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DYM Chapter 165

If Hu Qiu’s whip formed a stack of whip shadows, then this Idle Daoist’s whip was simply a whip curtain. Not only did it block Ye Mo’s retreat from the front and back, but it also carried a strong sense of oppression that left Ye Mo with no way to resist.

Ye Mo was certain that if he met this Idle Daoist at the second level of Qi cultivation, he would definitely not be spared. This man’s whip was too powerful, and he was someone who had truly cultivated his internal qi. His internal qi was in no way inferior to Ye Mo’s true qi, and it could be said that apart from Ye Mo’s status as a cultivator and his ability to use some spells, everything else was even inferior to this Idle Daoist.

This was even if the Idle Daoist had not advanced in rank, once he did how strong he would be, Ye Mo estimated that he might not even be a match for him.

If Ye Mo was not a cultivator, he could fight this Idle Daoist in close quarters. However, now that he was a cultivator, fighting the Idle Daoist in close quarters would definitely be a short strike.

Ye Mo’s fists poured out true essence and struck out dozens of punches in succession, the wind of his fists and the whip curtain clashed together with a ‘splintering’ sound. He did not expect Ye Mo to block his dozens of whips with hidden inner strength in one fell swoop with just his fists.

The young man in front of him only looked to be in his twenties, even if he had cultivated internal qi from his mother’s womb, there was no way he could compare to him, right?

Ye Mo knocked back the Idle Daoist and retreated a few steps as well, and he breathed out in his heart. This Idle Daoist was not normally difficult to deal with. However, Ye Mo didn’t dare to use wind blades and fireballs now, the wind blades could only see the opportunity to hit one, the second time the opponent would be on guard. Don’t even think about fireballs, it would be a complete waste of true essence. With this Daoist’s hand, it was impossible for his fireballs to hit the weakness of fireballs was revealed in this kind of fight. If now Ye Mo was at the Foundation Establishment stage, his fireballs could be sent out at will, and this idle Daoist might just need a fireball to solve the problem. But now Ye Mo was only at the third level of Qi cultivation, so perhaps before his second fireball could be sent out, Daoist Idle’s long whip would already be here.

With this level of Daoist Idle wanting to see the weakness of his fireballs was a breeze, and there was absolutely no way he would be able to hit him.

“Young man, you are very good no wonder my two disciples lost their lives at your hands however if this is all you have, then you don’t need to ask for any hidden sect. Go and bury my disciples with me.” With that said Daoist Idle didn’t even wait for Ye Mo to slow down, the long whip in his hand once again turned into a black shadow and swept along Ye Mo’s waist.

Ye Mo had just knocked the Idle Daoist’s whip away and his hand was still faintly painful, he knew that this Idle Daoist’s whip was definitely not an ordinary thing. As Ye Mo had expected the whip in Daoist Idle’s hand was indeed not an ordinary thing. It was still made by a sect that specialized in making magic weapons that he had commissioned last time, and this whip was even a magic weapon as well, or an attack magic weapon.

Looking at the Daoist’s whip attacking again, Ye Mo frowned, thinking that he should also prepare a weapon, otherwise it would be fine against ordinary people, but against this Daoist using his empty hands was a bit of a disadvantage.

Seeing that the long whip was attacking again, Ye Mo’s fists gathered true essence and once again collided with the long whip.

“Bang bang only Ye Mo’s fists and the whip clashed with a sound like smashing a door with a fist Ye Mo knew he was at a disadvantage because he had no weapon.

Although his divine sense is strong, but this idle daoist tends to move swiftly and incomparably, Ye Mo just knew where his whip would sweep at, the idle chiseled man’s whip had already smashed? When he saw Ye Mo smash his whip away for the second time, a cold smile appeared at the corner of the Idle Daoist’s mouth, of course he could see Ye Mo’s disadvantage. He wouldn’t believe that Ye Mo’s internal qi was more muddy than the one he had cultivated for decades “hou.

When the second whip shadow of Daoist Idle was blocked by Ye Mo, he didn’t even withdraw the whip. The whip in his hand had changed its stance directly in the air, and the third strike was surprisingly only one whip. At least it looked like Ye Mo only had one whip, but fortunately, Ye Mo still had his divine sense Although fighting with an expert like the Idle Daoist, divine sense played very little role anymore, but it was still useful after all.

This whip without a whip shadow had not even hit Ye Mo before a kind of sizzling heat came from him. Ye Mo’s divine sense had already observed that this whip was much thicker than the two consecutive whip shadows just now, even several times thicker than that.

Ye Mo then knew that this should be the stunt of the Idle Daoist dozens of whip shadows first slowed and then smashed at Ye Mo at the same time making it appear that there was only one whip. In the middle of this, as long as the slightest control is not good, a whip shadow will be formed, affecting the power of this whip.

Ye Mo looked grave, he knew that this whip was probably where the Idle Daoist’s ultimate move was.

Moreover, this whip gave Ye Mo the feeling that all the weight was not in the middle of the whip, but in the slightest part of the whip. If he were to gather his true essence and strike the middle of the whip with one punch, as he did just now, he might still be doing him a favour by allowing the whip to strike him with great force.

This way it would be him and the Idle Daoist hitting himself with a combined force.

Ye Mo’s eyes were cold, this Idle Daoist was so sinister, if he didn’t have divine sense, he might have really been calculated by him. Once he was hit by the whip, and it was such a heavy whip, Ye Mo couldn’t even think of how he would dodge Daoist Idle’s killing move next.

Fortunately, although he was a monk, he had not put down his martial arts in the slightest, and could even apply his true essence to them. Otherwise, he would only lose if he fought with Daoist Idle at the third level of Qi training.

In the midst of the hot whip, Ye Mo suddenly threw a punch and smashed his fist into the middle of the whip.

The eyes of the idle daoist were delighted, the corners of his mouth lined up with a brown you’re just as powerful, but also to drink the old [Kaihang] son’s footwash suddenly he felt something wrong, although Ye Mo’s fist smashed into his whip, but his whip did not feel the force in the slightest, not even the slightest change. That is to say, Ye Mo’s hand didn’t even touch his whip, what was going on?

If he said that Ye Mo could tell where the force of his whip was, Daoist Idle would never believe it. He was already equivalent to a half-step Earth Grade martial artist, and even a real Earth Grade martial artist might not be able to tell this whip, so how did Ye Mo see it?

But something surprising happened to him, Ye Mo had disappeared out of thin air.

Daoist Idle was very confident in his whip, he had blocked the way to the front and back, forcing Ye Mo to only fight him hard. How could Ye Mo have disappeared.

He seemed to have used something to conceal himself, but the internal qi bōs in his body could not be concealed in the slightest.

It was in this moment of doubt that the whip in Daoist Idle’s hand had been slightly slowed down, and in this moment of delay, Ye Mo had suddenly reached out and grabbed the slightest bit of his whip.

“Seeking death.” Daoist Idle sneered in his heart, he didn’t know how Ye Mo knew where the force of this whip was. Moreover, even if he knew where the force of this whip was, he was still looking for death by using his hand to grab the tip of the whip.

The idle Taoist was about to push his internal qi while stepping forward to kick at Ye Mo again when he suddenly felt a chilling sensation. A chill suddenly appeared in the midst of his hot whip, causing Daoist Idle to shiver.

He didn’t know how many people he had fought, big or small, and certainly knew that any hint of bad premonition in the middle of a fight could get him killed. Daoist Idle was a cautious man, and at this moment, he could no longer care about Ye Mo, but wanted to froth and withdraw.

Immediately afterwards, his two tushes were cold.

It was not good, Daoist Idle immediately understood that he had been hit by some kind of concealed weapon, what kind of concealed weapon was it that even he could not detect, this concealed weapon was too ruthless. He couldn’t even detect the concealed weapon he was using, but he couldn’t even detect the concealed weapon the young man was using. It was only at the original moment that he felt a cold sensation in his thuǐ.

“With a loud thud, Idle Daoist suddenly lost his weight and he fell to the ground. To his horror, he found that both of his tushes had been cut off by some sharp instrument! It fell far to the side.

In shock and anger, Idle Dao’s hand let go and the whip he was holding had fallen into Ye Mo’s hand.

Ye Mo took a closer look at the leather whip in his hand, it was indeed a good magic weapon, and the materials used were all unusual, even he couldn’t even recognize what the whip was actually made of.

Daoist Idle was horrified beyond belief as he stopped the blood from his broken tuǐ, up to now, he still didn’t know what method Ye Mo had used to cut his tuǐ.

Ye Mo looked at his hand that had broken a layer of skin, on which its to was already overflowing with fresh blood. He casually put the whip away in his hand and looked at the Idle Daoist and said, “You are very stern, a formidable opponent I have met. Although you are not the one who made me suffer heavy wounds, you are not bad.”

“What kind of concealed weapon did you just use? Also, where did you just receive the whip?” Daoist Idle had slowly regained his composure by now.

Ye Mo sneered, “You still have the heart to care about that now? Tell me about planting my ‘Silver Heart Gra*s, in what place. Lest I get angry.”

Daoist Idle did not expect that just now he had the upper hand, and in the blink of an eye, he was inexplicably cut off both of his tushes and turned into an existence that was at the mercy of others.

At this point, Daoist Idle had completely regained his composure, knowing that there was now no way for him to escape from the young man in front of him. There was a moment of silence before he calmly said, “Just now, if I had immediately leapt up the moment I felt the chill, or retracted my whip to block it, would your concealed weapon not have been able to strike me?”

Ye Mo smiled lightly and said, “Not bad. In this way, there is no way for me to hit you.”

“Then why don’t you use your concealed weapon to strike my arm? Even if my long whip is retracted, wouldn’t the chances of you cutting my arm be greater?” The Idle Daoist was already regretting immensely at this point in his heart, he didn’t expect that cold wind to be so terrifying. If Ye Mo had only attacked his arm with the cold wind dark weapon was, although an arm would have been broken, maybe the chance of survival would have been big.

“Because I don’t want you to go, you just can’t move, I want to kill you simply.” Ye Mo originally didn’t expect his wind blades to cut down the Idle Daoist’s double tuǐ, his idea was just to make this Idle Daoist’s tuǐ injured, and his fireball would work. He didn’t expect this Daoist to retract his long whip to block the wind blades, and he didn’t even have the time to dodge them.

After that, Ye Mo struck a fireball, which hit the broken thunderbolt of Daoist Idle right away.

Seeing that Ye Mo could send out a fireball with his hand, Daoist Idle only showed an extremely frightened expression at this moment, even if he thought of certain death just now, he did not have such a frightened expression. Only after a long time did he say, “Who the hell are you?”