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DYM Chapter 167

This tour group that Ye Mo joined was still one of the more famous tour groups in Luo Cang. It was probably because he had been given care. So the tour guide of the tour group never came over to ask Ye Mo anything, the guide should have known that Ye Mo was just going to Hong Kong with the help of the tour group.

When the tour group arrived in Hong Kong, the first thing they did was of course to go shopping. Ye Mo, however, separated from the tour group, he was going to take care of his own business first and get the “Silver Heart Gra*s” before he went to cure his illness.

Ye Mo knew that the boss of Tie Jiang was Tie Lan Shan, and he also knew that Tie Lan Shan was in Hong Kong, but he didn’t know where Tie Lan Shan lived. However, this Ye Mo was in no hurry, since Tie Lan Shan lived in Hong Kong, then he must have power in Hong Kong, when the time came, he just had to find his way to the door.

Before getting on the plane, the guide had said that this place in Temple Phu was the most chaotic, although it was very lively and it was best for foreign tourists not to go there. If Ye Mo was looking for Tielanshan, of course he was looking for the most chaotic place to inquire. Who let Tielan Mountain be mixed with the black, only those places that were more and more chaotic would have news of Tielan Mountain.

The Temple Pu is indeed very lively, and the combination of various entertainment and leisure venues as well as the various stalls and ground stalls outside is simply a meeting place.

And the various snacks looked really good too, making people want to take a bite. Ye Mo saw a fish ball vermicelli shop that was exquisitely made yòu people, and somewhat couldn’t help but order a bowl. The owner of this fish ball vermicelli shop was already in his fifties, and Ye Mo heard people call him Uncle Pei, and his business was very good.

It shouldn’t have been the peak time when Ye Mo came and there were still a few empty seats. This uncle’s handicraft was good and he moved very sharply. It had only been a few minutes since Ye Mo sat down when this uncle brought over a steaming bowl of vermicelli with golden yòu fish balls on top.

“From the mainland, right?” After serving the fish ball vermicelli to Ye Mo, this boss didn’t have anything to do for the time being. Casually, he chatted with Ye Mo.

Ye Mo took a bite of the vermicelli, the taste was indeed good, a bit spicy, but the aroma was pure. It was not strange to hear this boss ask about it, his accent was originally different from the local accent of Hong Kong.

The two of them had just said a few words when a noise came over. Ye Mo immediately looked back, two gangs of people were already fighting across the vegetable market, and two people were even running this way.

The man chasing behind him didn’t know where he had drawn a machete from and went straight after him.

Seeing Ye Mo watching the two gangs fighting somehow drifted off here is really enough chaos. The owner of the vermicelli shop immediately said, “Young man, don’t look, there will be something like this here in a few days.

Don’t bother with them, they won’t fight over. They won’t call…

Ye Mo nodded his head and continued to eat the vermicelli. The rest of the people in this vermicelli shop saw the two gangs fighting over here, they all put down their bowls, one by one, they hurriedly ran away fearing that the fish would be affected, in a while there were only two people in this vermicelli shop, the owner and Ye Mo, while Ye Mo was eating vermicelli.

The owner of the fish ball vermicelli shop wished for a good cause, but the customers of the surrounding snack shops also retreated.

The owner of the vermicelli shop had good intentions, but the truth was not to his liking. One of the two men who escaped in front of him was stopped in front of the vermicelli shop.

One of the slightly chubby youths was kicked in the xiōng by the man with the knife behind him and took several steps backwards before he crashed into Ye Mo’s table.

Ye Mo didn’t even turn his head just a kick tuǐ, this man who crashed over was kicked by Ye Mo to the corner of the room, surprisingly not even a table touched, as if he took the initiative to walk over and sit down.

“Kid, get lost Daitang is here on business.” The three youths who came after him from behind took a look at Ye Mo who was still eating noodles and kicked over a cooker in front of Uncle Pei’s doorway, the vermicelli soup inside immediately withdrew all over the floor, but screamed at Ye Mo viciously.

Ye Mo’s good mood was ruined, he picked up the bowl and walked in front of the youth who had just spoken and put the bowl over his face before saying coldly, “What’s wrong if I don’t get lost?” “The young man whose face Ye Mo had just covered with the bowl screamed miserably, his face was scalded red and white by the boiling hot vermicelli soup oil.

“Go on, cut this b*****d ……” The youth immediately endured the pain and did not care about the man who was kicked to the corner of the house by Ye Mo and raised his machete and rushed towards Ye Mo.

The other two reacted at this time, and at the same time picked up the machete in their hands and vilified Ye Mo.

“Bang bang bang bang” Ye Mo kicked several young men in succession, and all of them were immediately kicked over Ye Mo didn’t even move from his spot.

The few youths who were kicked to the ground by Ye Mo, looked at Ye Mo in horror for a long time before they got up and

They slowly retreated backwards. They knew they had met a tough fight.

“Kid, be careful with me, if you offend our Big Tong, you’ll have to wait” one youth said while backing up, but before he could finish his sentence,

But before he could finish his sentence, Ye Mo stepped forward again and kicked this guy right in the face.

The young man was kicked several meters away again by Ye Mo, wiped his nose and spat out two teeth before he turned around and fled in fear, not daring to say another harsh word.

At this moment, the slightly fat youth who was kicked by Ye Mo in the corner of the house also climbed up with trepidation and tried to back away.

“You come over here.” Ye Mo suddenly said.

The youth trembled and walked to Ye Mo’s front “Please, please, you are looking for me”

Just now Ye Mo’s action was so frightening that he couldn’t even say a complete sentence.

“You know Tie Jiang, right?” Ye Mo asked casually.

“Tie Jiang?” The fatty’s face immediately changed and said, “I don’t know, I’m leaving.” After saying this, the fatty stumbled and rushed out of the door of the vermicelli shop.

Ye Mo didn’t try to stop him, he said, “I don’t know, just forget it, why are you so scared?

However, Uncle Pei of the vermicelli shop reacted and looked at Ye Mo with some admiration before he came up and said, “Young man, the person you just hit is from Daitang, even the police can’t do anything about them, so you should hurry up and leave. In case they come, it won’t be good for you to get out.”

In his opinion, even if Ye Mo was very capable of fighting, but what if you can fight in the face of Da Tong.

Seeing that this Uncle Pei was still somewhat warm-hearted, Ye Mo thanked him and stood up. At that moment, the police car arrived late. After leaving the vermicelli shop, Ye Mo was ready to find a hotel to stay first. He was certainly not afraid of retaliation from the gangsters, but he did not want to nag the Hong Kong police.

Ye Mo was a bit disappointed that he did not find out about Tie Jiang. However, his main purpose of coming to Hong Kong was to get his “Silver Heart Herb” back, and his secondary purpose was to help people to cure their diseases.

So he was going to find a place to stay first and go to a nightclub at night to ask for information.

After finding a place to stay, Ye Mo took a shower and seeing that it was already evening, Ye Mo was ready to go to the fish ball noodle vendor to have another bowl of fish ball noodles and then go to check out Tie Jiang’s news.

However, after Ye Mo arrived at this place selling fish ball vermicelli, he realized that the door of this shop was closed and there were some people gathered at the entrance and a puddle of blood on the ground.

Immediately, Ye Mo had a bad feeling, and he then heard someone say, “Uncle Pei has been a good man all his life, but he didn’t expect to be chopped up just because he reminded that mainland boy, he was really wronged.”

“How is that Uncle Pei you guys are talking about?” Ye Mo immediately came to the middle of this crowd and asked.

The crowd that was talking, as soon as they saw Ye Mo, immediately turned around and left, surprisingly none of them originally intended to say one more word to Ye Mo.

Ye Mo grabbed the nearest old man and asked, “Tell me, what happened to Uncle Pei?” As soon as this old man took a look at Ye Mo grabbing him, panic lanced on his face and he hurriedly said, “I don’t know, let go of me.”

“Oh, you don’t know? Then I will immediately say that you are going around to publicize the bad things that Da Tong has done.” Ye Mo immediately said fiercely.

When this old man heard Ye Mo’s words, he was scared and hurriedly said, “Don’t go and say anything, Old Pei was hacked to death just because this afternoon he told a continental scion who had offended Da Tong to leave quickly. Later on, this mainland scion did leave, but Old Pei lost his life.”

It was obvious that this old man didn’t know that Ye Mo was the continental boy that Old Chong had let go, he only knew that Ye Mo was a continental man.

Ye Mo’s face immediately turned yīn, and his heart was already furious. Just because he had advised himself, Old Pei had been killed by these guys. It looked like he would have to make a trip to the Great Endowment before he could find Tie Jiang.

“Where are the thugs who cut people down?” Ye Mo then asked, nowadays Hong Kong shouldn’t be able to kill someone and still be fine, let alone in broad daylight like this.

“He has already escaped, the police are now chasing him, I don’t know the details.” The old man quickly replied, but you could tell from his expression that the matter was definitely fruitless.

“One more question for you, where do the people of Datang usually gather?” Ye Mo asked as he regained his composure.

The old man looked around and no one came to relieve him, he was getting panicked and said in a hurry, “Generally the “Earth Heart Entertainment” in Three Mile Beacon is the territory of Big Tong. Please, let me go.” Ye Mo sent his hand away and the old man quickly fled, not even daring to look back at Ye Mo.

“Earth Heart Entertainment,? Ye Mo didn’t expect that he had just picked Tie Jiang and came to Hong Kong to fight with the triads as well. To be honest, he didn’t want to fight with these gangsters at all, not because he was afraid of them, but because he was afraid of trouble. Besides, it was none of his business what the triads did, but he just met these people one at a time.

Normally when people met such things, they would immediately run away as far away as possible with apologies, but Ye Mo would not, he could not let Lao Pei die because of him, even die inexplicably.

Perhaps he could find out about Tie Jiang’s situation in Datang, so Ye Mo hailed a taxi and went straight to the “Earth Heart Entertainment”.

He liked to be thorough and did not like to drag things out.