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DYM Chapter 169

“What people?

The one who reacted most lightly was actually an old man in his sixties.

As soon as his words fell, two men of about thirty pounced towards Ye Mo with one left and one right.

The man on the left was slightly thinner and before the man had even pounced on Ye Mo, the harsh killing intent scraped up from his fists caused the few people sitting near the door to feel a chill from their bones.

Ye Mo’s divine sense observed the man, and his punch was indeed sharp enough, ruthless enough, and filled with a forward-looking aura.

This man’s fist technique was definitely practiced from countless fights, his body was not as good as Wolf Extreme’s, and was even a bit worse than Hu Qiu’s. But the killing intent and aura of his fist was more than adequate than even when these two had done it, for he had put his own life and death on the line with this punch. The truth is that it is often the person who puts his life and death on the line that can control his own life and death.

This is a guy who is truly not afraid of death, Ye Mo no matter what he has done oak, just with this punch of his, there is no full momentum in his heart to fight. All day long yīn people, or yīn poisonous small

One simply cannot throw this kind of punch.

Although this punch was very sharp and full of momentum, but the difference in cla*s between him and Ye Mo was too much, in Ye Mo’s opinion, his ability was only at most at the early Yellow level. This difference in cla*s could not be made up by using an aura of not being afraid of death.

Ye Mo suddenly reached out when his fist was close to his body, his hand came after him and grabbed the man’s wrist with unerring accuracy. With the gathering of his true essence, the momentum and force of this punch was completely eliminated by Ye Mo, and when Ye Mo’s hand was slightly stronger, the man’s wrist was already “clicked. The man’s wrist was broken with a click. Then Ye Mo’s hand brought him a little bit, and this slightly thin man was thrown out several meters away and fell into the corner.

At this time, the bald man on the other side only pounced in front of Ye Mo, he was not empty handed, he was holding a three-pronged thorn. In the midst of expert fights, those who used a three-pronged military thorn were quite few or none.

But this man not only used a three-pronged military spike, but this three-pronged military spike was also specially made.

It had a very small point and a wide prong on the back half of the spike. This kind of military thorn could not only be used as a thorn, but also as a short knife. Now this man who pounced on Ye Mo was using a short knife strike.

This stab of his slashed directly at Ye Mo’s waist, but not with the full length of his stab. Although this man was incredibly swift, he still had no free form under Ye Mo’s divine sense. This man was far more sinister than the man who had just smashed into him with his fist, he was thinking that once he resisted, he would temporarily turn the slash into a stab, making it impossible for the resister to use. The likelihood of being struck was greatly increased.

One could imagine that anyone who was stabbed by this stab would have no chance of surviving at all.

Ye Mo gave a cold snort. After knocking away the slightly thin man just now, he immediately raised his tuǐhuā, followed by a tuǐhuā. to be able to kick out a tuǐhuā in such a short time, those who were slightly proficient in martial arts would know that it was very difficult to do.

The man with the three-pronged military spike in his hand who wanted Ye Mo’s xìng life was slightly weaker than the man who used his fist just now. However, he was much fitter than the man who had just used his fists.

When his three-pronged thorn was already close to Ye Mo’s waist, he saw that Ye Mo hadn’t even reacted yet. A hint of joy immediately appeared on his face.

Originally, he thought that if Ye Mo lowered his gear, his blow would directly reverse from a slash to a stab and directly kill Ye Mo.

However, his smile immediately froze as Ye Mo’s tuǐ had already lifted up and with a speed that he could not even see with his naked eyes, he swung a tuǐhuā and kicked him directly in the wrist. He didn’t even have a chance to reverse it because the kick towards him was so fast, so fast that it had already hit him before he brightened his nose that he had been kicked.

Just like the slightly thin man that Ye Mo had just broken, Ye Mo had already broken this man’s wrist with this kick, and the three-pronged thorn in his hand could no longer be held and fell straight down.

At this moment, Ye Mo did not wait for the three-pronged thorn to fall to the ground, his ankle turned again and accurately kicked the handle of the three-pronged thorn, which seemed to have eyes and flew back directly, piercing into the bald man’s throat until it had no handle.

The bald man held the handle of the prong with his hand in fear. He suddenly understood that when there is a certain degree of difference in strength, all tricks are just a floating cloud, and after making two “uh, uh ……. He fell to the ground and died after two loud noises.

The two of them were so fast that they were like flashes of lightning. Apart from the woman in black sitting inside, no one could see clearly or react.

Ye Mo also knew that the black-clothed woman was the most powerful one here, but her power was limited, at most it was only similar to that of Wolf Pole, or even inferior.

The woman looked in amazement at the actions Ye Mo had just exchanged, she knew that if Ye Mo wanted to kill the first man who used his fist it would be in the palm of his hand. But Ye Mo actually let him go, and wondered if these two men had different motives for attacking Ye Mo at the same time. The man who wanted to force Ye Mo out of the house had his wrist broken by Ye Mo, while the man who wanted Ye Mo’s xìng life, his xìng life was taken away by Ye Mo.

The man who was sent flying into the corner of the house by Ye Mo also stood up, he also looked at Ye Mo in shock, he had never seen an expert like Ye Mo since he started his career. He had only heard that there was an idle Taoist in Tie Jiang who was powerful. But he had never fought with an Idle Daoist before, and he didn’t know how powerful he really was.

At this moment, the entire conference room reacted, one by one, they all stood up and all looked at Ye Mo in shock. Everyone knew their roots, and of the dozen people in the room again, apart from the Black Widow, Peng Yang and Fu Yu were the two most powerful. And the black widow was not necessarily more powerful than these two.

However, this young man who kicked the door of the meeting room, unexpectedly knocked Peng Yang and Fu Yu back in just two moves, and even killed one and injured the other.

Ye Mo swept this meeting room, except for the three people he saw were slightly more powerful, the rest of them were not bad, but they were not worth mentioning in front of him. What was a little strange to him was that the people sitting in this meeting room, apart from five or six middle-aged people, two youths who only looked to be in their twenties, and the woman in black, were all old people over fifty.

“My friend, I am Tian Shou, and my friends on the road have given me the face to call me Mr. Tian. This is an important meeting between the gangs in our Hong Kong territory, and I am grateful to my friend on the road for giving face and coming here to be a witness. I don’t know why my friend did so. I don’t think my friend is from here, could it be that someone here has offended you?” Although this old man was still polite in his speech, the aura of a long-time superior, and the style of leaning on the old man immediately showed up.

Ye Mo swept a glance at the old man, who had just been the first to react and ask “what kind of person? The words.

However, this old man was too self-righteous, and he was also a teacher of Tian, Ye Mo didn’t even bother to pay attention to him. He turned to the rest of the people in the conference room and said, “I just ended the “Earth Heart Entertainment” and killed some people. Now I’m here to finish off Earth Heart Entertainment. I heard that the entertainment is owned by Big Tong. Who is the boss of Da Tong, come out to me.”

Ye Mo ignored Tian Shou, causing the old man who called himself a teacher to look rather ugly, but he didn’t dare to get angry for a moment. This young man had just said that he had killed some people. Never mind whether what he said was true or not, just by virtue of the fact that he had killed Fu Yu without changing his face in here, one could tell that this guy was definitely a ruthless person.

A man of about forty stood up haughtily and said in a deep voice, “I am Zuo Yue of Daitang, what hatred do I have for you? What hatred do we have? How dare you want to kill me? Even if you are powerful, can you still wipe out all your friends in Hong Kong?”

This was quite a level statement from Zuo Yue, first pulling himself into a vulnerable position, and then pulling in the whole of his friends from the Hong Kong Land Dao.

Ye Mo swept the yakuza bigwigs present, he did not expect that Cui Heng’s information was not accurate, Cui Heng only said that Tie Jiang and Da Tong were meeting. And here, it seemed that all the Hong Kong bigwigs were here.

Seeing Ye Mo sweep over with a glance, several big brothers with fierce flames in their eyes did not allow the slightest bit to fix their gaze on Ye Mo’s body. That expression was as if they would immediately swarm as soon as someone took the lead.

Ye Mo, however, said indifferently, “Because one of your Da Tong’s people killed one of my friends, so I’ve come to exterminate you Da Tong.”

“What? Just because we killed a person, you are going to exterminate our Daitang?” Zuo Yue looked at Ye Mo with some disbelief, this person was too unreasonable.

“Not bad, today I was eating dim sum on South Street and met a snack shop owner who said so, I didn’t expect you guys to be afraid that people would kill this owner because of me. Do you think I should exterminate your Da Tong.” Ye Mo said coldly.

The bigwigs who were just guessing what important person had been killed by Daitang were all petrified at this point. It was a bit too arrogant to exterminate a gang just because of a street food shop owner that they just met today, even the most arrogant Hong Kong and Mainland gangsters would not dare to say such arrogant words.

Zuo Yue laughed loudly “Good, good, I have seen arrogant people, but I have not seen anyone more arrogant than you. If the boss of Nanqing accidentally cursed you, would you still want to destroy Nanqing? If you really have the guts to do so, I’ll take care of you. If you really have the guts to do so, Laozi Zuo Yue will admit it.

Ye Mo said indifferently: “You’re right, the leader of Nan Qing’s Thousand Heads had a son who was indisputable and I killed him by hand, but I didn’t expect that the Thousand Heads would still be pleased and actually sent people around to hunt me down. So I went to Sena not long ago and killed that old guy too. What, you have a problem with that?”

“What? The Thousand Dragon Heads were killed by you? No,” Zuo Yue’s face finally changed, and he finally understood what kind of person his men had offended.

Not only Zuo Yue, but also all the big brothers present, all of them changed their faces. a few of the big brothers who were still aggressive just now had already lowered their heads without hesitation, not daring to look at Ye Mo anymore.

Ye Mo could kill his way into the Seine Peninsula, and the few people here could be said to be simply not enough for him to look at. Just how powerful was he?!