill my disciple? Don’t worry, I’ll show you what regret is later.” Daoist Idle’s face finally could not lighten up and turned iron blue. He wasn’t even interested in knowing what name Ye Mo dou had.

Ye Mo knocked on the hood of the car before he said, “Because they stole my ‘Silver Heart Gra*s’ and beat up my disciple, so I killed them. ,…

“Okay, okay, okay. I will make you happy, boy, I will make you happy…” The Idle Daoist’s anger could no longer be endured and was about to step forward to make his move.

However, Ye Mo once again waved his hand and said, “Don’t rush, do you know this?” After saying that, Ye Mo took out the “Empty Meditation Stone”!