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DYM Chapter 164

The Idle Daoist’s gaze gleamed and he said offhandedly, “A spiritual sensory stone? Quickly, bring it to me.”

Daoist Idle had completely forgotten who Ye Mo was, all he had in his eyes was this stone that could help him advance.

At this moment, Ye Mo however put the stone away, “Not bad, you really have seen this kind of stone, tell me, where did you see it?”

“Kid, bring the stone over here.” When Daoist Idle saw Ye Mo put the stone away, the corners of his mouth carved, completely forgetting about the two disciples being killed, he casually pulled out a soft whip from his waist.

Ye Mo was stunned, how come all these people who practiced ancient martial arts liked to use soft whips? He quickly reacted. Here was a legal society, if you were to wander around with a long sword and a big knife on your back, someone would probably have asked you to go to the police station to talk long ago.

And the ancient martial arts practitioners here didn’t have storage devices, so they could only use weapons that were easy to carry, a soft whip would be the best choice.

Ye Mo said with a faint smile, “You can’t threaten me yet, try it if you don’t believe me.”

Daoist Idle’s face calmed down and looked at Ye Mo carefully, he could not see anything different about Ye Mo, if he had to say something different, it might be his calm demeanor. But no matter what today, being able to get the Spiritual Sense Stone was a great reward. It was just a bit of a pity that Xu Mu had been killed by him, Xu Mu had helped him a lot.

Ye Mo had a lot of questions to ask the Idle Daoist, his means to make Wolf Pole briefly lost was possible, that was based on the fact that Wolf Pole was too different from him. But this Idle Daoist, Ye Mo was not sure if his means would be useful, in case it was not useful and destroyed his memory instead. Ye Mo was sure that the Idle Daoist was not his opponent, but he didn’t know how strong this Idle Daoist really was until he did it.

“Do you believe me when I say that I am sure that I can crush this fast stone with one hand?” Ye Mo saw that Daoist Idle had been thinking about something and knew that he might be trying to catch himself off guard, but he picked up the stone again and said.

The Idle Daoist suddenly said with a cold smile, “Do you think you can still walk away today?”

“Whether or not you can walk away is another matter, what I want to ask you now is, do you know about the Hidden Sect? And whether you yourself came out of the Hidden Sect. If you answer, I can give you this stone to touch.” Ye Mo looked as if he was determined to eat it.

Daoist Idle laughed in anger, this young man did not know how to write the word death, he was now hesitant to make a move, just as Ye Mo had said, he was afraid that Ye Mo would destroy the stone.

The Idle Daoist looked at Ye Mo’s hand and hesitated for a moment, but still said, “Okay, listen carefully. I am a member of the Hidden Sect, which is of course a hidden sect that does not walk around in the red dust. Of course, there are individual members of the Hidden Sect who, like the old Tao, walk around in the red dust. As for how to go to the Hidden Sect, I only know the way to my sect, but I do not know about other sects.”

“In that case, the Hidden Sect is hidden in the deep mountains and swamps, where people are rarely seen?” Ye Mo immediately asked.

Daoist Idle snorted coldly, “You can also think so, because there are indeed many hidden sects hidden in these places you mentioned, but there are also individual hidden sects in the red dust. Perhaps an uninvited courtyard in some downtown is a hidden clan.”

“Then how do you enter among the hidden sects?” Ye Mo did not expect that a hidden sect could still exist in the middle of the city, which was out of his expectation.

Daoist Idle once again sneered, “Just because you still want to enter the Hidden Sect?”

Ye Mo’s face sank, “Old Daoist, now we are trading, if you don’t want the stone, don’t blame me for crushing it with one hand.” After saying this, he picked up the ‘Empty Meditation Stone’ again.

“Hold on, I’ll tell you.” The Idle Daoist said that he had come this far just for this stone, how could he let Ye Mo crush it.

Ye Mo revealed a hint of disdain and said indifferently, “You’d better tell me more carefully, so that I don’t have to ask you after hearing it.”

Idle Daoist was so angry that he wanted to immediately step forward and make a move, but with his advancement at stake, he once again resisted the urgent thought of making a move.

He took a deep breath before saying, “Do you think that the Hidden Sect is all about ancient martial cultivation? Let me tell you, there are too many side lines in the Hidden Sect, and ancient martial arts is just one of them. Moreover, even if a member of the Hidden Sect dabbles in the red world, he is not allowed to reveal the true location of the Hidden Sect before he dies. Besides, even if they say so, no one can find it.”

Seeing Ye Mo’s surprised look, the Idle Daoist snorted coldly and said again, “There are too many branches in the Hidden Sect, most of them are sects that learn ancient martial arts, but of course there are also branches that do not learn ancient martial arts where they are located. I’m sure you’ve heard of the Peach Blossom Chronicle, but if you think it’s a legend made up by a bored man, you’re very wrong. For such places do exist in the Hidden Sect, and the Wuling man who fished for a living did accidentally enter it during the Taiyuan period of the Eastern Jin Dynasty. In fact, what he entered was just one of the branches of the Hidden Sect.”

“Then why did someone later but couldn’t find it?” Ye Mo asked unconsciously.

“That’s because every Hidden Sect is protected by formations that may have been left behind from the ancient times, but ordinary people can’t even detect them. That Wuling man happened to walk into the formation and entered one of the hidden doors. The probability of this is less than one in a million. To be precise, what he entered was not quite a hidden door, but a small world of idyllic and peaceful living. There are still many such small worlds, though some have collapsed. Each such small world has a formation, and once such a formation collapses, such a small world also disappears with it.” Daoist Idle seemed to look somewhat wistful even as he spoke here.

Ye Mo was surprised and asked, “So every Hidden Sect has a small world? And your Daoist Sect is also inside a small world?”

Daoist Idle snorted coldly and said, “Ignorant, do you think that small worlds are so easy to find? There are hidden sects with small worlds, not to mention you, even I have only heard of them. Besides, no one is sure whether small worlds still exist in this world now. What with our Daoist Sect, our sect is just a branch among the Daoist Sect.”

Ye Mo had to ask Daoist Idle something at this point, but he didn’t dare to offend him too much, so he had to ask, “Then what do you mean by a small world?”

Daoist Idle looked at the ’empty meditation stone’ in Ye Mo’s hand, calculating in his mind whether he could take it over at once, but replied with his mouth, “The hidden sects that have small worlds are the real hidden sects, among our hidden sects are often called inner hidden sects, other hidden sects are outer hidden sects. In addition to this, there are some semi-hidden sects, which include some of the hidden families and sects in the red earth.

But the Inner Hidden Sects, with their small worlds, are no longer heard of, and we do not know whether they exist or not. Most of the hidden sects spoken of now are outer hidden sects, and the semi-hidden sects are now gradually being a*similated into the red dust, unable to be truly hidden away.”

Ye Mo knew that Idle Daoist’s attention was on the ‘Empty Meditation Stone’ in his hand, but pretended not to know and asked, “Can you name a few hidden sects? For example, what hidden sect is the sect you are in.”

The Idle Daoist thought about it or did not make up his mind to snatch the stone, and now that Ye Mo asked, he had no choice but to say, “Jue Yun Temple, Jiangnan Cha Family, Sichuan September View, and so on, all belong to semi-hidden sects.” The Idle Daoist, however, did not mention his own sect.

Ye Mo thought in his heart that since this was the case, the sect Luo Susu belonged to should be an outer hidden sect, as opposed to a true inner hidden sect, which was something that Daoist Idle did not know if there really was. Monk Wuguang’s Jueyun Temple turned out to be only a semi-hidden sect.

“In that case, even if the outer hidden door is hidden again, someone will enter it after a long time, right?” Ye Mo thought to himself that as long as it was a place that people could walk to, it could be found. Since it was found, how could it be considered a hidden door?

“Dream on.” Once again, Daoist Idle sneered, but then said, “Even the outer hidden sects are mostly in dangerous areas in the mountains and rivers, where no one can get to. And many areas have been set aside by the state, have you not seen many areas designated by the state as no-tourism areas? It is certainly because these areas are indeed very dangerous, and many people have gone without return. In fact that is not where there is the Hidden Gate. So not only is it difficult to enter the Hidden Sect, but even for those in the Hidden Sect to come out, it is not an easy task. Many people never have the chance to come out in their lifetime.”

Ye Mo suddenly thought of Luo Susu’s words, “Don’t go looking for me, looking for me is hurting you and me.”

Thinking of these words, Ye Mo once again asked, “In that case, what if we accidentally enter the Outer Hidden Sect?”

Daoist Idle looked at Ye Mo disdainfully, “You think entering the Outer Hidden Sect is so simple? Besides, even if by chance, you accidentally entered the Outer Hidden Sect. If they kill you, it’s just killing a mole, and if you have some qualifications, maybe you’ll stay there for the rest of your life. If you don’t have the ability, you’ll just be killed for no reason.”

Ye Mo was shocked in his heart, since it was so difficult to get out of the Hidden Sect and get in, how did Luo Susu get out last time? It was indeed difficult to listen to her tone. Once he thought about Luo Susu, Ye Mo was a bit lost in his soul.

Seeing that Ye Mo was a little lost in thought, the Idle Daoist was about to suddenly step forward and grab it when Ye Mo suddenly asked again, “Tell me a way to enter the Hidden Door and maybe I will give you this stone to take for a second.”

The Idle Daoist laughed coldly, but he still said, “Every three years, the various sects in the Hidden Sect will hold a competition. This year is also the time when the competition is held once every three years. The location is within the Immeasurable Mountain, I don’t know exactly where it is.”

Satisfied with Daoist Idle’s answer Ye Mo casually tossed the stone to Daoist Idle, “Very well, I am satisfied with your answer, this is for you to take for a second.”

When Daoist Idle saw the stone flying towards him, an eager and expectant look appeared in his eyes, and without even thinking, he reached out and grabbed it towards the ‘Empty Meditation Stone’.

His hand had just touched the ‘Empty Meditation Stone’ not even a second before the ‘Empty Meditation Stone’ once again broke away from his hand and flew back to Ye Mo’s hand. Ye Mo tossed the ‘Empty Meditation Stone’ in his hand and said, “Alright, you’ve already touched it, I’m going to put it away.”

After saying this, he put the ‘Empty Meditation Stone’ away without hesitation.

“Inner Qi follows the heart?” Daoist Idle cried out in shock, cultivating his inner qi to the point where he could retrieve the stone in the air at will like Ye Mo, even he couldn’t do it now, not to mention now, even if he had advanced to the earth level it was still hard to say if he could do it.

After saying these words, Idle Daoist immediately reacted that Ye Mo had actually tricked him, while the long whip in his hand was already sweeping towards Ye Mo’s head with a sharp whistling sound.