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DYM Chapter 166

The Idle Daoist finally understood why Ye Mo wanted to just cut his double tushes, it was because if his double tushes were intact, that fireball of his would not be able to help him at all.

“You don’t need to know what I am, you shouldn’t rob my stuff as I said. Since you did, don’t blame me for not being polite.” Ye Mo said as another fireball suddenly appeared out of thin air in his hand.

“You, you can actually create a fireball out of thin air, you,” Idle Daoist had already forgotten about the pain and fear of his broken thunderbolt, if he was still guessing when Ye Mo hit the pointed ball just now, he was now sure that Ye Mo could indeed create a fireball out of thin air. He had finally seen what was among the legends.

It was ridiculous that he was even planning to make a move with such a person.

Seeing that Ye Mo’s fireball was about to smash into him again, the Idle Daoist finally understood his situation.

He hurriedly said, “Don’t be so slow, don’t you want the “Silver Heart Gra*s” you mentioned?”

Ye Mo had no intention of killing Daoist Idle now, it was just that he knew that cultivating to the extent of Daoist Idle, if he didn’t come up with something that scared him, he wouldn’t give in.

Now that Daoist Idle had taken the initiative, he thought for a while and said, “I am concerned about the “Silver Heart Gra*s. The usage of the “Silver Heart Gra*s.” Also, where did you meet the “Empty Meditation Stone,”?

Seeing that Ye Mo asked, Daoist Idle said, “Okay, as long as you are willing to let me go, I will tell you.”

“No need, you are not qualified to bargain with me either.” After saying that Ye Mo suddenly walked quickly in front of Idle Daoist and slapped him on the head several times.

Ye Mo thought to himself, now that Daoist Idle was restrained by him, there should be no problem controlling his mind for a while.

However, just after Ye Mo finished slapping a few palms, Daoist Idle unexpectedly let out a muffled grunt and fell to the ground dead.

Ye Mo didn’t expect this Idle Daoist to be so decisive, he didn’t even give Ye Mo any chance to ask any questions, he just shook off his heart veins and killed himself.

It was fortunate that he had asked for some information first just now, otherwise, he would not have known anything. Intercepting the Idle Daoist for half a day was tantamount to intercepting for nothing, he didn’t care about the Idle Daoist’s life at all, what he cared about was what information he could get out of him.

The only thing he got out of Idle Daoist’s body was a card and a small sign, made of some unknown material, with the words “Xuandu” written on it. There was nothing else.

Ye Mo raised his hand and burned the idle daoist with a fireball, before driving back.

Yu Miaotong seemed to have gotten used to the calm and quiet life in Ye Mo’s place, even though Ye Mo told her that Tie Jiang in Luo Cang was no longer there, she did not want to leave, but concentrated on following Lu Xiaozhen and Yu Erhu to learn the art of medicine.

If Yu Miaotong didn’t take the initiative to leave, Ye Mo certainly wouldn’t go and ask her to leave, besides, one more person is always one more strength.

Outside of Ye Mo’s villa area was a four or five acres of barren land, Ye Mo was eager to buy this barren land. He wanted to grow some medicinal herbs here, as well as expand the environment around his villa a bit.

Although the place where Ye Mo lived was close to the suburbs, the price of this piece of land was not cheap, Ye Mo did not have so much money yet, he only had more than 200,000 in his hand now, plus the one to two hundred thousand left over from Lu Xiaozhen, a total of just under 400,000.

And the price of this piece of land was likely to be several several million. He might have to find someone else to buy it. Ye Mo’s main place to get money now was the internet clinic. Although the online clinic had been opened, there was not a single registered user, for the simple reason that one of the people who knew about this online clinic was few, and another was that the registration fee was too expensive.

Ye Mo gave the money to Yu Erhu and asked Erhu to buy a large amount of precious medicinal herbs back.

Now although he could not refine pills, he could still boil some soups and pills.

A week later, Luo Cang was quiet and uneventful, it seemed that when Tie Jiang disappeared, he disappeared, and no one bothered about it.

Ye Mo also boiled a lot of various types of pills and soups, because there was no sound from the internet clinic, Ye Mo was ready to give the matter to Erhu, he wanted to go to Hong Kong first. Those “Silver Heart Herbs. He was always uneasy when they were in someone else’s place, so it was better to plant them in his own yard.

After all, he had promised Fang Nan, so it would be bad if he kept putting it off. Besides, it was because of him that Fang Nan had ended up in such a situation in the first place.

When everything was explained, Ye Mo was ready to leave Luo Cang, but Lu Xiaozhen came with an excited face and eagerly called out, “Master, our online clinic has already been registered, or two, and they have to apply for a registration.

He was considering whether to get a few more protective magic weapons to sell, but he didn’t expect the online clinic to be registered. He was considering whether to get a few more body armour to sell, but he didn’t expect anyone to register. It can be said that people who dare to register at his online clinic are definitely rich masters. Because this money will probably be cheated, and it can’t be recovered after being cheated.

“What condition is the registration describing?” Kei Mo asked casually.

Lu Xiaozhen said somewhat dejectedly, “One of them said that he was a vegetable and had been living in Hong Kong for two years. And it says that if the doctor goes to Hong Kong for treatment, they will double the fee. The other one is even further away, in the United States. And it also has to go over for treatment, the condition is cartilage all over the body.”

If in normal times, Ye Mo wouldn’t hesitate to refuse the treatment and run to Hong Kong to treat a vegetative person, he didn’t want to earn this hard money. But now it was fine to drop by, he happened to be going to Hong Kong, it didn’t matter if he earned this money by the way.

“OK, Liye asked for the Hong Kong patient’s address and asked him to register. True in the United States, refuse to register and the registration money will not be refunded.” Ye Mo did not hesitate to agree.

Lu Xiao…Zhen was stunned for a moment before saying, “Master, the person this treatment is a vegetative person, ah, you go …………… ”

Ye Mo smiled faintly “You don’t have to worry about that, you go and help me with the procedures to go to Hong Kong.

The faster the better, it doesn’t matter if you pay a little more.”

Plant people are usually not in heavy condition, they don’t even need him to go there by himself, they just need to bring a talisman seal with them. This was not difficult for Ye Mo, it was the fear that it was not an ordinary vegetative person, then the treatment would be the troublesome thing.

Lu Xiaozhen already worshipped Ye Mo as much as Yu Erhu did. Since Ye Mo said there was no problem, she thought there must be no problem. Liye went and allowed the Hong Kong patient’s registration and refused the American patient, while telling the American patient to rush to the designated place if he needed treatment.”

Having been in Lokura for a few years now, Lu Xiaozhen was very sharp about handling these things to Hong Kong. What would have taken two weeks, she did in just three days, but it was attached to a travel company. She travelled to Hong Kong with the travel company.

Clearwater Bay, Hong Kong.

Although the scenery here is pleasant, the area halfway up the hill is now a sī estate. Outsiders can only see the beautiful scenery of Clear Spring Bay from afar, but are not allowed to enter.

The most luxurious part of the Mid-Levels area is not the Mid-Levels villa, but the temple behind the villa. This temple was extremely luxurious both outside and inside, and there were even four big men standing at the entrance of the temple.

The temple has four people inside, one of whom is lying unconscious on the chuáng, a man who appears to be fifty years old, with a thin face and an unhealthy waxy yellowish colour.

Next to the man was a woman of less than thirty. If the woman had not frowned, she would have been an absolute beauty, except that the lines of her eyes were slightly stronger; if the lines outside her eyes had been softer, she might have been a man’s dream girl.

The last man was clearly a follower, just standing straight behind the middle-aged man.

There was a luxurious villa here, I wonder why this patient was lying inside a temple, and it was even a little more overly luxurious than the villa.

“Luo Shen, what about that website where any disease can be treated?” At this time the man suddenly asked.

“Boss, that website has agreed for us to register and I have already paid the registration fee of one hundred thousand.” The man standing to the side said immediately.

“Have they asked about anything else?” The middle-aged man continued to ask.

“In reply to the boss, no, they just asked us to pay the one hundred thousand yuan and then said they would send someone over, nothing else.” Luo Shen Liye said.

“Oh,” the man who asked this question let out an oh, his eyes l showed extreme disappointment.

It seemed to him that this website must be a scam, just asking, knowing that the patient was a vegetable, and then taking the money. They didn’t even ask how they got the disease, what the patient’s symptoms were, or how he was doing now, what was this if not a scam website? A hundred thousand dollars was nothing, just another hope cut short.

“But,” Luo continued after a moment’s hesitation, “the registration we applied for in the US was returned to us, telling us that the doctors don’t go to the US and that if we want to be treated we should come to the designated place in China.”

“Is that so?” The middle-aged man focused his attention once again, since the person’s website had refused to go to the US for treatment, there was a chance that it was not a fraud.

The woman, however, Liye interjected, “So when did they say they would come to Hong Kong?”

“The exact time was not said, just that within ten days, they will definitely come to Hong Kong.” Luo Shen Liye replied.

The middle-aged man nodded and said, “Luo Shen, there is some chaos in this area recently, go out and make arrangements immediately so that the doctors from the mainland are not attacked.”

“Yes, boss.” Luo Shen replied, and Liye walked out of the temple door!